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Big Brother 14 – Nomination Results And Pandora’s Box – Again

Before I begin with the nominations, earlier in the day  the feeds went to random trivia.  When they returned (flashback to 12:14pm bbt), it appears the house had their second Pandora’s Box of the season.  Don’t worry, this time it was completely fluff and had no game changing impact.  This year, Ian was treated with a bunch of gifts, while good ole’ Jessie returned yet again to play the grinch on the houseguests.  He took away all their beer and junk food and they’re going to have to snack on healthier stuff for the next 24 hours.  It’s a good thing Britney was evicted yesterday, otherwise she probably would have quit the game being separated from her junk food.

Now, the nominations.  It was rumored this morning that Frank and Jenn were going to be nominated, and indeed they have been.  In addition, the self proclaimed Big Brother master is rumoring to have Joe as a replacement nominee, should Frank win the veto.  Err, I mean.. should Frank or Jenn win (hahaha.. ok, I mean Frank – unless he goofs again).

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Now, this is a pretty curious move on Ian’s part, and perhaps he is some super genius who has a master plan to win the game while keeping Dan around…. or Dan is simply dominating every aspect of this season.  If you flashback to 1:42am bbt (8/31), you will see that Dan has managed to get the band back together.  Yup, the Quack Pack will be aligned yet again for another week.  Unbelievable.. like I said in an earlier post, Dan is a man among boys. If the Quack Pack remains together, and Frank is evicted this week, there really will be no reason to watch the season any longer.  It will be like watching a football team with the score of 70-0 in the 4th quarter.  Julie Chen should call a mercy rule and just hand Dan the check right after Frank is eliminated.

I know some say I don’t give enough credit to Ian’s game, well that’s due to his game not deserving credit. He may find himself in the final 2 somehow, but like Porsche last year, and I didn’t exactly praise her style either.  In Big Brother, it’s almost easier to get to 2nd place than it is to 3rd, 4th or 5th.  Once the numbers start dwindling, the foolish continue to make foolish moves and the strong prey on that.  Dan has the house completely manipulated that Ian has a personal agenda against both Jenn and Frank for removing ‘his Britney’, while Dan was the mastermind behind the entire ordeal.

Now is the time in the game when the strong (Shane, Frank) get eliminated by the smart (Dan), while the floaters (Joe, Ian, Jenn) do the dirty work for him.  I can almost guarantee you’ll see either Joe, Jenn, Ian or Danielle sitting in the final 2 chair, but not because they played a great game, but because they’re the easiest path to victory by either Shane, Frank or Dan.

Like Dan says, after the show he may have a job selling ice to Eskimos, but I don’t think he’ll need it because he’ll have earned over a million dollars during his time in the Big Brother house.  The bigger question is whether or not he’ll sweep the votes yet again.

Sorry Ian fans, but when even JOE is questioning why Dan is not on the block, you know a person has made a bad decision.  I hope Frank or Jenn wins veto this week because I am really curious to see if Ian seals his fate as the dumbest smart person to ever play Big Brother by using Joe as a re-nom.

Big Brother 14 – The Momentum Shifts Yet Again

What an absolutely, incredibly wild season it’s been so far in the Big Brother 14 house. There has been just one week where it was absolutely dull, which will forever be named “The Forgotten Week”.  For those wondering, that was the week Joe and Wil were nominated and decided to both use the ‘play dead’ strategy.  It wasn’t just me who felt it, I saw it on the website traffic numbers as well.  Fewer people were checking in daily, fewer comments, and I made fewer posts because there was nothing to talk about.   Thanks for your hard fought week, Wil!  (note to casting: never bring Wil back)

First, my plug that you’re tired of hearing.   Live feeds?  Yes.  Sign up. There is still some excitement to go as this week should bring more entertainment and next week is another double eviction.  After next Thursday, I’ll probably stop pushing the feeds entirely because the last 13 days slow down quite a bit. The last thing I want to do is trick people into signing up to the feeds when they suck.  During “The Forgotten Week”, I actually discouraged people from signing up because that week sucked.  If the last 2 weeks are boring, I’ll do the same.   But for now, they should still be fun …

Ok, first, the burning question on everyone’s mind.  Can Shane rock a hula hoop?

The answer is …..  yes. Of course.

Last night, the “punishment” for being the first one to quit the endurance competition, Joe was given a hula hoop and must keep it near him for the next 24 hours.  When a trumpet sounds, he has to attempt to use it.  Compared to a chum bath, this is pretty weak, but hey at least we get to watch Joe try to hula hoop.  That should be fun.. right?  ….. right?

Maybe not.

If I worked for Big Brother, I would have done a punishment like Joe has to randomly plank things every 5 minutes for 30 seconds, while wearing nothing but a speedo.

Ok, back to the momentum, Ian, etc….

If you didn’t know, Ian won the endurance challenge last night after a pretty good battle between he and Shane.  The other houseguests were terrible, but Shane held his own despite holding up about two Ian’s in weight.  The competition lasted about 2 hours, but if Shane didn’t compete, it would have gone about 20 minutes.

This leads to another situation where carrot boy will be on the block, yet again.  Ian is already tossing around the idea of Jenn/Frank nomination with Dan as a backup.  Why not?  Dan clearly proved he’s not a threat this week by pulling off a very tricky game move to stay in the house.  No, that’s not at all scary.. let’s keep going after Frank.  Good job, Ian!  Very smart young lad he is.

If he really does nominate Jenn and Frank, I’ll have to laugh.  For his game, Frank and Dan are the way to go, no question about it.  Stop being dumb.  If you’re trying a backdoor Dan approach, stop being dumb.  Only one person won’t be playing veto this week, so the odds are heavily in favor of Dan playing and possibly winning.  He can also then really screw you by pulling Frank off the block and you’ll be left with Jenn versus Joe.  Power move right there… that will go down in the books as one of the all time great HoH’s…. oops, did I say great?  I meant stupid.

We’ll see though, nominations will be held later today, so Ian has a few hours to make the right move for his game.

I did want to point this out first….

Week 1 – Willie HoH, Frank target
Week 2 – Frank HoH, Willie would have been target
Week 3 – Shane HoH, Frank target (nominations canceled due to reset)
Week 4 – Danielle HoH, Frank target
Week 5 – Frank HoH, “The Forgotten Week”
Week 6 – Shane HoH, Frank target / Ian HoH, Frank target
Week 7 – Frank HoH, Dan target
Week 8 – Ian HoH, Frank target

The one full week where house momentum didn’t shift from Frank’s side to the opposing side was Week 3 when Frank was out the door but saved by the coach reset button.  In Week 6, it was a double eviction week, so the entire night Frank was the target, but that didn’t last the entire week.  It’s pretty incredible how the momentum has shifted from one side of the house to the other so much this season.  While some cast members were pure busts, you have to give production some credit this year.   What a huge difference from last year’s pathetic attempt at putting a bunch of very weak newbies against 6 super strong veterans.   That was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Anyway, I woke up at 5:30, already cranked out a post, time to wait for these suckas to wake up so I can see where Ian’s head is really at.

Big Brother 14 – Live Eviction And HoH Thread!

britney or danielle will be evictedThere is a ton of speculation that tonight will be a live endurance challenge after the eviction.  This means you have 3 solid options to get updates:

With that out of the way, I’m going to waste no time with this thread.   I already did my predictions here, and a slight recap of the week.  I will be updating in reverse order because it’s much easier to follow with endurance challenges.  (btw, if it’s not endurance, I’m going to cry. I’ve had a caffeine IV drip all day)

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Updates will be below:

HOH Competition Updates!
(note: watch along with the live feedsfollow along on twitter)

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11:49pm est – Shane and Ian made a deal to keep both Shane and Dani safe this week. Ian wins HoH

Ian wins HoH

11:45pm est – Still going.. still going

11:40pm est – Long competition now.  Ian and Shane both want this bad

11:30pm est – We have fish but last check, they were still going.  I’ll update this when feeds return – Feeds returned, still going

11:15pm est – Shane and Ian are still going, but here is a nice shot to entertain you:

Losers Circle

11:05pm – Competition STILL going.  Both really want to win this one

11:00pm – Shane and Ian still battling it out

10:45pm – No changes

10:40pm – Both Ian and Shane remain

Danielle not too happy about her dropping

10:30pm est – Dan is down.  This is Ian’s challenge to lose now.  Not looking good for Franky boy

10:28pm est – Danielle is down.  3 remain

10:20pm est – Four still remaining.

The 4 remaining are still hanging in there

Update – Jenn and Joe already off.   The Adam and Kalia of last season.

Houseguests are hanging from ropes circling around a fake sun getting sprayed by something.   Guarantee Joe, Jenn and Shane have no chance to win this.  Will come down to Ian, Danielle and Dan

9:38pm estEvictions:

Dan – Britney
Jenn – Britney
Ian – Danielle
Shane – Britney
Joe – Britney
Britney is evicted 4-1

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Big Brother 14 – Predictions And More

britney versus danielle

After one incredible week in the Big Brother 14 house, it’s that time again.  Time for someone to take a seat next to Julie Chen while the other gets to breathe for at least a few minutes.  If you went on vacation last Thursday, let me do a very brief rundown for you.  (using my Big Brother announcer voice)

Frank won the HoH, he then nominated Dan and Danielle in order to get his arch rival out of the house.  Ian won Pandera’s Box Veto, then Jenn won the regular veto.  Dan decided to use a make or break approach to saving himself this week by completely opening up to Frank and revealing everything he knew about the Quack Pack and what has happened so far this season.  In one night, Dan went from arch rival to potential ally and managed to convince Frank to tell Jenn to use her veto on him.  It worked, Dan was saved, and Britney was the replacement nomination in one of the more passionate PoV speeches made this season (by Frank).

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The house has been on lockdown since yesterday, so there is a very solid chance that tonight will be an endurance competition that could be one of the most epic of the season so far.  Britney will likely be out of the house, so Ian will need to do whatever he can to save himself, Danielle and Dan will be trying hard to save themselves, and Shane, Joe and Jenn need to win so they don’t become the next target.

I’m going to be brief because I had a late start today due to appointments.  Here are my predictions for tonight:

Votes (to go home)

Ian – Danielle
Jenn – Britney
Shane – Britney
Joe – Britney
Dan – Britney

Britney is evicted 4-1.  Time to go back to the husband and job that only YOU left in order to join Big Brother(didn’t you know Britney was the only non homeless contestant this season?)

I will be starting a new thread soon about the live blogging tonight, and if there is an endurance challenge I will just carry that thread over to that.  Be sure to sign up for the live feeds now so you don’t get stuck in a bottleneck after the show ends.  Also, follow me on twitter because I live tweet stuff too!

Big Brother 14 – Drunk Ian Taking You Into Tonight’s CBS Episode

Update: I see a lot of people visiting after the wild episode tonight.  Here is my post recapping the Dan / Danielle incident, and the reaction in the house after the PoV

Also, Join the live feeds here to watch what will surely be a WILD endurance competition tomorrow night!

Well, it appears Britney’s fate is officially sealed in the Big Brother 14 house (as official as it can be by Tue-Wed), so she and Ian decided to knock back a few last night. Like everyone else who has too many, Ian acted and sounded foolish as he uncomfortably tried to criticize Frank’s game this season.  Flashback to 12:57am bbt to see Frank, Ian and Joe sitting around talking about random things when Ian drops his bombshell to Frank.

“Well Frank I will say this.  You had a great comp game, your strategy game aint bad, but your social game is shit”

Naturally, Frank wasn’t too pleased with this remark, but the more it resonates with me, is it an incorrect statement?  Sure, it’s funny coming from the guy who tried to be a memorable “character” in Big Brother instead of actually trying to win it all, but he does have a point. Frank’s social game really hasn’t been all that spectacular this season.

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Don’t get me wrong, I think Frank is an easygoing guy and aside from his very slight douchebaggery, would be a great guy to hang out with. That being said, Ian brought his point him with this line “If you have to win a competition every week, you’re doing something wrong”.  That is definitely an accurate statement and it fits Frank pretty well.  He’s been nominated or HoH every single time since Jodi’s eviction, while other people are still in the house yet have won almost nothing. While some have done next to nothing and are only there because people mistake them for furniture (*cough* Jenn).

I still think Frank will likely win over almost anyone in the house at this point simply because of the comp domination, and he would be deserving of it.  Some people have a strong gift of social manipulating (Dr.Will, Dan), while others seem to pull out competition wins when needed most (Frank, Janelle, Rachel). That’s the beauty of the game, you don’t have to take a certain path to the finals, it’s getting there and impressing the jury that matters.

In addition to bashing Frank’s game, Ian also said dumb things like “I’ve been waiting to get on Big Brother before the planes hit the towers”.  That really upset Jenn considering she was living in NYC at the time, so the house is kind of on edge today after a long drunk night.

Before I finish, I want to say that tonight if the veto competition on CBS.  You will be able to see some of the excitement this week, but they definitely won’t have time to show it all.  Luckily they’ll have time to show a lot of the “Dan’s Funeral”, but that night alone could take an hour easily.  Sign up to the feeds to watch the flashbacks this week because you really want to see it all.

Also, tomorrow appears to be an endurance competition, so signing up to the live feeds is a must.  You’re going to want to see Danielle, Ian, Shane and crew battle it out tomorrow night.  It should be intense now that the lines have been drawn.

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Big Brother 14 – Britney Left Her Job And Husband To Come To BB!

Ok, before I get to the recap of the day which sounds like Britney is doomed, I want to vent about this first.   Turn on the flashback feeds to 7:25pm bbt and watch Britney/Danielle argue a bit, but be prepared to have something handy nearby to puke into.

I started the season liking Britney, she was pretty funny, easy going, and seemed down to earth.  She started getting annoying the day Shane threw her under the bus and acted like she had no part in Frank/Boogie’s nominations.  The extreme pity party all night was nauseating to say the least, but I thought it was hopefully going to be a one night thing.


Ever since Britney was nominated in place of Dan on Monday, she’s at it again and if you flashback to the Brit/Danielle argument above, it’s all about her.. again. Within the first 30 seconds of the FB, she has to mention how she left her job and husband to come to Big Brother.  Newsflash Britney.. WE KNOW!  You’re not the only person in the house who left either a job and/or a loved one to come to the show.  Joe left  his children as well but you don’t hear him mention that 5 times a minute every time he’s been on the block.  Considering this is your second time in the house, you knew EXACTLY what you were getting into, so you have absolutely NO leg to stand on.

You made it to the final 4 last time, so you were one of the few people who have been in the Big Brother house nearly an entire summer.  Did you think this time would be different?  Are people supposed to forget that they left their loved ones as well simply because queen Britney left her job and husband for the summer?  It’s one thing for someone to enter the house for the first time not really knowing what to expect, but Britney knew it.

Ok, vent over…

Moving on, it appears we won’t have to listen to Britney much longer because her only saving grace (Joe and potentially Shane) have been working on a final 3 deal with Frank today.  Part of their plan is to get rid of the easy target now (Britney) and then keep Danielle around long enough to use her in getting rid of Dan and Ian before cutting their throats (Danielle and Jenn) to form the final 3 and go from there.

Thinking that over, I don’t think that’s a bad deal for any of the three.  If I were Frank or Shane, I’d pull the other aside and say “Look, we’re both beasts in competitions. Let’s get down to the final 3 and then have a battle for the last challenge.  The winner gets to take Joe to the finals for a likely easy $500k.   Or they can leave the fate in the hands of the jury and choose each other, but that’s a big risk.

Sorry for the brief update but longer rant.  Tomorrow is the final full day for Britney to try and work votes, but I can tell you that crying about her job and husband isn’t going to work.