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Big Brother 14 – It’s Going To Be Another Fight To The End

frank talking to britney big brother 14

In week 1 on Big Brother 14, Frank was on the block with Kara and tried to play it all cool, while working deals on the side.  Sure, he had his blowout with Willie which resulted in the fruit loops and salmon have-not surprise, but generally he was just becoming more well liked than Kara.

Well, it appears Frank is trying that same strategy now that he’s on the block, but Joe has his own strategy… just keep kissing butt and begging so he can stay.  We’ve seen him make Shane breakfast, he’s making the house dinner again tonight, and he’s been begging just to stay in the house a few more weeks so he doesn’t have to sit in a sequester house all that time.   He’s probably a few hours away from offering sexual favors in order for votes… perhaps that’s why he’s been focusing on Wil so much lately?

Convinced that Wil has flipped and is now going to vote him out, Joe has basically been harassing him today about who he’s going to be voting for.  Even though Wil tells him he’s still voting Frank out, Joe is still freaking out running around in a panic.

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled on the feeds for the next few days because there is talk of preparing for an endurance competition, and I want to see just how much butt Joe can kiss to stay in the house.  It appears to be working, for the moment, but things can change very quickly in the house

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Big Brother 14 – Power Of Veto Ceremony Shakes Up Thursday Night

Ashley has been pulled off the block

First let me vent a little…. Right before Big Brother 14 started, I decided to upgrade my website server in order to prevent any issues I had last year during big events.  I am now spending 2x per month I was last year on this site, and so far it’s had three major crashes (btw help with the costs by signing up to the live feeds here).  The worst part, they seem to happen either right before bed or like yesterday, while on vacation.  I was relaxing at the beach, then getting sent through scary dark dirt roads through New Hampshire thanks to my GPS.  Apparently I selected the “Be prepared to be killed” route to get back to my hotel.

During all that, my freakin server goes down and I spend all night waking up every few hours to contact my hosting company to try and get it fixed.   What a crappy ending to a great and much needed vacation.

Nobody really cares though, I know I wouldn’t if I read this post.  Shut up and get to the Big Brother stuff…  I agree…

Yesterday the PoV ceremony was held, and it sounds like things are going to get real this week.  Shane decided to veto his own decision and put Frank up on the block, then gave him the reason “This will help Joe get out”… sure, because Ashley was such a huge threat haha.  I know Frank is a big threat in the game, but Shane secured a pretty strong trust with him by not putting him up. Having those two allied for a few weeks when the vets enter as players would be nice to see so we don’t end up with another season of veterans making newbies look like newbies.

Watching Shane potentially get out what he sees as his strongest rival (but in reality may be his strongest ally) on Thursday is like watching a guy standing on railroad tracks with headphones on as a train marches towards him, all in slow motion.  I feel he’s going to end up making a huge mistake, but I know others may disagree.

Who knows though, Joe still could be walking out that door, but right now it’s not looking that way.

I know other stuff happened in the house in the past few days and I’ll try and blog about that when I finally get home (blogging from a hotel right now), but now that the site is up I had to share this story.

Also, here is a poll….

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Big Brother 14: Vacation Blogging

I haven’t been able to watch a lot of the feeds, and yesterday seemed like a relaxing day after their wild sushi party night.

However, things did get a little interesting at the end of the night when a few things were revealed.  First, it appears Britney’s husband may have dropped some major hints about them coming into the game in his HoH letter.  This had Brit and Janelle completely convinced it’s going to happen, and soon.

Because of this development, there may be a major change in the house today when Shane contemplates taking Ashley off the block in favor of Frank.  Needless to say, the house will go nuts if that happens and it’s almost a guaranteed exit for Frank the Tank.

In addition, come Thursday, it’s very possible we’ll see Janelle and Britney form an alliance, work on getting rid of Dan and Boogie while using their ‘players’ to do so, then start to pick off the floaters and those who believe they’re still attached to Janelle.

It should be an interesting day on the feeds after the PoV meeting, and Thursday the house will go into serious chaos when players are scrambling for new alliances.

I’ll put up a longer blog tonight explaining what happened in the PoV meeting, especially if Frank is nominated, but until then make sure to sign up to the live feeds here…

Wild Night In The Big Brother 14 House

britney and ashley kiss
Britney and Ashley kiss

I guess when I go to the bed, the Big Brother 14 house wakes up and has a lot of fun.  Last night the house celebrated Wil’s birthday, and it was great to watch.  No game talk, no arguing, just a lot of kissing, streaking and having some fun.

To get the full taste of the fun, it really begins around 10:00pm bbt on the feeds.  You need to sign up to the live feeds and select ‘Big Brother 14 Flashback’.  Choose 07/28 at 10:00pm and watch the fun unravel before your eyes.

Don’t have the live feeds?  Well you can either sign up and enjoy nights like last night for only 0.50c a day (after the 3 day free trial), or you can continue on my post and get bits and pieces of the night.

Follow after the jump to see my partial recap on last night’s fun…

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Big Brother 14 Veto Competition Results

big brother 14 shane wins pov

A quick recap of the house so far, Shane won HoH on the live show Thursday night, and then ended up nominating Joe and Ashley.  This was a big shot to Janelle’s team as it’s a clear message that he’s still not too fond of week 1.

Today, the PoV competition was held, and a surprise to nobody, Shane won the veto yet again.  Now he has complete control over who is up on the block this week, and he’s trying to decide if he’s going to remain with Joe, or will he listen to Janelle’s constant pleas to team up against Frank and Boogie.

Right now on the live feeds, Janelle, Wil and Ashley are all hammering Shane to try and get him to use the veto and put Frank up.  I’m not really sure what will happen, but I’m going to keep watching the feeds and updating this thread.

The veto will be held monday, so it will be an interesting few days of the house kissing Shane’s ass, especially after ignoring him last week.

Janelle offers her wedding ring

To start?  Janelle offered Shane and Britney her wedding ring as a sign of trust for the next 3 weeks.  Could the tides be turning?  Will those two teams group up again to get Boogies team out?

Still don’t have the live feeds?  You are really missing out.  You get the first 3 days free, and after that it’s just 50 cents a day for the rest of the season which is one of the best entertainment values around today.  About 23 full hours of access to the house each day is an absolutely incredible deal.  To sign up, click on the link below:

More updates after the jump…

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Big Brother 14 Nomination Results

ashley and joe were put on the block

Well, it looks like Shane has decided to fire the bullet directly at Janelle instead of trying to be sneaky and pick one person from each team to try and mask his intentions. I was almost certain that Joe and Frank were going up, but in a surprising move, Shane put up Joe against Ashley.

I’m not really sure about what to think about this move.  It’s very clear the target is going to be Joe, but I don’t think Ashley is taking being a pawn all that well.  She’s looked sad ever since the feeds came back up.  I think the veto will be a huge factor this week, but it was probably the smartest move going forward.  Shane has nobody, and he doesn’t trust Janelle at all.  When the coaches enter the game, I can easily see Shane teaming with Frank and Danielle and running the house.

Check out the live feeds tonight, because Janelle is saying how upset Joe is considering he’s not only a have-not, but he’s also nominated.  A pissed Joe could be an entertaining Joe.

Side note: Janelle and Britney are now talking about potentially coming into the game, and they know they have to get rid of Frank because of that.  It’s interesting to see the thought process now that some of the coaches are really getting convinced they’re going to be playing.  Could be an interesting week!