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Big Brother 17 Power Rankings Week 2

After a week of watching the feeds and getting to know those in the Big Brother house, I think I have a better feel for the season.

James took a big hit to his position because of the mini power trip he had after 15 days as the HoH. In fact, he very well could go home next week if someone like Austin wins the HoH this Thursday. Meanwhile, Austin and Liz climbed quite a bit after the mess that was Jace. While he will still be a big threat due to his size, he is playing a pretty solid game, and is far more intelligent than he seems. Austin is very aware of his surroundings, and I believe he will be tough to get out.

Meanwhile, at the top, Meg is just playing a fantastic social game. When you combine that with her absolutely non threatening vibe for competitions, I would put her as a lock for jury, and possibly final 5.  Clay and Shelli are in a difficult position, as they could shoot near the top and near the bottom just as quick depending on who wins HoH this week. Shelli made herself a pretty big target this week by going against the house, but I believe she still has the numbers, so odds are in her favor.

1 (3)meg_maley-thMeg
Her social game is going to get her pretty far
2 (7)john_mcguire-th12John
Playing the pawn, but he's smarter than he lets on
3 (5)becky_burgess-th11Becky
Winning an HoH competition showed she is tough
4 (9)shelli_poole-th1Shelli
She is with Clay, but he'll be taking the bullet first
5 (8)clay_honeycutt-thClay
He is positioning himself pretty well
6 (14)austin_matelson-thAustin
Made huge strides after the Jace mess
7 (15)liz-nolan-thLiv
Austin should keep her around
8 (4)jason_roy-th11Jason
He is on the 'other side' of the house, but can rebound
9 (2)steve_moses-th12Steve
Really, really weak strategic game, so not a threat
10 (13)vanessa_rousso-thVanessa
Strong rebound from last week
11 (1)james_huling-th1James
15 days as HoH made him a target
12 (11)Jackie_Ibarra-th1Jackie
Losing her Amazing Race target, should float by
13 (10)Jeffrey_Weldon-thJeff
I think he'll go before Jackie
14 (6)audrey_middleton-thAudrey
Audrey had a massive fall, and doubtful to make jury
15 (12)davonne_rogers-th1Da'Vonne
Not in a good spot this week, likely going home
16 (16)jace_agolli-th1Jace
Eliminated in Week 1
(previous week)

What do you think of the rankings this week?

Big Brother 17 – Slow Weekend Blogging


For all that action and excitement that was week 1, it seems to have taken it’s toll on the Big Brother house, because week 2 has started with a thud. After Thursday night, production rushed the house through the events so they could have the weekend off, and the nominations haven’t really created any action. John won the PoV, so he knows he’s safe, and Da’Vonne has seemed to accept her defeat – for now.

The biggest question coming out of the weekend was who Shelli would nominate in place of John, and that is mostly because they’re trying to decide who will cause the least amount of shit while still guaranteeing Da’Vonne’s exit. They have been tossing around Liz and Meg, and while clearly Meg is the right choice (as nobody would vote for her), they’re worried she may get pissed and try to get revenge.

Moving forward this week, it appears to be a long and slow week in the making, which is actually good for me because we’re going away for two nights on vacation.  I’ll still be able to keep up with the house, and probably have an update thread going each day, but I honestly don’t expect much to happen. So, don’t worry, I won’t keep you guys out of the loop until Wednesday.  I am mostly just posting this so you know why updates will be slow between Mon-Wed (and not just because I’m being lazy).

With all that said, here are the updates for the day:

  • 9:00am – The house had a late night last night, so I don’t expect them to wake up for another few hours.
  • Note – I don’t know if the PoV will be today or tomorrow. They typically have it on Monday, but it’s also typically 2 days after the PoV meeting (which would mean today), so, we’ll just wait and see.  It’s not a very crucial meeting. Meg will likely go up.  The big question is how Da’Vonne will react when reality sets in.
  • 10:15am – House still sleeping
  • 11:15am – There was a wake-up call, and some are up and outside, while others are sleeping. Johnny and James are in the smoking section while Audrey and Vanessa are getting some sun.
  • 11:45am – Photobooth was open, now a few girls are in the bathroom getting ready. I am beginning to think they’re going to do the PoV ceremony today.
  • 12:15pm – Austin is by the pool talking with Audrey, telling her he if wins HoH next week, he’ll want to shake things up.  I think he wants to go after James.
  • They’re speculating about Kathy’s twist. I don’t think the phone is in the house yet
  • Jason and James sharing stories about how they were both roofied. Apparently a stripper did James to try to steal from him
  • 1:20pm – Jason and Meg are laying down in the HN room. They joke about how James was wondering if havenots were allowed outside or not.
  • Meanwhile, James and Da’Vonne are talking in the kitchen and both are aware that Day is their target. They speculate Meg will probably go on the block next to her.
  • 2:30pm – Shelli basically confirms to Liz that Meg will be the replacement nom
  • The camera crew has been focused on Liz a lot today, I guess they’re hoping for a slip….
  • 3:30pm – Everyone just kind of chillen right now. Playing pool, hanging out in the kitchen, etc

I am going to take a break, eat dinner and watch the show on CBS.  Note, I guess there is golf today, so the show many be delayed

  • 6:30pm – Back from break. Cable decided to stop working during the episode, but at least I already know who was nominated.  That Becky train story though, right?  Crazy.  Here is the reddit post more on her story
  • Audrey is talking about her DR sessions saying they are trying to provoke her emotional side
  • 8:30pm – Nothing going on in the house. Boo!   People are just hanging outside right now.

Check back for more updates


Big Brother 17 – Fourth Of July Blogging


Ahh, I needed that break this afternoon.  I literally slept most of the day. Hungover? Maybe.  Feel better now? Definitely. Time for the Big Brother blogging!  First, I want to thank everyone for the recent donations! I means a lot to see that.

Anyway, the house is on indoor lockdown due to a CBS party in the parking lot (I hear), so they’ll be inside for a few more hours. Unfortunately, with no Jace and with Audrey being quiet recently, the drama has been kept to a minimum.  It looks like they’re taking it easy for the holiday, or just because they’re worn down from those crazy first two weeks (although I should say one week, but they’ve been in the house for a week prior to the first show).

Let’s check in on the feeds:

  • 2:40pm – Da’Vonne, Jason and Meg are chatting in the bedroom about various things, while Audrey is talking to Clay (who is taking a shower) in the bathroom. I want to spend one of my summers in that house.  I’m destined to.
  • Audrey leaves, Jeff enters and asks Clay if he’ll be working with Audrey.  I couldn’t quite get an answer from it, since he was in the shower.
  • Vanessa is now in the HoH room with Shelli, who is saying she doesn’t trust James at all
  • Austin and Clay join to talk about some conversation that happened last night. Austin feels Da’Vonne, James and crew talk about how they’re trying to set Clay and Shelli up as their own power duo.
  • Audrey pops in to ask something and leaves.  The group fears that Audrey is going to work on the other side of the house, which would be pretty messed up.
  • Shelli is contemplating putting Meg up because that should guarantee Da’Vonne goes home. She said that Meg talking to that group is putting her in danger, so Shelli may talk to her.
  • Liz joins and mentions how if she goes on the block, it’s not 100% safe.  Meg should go up.
  • Austin is on to Da’Vonne about her ‘teacher’ career because he has gone to schools to talk about injuries and stuff, and went to the school she said she teaches at.  He asked her about it, and she failed.  However, they think she may be an actor and that fight with Audrey was staged.
  • 3:30pm – My computer crashed, came back and most of the girls are up in the HoH room just chatting.  Time for dinner!
  • 5:45pm – Back. Clay and Shelli are in the HoH room talking. Apparently Audrey is trying to turn Shelli on Becky.
  • Jason is disgruntled because they’re stuck inside for the 4th
  • 6:30pm – The house is super dead.  Most are sleeping, but Steve, Vanessa, Clay and Shelli are in the HoH room.
  • 6:45pm – John, Steve and Shelli are upstairs playing chess while Meg and a few others are chatting.  Most are just waiting for a hopeful party
  • Feeds cut to Jeff loop, sounds like it’s time for a party for the house.  Be back later!

Check back for more updates

Happy Independence Day!


Good afternoon, everyone!  As you all know, today is Independence Day, but this is a Big Brother site, so I’m not going to go on and on about that. I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th and July before I began talking about the game!

The holiday is important in the house because it made them rush through nearly an entire week’s worth of stuff in the past 2 days. This is likely due to the staff getting a skeleton crew for the weekend, and allowing the house to just relax and enjoy themselves. This means if you’re just tuning in from Thursday night, here is what happened…

Shelli nominated John and Da’Vonne with Da’Vonne as her target
Becky nominated Steve and Jason with Audrey as her backdoor target

Steve and Jon won the battle of the block

Johnny Mack won the power of veto and will save himself

I think the power of veto meeting will likely be pushed back to Monday, as it typically is, but there is a chance it can be tomorrow.  Either way, Shelli now has the decision of who to nominate against Da’Vonne that will help her plan go through.  Easier said than done. Here are her options:

Audrey – No way. Audrey will probably get voted out
Austin – The house may take the chance to vote out a strong player
Becky – The HoH’s try not to nominate each other as it sets a very bad tone this early
Clay – Her bff
Jackie – She promised safety to Jackie after she had to sit on the block for week 1
James – An option
Jeff – An option, but he is cool with Clay and may get voted out
Liz – This is the current name being floated for it
Meg – An option
Vanessa – An option

So, she is basically going to choose between  James, Liz, Meg or Vanessa. Meg is probably more universally well liked, so she’d likely be the safest bet to secure a Da’Vonne exit, so I don’t see why she’s not going that route.  Perhaps she also doesn’t want to make enemies in the process.

Needless to say, Shelli’s entire week so far has done more harm than good to her game moving forward, and I don’t really see it getting any easier. As much as I hate to admit it, simply because Audrey is entertaining, but she probably should have gone with the house.

We will see what Shelli decides to do, and I’ll likely be creating a live update thread, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to update it extremely often.  I may take today easy, as I expect the Big Brother house to do the same. With that said, enjoy your day, and be safe!

Big Brother 17 – Friday Afternoon Feeds


The rush day inside the Big Brother house continues as apparently they’re going to play the veto competition today. If you missed my previous thread, the nominations have been set, and the botb played. Da’Vonne and John remain on the block, and Shelli remains HOH. Right now, operation ‘get Audrey out’ is put on hold for Shelli’s removal of Da’Vonne from the house.

I’m not 100% sure where Shelli is going with this, but honestly I don’t see a whole lot of options for her right now. She and Clay put a target on their backs by getting all cuddly, this means it’s basically going to be them against the house the whole way through.  My best guess is she just thinks they have a better shot making it further in the game hitching to the pretty tight alliance of Austin/Liz/Vanessa rather than the fractured alliance of the rest of the house.

Let’s get to the feeds as they just came back up…

  • 12:56pm – The veto players have been picked. I will find out who they are shortly…
  • Finally got the info:  Da’Vonne, John, Shelli, Steve, Clay, Meg are PoV players.  Based on the slip to production, it looks like it will be a knock-out type of thing, like trivia or one of those.  Possibly.  Either way, Steve has another good shot at veto here.
  • Day says she is going for damn blood if she sticks around this week
  • 2:00pm – Shelli and Clay are letting Meg know they can go after Audrey next week. If true, it seems kind of dumb to alienate the house to save a person you’re just going to kick out the next week.  Maybe they’re just telling them what they want to hear
  • 2:30pm – Feeds went down for the veto competition, but unfortunately I am going to a 4th of July cookout, so I won’t be able to update the winner until I return!
  • 5:11pm – Updating from the cookout because I’m a loser, but Big Brother is my summer.
  • Here is the update: Johnny Mac won PoV. I guess Da’Vonne will still be going home, but it may lead to an interesting week.
  • 6:45pm – I am back from the BBQ, and the house is absolutely dead.  Perfect time for me to run some speed tests on the blog to see if I can speed it up some
  • Ok, I made some tweaks, and put in a better mobile version. Let me know if you see speed improvements.

Check back for updates

Big Brother 17 Nomination and BoTB Spoiler Results

Could Audrey survive another week?
Could Audrey survive another week?

I think CBS should give bloggers a schedule on events in the house, I mean it’s only fair, right? I went to bed last night around 3am with Shelli and Becky still talking to the house about who to nominate, and I wake up today to find out nominations AND battle of the block have been completed overnight.

Seeing as it’s the 4th of July weekend, I should have expected accelerated results, but wow.

First, to nominations. Becky was still pretty upset that Audrey floated around rumors about her being a racist and bigot, so it was no surprise she was going to be her target. The only question she had was whether or not to backdoor her or just put her up from the start.   Her answer?  Backdoor.  Becky found an immediate pawn volunteer in Jason, and then told Steve he was going to be the 2nd pawn (poor Steve). This means…

  • Becky nominated Steve and Jason

Shelli, on the other hand, had a different approach to the week. She decided it was in her best interest (see: Clay’s best interest) to keep Audrey for numbers, and vote out someone else. The reason being is that Shelli and Clay knew their place, which was near the bottom of an 8 or so person alliance.  Their thinking is that they can probably get Jason on board with them, but not if Da’Vonne is still in the house, so there was Shelli’s target.  While I understand the idea of keeping Audrey (because Audrey was not going after Shelli), Da’Vonne being a target is kind of a head scratcher. Another weird move was deciding to give Da’Vonne two chances to save herself with no real good backup option if she does.

  • Shelli nominated Da’Vonne and John

John was on board with the plan, even to throw the botb competition, but this whole thing really smells bad. Even if Da’Vonne doesn’t win PoV, the votes are still already pretty close to risk it. If Austin does indeed stay on board, that does pretty much guarantee 3 votes (him, Liz and Vanessa), plus she has Clay and probably Audrey.  The rest are up in the air. Shelli is close with Jackie, so she may have her vote as well, and the whole plan could work, but it’s just risky.

Moving on, battle of the block competition…

I am going to assume that John went through with his plan to throw the competition because he and Da’Vonne lost the competition which means that…

  • Becky was de-throned
  • Da’Vonne and John remain on the block
  • Steve and Jason are safe for the week

Needless to say, it was a very late night in the BB house, and they’re just now getting some sleep, but I fully expect PoV competition and possibly meeting to be held today.  If not the meeting, than definitely the competition.  I can still see them saving the PoV meeting for Sunday/Monday, as it’s not that imperative they get that in before the holiday.

What do you think?  Was this a good or bad move on Shelli’s part?

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