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Caleb Worries About Upsetting Ariana’s Fans, Wastes Opportunity


I am still trying to decide if I should consider yesterday sad, or just plain pathetic. I guess both?

About a week ago, I posted rankings for the house and the person who topped my list (Frankie) was in a very vulnerable position yesterday morning. Late into Sunday night, Caleb, Derrick and Cody discussed what to do at the veto meeting that was to be held Monday afternoon. Christine won the veto and was certain to take herself off, so Caleb basically had two choices.. a) put up Victoria as a pawn to send Nicole home or b) put up a big target and further his game.

The choice he made is obvious now, but when I found out why, my jaw dropped.  Derrick told Cody he knew Caleb would back out when just before bed, Caleb made the comment about “now he has to be hated by millions of fans”. There it is… Caleb chose to worry about his music career and Frankie’s connections to the industry rather than having a legitimate shot at winning Big Brother.  I really mean legitimate too.. had Caleb made that huge move, I likely would have bumped him near the top of the rankings and I think BB16 would have been his to lose.

Whether or not he won, I think he also would have given Donny a run for his money when it came to fan favorite.  Naturally, Caleb isn’t privy to the information we know and he actually thinks Frankie is currently a super huge fan favorite, but he’s not. Evicting Frankie this week would have launched Caleb into Big Brother history as the guy who knocked out one of the ‘villains’. That’s exactly the type of stuff Caleb lives for, and he doesn’t even realize the opportunity he missed.  I’m sure he’ll kick himself in the ass when he’s out of the house, so I’m not going to be too hard on him here.   Simply put, Caleb chose his career over Big Brother and just made his chances at winning half a million dollars a hell of a lot tougher.

It was so embarrassing for Caleb that even Nicole went into another room after the veto meeting and instead of crying, she was practically laughing at just how bad of a move this was. You know it’s bad when the person you’re evicting can only laugh at the moves you make.  Needless to say, Caleb likely lost Nicole’s jury vote (which also means Hayden, Donny and probably Jocasta’s).

The fallout lingered for awhile until Derrick finally had some time alone with Cody and talked about the situation.  Cody was pretty pissed, but to be fair, Cody is always pretty pissed about something. Should Cody actually follow through with his threats (which would be a first this season), Thursday night could get pretty fun pretty quick if he wins the HoH competition.  Cody promised to go after Caleb before Christine, although that likely would have happened anyway.  Christine is basically a smart Victoria. Everyone wants to take those two to the final 2 simply because they can be beaten, so there is really no rush to get either one out.

This Thursday night, the guys may finally turn on each other, but the way the season has gone, we’ll likely end up watching Nicole and then Christine or Victoria walk out the door in a ‘not so’ epic double eviction night.

I will have a live thread up in a little while. School starts tomorrow for me, so I need to prepare a bit.  Also, feel free to follow or friend me on facebook, my link is in the contact section. Also, to those concerned, I should be getting more information on both of my parents this week as they hit up the doctors.  I’m still crossing my fingers my fathers doctors are wrong and the lump is benign… but my mother for sure will be heading into surgery at some point in the very near future (I’m still not sure why she hasn’t yet. Maine doctors seem to be absolutely terrible).

Have a good Tuesday!

Big Brother 16 – PoV Meeting Live Feed Updates


It’s veto meeting day in the Big Brother house, and it could be a big one, or could be a flat dud. That will depend on one person – Caleb.  Christine won the veto, and she is obviously going to use it on herself, so Caleb has the choice to either put up Victoria and send Nicole home, or put up a real target (Frankie) and send them home instead.  As of 10:30am, Caleb is still not committing to any decision and Derrick simply told him ‘whatever you do, we’ll be behind you’, so I guess this one will be a surprise.

Before I begin, I have to give a shout-out to a reader I found out I have, Jeanie Buss, who happens to be the part-owner and president of the Lakers! I’m from the Boston area, so I should say something dumb about the Lakers, but I won’t.  I have no real loyalties to any basketball team, so I may just find myself rooting for the Lakers this winter (I’m sure that will go over real well with my friends, but I don’t mind).

Also, I put a link to my facebook in the contact section. I’m not very exciting, but if you’d like to subscribe to my posts, you’re more than welcome!

Game Time -

  • 10:45am – Frankie has been shadowing Caleb all morning. I think he knows something could be up, so he’s been extra ass-kissy today.
  • I’m no expert at people reading, but I did notice Caleb’s voice drop a little when he told Frankie “I expect to be in the final four with you guys”.
  • 10:55am – Yup, Frankie is on to something. He said “If I go out of the house, I’d like to knife coming from the front. I want the chance to play for my life. I’ve earned that right”  (sorry Frankie, this is Big Brother.)
  • 11:10am – Caleb is still chatting with Frankie. He is certainly making it sound like Frankie is safe but we’ll see if Caleb is just acting soon enough.
  • 11:22am – Feeds down either for POV meeting or because Caleb and Derrick talking about production and wondering why they’re still on indoor lockdown.
  • Feeds on Jeff Loops, definite veto meeting.
  • 12:00pm – Feeds still down for meeting
  • 12:10pm – Feeds back, Victoria replaced Christine.  Terrible. Terrible.
  • Boring week ahead.
  • I am so disappointed in this season. I don’t even know what to say. This week is going to be horribly boring yet again.
  • Go enjoy your labor day. If you have fireworks in your area, that’s probably the only you’ll see until next summer because I don’t see any coming in the Big Brother house.
  • 12:45pm – Nicole has been talking to Victoria and Derrick about the game. She said it’s pathetic, a waste of an HoH and wants to say that Caleb has no guts.
  • 4:00pm – Took a nap, checked in on house, Cody is making food.  I have a feeling that will be the theme of the week.
  • I’m guessing it’s hot in the BB house
  • 5:45pm – I’m checking in on the house periodically but taking a bit of a break today.  I will still update if anything exciting happens.
  • 6:15pm – The house is talking a lot about BB15. Caleb said if Jessie comes out to the finale, he’ll take her out for a drink (as long as there is nobody hotter available).
  • Caleb – I keep wondering who in this house has won America over.
    Derrick – I can think of one guy
    Caleb – If you’re thinking Donny, I don’t think so.  If you’re thinking Frankie, it’s probably because his sister.
  • Nicole – I definitely think Donny won over America.  Caleb – I don’t think so. He wasn’t a good game player.  Nicole – People like underdogs though.
  • Nicole – Frankie has a very good chance (hahahah), Derrick, Caleb and Donny have a good chance
  • Derrick thinks Caleb has a chance, and he does, but I think Donny has it locked down.
  • Now they’re wondering who’s house they went to this season. They think Frankie and Victoria. They’ll be surprised when it’s Cody and Christine because of their relationship.
  • 6:45pm – Derrick and Cody are in the bathroom talking about the Caleb to Frankie this morning.  Der is telling Cody that Caleb basically spilled most of the stuff they were talking about, but didn’t really say those two were involved. Either way, Cody is frustrated at Caleb and called him an asshat and said his game stinks.
  • Derrick said he knew Caleb wasn’t going to do anything when he said “and I’m the one who is going to have millions of people hating him”

Check back for more updates!

Big Brother 16 – Will Nicole Receive Another Chance?


Where to begin?  Well, megaphone man was back last night while Caleb, Derrick and Frankie were in the back yard. Flashback to 7:38pm if you’d like to hear him, but he very clearly said “Frankie is destroying you all in the diary room”.  When he began talking, Derrick started herding the crew inside before they were locked in, but they heard it.. they had to have. I’m pretty sure I heard a ‘sigh’ come from Frankie shortly after he went inside and shut the door.

I know Frankie is not the most liked person in the house (in fact, he’s the least liked after the Victoria comments), but fans have to respect the game a bit.  Despite his comments, Frankie is and was playing a pretty solid game, and if he went home because of something he said in a place that was supposed to be private, that sucks.  It sucks because if it happened to Frankie, it can easily happen to a liked player. That said, if I ever played BB or Survivor, there is 0 chance I’d disclose brilliant plans to the camera crew.  There is no way I could trust my game in the hands of random people who could spill it to some girl in a bikini for a chance at a phone number.

That brings us to today, the PoV meeting. What was expected to be a slam dunk week of Victoria replacing Christine and Nicole walking out the door could get a whole lot more complex if the guys go through with their backdoor plan.  This is the last week they can backdoor a player (everyone will play the POV next week), and the “waste your HoH week” is playing out as Derrick, Caleb and Cody discuss replacing Christine with Frankie and sending him to jury.  I’m not sure if megaphone man had an impact on this, or just the fact that the season is drawing to a close and there are not many more ‘next weeks’ left. The guys know Frankie can and possibly will get one of them out should he win HoH, and they need to get him out before that happens.

What happens at the power of veto meeting today will help set the course for the rest of the season.

Should Frankie be allowed to remain, Caleb passed up his chance to get the biggest threat out of the house, and that will likely bite him in the ass down the line. Why? Because it always bites people in the ass. As a Big Brother fan, this is the time to get Frankie out. If Caleb does indeed pass on this opportunity, he will deserve to finish 3rd or 4th or wherever he may finish.  Should Caleb pull the trigger, not only will he help secure a comfortable spot moving forward, but he’ll probably be considered a Big Brother hero after the recent Frankie-Victoria events.

The guys were supposed to meet during the wake-up call to go over the plan one more time, but at this point I’d probably give it about a 67% chance of actually happening. I’d like to give it a higher chance, but this has been the season of no moves, so not making a move seems almost more likely than not. The only reason I put the number that high is because I want to believe there is a set of balls somewhere between the group of Derrick, Caleb and Cody.

I will be creating a live feed thread shortly, but until then, have a great Labor day!

Big Brother 16 – Nomination Episode Recap


This is likely going to be a pretty short recap, unless of course you’d like a weather report of my area.  The show was cruising along, showing the HoH competition that ran late into the night on Thursday, and then during a commercial break, a tornado warning pops up and cuts out everything between the HoH and the nomination.  If you’re wondering, the warnings were not for my direct county.

I will say the coverage of the HoH competition was pretty fun to watch. I am disappointed they didn’t show Caleb drinking from the gross pool of water, but they did a pretty good job editing it together.  I watched the entire competition on Thursday night, and honestly Victoria was on screen probably 50% of the time, so I didn’t even get to see a lot of Caleb doing his thing.  I heard his pep talks and all of the other calebisms (a word I created), but I never even knew where his snowman head was until about 5 minutes before he finished.

As far as the stuff between the competition and the nominations, I’m going to assume they showed Caleb nursing his knee, possibly talking to Nicole about her situation in the house, and then showed a bunch of clips making it seem like nominations could have possibly been someone other than Nicole and Christine.

I’m not trying to be cynical, but that’s basically every episode, especially when there isn’t a whole lot of content to pick from. There have been some fantastic CBS episodes this season, but I know the house was pretty dead on Friday.  They were battered, bruised and didn’t really do a whole lot.  That said, I’m sure there were a lot of funny moments with the ‘Derrick, holllllla’ going off at random times.

Sorry for the poor recap, like I said, I missed all the DR sessions and don’t really know what they showed, so I’m just going by the live feeds.  If you’d like to discuss the episode and talk about what was said during DR sessions, please feel free to do so in the comments!

To see more of my Big Brother recaps, check out OK! Magazine 

Big Brother 16 – Sunday Afternoon Updates


Good afternoon! I hope you’re enjoying your labor day weekend. While it may be a holiday weekend outside the house, the game still goes on inside the house. Christine won the PoV yesterday, so that took the wind out of anyone supporting Nicole, but there is still a very slight chance she remains in the house. Why?  Because Derrick and Caleb are still talking about backdooring Frankie and getting him out.  My honest opinion is not to get your hopes up. I believe this will be all talk, Victoria will go up tomorrow and Nicole will go home on Thursday night, but I have been wrong before… or have I?


  • 3:45pm – Derrick and Caleb are discussing different scenarios for the week. Caleb would like to get Frankie out but needs the alliances support on it. Derrick reminds him that Nicole will likely put Caleb on the block if she won HoH, but it doesn’t guarantee she’d have the numbers.
  • Derrick said Nicole is still pretty close with Cody but backing off a bit because of her feelings toward Hayden. She doesn’t want to appear like she has a thing for him (unlike someone else), but Derrick still believes she’s closer to him than anyone else.
  • Caleb said Frankie likely believes he can beat Derrick in anything (Derrick agrees), so Frankie could very well turn around and put two big guys up against each other instead of wasting an HoH on a Victoria or Christine.
  • Caleb believes Nicole would put him up next to Christine, but he believes he’d have the votes against Christine (they’d probably take the opportunity to get out Caleb)
  • Note – It’s hilarious how they go through all these scenarios but nobody ever mentions the possibility of Derrick going up
  • 4:04pm – Nicole is in the bedroom talking to Frankie and she said she hopes Frankie is in the f2 because he’s been a great BB player.
  • 4:15pm – Nicole is still talking to Frankie and said she is embarrassed about some of the things she’s said. She may not re-watch the season.  Nicole really has little to worry about. Her and Donny are A-OK in my book.
  • The talks broke up a bit and people are hanging outside.
  • 6:00pm – Derrick is going on and on to Cody about his job as a parks guy. It’s pretty impressive for him to say so much about it.
  • 6:25pm – Nicole and Victoria are in the bathroom talking game a little bit. Nicole tells her that Hayden was going to go after Cody hardcore if he returned to the game.  Victoria is also wondering if she’ll be the replacement nominee, but Nicole can’t confirm anything.
  • 6:30pm – Caleb and Cody are in the HoH room..
  • Caleb – From here on out, who do we think is more dangerous.
  • Cody – Frankie.
  • And within 2 minutes, Christine comes up. The guys are not too happy about it because they’re never able to talk.  Dammit. This would have been a great conversation.
  • Now Frankie is up. Ugh. Great game talk is done.
  • 7:38pm – Megaphone man is back. This time it’s very clear he said “Frankie is destroying you all in the diary room”.  Derrick, Caleb and Frankie heard it. I could hear Frankie sigh shortly after he went inside
  • 8:55pm – Caleb, Cody and Derrick finally get some time alone in the HoH room.
  • Derrick, I’m completely down with sending Frankie home, but let me play devil’s advocate. Nicole wins HoH and puts you (Caleb) and Christine up. Derrick, Cody and Victoria are left off the block.  We should be able to get you off because we’d have the votes, but there is a small chance Nicole tries to get cute and get Christine back.
  • Caleb is pointing out that Nicole has actually been pretty weak in competitions. Frankie has been very good.
  • Frankie comes up and breaks up the conversation.

Check back for more.

Big Brother 16 – The Season Of Little Moves


Something hit me this morning as I was thinking of my morning (afternoon) post. The ‘biggest’ move the cast has made this season is when they decided at the last minute to keep their alliance member (Zach) over a floater (Jocasta).  So basically the biggest move was a non-move because it didn’t happen.. the floater went home and Zach remained.  I suppose you can say Zach’s official elimination was a semi-big move, but that was more of a by-product of a plan gone wrong. The entire house wanted Donny out, but Donny won the PoV, so Frankie had to remove one of his closer allies (Caleb or Cody) and replace him with a floater, a shit-stirrer, or a mastermind. Frankie chose the shit-stirrer Zach.

I mention this because last night, Christine won the power of veto. She is going to remove herself and Caleb has a few choices as a replacement.  He could take the easy route of Victoria, or make a big move and backdoor an alliance member while they can.  So far most of the talk (of course) has been the easy route, but there has been some talk about putting Frankie on the block instead of Victoria, which would be fitting based on the current outrage going on outside the BB house.

Yesterday at 2:20pm, Frankie, Caleb, Christine, Cody and Derrick were sitting in the room taking about who will be drinking that night. When it was mentioned Victoria will be drinking as well as a few guys, Frankie made a tasteless joke about how the guys should pair up and take all of her virginities.  Frankie being Frankie continued the joke even after Derrick said her father probably just punched his monitor. As Frankie continued, some continued with uncomfortable laughs while Caleb sat stone-faced and when finished he said .. ‘ok.. a little inappropriate’.


Caleb’s face is the Mike Myers face during the Kanye West meltdown to President Bush.

Moving on to Caleb. With Donny out of the house, there is a void for a favorite player. Derrick is up there for me, but coming up behind him is actually Caleb.  Sure, Caleb may be a little creepy around Amber, and an extreme egomaniac, but compared to the rest, he’s actually not that bad.  Last night when the group was drunk, Cody continued on and on about how tough he is and how he was always the fighter out of his soccer player group of friends. Btw, try taking Cody serious when he’s talking about how tough he is looking like this…


Meanwhile, Caleb, the actual tough guy of the house just kind of sat and listened to Cody ramble on. Caleb is already a pretty intimidating figure, but when you add in his military background, he’s not someone I’d mess with – ever.  Being such an egomaniac, you’d think this would have been the perfect time for Caleb to talk about all his fights and wins, but instead he mostly let Cody ramble on and on while Caleb occasionally jumped in with ‘yea, I’m too old for that. When I go out I’d rather buy them a beer and try not to fight’.  I know this seems random and probably pointless, but to me it says a lot about Caleb’s character.  He may be an egomaniac, may be a hopeless romantic, but despite his physical presence, you’re more than likely to hear a story of him running into a burning building to save a cat than you are getting arrested over something stupid.

Sorry, I rambled on far too much about Caleb vs Cody.  Back to Frankie.  Victoria’s parents heard that and TMZ has an article this morning about it. They say Victoria’s family not only demands an apology from Frankie, but also his parents and his sister Ariana. This is where  I’m torn. I don’t think they should demand an apology from anyone but Frankie, but if I were Ariana, I would be tweeting out that she doesn’t agree with the stuff her brother said in the house yesterday. Basically, she should apologize on her own, but she shouldn’t be forced to.  Does that make sense?

Today is Sunday so there will be some chatter over what happens tomorrow.  Plenty of time for the backdoor Frankie plan to kick in, but just as much time for it to fizzle out into nothing.  We’ll see what happens in a few hours when the house gets stirring for the day.