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More On The Mystery Six

In a frantic rush to get the profile pages out for the Big Brother 13 cast members, I talked about the mystery 6 and what options they could be.  I originally figured it was going to be one mystery player paired with one current player, but eliminating all logic, I completely forgot about pairing up the six.   That makes far more sense, simply because the other method would have 6 pre-made alliances out of 14 members which would be completely ridiculous.

Now, who is going to be the mystery six?  That’s a tough call.  For all we know, it could be six new people, but for some reason they were chosen to be paired up.  However, seeing as Big Brother is about due for an “All-Star” type of season, what better way to do it than what they did with Survivor this recent season?  Sure, the three pairs likely won’t be surprising people from a helicopter on the beach, but they’re most likely a) returning players, b) original alliance members and c) going to have targets on their backs like Rob and Russell did.

Big Brother Network put together a little list of possible returns:

  • Brendon & Rachel
  • Dr. Will & Mike Boogie
  • Jessie & Natalie
  • Evel Dick & Daniele Donato
  • Jeff & Jordan
  • Hayden & Enzo

I am going to almost rule out Evel Dick and Daniele, simply because Dick is still updating his twitter to this day (although that doesn’t mean much) and Daniele has been hosting a show.   Although, that could also work towards having them in the season because it shows Daniele is still in the Big Brother scene.   I talked myself into odds at 50/50

Hayden and Enzo I’m going to pretty much rule out.  Hayden was recently hanging with the Survivor girls (Andrea, Ashley and Natalie) at some event, and I doubt he wants to spend another summer in the house after winning last season.   I put the odds at 10%

I haven’t really put much thought into the other pairs.  Dr.Will won before and seems to have a big enough ego (like a Russell Hantz) to try and return to prove his skills, so that’s a maybe.  Brendon and Rachel seem like they’d happily come back, but does the show want them?  I didn’t watch that season much, but every time I did I saw them just laying in bed together doing nothing.

It’s hard to say, but like I said in another post, I expect we won’t find out until the first day of the show.   Until then, sit back and speculate!

Help Speed Up The Website!

If you’ve been visiting the site recently, you’ve noticed a pretty big slowdown during some heavy traffic hours, and if you’re anything like me, you hate it.  You want your Big Brother fix and want it now!  I don’t blame you.

Well, the reason for that is because I’m currently hosted on a pretty slow server, but looking to upgrade to a pretty nice dedicated server that is hugely discounted for me because the guy is a fan of the Junky Network and wants to do his part.  That being said, it’s still pretty pricey for me ($150/month) to cover alone, especially considering this site is relatively new and I haven’t found a good system of advertising revenue without being intrusive or annoying, which I refuse to be.   I’ve even designed most of the banners you see on this site myself so they’d flow with the color scheme and feel of everything else.

I know what you’re saying, holy shit, $150/month is a lot of money to pay, but hey, it’s a high price for excellence!   I put a lot of hours into this blog, and my girlfriends Teen Mom blog because I can’t just be one of those blogs that throws an ugly theme up and doesn’t really put an ounce of thought into their posts.

How can you help?

Why, I’m glad you asked!  Any bit helps from you guys.   You can either:

a) Sign up to the live feeds – This is a great option because I do get a little commission off of it, which helps.   You also get a lot out of it from live feeds in the Big Brother house to free music downloads!

b) Donate via Paypal – This option is straight out fantastic for me because it goes into my bank quicker instead of waiting like 2 years for a check to come in from real player, but you gain nothing out of it except the satisfaction of being a great person and helping the site grow!  If you do this option, feel free to donate any amount!  I don’t care if it’s $5 or $150, any bit helps and the more we get, the longer I can pay the hosting fees, and more upgrades I can afford. (ie more memory, etc)

c) Promote the site! – If you don’t want to pay because money is tight, I don’t blame you.  It’s tight for a lot of people.  If you want to chip in, feel free to retweet posts I make in my twitter account, or share this page (or my facebook fan page) to all your friends on facebook!   While it sounds like it’s defeating the purpose to make the site grow which could slow it down, it actually works out because people you suggest come here could be someone who donates a years worth of server fees! 🙂

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog this season of Big Brother!!

Breaking Down The Big Brother 13 Cast

If you’re a Big Brother fan and follow my twitter or facebook, you’d know the cast was revealed for Big Brother 13… well, partially.   Only 8 cast members were revealed which further fuels the speculation that the remaining 6(?) will be part of some twist of likely former cast members re-entering the house and secretly already aligned with someone.    That doesn’t make it very fair for the remaining two, unless they’re secretly aligned as well.    Either way, what I do know is they have 14 places at the table, and 14 spots on the memory wall, so I put that amount on my header and expect there to be a lot more houseguests than the 8 revealed today.

That leads me to the breakdown of the current cast….

First we have Adam Poch, a 39 year old from the armpit of America (aka New Jersey).   He’s a music inventory manager (whatever that is), and describes himself as funny and cuddly.  Serious?  Who describes themselves as funny and cuddly?  I’ll tell you who, people who are clingy and tell bad jokes.    I expect a lot of awkward moments with Adam in the house trying to loosen people up but really just coming off as a tool.  I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I don’t predict a very good fit here.


Next up, no season of Big Brother would be complete without a “model” who is trying to use a reality show as a launching pad for her career.  Cassi Colvin is going to be the token “eye candy” for the male viewers who are going to tune into the live feeds hoping to catch a glimpse of her nude.   Will it happen?  It’s really hard to say, I mean her favorite thing to do is sit around and drink beers with guys.   While some may view that as a drunk girl banging the guys, I see it as opposite.  She tries real hard to fit in with her male friends and earn “respect” from them by pounding beers.  She wouldn’t sacrifice her rep by banging them all.

I also like this tidbit from her profile, “Fame has never been something I’ve actively sought out”  — says the model who joined one of the most popular summer reality shows.  I don’t mean to be hard on her, it’s just my cynical nature!


Let me introduce you to Dominic Briones, the man without a fear in the world except catching an STD.  wtf?  Wait, did I read that right?  He can adapt to everything else in the world, but apparently if he gets an STD, he’s doomed.   I have news for you Dominic, make sure you don’t touch anything in the house with your bare hands then.   I wouldn’t be surprised if you could catch the herp while fully clothed in that house.

Also, I’m calling it now before any confirmation – token gay guy.


Here we have the 30 year old writer, Kalia Booker, who will probably leave the house and puke when she reads my sloppy writing skills.   Or maybe she won’t because she claims everyone loves her and that’s how she’s going to win Big Brother, then get famous and hang around with Lindsay Lohan.  What?  If your goal when famous is to hang around with a train wreck who will likely end up getting you arrested somehow, maybe you should just go back to writing.

Also, when you claim everyone loves you, that usually means you know everyone hates you and you need to convince yourself otherwise.


Now, for the whitest black guy you’ll ever meet, Keith Henderson.  He calls people “human capital”, is a self proclaimed “kiss-ass” and is a human resources manager.  Look, I don’t care how white the guy acts, but one thing I want to clue him in on, working in HR doesn’t guarantee people love you.  In fact, it’s probably the opposite in many offices, but act like the HR rep is their best friend because they want to keep their jobs, and want nice raises.    This guy is going to be in for a rude awakening if he expects the people in the house to treat him like his “human capital” does.


Meet, Lawon Exum who’s main goal in life is to be clean and fit.  Aww shit, did I already predict the token gay guy on the show?  Is it too late to change my vote?

This guys bio annoyed me pretty quickly.  He uses words like “handsomexy” and “handsomefied” in describing himself.  Ok we get it, you think you’re handsome, but cute names just makes it douchy.   I predict he’s going to quickly annoy the houseguests and be one of the outcasts of the season.


Let’s meet the wet dreams of stereotypes, Porsche Briggs.   The 23 year old blonde from Miami Beach who works as a VIP cocktail waitress… and let me remind  you, her name is Porsche.     She’s like a character taken straight out of an 80’s movie about some super hot girl who ends up dating a dorky guy, but then makes him over and then she realizes she really loves him but now he’s dating other girls.

Do you think when her parents named her, they expected her to either be a Dolphins cheerleader, or a cocktail waitress?  I’m thinking yes.   You can’t name your daughter Porsche while living in Florida and not expect her to become either one of the two mentioned, or a stripper.     What would have happened had she grown up ugly?  I guess that was a gamble they were willing to take.


And to round out the first 8, we have the mom of the season, Shelly Moore.  Let’s see, what can I make fun of.   She likes to play with her family?  Nah…   She’s most proud of her daughter?  Nope…  Scared of snakes?  Boring….  Racing to St.Judes hospital to help the kids if she becomes famous?   Ugh, I’m going to hell if I make fun of Shelly.

She seems like an all around good person, but not good for bloggers!  It’s like comedians who were rooting for Donald Trump to run for President for comedic purposes.  I need more Porsche’s on the show and less Shelly’s or I’m going to starve this summer!


So there you have it.  The first batch of cast members revealed until who knows when.  I assume it’ll probably be something we’ll find out when the season opens, so take some time to chew up these people, let them linger in your stomachs in awhile before digesting them  because you may not see anyone new for another week.

Also, shameless plug, it’s less than a week until the pre-season savings on the live feed expires, so make sure you grab it here and help pay my server bills!

Video Tour Inside The Big Brother House

So Julie Chen released a video on with a tour of the house, and right away cleared up the reason for the grass and bikes inside the house

We always say expect the unexpected,” says Julie. “So this year, things you would expect to find outside, you’re going to find inside, and things you would expect to see inside, you’ll going to find outside.

Oh ok.  And the surfboards?  Well that’s because they’re in California and it’s a Venice beach theme!   Not the most creative theme, but it looks nice regardless….

Then Julie shows us the “whisper room” as I’ll call it which features a really nice big couch/bed that I’d totally love to have in my place.   It looks like someone stitched purple fabric around a giant stuffed ice cream sandwich.

She then takes a tour of the outside and reveals the pool, but then I remembered back to the beginning… Hey Julie, where is the indoor pool and jacuzzi?  Where are the outdoor bathrooms and beds?   Throwing some bikes and fake grass inside doesn’t swap the roles, I want my money back!  Wait, I didn’t pay anything.

Not to be completely cynical, the house is actually really nice looking, the designers did do a great job and the houseguests are pretty lucky to be spending their summer there.     I think Big Brother is the perfect show for me to be on.. a place where you don’t leave the house.  Although, no computer access would drive me nuts.

Anyway, cast members will be revealed tomorrow morning, so I’ll have my first post up as soon as I can!  See you then!

Video after the jump….

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Thursday You Get To Finally Meet The Cast!

Happy NatalieI posted on Twitter that the Big Brother 13 cast will be revealed at 9pm this Thursday, but I was wrong, it is actually 9AM EST, which gives me an extra 12 hours to crank  out the profile pages I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

Speaking of the profile pages, they’re going to be pretty cool featuring the ability to rate each houseguest, ‘like’ them on facebook to show your support, and check out any specific updates related to the player.   I’m already excited thinking about it!

I’ll keep you posted if I hear any other news before then.  Make sure to follow me, fan me, or rss me for the latest Big Brother news!

(I also can’t wait to see the new cast so I can get a new default image I like using for good news.  I love ya Natalie, but you’re boring me now.)

Take A Tour Through The Big Brother 13 House

So I wake up this morning, load my computer and sit there for about 20 minutes as Windows installed something that I have been procrastinating about for weeks, and then I realize…. shit!  Big Brother released the photos of the house today!

As I finally get access to my computer, I see that every Big Brother fan site in the World has already posted these photos, but hey I’m going to do it anyway because my readers are loyal to this site and haven’t seen the updates yet…. right?   …..   Bueller?

Anyway, here are some interesting photos from the house:

Entering the Big Brother house, you will see some nice fake grass, some bikes if you want to ride around in circles in the back yard, and in the back there are surf boards coming out of the wall for some reason.
Big Brother 13 Entry Way

Next up, we have the large table that seats 14, as well as the memory wall which will likely be the focus of some challenge later in the season (houseguests take note!)
Big Brother 13 houseguest table

Only two bedrooms were allowed to be photographed, which makes me wonder what’s in store for the 3rd.    My guess is it’s going to be a vampire theme inspired by True Blood / Twilight and it will be painted black with coffins as beds.  Where did I get that idea?  No clue, just roll with it.    Anyway, the other two bedrooms are wild, first you have the futuristic massage parlor themed room:
Big Brother 13 futuristic bedroom

Then  you have the room that was clearly designed by an 8 year old girl:
Candy Themed Bedroom

The rest of the house seems pretty standard, but you can view them all in the gallery below.

Also, don’t forget there is just about one week left to save 25% off the season pass for the live feeds, so if you want to be the first to see the houseguests in this crazy place, make sure to buy the feeds here!