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Is Adam The Worst Final 5 House Guest Ever?

adam trying to competeLook, I hate bashing the guy more than the next person.  Part of the reason is because he looks exactly like my brother in some angles after he shaved his beard, so I feel kind of connected to him…..

That being said….

Adam has to be one of the worst competitors to ever get this far in the game, right?   Or is he the best?   I’d really like to think he’s some brilliant Big Brother genius who is floating along and only winning competitions when he absolutely knows his ass is on the line (see: week 6), but I’m starting to think that’s not the case.   Even that PoV win was in a competition that he was able to practice all summer, and it still took Jeff throwing it away in order for him to win.

After watching him fail at yet another challenge tonight, I think I’m leaning to him just sucking.  Sure, I knew the results before I watched the show, but I didn’t realize just how bad he did, and how he routinely does in nearly every competition.   The guy is like Rain Man when it comes to saying what happened on what day in the house, yet is the first one eliminated in the live memory HoH competition last week?

I think if he were throwing most of these competitions and just hanging out as Mr I’mNotAThreat, he would be doing better when he does lose.  That’s the reason I put him as the worst final 5, instead of final 6 because Rachel and Jordan will be very stupid not to take him along tomorrow.   Being that he’s practically nonexistent in competitions means the HoH will be Jordan and Rachel vs Kalia tomorrow, and even if he does somehow pull some miracle shit and find himself in the final 2, there is no way the jury will ever award him money.

Like I said, it’s too bad because I like the guy, and think he just badly chokes under pressure.  Loving Big Brother all your life doesn’t automatically equal being good at it.   But hey Adam, if you read this when you’re out, hit me up because I’d love to interview you to help clear your game up.

What’s your opinion on Adam’s season.. is playing this bad intentional or not?

I Guess Shelly Is Now Playing For 3rd Place?

Shelly jordan and RachelJust after I finished the post about the house being boring today, production must have spiked Shelly’s morning whiskey with some truth serum because today so far has been strange.  I think the drama pot is starting to bubble similar to late last week, and hopefully over the next 24 hours it will overflow into a livefeedgasm.

So far today, while Jordan and Rachel were chillin outside rocking the new big brother fashion sweatpants line, Shelly joined them and decided to clean her soul, again.   She told Rachel that she was the one who took her dog, hid it all summer then put it under the pillow last night like a sweet little dog fairy.  Rachel laughed it off this time, unlike her reaction when she found Mr Quakles or whatever the hell the duck’s name was last week…

Shelly then went on to tell the girls she’s playing for 3rd place with them, and is fine with that.  Seriously?  That’s what you’re going to say?  The “master manipulator” everyone was gushing over when she got Lawon on the block is going with the “I’m just here for the ride” approach?    Does she expect the girls to really believe that after not even a week ago she voted out Jordan’s boyfriend because he was standing in the way of $500k?   Look, aside from the lack of entertainment Jeff brought, I don’t care that she voted him out, but to now play the “Just allow me to tag along” approach is weaksauce after what happened.

You took a stand, aligned with a doofus who chose $5,000 over house safety, and it failed.  At least you can say you did that instead of floated to whoever had the most power like Adam did the entire game.   Showing  you’re a sneaky person by revealing the dog and then admitting you broke Jordan’s trust but now you’re suddenly happy with 3rd place is doing anything but earning their trust back.   They know you’re not happy with 3rd place, you proved that last week.   Why not point out that Adam has floated to whoever gives him the best shot at winning from day 1 and tell them if they lose the HoH this week to Kalia, Adam is going to float right back to the newbies?

I have to say right now that Shelly is one of the most disappointing players all season.  Not because she voted out Jeff, but because she had the chance to use her brain, manipulate some things behind the scenes but instead spent 75% of the game tagging along with Jeff and Jordan then making a power move far too late in the game that eventually failed.

So This Is Why Production Wanted To Keep Daniele

I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory to say that production was in the ear of people when it was time to vote out Daniele.  There were even whispers of it in the house before the feeds quickly cut away, with Daniele saying two of the people threatened to quit if she were evicted.  Granted, I highly doubt anyone actually said they’d quit their job if Daniele was booted, and if they did, they have their own issues to deal with.   That being said, it’s no surprise that production wanted her to remain in the house for the same reason Chef Ramsey has been keeping Elise around on Hell’s Kitchen (if you watch that show).

We need you, drama llama

Drama = Ratings

With 2 weeks remaining in the season, the show has the feel of the final 2 right now with nearly no drama, and the game talk consists of Adam and Shelly both promising the world to Jordan and Rachel.   I think there has been more talk of dogs than talk of staying in the house since Rachel won the power of veto, and that has to be killing production.  I know it’s killing me!   People signing up to the live feeds by clicking on the links on my site help pay for the blog, and the time off during the summer I take to write this stuff, so when the biggest excitement in the morning is whether or not Josie (Shelly’s daughter) is going to be a brownie or not, it makes me want to bang my head into my desk.

Tomorrow is the next eviction, and a very crucial HoH competition for Kalia to win if the newbies want any chance at winning the game.    Hopefully we see some action, but until then make sure you’re following me on twitter or facebook because I still give updates on the house but I’m not going to create a new blog post just to say Kalia is constipated or Jordan farted..

Shelly Is Not Going Down Without A Fight

So Shelly spent the better part of the morning having a very long talk with Rachel, and it’s very clear she’s not going to just go out with a whimper.  My guess is that she sees a partial opening with Rachel due to the fact that both know deep down sitting next to Jordan in the finals is a bad thing, yet neither want to come out and say it.

Does this mean Rachel is going to betray her bond with Jordan?  At this point it seems unlikely, but at some moment our fiery red head is going to sit back and realize there is a big difference between $50k and $500k.  Rachel is a fierce competitor, and badly wants to win it all. She has to know her chances aren’t good with that final 2, but she also knows she has to be extremely careful because doing the dirty work herself will definitely lose her votes that she badly needs.

It’s very difficult to figure out what’s going on in Rachel’s head right now.   It’s beginning to become clear that Jordan want’s a pet named Adam, while Rachel wants a pet named Shelly.  Trying to figure out why is the difficult part.  Rachel was basically gushing to Shelly about the game she’s played, and she’s right on some levels.  Out of the remaining houseguests, Shelly’s name would come up as someone who has tried to play the game, unlike say Porsche or Adam.   That being said, wouldn’t that be reason enough to want her out of the house?  If I were Rachel, I think I’d rather be sitting next to Adam than Shelly if it comes down to it.

That brings me to my original point.  I think keeping the reason she wants to keep Shelly is she is more likely to get out Jordan in the long run than Adam.  She hasn’t said it, and based on the reactions of fans to Shelly after her betrayal of Jordan, Rachel is probably better off not saying it even if it happens, even to the DR.

In the end though, I am beginning to think Rachel really thinks she can beat Jordan in the finals, and she may just generally have a distrust for Adam.  I don’t blame her there either, Adam flips to whatever side is in power very quickly.  As far as beating Jordan, the more I think about it, the more I think that Rachel would actually get the votes there.  Jordan’s done very little in the game except ride Jeff’s back, while Rachel has won HoH’s, and won the most important veto of the season.  Not to mention the fact that Jordan has already won which will likely be in the back of the minds of the jury.

Babygate 2011 Is Now Over

I posted this update on facebook when it happened, but it took me a little while to draw the red strands of hair on the baby in the image above.   For some reason I decided to give the baby a red headed version of Shelly’s haircut, probably because it’s the easiest in the house, except Adam.

Anyway, enough with my amazing photoshop skills.    It appears the BB production staff gave Rachel a pregnancy kit in exchange for rights to it appearing in Big Brother Family Edition, Big Brother 31, exclusive interviews with Julie Chen and the girls of The Talk …. and possibly an appearance on Survivor or The Amazing Race.   Kidding of course, but what I’m not kidding about are the results of the test, and they are…   Negative.

There is not a red headed Brenchal hybrid already plotting it’s first reality show deal hanging out in Rachel’s stomach… at least for now.

In other news, Adam seems to have locked down his position as 3rd wheel to the vets as he sat in the padded room securing his position in the Rachel and Jordan alliance.   I think Adam’s new nickname should be tricycle.

It’s Official, PoV Used; New Nominees

I was fully expecting this to happen when the feeds went down to trivia, so much that I changed my header to the results before it was official.  However, last week I wasn’t expecting the feeds to turn on with Porsche reading her Pandora’s Box card instead of nominations revealed, so you never can be sure.

Now, you can.   Adam and Shelly are officially on the block, and barring any twists with Shelly’s new best friend, the fortune teller, one of the two will be going to the jury house this Thursday.   There is like a 96.9% chance that Shelly will be evicted this week, so this may be the most predictable week in the season.

I said what the vets needed to do in order to get back in the game, and one has been complete.  Next step, win the HoH on Thursday

Getting Rachel and Jordan back in the game:

  1. Win the Power of Veto
  2. Win The Head of Household

If this happens, it will be Jordan, Rachel and Adam vs Kalia and Porsche, and barring any twists or flips, Jordan and Rachel will be the final 2 because of that.

Thoughts?  Let’s hear them…