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Big Brother 17 – Finale Update Thread


Well, here’s to the end of another season of Big Brother. There are many different opinions on how this season went. Some felt it was great. Some felt it was awful. I felt it was just weird. Almost like they forgot they had a show halfway through the season and just kind of let things play out.  I mean seriously, the Big Brother Takeover? That had so much potential, but ended up with one good twist (that could have been done w/o the takeover), one decent twist which was badly mishandled by Da’Vonne, and … a party.

I do believe this cast was solid, and also had a lot of potential for a very fun summer. As I’ve said for weeks now, the biggest issue was that all the fun and/or interesting people were gone way too early. Jace, Da’Vonne, Audrey, and Jason sticking around for a few more weeks could have changed the season. Instead, we had Becky. While she seems like an extreme sweetheart, she’s not really reality show material.  The sad part about her is that despite the boring persona, she was the only player who had the courage to really go after Vanessa.  What does that say about the rest of the cast?

Anyway, it took longer than I expected to boot my laptop (it’s getting old. Maybe I’ll get a new one next season), so I should wrap this up and get ready to do some live updates…

Last plug of the season ….

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Alright, here we go….

  • 6:25pm – Survivor is just about to end. I DVR’d it, so I have no clue who is going to be evicted. Despite not watching the last few seasons, I always like the concept of losers returning for a second shot. Even though every other season of Survivor seems to be returning players, it’s still always fun.
  • 6:30pm – Here we go!!!
    • They begin with a recap of the season
    • Showing the clip of Meg and Clay makes me wish they went deeper with that. Would have been fun TV to see him play both Shelli and Meg
  • 6:35pm – Ugh, I saw Frankie’s pink hair in the audience. Why wasn’t I invited to this show?  I’m far more important than he is.
    • Anyway, Julie comes on to lead us into the endurance competition which seemed to happen 3 months ago. I almost forgot about this comp
    • This would have been an epic endurance competition if not for.. well, the final 3.
    • And then they show Vanessa easily convincing Liz to drop.
  • 6:45pm – HoH Part 2. It’s a climbing / puzzle thing, as expected.
    • Steve is narrating how crossword puzzles work.  Thanks, buddy.
    • Scores: Steve: 28:27.  Liz: 31:11.  Surprisingly close considering how absolutely amazing Steve said he was at crossword puzzles
  • 6:50pm – Jury discussion….
    • Austin is still butthurt about being evicted by Vanessa
    • Will asks ‘how many are here because of Vanessa’s influence’.. most raise their arm. Austin says ‘I’m here because of Vanessa’… umm, yea.
    • Shelli and James praise Vanessa’s game
    • Meg thinks Vanessa wasn’t fooling people, she was just winning… umm, yea, she was fooling people.
    • Becky is upset that Vanessa was swearing on anything and everything to get people to believe
    • James said Steve made it so far because everyone took each other out.
    • Shelli said as soon as Steve needed to get blood on his hands, he threw it. When he needed to win, he won (that’s good gameplay).  John comes out and calls Steve a rat
    • Julia jumps in and backs that up. She said Steve lost himself after the double eviction.
    • Jackie praises Liz for having the bulls eye.
    • John comes straight out and said Liz shouldn’t win the game. Austin is shocked, but John said she didn’t do anything for herself. She made moves others said.
    • Interview over. I wish it was longer
  • 7:02pm – Time to crown the final HoH….
    • Steve versus Vanessa for all the marbles. I believe the winner of this wins BB17.
    • Most points at the end of 8 rounds.. 1 point per round
    • Round 1 – Steve 1-0
    • Round 2 – Steve 1-0 still
    • Round 3 – Steve 2-1
    • Round 4 – Steve 3-2
    • Round 5 – Steve 3-2
    • Round 6 – Steve 4-3
    • Round 7 – Tie 4-4
    • Round 8 – Steve wins!
  • (Note: Can people please drop the ‘fix’ rumor that happens to every season. There is no fix)
  • 7:14pm – Eviction time….
    • (Vanessa does not look happy. Liz does)
    • Steve said Vanessa is the strongest female player the game has ever seen. He can’t justify taking the strongest player. He has to evict her.
    • Vanessa is evicted from the Big Brother 17 house
    • Liz thanks Steve
    • Vanessa’s brief interview, she said she wouldn’t have taken Steve to the finals, so she doesn’t blame him.
    • Kudos to Vanessa – Brilliant season.  Sucks it came down to a guessing competition.
  • 7:22pm – We’re back. Time to bring in the jury
    • Austin cheers that Vanessa got evicted.
    • Questions for the finalists…..
      • John – Why did you rely on him or Vanessa for moves?
      • Steve said he wasn’t tailing off either of them. He also took credit for breaking up the twins
      • Becky – Liz, when it came to game talk, people thought it was all Austin.
      • Liz said she came in with a huge target on her back. She held her own and did her own campaigning… basically not answering the question
      • James – Steve, you floated through half the game, why do you deserve to win
      • Steve said he didn’t float through the game. He built layers of protection.
      • Julia – Other than winning comps, what was your biggest game move?
      • Liz said her biggest move was aligning with strong players – duh
      • Jackie – People on jury feel your biggest function was votes… prove us wrong
      • Steve keeps mentioning the scamper squad
      • Austin – Liz, why do you deserve to win the money?
      • Liz said she deserves to win because she came in with a huge disadvantage
  • Commercial break then final statement before votes
  • 7:34pm – We’re back….
    • Speech time
    • Liz – I came in with a twin, we survived 85 days and now I’m here. I won a bunch of comps, great attitude, etc
    • Steve – Zingbot insulted me. Liz spent a bunch of weeks in a hotel while he played the game. I just got out Vanessa. I made my own moves, and won more competitions
  • Votes: We won’t know ….. just comments
    • Shelli – Voting with her heart
    • Jackie – Vote going to person who dreamed of this (Steve)
    • Becky – May the best man or woman win
    • Meg – Credit to big moves
    • James – He is letting Jesus take the wheel like Carrie Underwood…
    • Julia – My vote is obvious (Liz)
    • Austin – Liz I love you. Steve I’m proud of you. Voting with the heart (Liz)
    • John – Choose between the worst alliance member ever or Liz
    • Vanessa – Votes for the person who represented the season the most
  • Up next, evicted people. Hopefully there is a bucket under Shelli for when Clay comes out
  • 7:45pm – Non jury members are out. Audrey is not in her blanket
    • Da’Vonne asks where Judas was. He was supposed to take over the season.
    • Vanessa reveals that she’s actually a pro poker player
    • Jason said Vanessa ‘Dr. Will’d it, Dan’d it, Derrick’d it’. But, she didn’t own it.
    • Audrey is having the time of her life. She feels like a winner because she changed lives
  • Back to commercial break. Up next is the winner….
  • 7:52pm – And we’re back… here are the votes.
    • Vanessa – Liz
    • John – Steve
    • Austin – Liz
    • Julia – Liz
    • James – Steve
    • Meg – Steve
    • Becky – Steve
    • Jackie – Steve (Steve wins Big Brother 17)
    • Shelli – Steve
  • America’s Favorite – JAMES

That’s it for the season, everyone.  Thanks for the the wonderful summer.  Anyone have a warm place I can hibernate this winter?

Big Brother 17 – Dr Will Weighs In And Predicts Winner


I was talking to my neighbor yesterday about this season, and he asked me who is going to win. I told him that it really depends on who is in the final two, and how bitter the jury is.  Well, Dr Will had an interview with tvinsider, and he gave a little insight on how the jury is feeling. Needless to say, it’s not good news for Vanessa.

Both my neighbor and I agree that Vanessa should win hands down, but we also know how butthurt people get when they’re evicted. However, when you look at the grand scheme of the season, it will be a complete upset if she doesn’t. Not only did she win the HoH a few times for herself, but she was also puppet master for other HoH’s for most of the season. They made the moves she wanted, whether they realized it or not.

Steve may have made a decent move here and there at the end, but his game was nothing next to Vanessa. That said, even Dr. Will said during his interview that he believes Steve will probably win.  Why?  Because he got a taste of the jury, and they are a very bitter bunch.

If anyone should respect Vanessa’s game, it would be Dr. Will.  He is one of the founding fathers of master manipulation in reality TV. If he had a vote, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he’d respect Vanessa’s game and give her a vote, and that is even further guaranteed if she was the one who took him out. However, for him to predict Steve is extremely telling in my eyes. He got to sit there interview the jury members this season (as he’s done the past few seasons), so he has the best read of them out of anyone.

Of course, that all becomes null and void should Vanessa win the final HoH and take Liz, which is entirely possible. Sure, Liz has 2 guaranteed votes, but she needs 5. Let’s break down the possibilities…

Steve versus Vanessa – Austin trips over himself to vote for Steve. If Steve takes Van, it seems like 50/50 on Julia and Liz’s vote. Liz said she’d vote for Vanessa to win over Steve, but people say a lot of stuff. Of course, if Vanessa takes Steve, that’s guaranteed 3 votes for Steve. I believe Steve would be able to pick up an additional 2 votes out of the rest… in fact, here is how I’d see the votes going (barring any last minute changes)

  • Austin – Steve
  • Liz – Vanessa (if Steve takes Van)
  • Julia – Vanessa (see above)
  • James – Vanessa
  • John – Steve
  • Becky – Steve
  • Shelli – Vanessa
  • Jackie – Steve
  • Meg – Steve

Steve either wins 5-4 or 7-2 if Vanessa backstabs Liz at the end.   (I believe James and Shelli respect the game that Vanessa played)

Ugh, looking at that, Meg may also vote with James to make Vanessa the winner. .   Yikes.  If Steve takes Vanessa, it will be far too close to call. If Vanessa takes Steve, Steve wins.

Vanessa versus Liz – Vanessa wins.  Liz will have her 2 votes, but I don’t think anyone else would really respect her game enough to give her the win. She may pick up 1, maybe 2 more votes, but I couldn’t see 5.

Steve versus Liz – Steve wins. Pretty much same thing as above, although I believe he wins with a bigger margin.  Liz will have her 2 votes, that will be about it.

Liz won’t win Big Brother 17, but because she is pretty much a guaranteed 2nd place finish, it’s very possible she’ll earn $50k tonight and Steve or Vanessa get nothing.  The episode begins at 9:30 est, so we’ll have to wait a bit to find out. It’s pretty exciting that there isn’t a clear cut winner, unlike seasons past.

I’ll be posting live tonight!

Big Brother 17 – The Final Countdown

If you’re the band Europe, you love a final countdown. It’s what you do.

If you’re a Big Brother fan, you dislike the final countdown. It’s what you do.

(I had to put that in there today)


Anyway, it is indeed the final countdown. Wednesday night, we will have a winner of Big Brother 17, and that will be it.  Sad, I know. In fact, watching the CBS episode last night put me down memory lane with all the good times this summer. While the final 3 may be boring as ever, let’s be real, this was a good cast. The problem with the cast is that the most entertaining people left way too early in the season. Sure, James and John are fun and they salvaged the last few weeks, but the first 2-3 weeks of the season were gold. Da’Vonne figuring out Liz. Audrey fighting with everyone. Jace being Jace. Furless bat before he crawled up Shelli’s ass.

While I may be a little biased because I got to attend a show this season, I still think it was a solid cast regardless. Even as the fun people left, the season was still entertaining. Vanessa got herself in and out of trouble all the time. She controlled the house, and … well, I guess that basically summed up the last month. I could have done without Austin and Liz, in fact I think everyone could have done without Austin and Liz, but I’d give this season solid grades.

During my time blogging, here is how I’d rank the seasons…

  1. Big Brother 14 – Dan’s masterful control of the house. Solid returning players who were entertaining. Of course, crazy Willie Hantz who should have stuck around longer (but was too much of a nutjob).  Grade – A
  2. Big Brother 17 – One of the most entertaining first months of any Big Brother season to date. They were able to keep the crazy while avoiding the racism that they got in BB15. Some extremely funny moments, especially with Austin running  like an ape during the veto competition. Grade – B+
  3. Big Brother 16 – Way too safe of a cast, especially compared to 15. However, any season that has Caleb, Donny, and Zach earns a solid grade. The Christine side story was also great, especially when zingbot called her on it. Grade  – B
  4. Big Brother 15 – The cast was absolutely awful, horrible people. The final 3 consisted of two terrible players (and people) and one mediocre player who was won because he wasn’t a horrible person. However, I will lie if I said the feeds weren’t entertaining. Those awful people made tuning in interesting, and it certainly created quite a national stir. The entertainment of putting a bunch of terrible people in a house together brings the grade up. Grade – C
  5. Big Brother 13 – What can I say about this season?  The newbies of the season were both boring and horrible players. The veterans completely dominated them, and one ended up winning despite being only 5 (due to Dick leaving). The only positive of the season was Jeff and Jordan, but they couldn’t save it. Grade – D-

Now, back to the current. I am watching the feeds right now, and the final month can be summed up in 5-10 minute conversation between Liz and Vanessa at 11:10am today. Vanessa is telling Liz that she’s taking her to the final 2 if she wins.  She is also telling her not to tell Steve that, and that is because Vanessa is basically telling him the same thing. The funny part is that Van is telling Liz if Steve does tell her about some f2 deal, it’s probably because he’s confused and thinks he has one because of the ‘scamper squad’, so just ignore it.

In the same breath, Vanessa is also asking that if Steve does take her, does she have votes from both Liz and her sister.  Liz says ‘absolutely’ and tells Vanessa she deserves to win this season.

Confused?  Let me summarize.  Van is telling Liz they’re in a f2 but don’t tell Steve. She is also letting Liz know that Steve could say he has a f2 deal with Van. While Van tells her to ignore it, she is covering her base because she actually does have a f2 deal with Steve as well. The reason she is so adamant about Liz not telling Steve, is because Steve is smart enough to believe it. Liz, on the other hand, isn’t.. so she will believe whatever Vanessa tells her.  That’s been Vanessa’s game this season, and it’s why I’ll be absolutely shocked if she doesn’t win this season.

Big Brother 17 – We Have Our Round 3 Match-up Set


“It’s 6pm est, why is there still no update on round 2?”  Because I’m a slacker who decided to wait until the weekend to begin my reading homework for the week. I was pretty sure they were going to have the competition today and I’ve be able to reveal tonight, but apparently they had the competition last night and I should have had this post hours ago.  My apologizes!

Alright, so the inevitable happened and Steve won round 2 of the HoH competition, which means he will be facing off against Vanessa live Wednesday night to see who wins the final round.

Liz?  She just gets to sit there and look pretty.  Everything is out of her hands now as it’s guaranteed she has no chance of winning the final HoH. Does this mean she’s out of it?  No. In fact, she may be in a good spot for a $50k check come Wednesday night. Both Steve and Vanessa are considering taking her to the final 2 because the other person would be too hard to beat. In fact, if I was in that spot and had to choose between the house, I would probably stand up and say “Look, Austin made it very clear as he was leaving the house that he was going to be a sore loser. I am now forced to take Liz simply to prevent her from voting with her bitter boyfriend. If you want to be upset at anyone for missing out on the final 2, blame the shoeless baby”

Ok, I probably wouldn’t actually say that, but I would think it. Winning competition games like this are hit or miss depending on the jury. Some respect cutthroat moves, some cry about it. Ian won Big Brother 14 because Dan was an absolutely ruthless player who backstabbed his way (brilliantly) to the finals. Rachel nearly lost to Porsche in Big Brother 13 despite winning 4 HoH’s, 1 veto and surviving the massive target on her back since day 1. Porsche basically sat around in sweatpants all summer and did nothing.  A bitter jury can completely screw a person, and it may screw Vanessa this season.

While Steve started doing well toward the end of the season, let’s be real here. If Vanessa is sitting next to him and she loses, it’s because there is a bitter jury.  Vanessa has had complete control over the house and has done some amazing things, like convincing people they should target others, or throw competitions. She convinced Julia to pick Austin in the veto competition, and then managed to convince all 3 of them she was merely doing it as a ‘neutral’ person giving advice.

There may be some issues in the house this week as everyone seems to have a f2 deal with everyone else, so if/when it comes out which deals are the accurate ones, there may be a little drama to cover. I will keep you updated on it, and I will try not to be hours late on the news next time!

Big Brother 17 – House Update


This certainly isn’t my last post of the season, but I wanted to clear something up for the final week of the season – nothing happens. So, I am not going to be posting feed update threads any more this season, but I will certainly be posting if anything happens, or if there is anything else to talk about.  I don’t want people to think I’m neglecting anyone, but the only thing that will happen between now and Wednesday night is that round 2 of the HoH competition will happen. We will then find out who will square off during the live finale for the final HoH spot.

While it’s slow, I want to thank everyone for the fantastic season and another great summer. I certainly want to thank people for the outpouring of support when CBS notified me of the trip I won to attend a taping of Big Brother this season. Between donations, moral support, and the understanding of slow updates during that period, you guys were fantastic. It was my first time flying, and the news happened just after we finished our yearly mountain summer vacation.  Funds were low, I was more nervous than I have been in a long time, yet you guys pulled through on both accounts.  In addition to the donations I received (I needed tip, food, spending money), I also received a ton of great flying tips that helped me get through it. The trip was fantastic, and we were briefly on TV!  You can read about my trip here, and another whole post about the live show here.  Definitely a summer to remember.

Enough about me, let’s talk about Big Brother 17 for a moment. If this is your first season, let me explain how the final HoH competition goes. They play 3 rounds of competitions. The first is the endurance competition that took place on Thursday night.  The winner of that gets a free pass to round 3.  The second competition is between the two losers of endurance, and the winner of that goes on to round 3.  The third round is played during the live finale episode, and it’s a basic trivia style competition.  The winner of that comp is the final HoH, and they choose who to go to the final 2 with.  Yes, they are forced to look at two people and guarantee one of them at least $50k, and the other gets nothing.  Rough.

Round 1 was a long, long competition (finally). It took nearly 4 hours to finish, but Vanessa emerged victorious shortly after Steve fell.  Once he fell, she quickly convinced Liz to drop and she’ll guarantee her final 2 if she wins round 3. Will she keep that promise?  Possibly, but at this point she’s not going to stress because she also has a final 2 deal with Steve.  And, the person getting evicted becomes the final juror, but it happens Wednesday, so they have no time to tell the other jury members how bad Vanessa screwed them.

Round 2 should happen either today or tomorrow, and it will be Steve versus Liz in a physical/mental competition.  It is typically a comp where they need to climb something quickly, but also arrange a puzzle of evicted houseguests. The winner of that will face Vanessa on Wednesday night to determine who gets to lose to Vanessa.

I kid… sort of.

Reality is, she will definitely beat Liz, and more than likely beat Steve (although it’s more of a coin flip). Vanessa is extremely intelligent and observant. The final HoH competition is catered to those skills, so Vanessa will have an advantage.

As far as CBS, there will only be one more episode before the finale, and that is Sunday night. It will likely only cover the endurance competition, as I don’t remember if they have time to squeeze round 2 in there as well. After that, it is finale night and we settle in for another long winter.

I will still be updating throughout the week, especially after the second round, so keep checking in

Big Brother 17 – HoH Round 1 Live


Well, now that the reality has set in that our boy John is out of the house, it’s time to focus on the final 3. Vanessa, Steve, and Liz.  Hmm.. yay?  To be fair, most final 3 are pretty boring, and this is certainly better than Spencer/GinaMarie.

Anyway, the final HoH competition is going to go like this…

Round 1 – All 3 compete in an endurance competition
Round 2 – The losers of the endurance competition compete in a physical comp (usually wall climbing)
Round 3 – The winner of Round 1 and Round 2 face off in a mental comp at the live show next Wednesday

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Here are the updates:

  • 8:45pm – Feeds up. They are sitting on bobbing apples and then slammed into the wall.  Doesn’t seem too stressful, so this one could be awhile – assuming Vanessa doesn’t talk them both into dropping

While we’re waiting, I added my final poll of the season…

Who do you want to win Big Brother 17?

  • Steve (57%, 7,134 Votes)
  • Vanessa (27%, 3,304 Votes)
  • Liz (16%, 1,997 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,435

Loading ... Loading ...
  • 9:00pm – All 3 holding strong so far.
  • 9:15pm – Aside from Steve nonstop talking, all 3 hanging in (literally). I’ll update every 15 minutes unless someone drops
  • 9:30pm – Well, guess I should play some Xbox while I wait
  • 9:45pm – The houseguests look very bored. No drops yet
  • 10:00pm – I’m at the point of playing demos on Xbox.  Still nadda
  • 10:20pm – If I stop updating, that means I’m sitting on my couch zonked. I’ll try to stay awake.
  • 10:50pm – No updates so far. Liz talked about how she’ll never have kids, and can only imagine what it would be like to have balls
  • 11:15pm – I cannot believe nobody is off yet.  I know it’s an easy comp, but wow. Definitely one of the longest endurance comps I’ve blogged
  • 11:50pm – I’m still hanging in there, as are the houseguests.  Vanessa has decided to go into Vanessa mode and talk and talk and talk, while Steve is shutting down.
  • 12:18pm – Steve down.   I have a feeling Vanessa will cut a deal with Liz soon
  • 12:30pm – Vanessa is trying to tell Liz that she should drop because she has a better chance at the second round.  Umm, that’s more of a reason for Liz to stay.
  • 12:32pm – And it worked. Vanessa told Liz she was going to stay for 10 hours and Liz is just ruining her body for the second round (a clear bluff). Liz drops. Sad way to end it for Liz, but she does actually have a shot at beating Steve in r2. She just has no shot at beating Vanessa if she faces her again in r3
  • And with that, it’s bedtime

Check back for updates

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