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Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Live Feeds


I’m not even going to bother with a recap post from last night because it was completely dull. A lot of people had conversations, some funny, some boring, but nothing really big regarding game talk. Just more of the same – Derrick ruling the house, Zach accepting he’s gone, and Donny completely aware of how screwed he is but realizing there is almost nothing he can do about it.

I expect a fairly slow day in the house, especially considering as I write this (10am est), Cody and Christine are only now going to bed. It’s going to be another day of Donny sitting alone staring at walls.  Luckily, tomorrow night should be very entertaining in the house with the (hopefully) endurance competition combined with someone returning. That’s always good for a nice night watching the feeds. That said, if it’s Jocasta, I think I may just shut down my computer and turn it on next Thursday because that will be the absolute worst possible scenario for a re-enter.  She may be the nicest lady in the world, but she’s also one of the worst Big Brother players I’ve ever seen.

Considering I have a solid 6 hours before anything remotely exciting happens, now is a good time to both beg for money and beg for followers on facebook and twitter.  Hey, I have a honeymoon to pay for, so I’m not above begging.

Ok, time for the updates:

  • 7:00am – Everyone is sleeping, and will be for a few more hours.
  • 10:00am – Still sleeping. I need to think of a good site name for the all-purpose TV show blog.  Any suggestions?
  • 12:00pm – Had to go to the dentist to get a quote. Why are dentists so freakin expensive???   Anyway, Donny and Christine are hanging out in the kitchen chatting. This is an extra, extra slow day.
  • 2:30pm – My parents are in town for a doctors visit (not good news unfortunately), so I am going out to eat with them. Will recap/live feed later

Check back for more!

Big Brother 16 – Tuesday Live Feeds

cody-donny I planned on making a live feed thread a little later, but decided to do one earlier for two reasons. First because I was in a pissy mood when I wrote my first post, so it is a mess. I tried re-reading it and almost want to just delete it.  Second reason is because as I finished that post, I turned on the feeds to hear Cody and Donny outside talking and thought it was a simple retell of last night. However, after listening to them talk for the past 30 minutes, I’m blown away just how incredibly aware Donny is about his surroundings in the game.  Donny has a Forrest Gump type of charm, but his wheels are always turning inside his head and listening to him talk game for even 10 minutes is simply fascinating. Donny is choosing his words very carefully trying to let Cody know not to trust anyone in the house.  Here is what I have learned so far….

  • Donny knows not only did Christine throw the competition, but he heard her giving one of the bones to Caleb. When Cody said “I heard Caleb ripped it from her hands”, Donny said no, he heard them communicate about it and it broke his heart.
  • As soon as Donny was nominated with Christine, he knew he was put up with someone who was willing to throw the competition.
  • He warned Cody that Christine was going to cut Cody loose as soon as she needs to. She’s going to play ‘handsies’ with him, rub his hair, but cut him loose. She was tight with Nicole all summer and let her go right away.
  • Donny retold Zach freaking out about Hayden and then realizing it was all a lie just to get Hayden out
  • The big part is Donny trying to hammer home that Cody can not trust Derrick.  He said Derrick has Victoria in her pocket and she’ll likely end up as a GinaMarie who coasts her way to the finale.  Cody insisted Derrick is trustworthy, but Donny said Hayden trusted him, and Donny also had a thing with him. You can tell Donny wanted to say more about the Team America thing but didn’t.  He just said they worked together and was betrayed by Derrick.
  • Cody mentions how he thinks Caleb would want to go to the final 2 with Frankie, and Donny said yes, that probably happened in week 1 when they were both head of household.

Here we are with the feed updates…

  • 10:50am – Cody and Donny are still talking.  Donny said if Cody wins HoH, they’re all going to kiss his butt, rub his hair and think “Oh good, Donny is going home”.  Donny knows he is next to go, but he said even Caleb’s friends are going to ask why nobody teamed up with Donny through the season.  He keeps trying to warn Cody about what is happening in the house, but Cody is not seeing it. I don’t think this conversation will actually help Donny, but it won’t hurt him for trying. Donny is right, he’s the next to go unless something big changes.
  • Donny said he hides from people and sits alone a lot so nobody sees him talking to people and think he’s working with anyone.
  • Donny again tries to tell Cody not to trust Derrick and not tell him they talked. Derrick is quiet and has the house in check.
  • 11:00am – Donny is ending the conversation.  He says if he wins HoH this week, he is not nominating Cody. He hopes Cody will return the favor.  Donny finishes by saying Derrick has made an alliance with everyone in the jury and everyone at home. He is going to win it all unless Cody does something.
  • 12:10pm – Frankie bragging to Victoria about one of his friends who is a makeup artist to the stars. Probably because she’s the only one who really cares about the famous people Frankie claims to know
  • 1:24pm – Well, feeds slowed down. Donny is outside alone, Christine is getting ready for the day.  I will be out for an hour or two, need to look at flowers for the wedding.  Yes, flowers.. kill me.
  • 6:00pm – Checking in on the feeds. Derrick and Zach cooking on grill, Cody and Caleb playing pool.
  • 6:15pm – Victoria said they’re going on lock-down in 5 minutes. Plenty of time to put up that endurance wall for Thursday night!
  • 6:40pm – Lockdown over. Derrick did say there was a lot today.
  • Derrick and Frankie are in the HoH room talking about what Donny may or may not know. They’re trying to justify putting him up and also talking about how Donny is trying to work with Cody and Caleb.  Derrick said it would be dumb to send one of him home because of Team America, but I’m sure Donny would rather win it all…
  • Now they’re talking about how weird Caleb has been, especially crawling around yesterday trying to listen to Donny and Derrick.
  • 7:40pm – Derrick, Caleb and Frankie have been sitting around the HoH room chatting casually.  Talking about being on other shows (Survivor, Amazing Race), going to Africa and many other topics.
  • Caleb brings up the Christine/Cody thing again and the three agree it’s weird. Caleb’s said “It’s like they’re in love”

Not much more going on right now and have a crappy day ahead of me tomorrow so going to end this now. Recap of anything exciting in the morning… if anything happens.

Big Brother 16 – Fans Show Zach Support


Zach being evicted this Thursday is already signed and sealed, and now we’re just waiting for it to be delivered from Julie’s mouth.  Zach knew it immediately after Caleb won the power of veto but tried to prevent himself from going on the block. Much like Nicole last week, there is/was little chance for them to be safe after the veto meeting. Avoiding the chair would have been their only safety, and both failed at that.

However, Zach can take solace in the fact that at least he’s well liked on the outside, and received some proof of that last night.  If you flashback to 10:19pm, Zach Frankie and Caleb are outside talking about how much Hayden is slamming Nicole this week (yes, this is what you get with mostly guys in the house) Caleb hears some yelling and we are able to pick up “Zach we love you, Frankie you’re disgusting” before Zach runs around the yard yelling back at them that he loves them too. It’s kind of nice to see Zach finally receive some support, even though it’s from people on the outside. Inside the house it’s a different story..

Around midnight, Victoria decided to go on a Hate Zach rampage and rage about him non stop before stealing his hat. She was given a knife, and the feeds went down for a few minutes.  I don’t know if she actually destroyed his hat, or hid it, but he couldn’t find it for the rest of the night. Zach searched for it, but had no luck.  This bullying of him will only be more fuel for the fire when Julie lets everyone know Zach will join Hayden and Nicole for a chance to re-enter the house (Jocasta too since I’m obligated to pretend she’ll compete).

I will be creating a live feed thread shortly, but right now it’s just Cody and Donny on the couch outside. Cody is retelling the Victoria/Zach hat situation.

Big Brother 16 – Veto Day Live Blogging


Every week these veto decisions get larger and larger, and today as no exception.  Frankie has a huge decision on his hands today at the power of veto ceremony. First, he can choose not to use it and send either Caleb or Cody home. That likely won’t happen.  Second, he can use it, but has to decide between two people. Zach or Victoria (I know he can also put up Derrick, but he won’t).  Victoria is the safe choice, the easy choice, but as everyone has said, a ‘waste’ of a choice. Like the hall of fame floaters before her, you always need one around to beat sometime in the final 4.  Since I started blogging the show, you had Adam AND Porsche in BB13, JennCity in BB14, and Spencer in BB15 (many would consider GinaMarie a floater too).

History tells me Zach will go on the block and go to jury this week, but just as I started this thread, Frankie woke Zach up and hinted about the possibility of that not happening.  He had no reason to do that other than he’s seriously considering putting up Victoria, so with that said, I’ll bring you right into the feeds…

  • 10:20am – As mentioned, Frankie woke Zach up and chatted about who may be angry with Frankie if Victoria went up instead. Zach gave him a little plea, but said do what you gotta do.
  • Frankie then pulls Christine into the bathroom to tell her Zach begged him not to put him up. Christine said that’s so awkward. They laugh about it a bit.
  • Frankie said “I’m not going to do it, but I still have to deal with it” – So much for that. Sounds like Zach is going up. As I expected, history tells us that Victoria will be around for another few weeks
  • 10:53am – Zach is trying again and said he will 100% vote for Frankie to win if he makes the final 2. Frankie says ‘everyone will be coming for me’, Zach leaves with the guilt trip ‘that’s fine do what you gotta do’  (note, this is what Nicole should have done last week. Before veto was her only chance at staying)
  • 11:00am – Zach to camera – “Well, Big Brother. My Big Brother life is about over. The veto meeting is in about 10 minutes and Frankie of all people is going to put me on the block next to Cody, and I’m going to be going home. Really sucks, but what are you going to do. I already pleaded my case. I told him ‘dude, I will never put you up and never vote you out’. Please man, put up Victoria.
  • Feeds down, likely for meeting.
  • 11:45am – Feeds back. Caleb down, Zach up
  • Everyone hanging around, no drama atm. Some playing pool, I am pretty sure Zach went to bed.  I am going to get off the computer for a bit. Be back shortly
  • 1:30pm – Back from break. Zach was reading up on the rule book. I wonder if he’s going to stumble on the part about not telling people they’re being nominated.
  • He read a few pages and then put it back. Didn’t seem like he found anything of interest.
  • 3:10pm – A few people sleeping. Derrick, Donny and Cody are hanging out in the living room.
  • Slow day in the BB house. Then again, every day is slow.  It typically picks up at night, let’s hope it’s the same tonight.
  • 5:30pm – Frankie and Victoria having a bash session on people. Zach mostly but bringing up a lot of people.
  • 6:15pm – General chitchat.  Nothing happening. I feel like I write that often.
  • 6:30pm – Dinner time in the Big Brother house.
  • Btw, I am all caught up on True Blood, time to work on the rest of S4 Game of Thrones.  Is it me, or did True Blood get real soap opera’ish the last few seasons?

Keep checking back for updates

Big Brother 16 – Is Frankie An Evil Genius With #RenomRule?


Last night was clearly the Zach Show on the Big Brother live feeds. Around 6:25pm, the house started to discover they had items missing thanks to the Team America challenge this week. Naturally, they pointed their fingers at the one person who could possibly be behind it – Zach Attack! They accused him of being the saboteur this season, and actually made a pretty good case. So good in fact, I wonder if Frankie and Derrick are beginning to question whether or not Zach had his own little side missions going on.

Zach didn’t help matters when he decided to go along with it and steal the cue ball in front of Caleb. Just like the Amanda’s cousin rumor, Zach decided to play into it for whatever reason and the house was completely convinced they caught the saboteur. Later in the night, Caleb sat Zach down and had a long talk with him about how bad  it looks, and he surprisingly made a lot of good points. Of course we know the truth behind some of them, but things like describing the necklace that Victoria had go missing was weird.

Regardless of how bad Zach made himself look, it was a hilarious few hours that will make for a great show on Wednesday night. I tried my best to recap events as they were happening and you can read that here, but the best way is just to watch it.

Another big topic began after I went to bed. That was the trending of the word #renomrule. This is due to Zach approaching Frankie at the end of his conversation with Caleb and confronting him about this week.  This late in the season, it’s fairly easy for people to pick up on when they’re in trouble.  People start looking at you different, talking to you different, avoiding eye contact, etc. Zach has noticed that and has been worried about being the potential renomination at the veto ceremony today.

Well, Frankie decided to straight up tell Zach he was indeed going to be the replacement nominee and will likely be leaving this Thursday, and that set off a firestorm on social media even involving Frankie’s sister (whoever that is – just kidding). Telling someone they’re going on the block is against the rules, though it has been lightly enforced over the years. Big Brother Network did some digging and found the last time it was enforced was BB12. However, with #renomrule trending and Zach already suspected as the saboteur who gets special treatment, now may be the perfect time – if any – to enforce that rule.  It would certainly help spice up the season and keep a very entertaining figure around for at least another week.

Note – Ariana tweeted that Frankie knows the rules and suspects Frankie knows what he is doing by saving Zach. I disagree. Also, I am adding this as a note because I am too lazy to work it into my paragraph above

Will it actually be enforced? That’s unlikely, but we will find out in just a few hours when the PoV meeting takes place.  I will start a new thread talking about that, so stick around!  Hopefully it helps get you through your Monday!

Big Brother 16 – Sunday Night Feeds


It’s been quite an entertaining night in the house with the Team America mission in full swing. The house realized they had missing items, so they went on a witch hunt and narrowed it down to Zach or Victoria who is a saboteur this season.  It was extremely funny to watch the reactions, and if you want to see it all, start watching around 6:25pm.

I’m creating a new post because the Sunday afternoon thread got a bit long, and I have a feeling tonight more may happen. Zach feels he is going to go on the block and wants to talk to Frankie about it. Frankie planned on telling him about it tonight anyway, so I’m going to keep a thread open for as long as I can stay awake and wait for something to happen…

  •  9:30pm – Zach and Caleb are in the bathroom chatting about Zach potentially going up tomorrow. Zach feels he is going to because Frankie can’t really look him in the eye. Caleb has basically confirmed it but not 100%. Zach said he needs to speak to Frankie about it tonight.
  • Caleb told Zach he would vote him out over Cody. He said the reason is because Zach was part of an alliance without him with Nicole and Hayden. Zach corrected Caleb and said the alliance is with Derrick, Christine, Frankie and Cody and it’s called the detonators.  So Zach is more honest than Cody yet he’s going to go home because of it.
  • Zach – It wasn’t supposed to be Amber going home, it was supposed to be you.  Do you know who’s idea that was?  Do you care?
    Caleb – It was probably Frankie (Zach nods his head)
  • 9:44pm – Zach to Caleb – “He’s definitely told you, please don’t lie to me” – Caleb dodges the question.
  • Caleb points out from week 1 Zach has gone against the grain and he probably has $50k in the bank now from sabotages. He gives him some examples…
    - Zach went against the grain and put Christine up the only time he was HoH
    - You lie straight to Derrick’s face about the Nicole thing
    - Then all of our stuff is missing, and you were the only one who knew what Victoria’s necklace looked like
    - Then, the cue ball
  • Zach’s rebel attitude really screwed himself because of Team America.
  • Zach – “I know he’s putting me up and I have no chance against Cody. I have nothing to lose now”
  • 9:58pm – Zach – “Damn why did I steal that cue ball?  I wanted to go home with no regrets but now I have one big one. I’m never going to be able to play pool again”
  • 10:13pm – Zach pulls Frankie into the HoH room and Caleb joins and right away asks him “Why the fuck would you waste a week of HoH and get out Victoria when you can get out a stronger player. It’s coming to me, you’re going to put me up”
    Frankie – “Honestly, you gave me the idea. Your name has also been tossed to me by everyone in the house”
    Frankie – “I was going to tell you tonight”
  • 10:30pm – After a long talk, Zach is pretty calm about it. He said it’s the best move and it is what it is. He still make cause some havok this week but he’s not going to hold a grudge.
  • 10:55pm – The house has died down a bit, I am going to head to bed. Recap in the morning.