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Big Brother 18 – Veto Comp Results; Live Feed Updates

bigbrother18 2016-06-24 23-33-01

Had a night off during the veto competition, so I don’t know exactly when the feeds returned, but they’re back, and we have the first veto winner of the Big Brother 18 season:


Mr Crazybeard Bigasstattoo won the veto and will most certainly take himself off, although he wasn’t the target of the week to begin with. It’s still safer than sorry, so I don’t blame him. There are rumors Frank won the competition that put Paul on the block to begin with, so he will likely have the power to do the re-nom this week. It sounds like he’s going to put a girl on the block – like Michelle – to hopefully secure Jozea’s exit.

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So, it’s Friday night, time to settle in with some feed updates. Let’s see if there is any post-veto drama going on….

  • 8:40pm – Vanessa … errr, Tiffany is downstairs chatting with Michelle and James about various things.  On the other feed, Frank is upstairs in the HoH room trying to keep Paulie calm. He is telling him not to even bother packing this week.
    • Speaking of Paulie, he’s back on the couch with Zak. I guess he gave up on Bronte, which is smart because she showed absolutely 0 interest in him
      bigbrother18 2016-06-24 23-42-04
    • Most of the newbies are down in the bedroom feeling very confident about the week. Jozea thinks the group inside the bedroom run the house and they have the numbers.  Thursday night should be interesting.
    • Paul is insisting Sunday is going to be a live eviction. I thought he was a fan?
    • There is a little drama brewing tonight. There was a little house meeting with the noobs, and Jozea is really pushing how they own the house. Natalie and Bronte are in the room but just trying to stay out of any drama.
  • 9:30pm – Paulie is re-telling the story to Tiffany. I guess Jozea is telling everyone that if they go against the house, because the house has the majority, they’re going to be the target. Joz is going to push for Paulie’s exit.  Tiffany is confirming he is safe.
    • Paulie is talking about how Natalie is flirting her way through the house. Pretending she doesn’t know how to work out when she clearly does
    • Meanwhile, Frank is in the bathroom with Paul making him feel a bit more comfortable, or at least trying. He’s clearly just working him.  Frank is smooth
  • 10:00pm – Political talk with Michelle, Natalie and Jozea in one room with Frank, James and a few others chatting in the bedoom. The slight bit of tension in the house has faded for now
    • Zak said “point, blank, and period”.  I think that was about the 5th time I’ve heard someone say that in the last 24 hours
    • I can’t decide which conversation is more boring right now. The one with Tiff/Paulie/Jamies or the one with Victor, Britt, and Jak. The latter is having a conversation about social media and dating. Sounds like something you’d hear 40 year olds talking about. They’re bitching about how frustrating it is.
  • 10:30pm – Done with the Victor room and now we’re in the living room with Joz, Paul and Bronte. Bronte is doing some weird workout, and Paul has his ass in the air.
    • Day and Jak are in the bedroom chatting about various stuff. They said they wish the feeds were on for the first week so we could have seen the real Jozea. If it’s worse than the current Joz, it must be pretty damn annoying
  • 11:00pm – Need to get up early, have some stuff to do tomorrow afternoon, so I will be shutting this down as the feeds are a bit slow right now. Recap tomorrow!


Big Brother 18 – Afternoon Updates 6/24

bigbrother18 2016-06-24 13-10-25

There is the PoV competition, so the house is all up and getting ready for the day already. I do want to make a quick note – Michelle’s pixelated bathing suit does look naked from this shot, but that’s about all that’s going on in the house right now.

As I mentioned in my morning thread, there was a new twist added where a third person was nominated. To find more information about that, read here

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Time to jump into the feed updates:

All times BBT (pst)

  • 10:20am – The house is up and getting ready for veto selection. If you haven’t noticed already, the punishment from the week 1 endurance competition is that Team Frank (ie Cat4) have to wear bathing suits that are pixelated to make them look naked.
    • Frank is upstairs talking to Tiffany about the house dynamics. They think it’s funny how the large group of newbies think they have the power right now. Reality is, the vets have quickly picked up the numbers they’ll need.
    • Da’Vonne, Nicole and James are up in the room and they’re all talking about their bowel movement situations.
    • Meanwhile, Bronte is downstairs with Paulie talking about how all the people in the house are all about promoting themselves, etc. Normal conversation until Bronte starts turning it into how actors and self promoters will be useless in the apocalypse. Ok, that got weird.
    • Bronte mentions how Paulie and Zakiyah may get married, and he shoots the idea down. He then goes and tells Bronte how pretty she is. Paulie is getting around.
    • Paulie keeps fishing for compliments from Bronte, but she’s not biting. “Oh, good thing I’m not attractive”
  • 11:05am –  Bronte and Paulie move into the kitchen with a few others, so no more awkward flirting going on.  We move to another room with Frank, James, and crew
    • Feeds went down, looks like they’re going to pick PoV players
  • 11:45am – Feeds are back, PoV players picked.
    • Nicole, Paulie, Paul, Jozea, Da’Vonne and Corey are playing
    • Day tells Zakiyah that she can see through the shower and to put a towel up. The camera quickly goes there and zooms in. You can tell guys working the feeds today.  (btw, they were too late if you’re wondering)
      bigbrother18 2016-06-24 14-49-45
    • Joz and Paul are talking about how urget it is they win PoV. They know if Corey wins, he’ll pull off Paulie.
    • Victor about (Michelle?) – “If you don’t feel good in your body, get a new body”
    • The veterans are complaining about how Natalie is being difficult about the sleeping arrangements. She refuses to sleep with another guy, but this early in the game, it’s difficult not to.
    • Victor is giving Joz a hard time because he’s drinking apple juice. I’m pretty sure he would kill me if he saw my diet.
    • Now Paul is in the bathroom with Joz, and he (Paul) thinks he can convince Nicole to pull him off if she wins the veto. Oh, newbies.
  • 12:30pm – The house is all scattered preparing for the PoV competition. Michelle is hosting, so Natalie is making her up…
    • bigbrother18 2016-06-24 15-19-47
    • Corey, Joz, and a few others are talking in the bathroom about bachelor parties. Corey starts talking about how he knew a couple who had one together, and it was gay. Joz jumps in and starts grilling him on what he meant by gay. Corey tried to play it off as ‘not in a bad way’, and Joz pushed a little further. Corey apologized, and Jozea said he was cool with it, but was then called to the DR. I bet he’s going to be going off on that in the DR. Flashback to 12:35pm camera 1 for the awkwardness.
  • 12:47pm – Corey and Frank are talking privately about Corey’s awkward conversation. Corey is explaining how he didn’t mean any harm by it, but it’s a figure of speech where he comes from.  They then talk about how Vik has used the term ‘retarded’, but they’re not going to warn him he shouldn’t say that.
    • Corey and Frank are still going on about their conversation, but they’re talking game now. Corey thinks the next person who goes home should be a girl simply because they don’t want to keep pegging off the guys and give the girls power if they form an alliance. He’s already a better thinker than Nicole, apparently.
    • They’re planning on a final 5, and right now they’re looking at Nicole, Zak, and Michelle as they’re easier to beat.
    • Meanwhile on the other feed, Jozea is still upset that he had a strategy going into the game and it got tossed out the window. Perhaps if he was a fan of the show, he would know the chances of his plans changing were about 98%. To make it in Big Brother, you need plans A and B, but C in case A fails and B half fails, then D if B succeeds, then fails, then A comes back into play before switching to plan C that ends up failing. Needless to say, you either need to have 1,000 different plans, or just wing it.
    • Paul is telling Nicole about the horrible realities of animal fighting. He worked at a non-kill shelter and was telling her some stories I’d rather not think about. I hate animal cruelty
  • 1:15pm – The house is pulled into like 2 groups (minus the small Frank/Corey duo). Everyone is just doing small talk waiting for the veto competition to begin.
    • Jozea has more opinions on TV. He thinks it’s stupid Sofia Vergara speaks with a strong latin accent because she gets typecast in that role, but she also dyed her hair brown for the same reason. Yes, she may be typecast, but it’s better to be typecast and working than sitting on her butt doing nothing.
  • 1:50pm – The house is still waiting for the veto comp. Dinner time for me
    • Victor can go home happy. He got to grope Natalie
      bigbrother18 2016-06-24 17-26-04
  • 3:15pm – The house is a bit slow waiting for the veto competition. I’m going to close this thread out and start a new one post-PoV


Big Brother 18 – New Twist Revealed

bigbrother18 2016-06-24 02-19-49

Good morning, Junkies! This is the first overnight recap, and while the house was fairly slow, we did learn about yet another new twist to the season. It sounds like they’re forgoing not only Battle of the Block competition, but also a HaveNot comp this year, and instead replacing it with a comp where the winner secretly nominates a third person for eviction. Some keen eyed feed watchers did notice they replaced the nomination chairs with a couch, and speculated a 3rd nominee, well, they’re right!

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It is unsure exactly who won the competition, but it does sound a lot like Nicole. It also sounds like she secretly nominated Paul for the third eviction. Based on her pretty poor choice to nominate Paulie, I half expected to see James on the block as another pawn, but apparently whoever had this power (Nicole?) did another weird decision and put another strong person on the block that may help sink Paulie even further. If it was indeed Nicole, I’m going to give her first HoH a big F.

The Power of Veto has yet to be played, and I expect that to happen today. My guess is also the HoH will simply choose HN’s this season instead of the competition. Or perhaps for the first few weeks (until teams break up), the losing team from HoH competitions will be havenots. I still have no interest in havenots, and think they’re a weird and pretty useless part of the game, so if I forget to mention who is selected, that’s why. It may be fun if the HoH actually starts using the power for their advantage and keeping strong people as havenots, but they have been playing fair the last few seasons, and I don’t expect that to change this year.

Finally, I was able to try out the new live blogging app that I bought. While it looks nice and all, I agree with others that it is confusing to read the updates in reverse order. So, unless I think of something else, I will probably stick with that live blogging app during the live episodes (where I’m trying to do 10 things at once), and keep the old format for standard live feed updates through the rest of the week.

Speaking of which, I will be putting out a live feed thread shortly. I have a bunch of plans this weekend, so I’ll do my best to keep you guys informed.  Don’t worry, I didn’t pack my summer with plans, it just happened that a bunch of things fell on the same weekend. So updates may be spotty the next few days, but you will get them!

Big Brother 18 – Live Feed Updates 6/24


Farewell, Glenn. We hardly knew ya

Welcome everyone to the first live feed update of the Big Brother 18 season. It was a pretty fast beginning with someone already being evicted, another being selected as HoH and two people already nominated. As far as spoilers go, we will need to find out who won the PoV, and who is the replacement nom, although I am not 100% certain the PoV has been played yet.

(note: It is currently 10:45pm est, so as you can tell the post is up a little early. Feeds do not go live until 1am. Check back for updates)

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Opening Night Live Feeds

Live broadcasting started on 01/01/1970 00:00 and was finished on 24/06/2016 06:51

  • 06:51 am
    Ok, feeds are a bit dull right now and I'm not used to the overnight shift yet, so it's bedtime for me. Recap in the morning if anything happens overnight
  • 06:37 am
    The conversation has turned to Naked and Afraid. Jozea wonders how they hide their erections. In the wilderness butt naked, getting a boner is the least of their worries lol
  • 06:26 am
    Some cast members streak and drink when the feeds turn on, this cast tones it down and gives shoutouts. Fun
  • 06:18 am
    Shoutout time in the house. Everyone is together saying hi to everyone in each city apparently
  • 06:07 am
    Corey, James, Nicole, and Tiff realize feeds are live, so the shoutouts begin
  • 05:52 am
    Jozea can not enjoy 4th of July from home
  • 05:49 am
    Corey is talking about going to bed already. Is this an early crew? I kind of hope so. These late night people kill me
  • 05:45 am
    Last tweet got cut off. Jozea said 4th of July shouldn't be a holiday.
  • 05:42 am
    James and a few are talking about his military experience. Michelle said she was offended when Jozea said he doesn't like 4th of July because this is the land of the Native Americans, blah blah.
  • 05:32 am
    The group in the kitchen is talking about their college education. Victor is going on about finance.


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Big Brother 18 – Kick Them Out Early; Live Eviction

Using an old school Frank photo

Big Brother 18 is off to a blazing start, with someone being kicked out in the first week. It will be someone from the Freakazoids (Glenn), and early indications are that it was some sort of endurance challenge again (Glenn), so I think we know who is least likely to survive that (Glenn). Seriously though, I don’t know who was kicked, but I’ll be shocked if it’s anyone but Glenn.

Also, the live feeds begin tonight!!  They will turn on at 1am est, so be sure to get them now….

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$5.99/month after a free week?  That’s a steal compared to other forms of entertainment.

Ok, I don’t have much time because I was trying to get the live update plugin to work, but couldn’t yet, so I have to post this before the show airs. Just remember, the feeds begin tonight, so I’ll likely have all the spoilers from the last week by tomorrow.. assuming the players are nice and update us when the feeds turn on. Seeing as they know exactly when that is, they’d better.

  • 9:00pm – And we’re underway!
    • Voiceover announces that the remaining 3 from the Freakazoids will decide who is HoH
    • Paul is talking again about getting the vets out, but Corey has doubts and may want to work with them. So it begins
    • Nicole is working Corey into being the next HoH already. I think Corey has cartoon hearts for Nicole, hence the reservation about the vets
  • 9:15pm – Eviction challenge
    • They are on their own island. They need to climb a tree and pull coconuts from the tree and put them each into letters spelling SOS. The island moves, so it’s not a lock for anyone.
    • Loser goes home
    • Tiffany has a smart strategy early, we’ll see if it pays off
    • Frank notices all the newbies are cheering everyone on, but Nicole. So he knows the vets are a target
    • Corey is in last place heading into the commercial break
  • Results:
    • First Place – Nicole
    • Second Place – Tiffany
    • Third Place – photo finish – Corey
    • Evicted – Glenn
  • 9:30pm – The three remaining people pool together and decide on who is next HoH.
    • Tiffany and Corey basically ask Nicole, even though she wanted it
    • Nicole wins HoH
    • Paul is clearly upset in the pantry, but doesn’t show it to Corey yet. He is upset Corey allowed Nicole to be HoH, and knows one of the newbies are going home next
    • Paulie is sucking up to the veterans. Tiffany confessed to Da’Vonne earlier in the episode. This means the veterans are picking up numbers already.
    • Victor throws Jozea under the bus to Nicole and says he’s coming after the vets.  And yes, this is my first ‘thrown under the bus’ reference this season.
  • 9:40pm – James pretends to be Victor while Nicole is in the shower. He asks if she has a problem with him. He is already playing pranks.
    • “Victor” tells Nicole the newbies are coming after the vets.
    • James then tells Nicole the truth. He should have carried it on longer.
    • Big Sister gets their slop, and havenot room reveal…
    • It is a carnival/circus theme and the beds are bumper cars
    • Jozea is talking to Da’Vonne and she gets him to tell her that the newbies are indeed after the vets, and they want to take out Nicole first. I am shocked how bad these newbies are
    • Nicole has nearly guaranteed Jozea as the first nominee. She is discussing putting Paulie up as a pawn
  • 9:50pm – A few more clips discussing who to put up
    • Nicole asks Paulie about being a pawn
    • All four vets are working Paulie, and he knows it. He is shifting uncomfortably in his chair. Frank asks him ‘would you go to bat, man?’. Frank is still pretty damn cool.
  • Nominations – Jozea / Paulie