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Big Brother 17 Casting Dates Announced


We hit 50 degrees last week here in Boston, so you know what that means?!? It’s time to dust off the Big Brother blog because the new season is just around the corner!

Do you want to be part of Big Brother 17? Join the club. Literally. Open casting events will be taking place soon, so you can join all the other people in your area who want to be rejected for BB17… oops, I mean cast for the show. Woah, woah, rejected for the show?  What do you mean?  Let’s be real here. If they do another 16 person season, you have to factor in at least half of them are going to be recruited (or friends of friends of friends).  Then you have a few spots reserved for key personalities like:

The older dude: (Adam, Spencer, Donnie, Chef Joe)
The “super fan”: (Ian, McCrae, Christine)
The feisty New Yorker: (JoJo, Paola, GinaMarie)
The free spirit / surfer type: (Hayden, Frank, Dave)
The outspoken one (Joey, Amanda, Janelle)
The gay one (Frankie, Wil, Andy)
The sibling (Elissa, Willy, Frankie)
About 2 female and 2 male models per season (too many to list)

If you’re a regular person who doesn’t fit a specific role, good luck, you’re going to need it. Either way, I wish you luck, and if you get in, be sure to do some BBJ shoutouts!


Big Brother 17 Casting Events:

  • New York, NY – Saturday, March 21 10AM-1PM, Boxers NYC, 37 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011 – Google Map
  • Los Angeles, CA – Saturday, March 21 11AM-2PM, Beso Restaurant, 6350 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 – Google Map
  • Miami, FL – Saturday, March 21 2PM-5PM, Siena Tavern, 404 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 – Google Map
  • Providence, RI – Thursday, March 26 11AM-2PM, Twin River Casino (West entrance), 100 Twin River Rd, Lincoln, RI 02865 - Google Map
  • Concho, OK – Saturday, March 28th 2PM-5PM, Lucky Star Casino, 7777 North Highway 81, Concho, OK 73011 – Google Map
  • Boston, MA – Saturday, March 28 11AM-2PM, Jillian’s Lucky Strike (3rd floor), 145 Ipswich St, Boston, MA 02215 – Google Map
  • San Francisco, CA – Saturday, March 28 1PM-4PM, Golden Gate Tap Room (Union Square), 525 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94108 – Google Map
  • Savannah, GA – Saturday, March 28 12PM-3PM, Wild Wing Cafe, 27 Barnard St, Savannah, GA 31401 – Google Map
  • Cape Canaveral, FL – Sunday, April 26th 10AM-5PM, Victory Casino Cruises, 180 Christopher Columbus Drive, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920 – Google Map
  • More dates to follow soon…

Cities with TBD events:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Dallas, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Nashville, TN
  • Raleigh, NC

(credit: bigbrothernetwork)

Dick Reveals Why He Left Big Brother 13

big brother 13 evil dick picture

Well then, I can’t say I saw this coming.

I started blogging Big Brother 13, and one of my first posts about the show was to reveal Dick had already left before the feeds went live to viewers. It was a pretty big let down and many wondered if it was just a way to guarantee Danielle a trip deep in the game.

During the season, the twist was to play the season as couples.  They brought in 3 couples of former players (Brandon/Rachel, Jeff/Jordan, Dick/Danielle) and put them against newbies who just met their partner that season – because that was totally fair. As part of the twist, when your partner gets evicted, you get a golden key that made the players safe until the twist was over.

When the feeds went live to see Danielle was safe for at least a few weeks, the rumors speculated Dick never really wanted to go on the show and just agreed to so he can leave and give his daughter a better shot. Of course, there were a ton of rumors, but that was the most active and plausible at the time.  I think that rumor appeared to be the accepted reason when Dick shot down a lot of other theories (sick or dying relatives, etc).

Honestly, I was starting to just accept we’ll never really know why he left until just recently when Dick said he was going to reveal it during his time on Couples Therapy this season.  Well, the time finally came, and it was .. shocking to say the least.

Dick revealed the reason he left Big Brother 13 is due to being told his bloodwork came back HIV positive.

Out of many theories I heard that season, I don’t think being HIV positive was one of them.  To say this is unexpected is an understatement, and I wish him the best of luck going forward.  He said for the rest of his life, he has to take a pill a day and expects to die of something other than HIV or AIDS one day, so it certainly isn’t the death sentence it was back in the 80’s.  I’m sure it was still shocking news to him and it’s no wonder he left.

Season Finale Live Blog!


Using this image because it’s my favorite this season

Derrick, Cody or Victoria.  One of those players will land a check for $500k, another will earn $50k and the third..  just their stipend. A summer inside the Big Brother house for about $1k/week.. unless of course Derrick finishes 3rd as he’ll pocket Team America money as well.

Before the show begins, a bit of good news. Big Brother has been renewed for 2 more seasons!  That’s right, you’re stuck with me until at least 2016. Well, you can go somewhere else, but why would you do that?

Also, I am going to be starting my catch-all TV blog, so follow me on facebook for updates throughout the winter.

This blog will likely get long, so I’m going to stop babbling now. It may officially be fall, but summer isn’t over until someone wins Big Brother, so let’s get it started!…

  • 6:30pm – Here we go!  And I get Survivor spoilers first of course.. that’s great. Also not sure about Jennifer Love Hewitt joining Criminal Minds.
  • Show is on!
  • Ohh, a whole season review to start.
  • The announcer said that they gave Beast Mode a devastating judy chop.  Something funny about that.
  • Oh man, just got reminded about that awful Jocasta cry.  Probably the only thing worse than the Christine laugh.
  • Showing clips of the endurance comp.  Derrick – “If Victoria wins, this will be a disaster”.  Come on, can they stop pretending she had a chance
  • Cody in the DR.. he is very excited to lose to Derrick in the final 2
  • 6:42pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:45pm – Highlights of the 2nd part of the competition.  They had to climb the wall and place the final nominees of each week.  Pretty easy comp for Derrick.
  • Victoria said the hardest part of the competition was going up and down the walls, but the hardest part for us is listening to her describe the competition.
  • Victoria finished the comp in 30 minutes, and Derrick took half that time. Shocker.
  • 6:51pm – Dr Will doing his annual discussion with the jury. Typically he puts reason in them.
  • Frankie and Caleb get into a little argument during the jury conversation.  Frankie said guaranteed he would have brought Caleb to the final 3.
  • They are editing the jury conversation to make it sound like Cody has a chance
  • Time for the final round of the HoH competition. 
  • They have to guess how the jury member would have finished the sentence. 8 questions.. here we go.
  • Question 1 – Derrick 1-0
  • Question 2 – Derrick 2-1
  • Question 3 – Derrick 3-2
  • Question 4 – Tied 3-3
  • Question 5 – Derrick 4-3
  • Question 6 – Tied 4-4
  • Question 7 – Tied 4-4
  • Question 8 – Tied 4-4
  • Tiebreaker – Cody wins! He is the final HoH.
  • Here we go. Cody’s decision.. who will he evict?
  • Cody evicts Victoria
  • Julie is bringing the jury back on the stage. Time for them to grill the final 2. They had to come up with 3 questions for each finalist.
  • Christine question first – You deny sending us home but we all feel you sent us home.  Derrick – Yup, I rock (basically)
  • Frankie asks Cody if he’s the puppet to Derrick’s puppetmaster.  Cody takes a jab at Frankie and said he’s the one who sent him out of the game.
  • Caleb asked if Derrick to manipulate the house
  • The questions are basically all geared allowing Cody to convince the jury. Cody is doing a terrible job at doing so.  Derrick easily has this victory.

Ok, so quick recap of the night.  Cody won HoH, chose to remain loyal to Derrick in the finals, but was absolutely destroyed with his answers to the jury questions. They weren’t hard questions, but they were clearly making Cody convince them why he should win because they’ve already decided.  Cody didn’t do anything to help his case and basically admitted he was Derrick’s puppet throughout the answers.

I thought it was going to be a kind of close vote, but after those answers, it may be yet another unanimous decision. Still 30 minutes to go

  • Derrick and Cody with their final pleas.  Cody tells them he’s not a puppet.  Derrick just brags about his record.
  • Donny said he hates that he forgot his skittles at home (a joke about how he was supposedly nominated via drawing skittles)
  • Victoria voting for Derrick.
  • So based on the comments of the jurors, Derrick will win..
  • Former houseguests are back.  Julie tells everyone about Team America. Nicole looks blown away.
  • The reactions about Team America is great.
  • So far they haven’t mentioned how Joey was the first Team America.
  • Julie allows Derrick to reveal he’s a cop

Ok, votes time.   Votes to WIN….

  • Jocasta – Cody
  • Hayden – Derrick
  • Zach – Derrick
  • Donny – Cody
  • Nicole – Derrick
  • Christine – Derrick
  • Frankie – Derrick wins BB16!
  • Caleb – Derrick
  • Victoria – Derrick

America’s Favorite… more than 10 million votes…

Top 3:


More than 5 million votes – DONNY!

That’s a wrap.  Derrick wins Big Brother 16, Donny wins America’s Favorite.  Let’s just hope Caleb ends up on TV again.

Big Brother 16 – This Is The End


I am writing this now because my live thread tonight will likely be a mess and I won’t be able to properly compose any thoughts.

Another great season of Big Brother is going to be over in a few hours, and then we’ll be left with another long, miserable winter before we finally get to do it all over again next summer.

While the drama was certainly toned down from BB15, this season had it’s highlights, fun moments and creepy moments… and you can thank Caleb for almost all of those. It was definitely a predictable season as the guys banded together early and just dominated the house from start to finish, but for some reason it all pieced together to be a pretty decent season, at least on CBS.

Unfortunately the feeds were dull about 95% of each day, and the only time they spiked were like 5am my time, but to give credit where it’s due, the editors did a pretty damn good job with what they were given this year. Nearly every episode was fun to watch and every non-feedwatcher I spoke to really enjoyed the season.

You can also tell a good season when fans start shouting stuff over the walls. When nobody shouts, that means nobody cares, and when nobody cares, nobody watches. The twists did not live up to expectations (not like they ever do), and the cast was fairly dull, but you can always be happy saying at least it wasn’t as bad as BB15.

On another positive note, we’re guaranteed a winner who isn’t a douchebag. I can honestly say I won’t mind if anyone in the final 3 wins it all. It will be an upset if Victoria wins, but she’s not a horrible person, just really bad at competitions.  This isn’t a final 3 like Spencer, GinaMarie and Andy or Rachel, Porsche and Adam.  Imagine Spencer, GinaMarie, Adam or Porsche winning it all?  (to be fair, Adam and Porsche weren’t awful people, just bad players who got carried to the end)

Ok, time to wrap this up. I have seen a bunch of people asking me to blog Utopia this fall, but is it worth it?  From what I have seen so far, the ratings have been brutal.  It’s losing to reruns on crappy stations.  Will the show survive long enough for me to even get a blog up about it?  Or should I just keep working on my catch-all blog and write about Utopia if it’s still alive when I’m ready?

Remember, the live show is on at 9:30 tonight! Be there!

Less Than 2 Days To Go – What Will Happen?


Apologies for the lack of updates, but honestly there isn’t a whole lot to update on. Instead, I’ve been able to get some stuff done that I’ve been neglecting, namely getting my tooth pulled yesterday (*cry*).

It’s not like it matters a whole lot. The final 3 is typically the most boring part of Big Brother, which is surprising they gave us nearly a week of that. There are only so many different times you can listen to people reminisce about a season.  The only strategy is whether Derrick will take Cody or Victoria to the final 2, or will Cody take Derrick or Victoria.  As it stands, Cody is still pretty loyal to Derrick, while Derrick is being Derrick.. loyal to both.

Next season for the final 3, they should just show the jury house that week.  I don’t think the jury is nearly as entertaining as people think it may be, but it’s likely more fun to watch that the ‘get along gang’ holding hands in the back yard chatting about the season.

As far as predictions, I can easily say Derrick will win if he makes the final 2.  The only wildcard is whether or not Cody realizes this and wins the last part of the HoH.  I know people have said they’d vote Victoria in their exit interviews and whatnot, but I call bull on that.  1-2 may remain bitter enough to do that, but Cody would still beat Victoria in the f2. I’d be blown away if Victoria ends up winning BB16.. it just won’t happen.

Anyway, I will be posting 1-2 threads tomorrow, but I wanted to take a moment to thank all the readers this season.   You’ve been fantastic. Seriously.  My first year blogging BB was a nightmare with a few trolls trying to screw things up, but it’s been getting better every year.  People who really love the show tend to end up at this site and it’s really fun reading the comments (even though I don’t always reply).

I also want to sincerely thank everyone for their support. As you know, this summer I not only learned my mother has cancer, but that supposedly ‘harmless’ lump on my father’s throat could be cancer and they want it removed asap. Sad ironic note, according to the VA.. ‘asap’ is mid-November.  Hopefully he decides to go out of network to do it sooner, but as people with insurance know, that costs a lot of $$ they don’t have.  Unreal.

Also, thank you to those who have donated this year! I started the summer saving for something like an Xbox, but after the news above, I decided to give all my donations to my parents.  Thanks to all of you, I was able to cut them a check for $600 today!  Sure, it’s a fraction of their hospital bills, but it’s still super generous and amazing considering they’re parents of some random blogger on the Internet.

Finally, I hope to have another blog up running this winter about other shows, so be sure to follow my personal facebook page for any updates on that, or anything else you’re curious about in my life haha.

See you tomorrow for the finale!

Round 2 Of The Final HoH Competition Results


Before I begin with the spoilers, I am going to put it out there. After watching last night’s highlight episode, I kind of wish Caleb would still be in the game.  He may be a bit crazy, stalkerish and egotistical, but damn he is entertaining.  I love Donny, think he is a great guy, but at this point I wouldn’t mind if Caleb won America’s Favorite. Donny picked up his chunk of extra change through Team America, so it would be cool to see Caleb get a piece.  I certainly won’t be upset if Donny wins, or anyone for that matter – except Frankie.  I hate when people win stuff like that because they’re related to someone famous.. just like Elissa last season.  While BB15 had a pretty awful cast, Elissa did absolutely nothing in the house except be related to Rachel.

Last night was the annual episode that makes me sad that Big Brother is coming to an end and reminds me of all the fun I had blogging throughout the summer.  This cast didn’t have it’s BB15 moments, but they had quite a few of their own as witnessed last night.  Between now and the finale, there is almost nothing to write about, so my updates won’t be as often, and that also makes me a bit sad.  Part 3 of the competition is set to go on Wednesday night and the only thing between now and then will be speculation on who is going to the final 2.

As expected, Derrick won the second round of the HoH competition which means Victoria’s destiny is completely out of her hands (as if she ever had control of that).  On Wednesday night, Derrick will face off against Cody in some trivia style game and the winner will pick who he wants to sit next to in the finale.  Here are the options and likely results…

Derrick vs Cody = Derrick wins
Derrick vs Victoria = Derrick wins
Cody vs Victoria = Cody wins

As bitter of a jury it may be, I don’t see there being any chance Victoria wins.  She may get a pity vote or two, but the only thing going for her is that she somehow survived being nominated most of the season.  I don’t think that’s enough to beat Cody’s social or competition game, and certainly not enough to beat someone who was never nominated. Even as that fact was pointed out by Frankie late in the season, Derrick still avoided sitting in the nomination chair.  That’s an incredible accomplishment so far, but he has one more competition to go.  Should Cody win the final HoH, technically Derrick is automatically nominated so his streak ends and can’t brag about that… even if Cody picks him.

So there you have it.  Cody or Derrick will win Big Brother 16, and there is about a 97% chance it will be Derrick unless Cody wins round 3 and picks Victoria.  The big question is, does Cody want that extra 0 on his Big Brother winnings check?