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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Watch The Big Brother 13 Commerical That Shows Nothing

So, during the Survivor finale, they decided to air a commercial on Big Brother 13, despite pretty much having nothing to contribute of any importance.   This commercial was more of a “Hey, we’re still going to be airing this summer, so don’t forget about us” spot, as it just featured random clips from last season.

Regardless of how little the commercial actually shows, it is a sign that summer is approaching and Big Brother 13 is right around the corner.  For some reason the second half of the video is in slow motion, so if you want to get some excitement followed by confusion, feel free to watch it below.

Ironically, this blog post is similar to the commercial.  Nothing of real substance to contribute, but wanted to get it out there that this blog exists and will be updating this summer :)


A Chance To Enter The Big Brother House Could Be Yours!

Big Brother 13 Ultimate Fan CompetitionJust announced was a trip to become the ultimate Big Brother fan and win a trip to LA to visit the Big Brother house, I assume during the season of Big Brother 13.  While the trip sounds like a fun time, I think I’d be pretty nervous entering the house not knowing what disease I’d contract if I touched a piece of furniture.    That being said, with a proper pair of latex gloves, this does sound like a fun trip.  To enter the contest, go to the official big brother site here.

Big Brother 13 Corrects It’s Premiere Date

big brother rachel nipple slipAccording to this blog post, Julie Chen went on the late late show and announced the premiere date of Big Brother 13 to be July 6th, which I then gave you the wrong information due to that.  The correct date is going to be a date later, July 7th!

Censor Cat says Oops!   Ok, actually he said “meow”, but I am going to like using censor cat this season when all the peen and nip slips pop out.  Don’t ask me where it came from, I actually just made it up in a few minutes and seemed cute.  Oh that censor cat.. always ruining fun!

Anyway, I think Julie Chen probably had her mind on her new crappy “The View” ripoff show, so I will excuse her for getting the date wrong, but dammit Julie, no more of that, you make me look the fool!  I already do that enough on my own.

And according to the link above, the dates of the show were also confirmed.   This is what your summer will look like:

  • Thursdays (live evictions) 9-10PM ET/PT starting 7/7/11
  • Sundays 8-9PM ET/PT starting 7/10/11
  • Wednesdays 8-9PM ET/PT starting 7/13/11

Make sure you follow us on facebook, or rss feed to get the latest news as it happens.  I’ll constantly be checking the Big Brother wire to deliver the latest news, especially the cast announcements!  I can’t wait for that, I love to see what kind of crew we should expect this year.

Big Brother 13 Date Announced

big Brother 13 date releasedSo it’s been a really long winter for many people this year, and the second sure sign of summer after baseball season is the beginning of everyone’s favorite voyeuristic show, Big Brother!  This time it will be Big Brother 13 (wow, can’t believe it’s been 13 years already), and while the cast is still being worked on, the official beginning of the show will be on July 6th, 2011!   This will be the perfect way to recover from the fireworks, beer, and Twilight Zone marathon to sit down and start watching a bunch of (likely) hot bodied strangers thrown into a fish bowl for us to gawk at.

Back will be the whispers, back-stabs, and drama we’ve grown accustomed to, and the air date for the 3x a week schedule will be Wed, Thur and Sunday.  There will likely be a 24/7 feed, as well as Showtime after dark, so you’ll never miss a second of the good stuff from naked slips to showmances.

I hope to see you guys this summer!  Stick around here, and add us to facebook to get regular updates.

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