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Big Brother 17 – Is It Thursday Yet? Live Updates


Happy back to school time for all the parents out there! The bad part about this time of the year is that summer is wrapping up, and with it, Big Brother. At this point, however, I am at peace with that. This season has to be put out of it’s misery unless they have something in the works to shake things up.

It started off with a lot of excitement, twists left and right, fights, drama, paranoia, and craziness. The twists mysteriously disappeared, and the drama makers were some of the first to walk out the door. Now most of the feeds are spent on Austin with the twins, or Vanessa trying to explain to people how alone she is, and how offended she felt about something someone did at some point in the season. It is especially frustrating to see the weird strategy by people. If Meg indeed walks out the door this Thursday, Julie Chen should walk into the house and slap everyone not named Austin, Liz or Julia.

One thing Vanessa keeps mentioning to people is how she’s alone and how big of a threat Meg and James are together. While true, it is absolutely mind blowing that she keeps overlooking the bigger threat of two people who came from the same womb with another in love with one of them.  Does she think a twin will take her instead of their sister?  Does she think Austin will take her over the love of his life, or her sister? The only way Vanessa makes it into the final 3 while riding with that alliance is if she wins out.

Enough ranting, time for some updates….

  • 9:30am – John is outside alone. I’m guessing Julia is brushing her teeth because I don’t see Austin hanging out of her ass.
    • James and Meg are in the HN room still half sleeping but they are talking about how they’re going to try and pull Austin aside and have him vote out Julia to blame Steve. Hahahaha…. Stranger things have happened, I guess.. wait, have they?
  • 10:50am – DR sessions over, everyone back to sleep
  • 12:30pm – The house is mostly up and about. People are outside. I’m pretty sure the HoH camera is out

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Big Brother 17 – Small Move Monday; Feed Updates


I am going to say it now. What happens today is Vanessa’s make or break moment for the season. Well, to cut the dramatics a little, today is just the start, but then ends on Thursday. Vanessa has the chance to make a really huge move today by putting up a huge threat (like Liz), but she doesn’t appear she’ll be doing that. Instead, she is taking another route of putting up Julia, which is an alright move, but not if Meg walks out the door on Thursday.

If Vanessa keeps with her current plan of using Julia as a pawn to get rid of Meg, well, congrats to your Big Brother 17 winner – Austin or Liz. Now is the time to break up a strong trio, and if she doesn’t, it’s pretty much game over for anyone outside that alliance. While I fully expect Julia to be sitting up on the nomination chair next to Meg this week, it will be interesting if the house can be flipped to keep Meg (by house, I mean Steve).

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  • 9:50am – The house had their wakeup call. Veto meeting should be happening within an hour or two
    • James is up in the HoH room having a short talk with Vanessa
    • He said if Meg stays and he wins HoH, he’ll nominate Meg (as a pawn I’d assume)
    • Vanessa’s logic is that everyone remaining wants to boot floaters because if they sit next to one, they’ll go home. Ok, that’s one way to look at it.
    • She thinks her and James will be lower targets because they’ll both be alone going forward. lol
    • It’s hilarious how this is all playing out. If I was part of the trio, I’d tell Vanessa ‘put up Steve or James and it doesn’t matter because we’ll vote the way you want. You want Meg out, she’s out’. Austin, Liz and Julia control who are going home this week.  By putting Julia up, they’re foolishly risking losing an ally for no reason. It’s mind boggling.
  • 10:50am – Took a shower, came back to hear Meg begging Vanessa. Stop. Just wait, you’ll see that Vanessa is going to make a weird move in a few hours. You still have hope, and  you don’t even have to make a deal with Vanessa
    • Talk broke up. Meg is crying, James has some tears. Vanessa called to DR, meeting about to begin.
    • On the bright side, if Meg and James fought this hard prior to meeting, imagine how hard they’re going to fight when they see Julia on the block
    • Scratch the meeting beginning. They’re still calling people to DR
  • 11:00am – Feeds down for veto meeting. I am running to the eye doctor. Hopefully I will be back before the feeds are
  • 2:30pm – Back from the eye doctor. I have contacts now. I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Anyway, Julia is indeed the replacement nom, which makes me ask the question: Who do you want to go to jury?

Who do you want to be evicted this week?

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  • Meanwhile, John is upstairs talking to Vanessa. He said he needs to piss off some people going to jury (so they take him along to the end)
    • The two aren’t really chatting game, mostly real life stuff
  • 5:00pm – Vanessa and Steve are playing chess. Austin/Liz sleeping on other feed
  • 6:00pm – James and Meg are in the HN room mourning her potential loss.
  • 6:30pm – Austin and the twins are working out in the back yard. James and Meg hanging out in the HN room.
    • Oops, Vanessa as well
    • James comes outside with a Big Brother card and said he had a letter from BB. He said it was a note from live feeders, and then the feeds cut before we get to hear it. Sweet.  Anyway, it was a joke anyway. He tried to play a prank on the house

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Big Brother 17 – Sunday Feeds


Happy Sunday, everyone. It’s late in the season and I am running out of ways to begin these daily threads. A quick recap of yesterday is the power of veto competition was held. It was a ‘mess the house’ competition where players hid something around the house and I think the last person to have their item found was the winner. The former corrections officer and Big Brother 17 hide ‘n’ seek champion was the easy winner, which of course resulted in a night of whining and crying by Vanessa and the twins. I heard numerous times how they just ‘had’ to have this type of conversation when James was in trouble.

I’m sure it will be a fairly busy day for Vanessa as she is really struggling on who to put on the block to replace James. She has been tossing around the idea of Julia as a pawn (who is not at all happy about that), but for her sake, she really better be doing the old ‘fake pawn’ routine. Vanessa is quickly running out of options if she wants to win this game, and one of the few remaining scenarios is to carry John and Meg along. Another good option would be sitting next to Austin in the final 2, but that would require masterful work of using the other side of the house to start splitting up that alliance.

That’s where this week comes in. Vanessa should most definitely use Julia as the pawn, and then allow James, John and Steve to vote her out. Oops. Her plan ‘failed’, and Julia becomes a pawn causality. Not Vanessa’s fault.. right? After that, Vanessa can become closer with Austin and Liz while secretly working with Steve and John and allow both pair to battle each other while also battling the pair of James/Meg. Messy situation, but I put Vanessa as #1 on my power rankings, so she has to make a big move this week if she wants to remain there.

With that – Updates:

  • 10:30am – John is up and relaxing on the hammock
  • 1:30pm – Took a nap. Came back to see Vanessa talking to the twins. It looks like Julia will indeed be going on the block as a pawn. Vanessa joked that she’d give her $10k if she went out the door this week.
    • Even if Vanessa isn’t planning for an ‘oops’ eviction, Steve and maybe even Austin will be absolutely foolish not to take advantage of this situation. All Austin has to do is be the 3rd vote and blame it on Steve. He would have to be certain John is going to vote for Meg to stay.
    • Vanessa really did offer $10k if Julia went home, apparently the DR yelled at her and told her it is not allowed.
  • 2:30pm – Meg is up chatting with Vanessa
    • Vanessa is upset that James brought up her speech and feels she was being made fun of.
    • Vanessa said that if Meg won HoH next week, she’d put her up. Meg said it would make sense, but it wouldn’t mean she’d be a target
    • Oh boy, Vanessa is re-telling how offended she was by James saying she was playing too hard, and even randomly pulled the gay card. Well done
    • After about an hour, the talk breaks up. Nothing really amazing about the conversation.
  • 6:30pm – Back from watching the CBS episode. Wow, they really had to stretch out that endurance competition. I really think the amount of time they spent on it was longer than the actual competition. They had to flood it with DR sessions to fill space. Sad.
  • On the feeds, Steve, Julia, and John are outside by the pool (hottub) chatting about random junk
  • 7:55pm – Austin has been talking with Vanessa. He thinks the feeds and CBS episodes are showing them in their true light. The joking around, him and Liz bonding, etc.  Yes, they are, but it’s still gross

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Big Brother 17 – Saturday Updates


Good afternoon, everyone! It’s veto day inside the Big Brother house, and the importance of it is much greater than weeks past. Well, this is assuming Vanessa realizes she is screwing herself the longer she keeps the trio together. If she doesn’t, well then this veto competition means nothing.

If James, Meg or John go to jury this week, or even Steve, Vanessa is making this game much harder on herself. Forgive my little poker knowledge, but it’s like she’s going all in on the turn card with a mediocre hand just hoping for a lucky river. Did that make sense? As I pointed out earlier today, if one of them go home, and with Vanessa sitting out of the next HoH, 50% of the competition will be Austin and the whiners. If James walks out the door, that means it’s basically Austwins vs John and Steve (let’s be real, Meg won’t win). This likely means the power once again goes to the trio, they knock out Steve, John or Meg and pluck away until it’s the 4 of them.

Guess who is not taking Vanessa to the final 3?  Austin, Liz or Julia.  So, she needs to realize this soon (as in before Monday), or I may have to drop her in the rankings.

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  • 11:54am – John called to the DR. He is hosting the veto. Expect feeds to go down soon
  • 3:00pm – Feeds still down for veto comp. I’d expect them back up soon unless this is another 5 hour run
  • 4:40pm – Feeds still down. I really wish they’d give us an estimate.
  • 5:00pm – Feeds back….
    • James won the Power of Veto
    • I don’t know what to think about this. It’s good, but then again he also briefly mentioned saving Meg if he won. James, don’t be stupid. Save yourself. Meg will be fine.
    • Apparently the veto competition had something to do with tearing the house apart because they’re all cleaning things up now. They were wondering what was taking the crew so long to shut down the backyard, I guess that answers it.
    • Vanessa isn’t happy about the results, but she should be. She needs to split up the trio. Needs to. Not even a question at this point. There isn’t enough game left not to. Make a move, win the game. Evict John or Steve, and swim upstream.  Vanessa’s move.
    • Sounds like they had to hide an object around the house and the last person to have theirs found won. James, being a former prison guard, probably knew a few things or two about hiding items.
    • Twins – “Literally most of my time was spent complaining” – shocker
  • 5:45pm – Vanessa is talking to a twin. She is saying it would basically be stupid to vote out Meg just because Van wants her to.
  • 6:15pm – Twins are whining non stop about various crap.
    • meanwhile, Austin is promising Vanessa they’ll do what she wants
    • Vanessa – I want Meg to go. James with those two votes makes him way too powerful.  Vanessa, YOU’RE TALKING TO SOMEONE IN A 3-PERSON ALLIANCE!
  • 7:20pm – Vanessa keeps whining how screwed she is.  No, maybe this is BB giving you a hint
  • 8:10pm – Ok, I am done listening to the HoH room.  James is talking to John and Meg by the pool.
    • James is saying this part of the game, you gotta play aggressive. They are saying Vanessa is still trying to be secretive.
    • He said she made a mistake because she put up two people and wanted me to go home
    • John is talking about how he and Steve had a falling out and he is still their lapdog
    • John is going upstairs to break up their conversation.
    • I switch upstairs, and Austin is STILL talking about the freakin PoV competition.

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Big Brother 17 – Nomination Update


Sorry for the super late update on nominations. As I mentioned, I went to the concert, and traffic was much worse than I expected. Came home and crashed on the couch. Never even got back to my PC. That said, I did tell you who would likely be nominated, so it wasn’t a shock when the feeds did return.

Meg and James are on the block

As people, Meg and James are great. They are fun to watch in the house, and have made a pretty stale cast somewhat entertaining this summer (James especially). However, as gamers, they have been pretty horrible. James won a few comps, but other than that, nothing. They have had multiple opportunities to unite with the targeted people and flip the house, but refused to do it. I mean Austin gave them a golden ticket last week by absolutely refusing to consider them as nominees, and were then told by John about the reality of the house (as Audrey did in the past), but did nothing about it.

Unfortunately, because they are so well liked, this makes Vanessa evicting one of them likely much uglier than it has to be. Early in the game, Vanessa had a strategy to smear the nominated player so the rest of the house had no trouble evicting them. But, she also didn’t have to worry about that player casting her vote for the winner of BB17. Now, she is in a tough spot of evicting someone who is going to go to jury and possibly be an influence there, but she has to do it without pissing them off. I have no idea how she plans to approach this week, but I do know she likely made a big mistake by ignoring the real threat in the house this late in the season.

The more I think about it, if Vanessa wants any chance to go further than say 4th place (without relying on a run of competition wins), she really needs to start considering moving on Austin and the whiners. If they’re not eliminated from the house, they will be 50% of the first HoH competition to go on Thursday night. That is flip a coin status to see if they’ll be in control of things once again. Vanessa is a poker player, and one thing I learned while briefly playing is that a lot of it is about playing odds. I am absolutely shocked she is letting the odds get further and further away from her favor, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she finally realized this and did a backdoor on one of the trio this week.

We will get a better picture of what is going to happen when we find out who actually wins the veto. If it’s Austin or one of the whiners, that is bad news for the entire house.  If it’s anyone else, Vanessa could make a bold move and shake up the house.  I’ll be starting a live update thread shortly.

Big Brother 17 – Friday Live Feeds And Nominations


Remember the last week of complete boredom?  Well, throw them away because they apparently didn’t happen. Last night, John was evicted from the Big Brother house, gave Julie Chen an interview where she could hardly contain her laughter, and had won his spot back in the Big Brother house before Julie likely even left the building.

In one of the fastest ‘endurance’ competitions that I’ve ever seen, by the time I went from my living room to my computer and turned on the feeds, almost everyone was knocked off their ropes. Apparently it got down to all 4 jurors versus Vanessa. Good odds for a jury member to win HoH and flip the house, right?  You’d think so, but in the blink of an eye, 3 of them were off and it was down to John versus Van. She tried to make a deal for safety with him, but he said he needed to stay on because he had someone in mind (Austin peed his pants a little). However, about 30 seconds later, John was off and Vanessa was HoH.

I started writing my endurance post ready for a long competition, and by the time I grabbed a screenshot and began writing, the competition was over.  John was back in the house, and Vanessa was the new HoH.  Just like that.

Unlike last week, however, the nominations may be a bit different this week. While Austin and the twins expected John to be the replacement nominee, what they don’t realize is that he kind of bonded a bit with Vanessa and they still had an informal ‘deal’. He told her he refused her offer because he didn’t want it to be public, so she is happy with that and will probably use John down the line to go after a certain trio that threatens her game.  If James and Meg are indeed the new nominees like Vanessa is talking about, that leaves 6 people in the house (Meg just doesn’t count. She can’t win anything). Time is quickly running out for Vanessa to break up the trio, and is running out of weapons to do it with. She knows if she does it herself, it could cost jury votes, so she is forming bonds with John and Steve in an attempt to use them later down the road. It could, and should work, and it will be brilliant if it does.

Quick note: I am taking my daughter to a concert tonight, so in 4 hours I will be away. Hopefully you guys can carry updates in the comment section until I return.


  • 9:00am – The house is sleeping.
  • 10:30am – Vanessa is telling Austin about the plan to nominate James and Meg. She said Steve is the backup plan if veto is used. Maybe when James is sitting in the jury house, he’ll finally believe all the people who told him about that alliance.
  • 10:45pm – I should be better at pointing out the twins by now, but I’m not. I suck.  Anyway, when they talk to each other, I’ll call them Jiz and Julz.  So, Jiz said “I’m glad nobody else is coming back, now I can say mean goodbye messages again”.. Julz said “No you can’t, remember their jury votes”.
    • Why should someone be happy to be able to say mean goodbye messages?  Jeez
    • Vanessa talking to the twins. She said she thinks her girlfriend did something they did last February. After more vaguetalking, Vanessa is talking about a boob job, which surprises me that the twins had one. Well, she is talking to one twin, but I’d assume they both did, unless one got the procedure to match the other.  Ok, putting too much thought into this.
  • 12:00pm – The house is sitting around waiting for nominations. Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to report them as I leave in an hour. You’ll just have to wait a few hours before I tell you that Meg and James are on the block.

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