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Big Brother 17 – Re-Nom Live Update Thread


What will Vanessa do? That is the main question of the day.  There is no sure answer just yet, but it appears she is leaning towards nominating Jason. There isn’t much to talk about that hasn’t been mentioned in my earlier thread, so I’ll jump right into the feeds…

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  • 10:00am – The house had their wake-up call, and I expect this week to have a much earlier PoV meeting than last week.
  • 10:14am – Vanessa asks Jackie and says ‘You can say you don’t want to tell me, but I’d rather you not lie. Do you know who had the phone booth access?  Was it someone other than Day?’
    Jackie – “No”
    Now the question is, will Vanessa believe Jackie or her own theories?
  • Vanessa asks more, and finds out Jason told Jackie, so she likely thinks Jason is lying
  • Vanessa is confused because they didn’t exclude Clay. Jackie thinks it’s because it was too obvious.
  • Now, the paranoia is going wild with Vanessa. She is really clueless what to do right now because of this phone booth thing and trust.
  • 11:00am – Vanessa approaches Becky and says that James indeed helped Liz with the correct spelling of Christine during the competition that would have changed the outcome of the week. Had he didn’t, Liz/James would have been on the block.  James is screwed next week.
  • 11:30am – So much paranoia in the BB house this morning. Vanessa is freaking because she thinks someone in her 8 person alliance made a leak.
  • Clay was just called to the DR, so veto meeting should be happening now.
  • 1:00pm – Feeds are back. Jason has been nominated. Meg really upset
  • Clay and Becky are trying to comfort Meg, while Vanessa is chatting with Liz/Julia in the HoH room
  • James is telling Clelli that Jason was talking bad about James, meanwhile, Jason is heading upstairs. Switching feed
  • Nevermind, Jason is doing quick rounds to tell people to vote for him and saying that Vanessa is lying about him talking bad about people
  • Meg to DR, so upstairs is on hold for now
  • I guess Vanessa is going to go with James correcting the spelling of Christine as the worst thing in the world apparently.
  • 1:30pm – Shelli, Jackie, Liz and Vanessa are in the HoH room. Vanessa is doing her best to make Jason look bad, like how Austin ‘confided in him’ about the Liz twin thing.  Yes, Austin did tell Jason, but what do they expect?
  • Vanessa is telling Jackie that she was never an option (she was)
  • The promise made to Austin is that nobody can vote for him to win if he’s in the final 2 lol
  • James tells Jason to play it dirty and say to John and Steve that if he doesn’t vote for him, his friends will come after him next week. James says ‘May as well, everyone else is playing dirty’.
    Yes James, it’s called making moves instead of sitting on your ass getting pegged off refusing to believe Audrey when she tells you there is a super strong alliance working together.
  • 2:00pm – Shelli and Clay are doing some damage control with Meg and James in the HN room. Still waiting on them to go upstairs
  • 2:15pm – Still waiting for Jason, but I have to step out for a little bit to calling hours for a friend’s sister. I will be back, hopefully fireworks happened, but Jason said he’s going to try and remain calm.
  • 7:30pm – Longer than I expected. Time to catch up on anything that happened over the past few hours. Stay with me here….
    • It looks like it was a fairly eventful afternoon. Jason had a talk with Vanessa, and he was a bit pissed that she is HoH because he coached her the night before on the potential competition (Jason, get over it. That competition was easy. Vanessa is smart. She was winning without your coaching)
    • Jason has been trying to push some attention on Clay and Shelli who have been flying under the radar. Great, but Clay and Shelli have numbers, so barring a big twist, it won’t matter unless the next HoH can somehow end up in a situation with Clay v Shelli on the block.
  • Currently, Vanessa is rambling to Clay, Shelli and Jackie.  Jackie is not really thrilled about how the week is ending up, but she’s playing along.
  • 7:50pm – Meg and Jason laying in bed talking. I have a feeling Meg is going to be mourning all week.
  • 8:12pm – Jason is laying in bed crying when Shelli comes to join with tears in her eyes
  • Shelli is denying all involvement. Meg said that’s frustrating because everyone is saying that.
  • Becky and Jackie are outside chatting about the situation. Becky feels bad, but she obviously wants to stay
  • Becky said even if she was HoH, she wouldn’t make a big move like backdoor Vanessa.  haha. Good job losing.

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Big Brother 17 – Could Re-Nom Day Lead To Excitement?


Well, this could be a fun week inside the Big Brother house. Vanessa is going off-course from her standard “try to avoid blood on her hands at the end of the day” routine (her two favorite sayings), and is apparently just going to go for the throat this week.

Typically, Vanessa has tried to play it extremely safe with the exiting houseguests. Well, I should re-phrase that. She has played it safe with the remaining houseguests. She shits all over the exiting houseguests, but that is to make them look bad, and not her. It happened to Jeff. It happened to Audrey.  It was going to happen to Austin, until he went up in the HoH room and made an extremely embarrassing plea to remain in the house. He kept repeating how he met the love of his life in the house and needs to at least be in the jury house with her. Get a grip, buddy. She’s not into you.

Well, Vanessa softened up on the stance, and her allies agreed that sending Austin home now is probably not the best of ideas. He is still a big target, so it’s actually quite stupid to break up their alliance over pride (Vanessa was hurt that Austin lied). After that, the possible re-nominees were discussed and they had to walk a fine line. They want to put someone up who will go home, as Van doesn’t want to hurt her standing in the house. Nobody will trust to be pawn again if Becky goes home. That will be done. Gone. Poof.

So, they can automatically throw out Meg or John (James, Liz, and Clay are safe). Jackie is an option, but again, Vanessa promised her safety this week, so that’s not happening. This pretty much leaves Steve and Jason. As of right now (7:30am), Jason is the current target because they feel they can work with Steve over Jason, but at this point, anything can happen over the next few hours.

Unlike the previous weeks, Vanessa isn’t going to make Jason look like a complete shithead to the house before putting him on the block, which is interesting because it could actually cause some trouble for Becky. If Jason is sitting on the block next to Becky, there could be a fairly close vote, especially as the week progresses and Jason campaigns.

I will be starting a live thread in an  hour or two when the house is awake, but needless to say, this could be an interesting week. I was originally going to just BBtakeover Wednesday because I’ll be touring LA, but I may have to pretend that day exists and find someone to write about what happens.

(if you missed it, BBtakeover now has a new meaning. It means to simply forget something exists, like Big Brother did with that twist)

Big Brother 17 – Sunday Blogging; Austin Campaigning


Good afternoon, Junkies!  Sunday afternoon, and Austin’s personal operation of ‘Get to jury with the love of my life’ is well underway. This week is taking a turn just like last week. Around Friday, there was a specific target, and by Sunday a completely new target. This week it was Austin, but now it’s apparently going to be Becky – maybe.

Vanessa is likely going to do it in a way that gets ‘no blood on her hands’, so I’d expect another set-up situation that turns the entire house against whatever target they choose. Jackie’s name was also floated around, but because Shelli wants Becky out, I think Becky will be out.

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Here are the updates:

  • 11:15am – Liz and Vanessa are in the HoH room. Liz says she is going to distance herself from Austin to lower the target (and because he’s losing his shit).
  • Meanwhile, Shelli and Clay are talking to Steve in the HN room. Steve is suggesting to keep Austin, and Shelli agrees.  He is too big of a target to go home now, and he’s right.  Honestly, Austin is a perfect target.  Big Brother competitions are generally more about luck or memory, so the big strong dudes are almost irrelevant, yet are always perceived threats.
  • 12:00pm – It sounds like Clay and Shelli have Steve firmly on board, and sounds like he is excited to finally work with someone. Too bad he is easily disposable, but this should buy him some time
  • Shelli is telling Steve how weird he acts, like when he comes in a room and stands there. Not in a bitchy way, but telling him why people think he is threatening.
  • 12:30pm – Clay and Shelli are in the HN room chatting, Steve is in the kitchen cooking
  • Had to change feeds when Shelli started gushing over Clay’s side profile.
  • 1:30pm – Liz is talking to Austin in the kitchen. So much for distancing herself.  Also, the house is on lockdown because they’re building something outside. They are guessing it has something to do with the Outback Steakhouse thing people got during BotB, but it is weird they’re building a huge thing for it.  Maybe Outback paid a lot for advertising.  It is pretty damn good place to eat.  There you go Outback, free plug.
  • I just watched Liz spend 5 minutes trying to take the trash bag out of the bucket. The little things that entertain me
  • 1:45pm – Vanessa is now talking to Steve about his personality. He is starting to understand how hovering around people is kind of weird.  Steve said he even heard James say the cameras give more privacy than Steve. I like Steve, he’s so socially awkward. I can relate.  I’d be the Steve in the house.
  • Vanessa speculates Johnny Mack got the phone call (from the twist).

Speaking of twist. I just thought of this last night. I have an idea for a twist that Julie should introduce this week while I’m there.  Opposite Week!

  • It starts off with battle of the block.  The winning team does get safety, but the losing HoH gets to keep power
  • For power of veto – The last person to finish gets the ability to pick one person from the contest to be winner.
  • Eviction – Whoever you vote to evict, you’re actually voting to keep.  Now, they’ll have some phonebooth type of thing mid-week that will reveal this secret to one person who can do what they want with it.  They can hide it and cause chaos on Thursday, or share it and nullify the twist.

Ok, that was my idea for a takeover twist, but it won’t happen. Back to feeds…

  • 2:20pm – Vanessa and Liz are telling Steve that Jason and Meg think he’s annoying.  Vanessa says Jason is just threatened because he sees Steve as the biggest threat because he’s smarter with BB knowledge.
  • 2:50pm – One thing Vanessa us certain abouis that Da’Vonne wasn’t the phone call person (she was). She is also getting fairly certain about the Jeff votes, but she’s wrong about that as well. However, Becky may be safe because Van will realize nobody will trust her as a pawn. However, if Becky stays, she’ll be pissed Van didn’t backdoor Austin. Vanessa is tangling herself a little web
  • 4:30pm – Took a nap break. Shelli is on the feeds with Clay, and Jackie is in the kitchen. Not much happening obviously. I’ll check twitter to see if anything happened in the past hour.
  • 4:50pm – Vanessa is REALLY busy when she’s HoH. John is up in the room now, she’s chatting with him about some ‘information’ she learned.
  • Oh boy, sounds like this information is how she figured out Jeff was the phone call guy, and apparently he removed his own vote. Vanessa’s been in the house too long
  • 5:15pm – Time to go watch the CBS episode. Nothing going on in the house anyway.
  • 6:50pm – The feeds are currently down for the Outback Steakhouse dinner
  • 8:15pm – Jason is complaining about not being able to smoke
  • Jason and Meg are talking about how they don’t like the way Austin looks. He said Austin makes his d*ck shrivel.  They then talk about whether or not Liz likes him.
  • Note: People are still outside eating, but they’re not showing that. It appears a few more went than just the winners. Clay is outside, so perhaps the losers were able to go as well (though Jackie is inside as well)
  • I am going to take a break for a little to rest. I may be back on if something happens, so I’ll keep this open for now!

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Round And Round The Big Brother House Goes


I was unable to blog a whole lot yesterday because I felt like crap, but I’m feeling quite a bit better, so let me try to recap on a wild day in the Big Brother house…

Clay and Becky were nominated, but you knew that. The veto competition came, and when the players drew for names, Vanessa got a ‘Houseguests Choice’, so she picked Shelli.  This made Becky upset because she felt it was clearly favoring Clay and not her (as it was). Becky was fairly obvious about her frustration, so when the feeds returned and Clay won PoV, Becky wasn’t very thrilled. Granted, Clay won it by himself, but she was still upset and felt like a target.

After the veto, Austin got wind that he was the backdoor plan, so he went on an apology tour that was quite embarrassing to watch. Not because he apologized, but because he made the entire thing about Liz and how he needs to be in the house/jury house with her because he loves her.

Shelli took advantage of this opportunity to push her own agenda and say that they should just vote Becky out.  This is because Shelli was annoyed that Becky was pissed about the PoV thing. Kind of petty, but people have been evicted for less.

Throughout the night, Vanessa, Shelli and Clay made a ton of different suggestions, one that even involved backdooring Jackie simply because she’ll be upset if they keep Austin. I guess if you’re going to flat out lie to someone (Vanessa and Jackie made a safety promise), may as well do it before they’re in jury.

I’m not sure what today will bring on the feeds, but I’ll be watching and keeping you updated.

Big Brother 17 – Power Of Veto Day Blogging

I’d love for a professional to read their body language

Good afternoon, everyone!  Sorry about the late start, feeling a bit under the weather, so I slept longer than expected.

A quick summary of yesterday…

Vanessa put Clay and Becky on the block because they’re two strong competitors. Jackie put Liz and James up because they’re not.  The plan was for the former to win with ease, be safe from the block and keep Liz up. When the feeds returned, there was an unhappy looking Clay, so we instantly knew what happened. Based on everything I’ve heard, Liz essentially had to carry James through the competition, so I’m sure the CBS episode will play it up like they did when Caleb threw it and Frankie won it alone. (The difference is, James wasn’t AS obvious.. close, though)

This means the twin twist will happen, and Julia is guaranteed to enter the house this Thursday night after the 5th eviction. This also means they increased the chances of Austin not going home. Granted, it was pretty much only doubling the chances, and they were slim to begin with. Had Liz remained on the block, she was guaranteed to play PoV. Now, she’s not. However, had she won, she was guaranteed to use it on herself. Now, she’s guaranteed to not use it.

When you look at it that way, it’s almost better that Liz won because her odds to play and win shrunk tremendously. I think. My statistics professor would be upset with me over this. Had she been on the block, her chances were 1:6 that she’d win and save herself, which would have been good for the house. Now, there is a 1:10 chance (counting houseguest choice) her name will be draw, and then a 1:6 chance she could win, which would then be bad.  (Note: the 1:10 changes every draw).   Perhaps someone who is much smarter in statistics can calculate her odds of playing and winning now that she’s off the block.

Enough rambling. If Austin or Liz win the POV today, the plan is foiled. Anything else, and Austin will probably walk out the door.

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  • 10:57am – The house is up and getting ready to draw names for veto.
  • 11:30am – Feeds down for veto drawing.
  • 12:15pm – Players picked:
    • Vanessa, Becky, Clay, Liz, John, Shelli
  • Things are not looking good for Austin, but Liz can win. If she does, it will probably be a dull week as Austin doesn’t know he’s a target anyway
  • 12:30pm – Feeds went down again with Jeff Loops.  It would be weird for the veto to start this soon after drawing, but never know. We’ll monitor how long they’re down for
  • 12:54pm – Feeds back, Havenot choice (3). They also get to enjoy ‘slopcorn’
    • Shelli, Clay, Steve (Steve volunteered, the other two haven’t been HN yet)
  • 1:15pm – Shelli, Becky, Jackie, Jason are talking about Liz/Julia and Austin. They’re still comparing notes on the two twins, because apparently the confession of Austin wasn’t enough.
  • 1:30pm – The HoH room talking about how they need to get Steve out sooner rather than later. They compare him to Ian. Then they start talking about how the bbtakeover disappeared.
  • 1:50pm – Becky is talking to John, and they realize that Vanessa (and crew)’s plan is to put people on the block. They’ll say one is safe, but one is really more expendable than the other. Neither are happy about the situation in the house, but they’re not exactly doing anything.
  • Becky is talking about how Vanessa never wants blood on her hands. Definitely a theme for Vanessa this season
  • 1:54pm – PoV time I believe. Jason was called to the DR, and now we’re on Jeff Loops. Should be a few hours
  • 4:15pm – Was laying down for a bit, but the feeds returned about 20 minutes ago. PoV reveal:
    • Clay won the PoV
  • The big question is whether or not Vanessa will go through with her plan of backdooring Austin or not.
  • 5:00pm – I am in a panic. This under the weather feeling has turned into a temp of 100+. I will be devastated if I don’t go this week. Is flying while sick a bad idea?
  • In Big Brother news, Shelli is speculating Becky threw botb because she wanted clay out. Paranoia indeed.
  • 7:12pm – Austin is pleading for his Big Brother life to Vanessa. Shelli is pushing for Becky to go home. I will be pretty sad if Becky goes home this week. Not because she’s boring, but because she really does seem like a nice person, and I’d like to see her make it to jury.  Honestly, nobody in the house really bothers me to see them go home the week before jury. They should have cast more villains.
  • Vanessa asks Austin how does she know he’s not America’s Player. He said he can’t prove it, just have to trust.  I personally would have said something like ‘Just tell me what to do and I’ll be a puppet for you to prove it.’.. not like that guarantees anything.
  • 7:40pm  – Austin is spilling the beans to Clay/Shelli about his conversation with Jason. He keeps throwing around how he’s in love with Liz.  oh boy
  • Shelli mentions Austin should stay, and someone should go up who would send Becky home.
  • 8:07pm – Everyone leaves, Austin returns to room with Jason.
  • Meanwhile, Clay/Shelli go upstairs to talk to Vanessa
  • 8:30pm – Shelli, Clay, Vanessa and Liz are still up in the HoH room. They are discussing the options, but it sounds like they want to keep Austin for a week

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Big Brother 17 – Nomination Day Live Updates

I miss Liz
I miss Liz

Another Friday in the Big Brother house, more nominations who will likely still be in the house come Thursday evening after eviction. 3 out of the 4 evictions so far have been backdoors, so I would not be surprised to see another this week. Who will it be?  Right now, my money is on Austin, but at this time last week, I felt Audrey was 100% safe. The period between nominations and PoV is usually a while one where anything can happen.

The house had an early wakeup call today, so I expect nominations sometime pretty soon (it’s 9:30am in the house), so I’ll get right into it…

Before I begin – shameless plug of the day/week:
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  • 9:30am – Jackie and Vanessa have been talking quite a bit this morning. Vanessa is still trying to reinforce her decision to get rid of Jeff was more of a last minute and personal thing.
  • 9:40am – Well, feeds down for Jeff loops. Nomination time already?
  • 12:00pm – Sorry for the delay, had to bring the wife somewhere and it took a lot longer than expected.  Anyway, nomination results:
    • Vanessa nominated Becky and Clay
    • Jackie nominated Liz and James
  • So, the plan to get Austin is well underway, and he still doesn’t realize it. He pretty much expected Liz to be in trouble at some point, so he probably thinks he needs to win the veto to save her.  The funny part is, if they are both in the finals for the veto, he’d likely throw it to her even though it’s much smarter to win it so they both have safety.
  • The plan to put Becky and Clay up is they’re both pretty strong and smart, so they have a better chance at beating Liz and James. Why James went up and not John is probably because they didn’t want to make it obvious that Liz/Austin is the actual target.  I did find it odd that Vanessa asked again now that the dust settled whether or not James threw that veto comp (the fashion one).  He still denied it which I think sealed his spot as just a weak player who should be up next to Liz.  Pretty smart moves overall
  • 12:30pm – Vanessa and Jackie are in the HoH going over strategy.
  • Vanessa is telling Shelli that Austin voted for Audrey to frame Clay
  • Vanessa and Shelli have figured out that Austin is the saboteur this season!  Well done, ladies.  Who knows, based on the how they BBTakeovered the BBTakeover (yes, it’s a verb now), maybe Julie forgot to tell us about this twist.
  • 1:15pm – Shelli is done her bash session with Austin. Vanessa is doing a really good job making him out to be the bad guy already. She’s even talking about his weirdass alter ego ‘Judas’ and how she should have figured he was a villain from the start. She’s good.
  • People are now quiet and some are napping before the botb
  • 3:15pm – John is sitting alone, while Austin is roaming the house. Most still sleeping. Botb shouldn’t be very long now
  • 3:30pm – Liz and Austin are taking. She realizes Clay is on the block to win botb. Liz came back in the house, so he’s catching her up on the situation. Austin thinks people believe Steve was the kinky vote, but Vanessa is certain that vote was Austin
  • Liz’s face when Austin told her what he told Jason
  • 4:30pm – Jackie and Vanessa are in the HoH room chatting. Guess what the other feeds are on…… yes, Austin and Liz!
  • Austin “Why was Julia hitting on Johnny Mack? She’s spending so much time with him, it’s weird!” – Yea, bro. It is weird. Like you and Liz.
  • Austin “The target is Steve. It’s no big deal. Why would they want me to be mad going for HoH next week?” – He’s in for a shock when he won’t be there to compete
  • Meg is called into DR. Botb likely starting shortly
  • 4:49pm – Feeds down for botb
  • 6:23pm – Feeds still down
  • 6:56pm – Feeds back up
    • James and Liz won the Botb.  Liz is safe and Julia will enter the house this Thursday
  • Vanessa and Shelli need to tell Liz at some point about Austin’s plan on trying to get Julia out, but they want to wait a few days
  • Vanessa said Austin is suspicious because James tried to throw it, and is acting pissed
  • 7:45pm – Vanessa is re-telling the Austin being pissed to Meg and Jason
  • I guess Austin made a big reaction when Liz won, so the three of them are chatting about their showmance.
  • 8:45pm – A few people are having a steak dinner outside tonight, I guess part of the botb competition. It sounds like both teams will be there because they are telling James he may be asked why he seemed so sad about winning.  I am going to go away for a bit, be back later!
  • 10:45pm – Took a small break, Clay, Vanessa, and Jackie are talking about the botb competition. I forgot to report that Jackie is not wearing a bra, and the camera guy clearly enjoyed that.
  • 11:30pm – Off to bed, PoV tomorrow!


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