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Big Brother 15 – Submit Your Application

Despite ratings dropping slightly this year, Big Brother 14 was certainly a solid season and that resulted in CBS renewing the show for Big Brother 15.  Sadly, that will take place next summer so we have that long wait (please give us a winter edition!), but Big Brother Canada will be starting up soon.  I’m not sure if they will have feeds, but if they do I may actually watch them and report to you on what goes on in the house.  Hopefully our friends north of the border will give us some entertainment.

While I won’t be applying, I encourage my readers to apply because I’m tired of watching the feeds and having them namedrop these other blogs.  Reality Blurred was mentioned like 100x, and that’s pretty much the un-official Survivor blog. I can’t blame them though, Andy is a good writer and even CBS people comment there from time to time.

With that rambling aside, it’s time to start casting for next summer….

Click here to begin the application process

Although to be fair, you have a better chance if you were a former contestant, a model or know someone (semi) famous.  Who knows, one of the 2-3 slots per season set aside for real fans could be yours!

I’d like to apply but I think I’d enjoy blogging about the show than being blogged about.  I could only imagine reading some of the comments about me when I got home.. yikes.  I’d probably join Danielle in the mental hospital.

Follow me on twitter or facebook for updates on Big Brother 15, or Big Brother Canada if I can get access to their feeds.

Big Brother 14 – Ian Fails Initial Goal, Succeeds Ultimate Goal

I wasn’t going to write any more posts about Big Brother 14, but I find myself sitting here a day later with plenty to say about the season that had me busy all summer long.   First, I want to give Ian a huge congratulations, despite my tweets where I felt Dan deserved the prize, there is absolutely no doubt that Ian deserved it as well.  This isn’t like choosing between a badass player and a floater.  The best two players in the house were seated in the final 2 chairs, and the best man really did win.  This is what reality TV should be about, and I also wanted to give credit to Ian for taking Dan despite all the threats and harassment by Danielle all week.   He chose the harder road by facing the master manipulator, and came out on top.

When I say he failed his initial goal, it was pretty evident early on that Ian’s intentions this season was to make a mark someway or another.   He labeled himself as a ‘villain’ while playing pool, and this was because he was doing what is done a billion times every reality show, he was playing multiple alliances.   It appeared he was just there for the experience and was already auditioning for a call back in a future season. At the final 4, he announced he was now able to coach a future houseguest (because Britney made final 4), but seriously who thinks of that?  He then accepted his defeat while sitting next to Dan before a miracle was performed and Shane was voted out of the house.

That said, Ian didn’t win because he was the ‘villain’, in fact he won because of the opposite. Dan was the villain, and Ian was not.  Ian appeared to be the kid with the big heart who’s lifelong goal was to step foot inside the Big Brother house, and his passion of the game probably saved his season a few times. Boogie saved him very early in the season, Dan and Britney took a pounding to keep his secret alliance away from Boogie/Frank, and then the big blindside on Shane at the end of the season.  Why did they save him?  Because he is a nice kid, played smart and aligned with the right people  (“The Quack Pack”) instead of the stronger, but bigger targets in Frank and Boogie.  Choosing the correct alliance is a skill in itself, and quietly jumping from a sinking ship is not to be ignored.

Boogie was right, Shane/Danielle/Dan/Britney was a very solid alliance, and that’s why he tried to get involved in it.  While Boogie managed to use them for a week, he completely screwed himself by already thinking of turning on his alliance a week later.  Ian, on the other hand, appeared to be a much more loyal soldier for them and that allowed him to go very far in the game.

In the end, while Dan was the master at controlling every aspect of the game, his big failure was not knowing his market (or in this case – jury).  He even joked about it in the diary room about how he can sell ice to an Eskimo.. That’s exactly what he did, and that’s why he lost the game.  While Dan was selling ice to people who don’t need it (and then making them hate him), Ian was playing the smart route and setting up shop in Arizona making a killing selling ice.   Dan may win bragging rights on who is the bigger con artist, but Ian will be in his ice sculptured mansion rolling in profits.

The trend with reality shows continues, and probably will for many years.  Get out the strong people first, promise the world to the weak, use them to get to the finals and then wonder why those upset weak people no longer support you.  Strong competitors respect that style of play, but they’re usually sitting on their couch from home watching the season play out.   Dan played the stronger manipulating game, made the season entertaining as hell, but failed to learn from the mistakes of people like Russell Hantz crying at the finale of Survivor after he lost to a very upset jury.

If you’re going to bite that hand that can give you half a million dollars, do yourself a favor and just nibble on it.. don’t bite off the whole thing.

Thanks for the great season to any cast members who read this, and thanks to all my readers!   I’ll be back for Big Brother 15, I hope you will be too!

Big Brother 14 – It Ends Here; Predictions And Live Blogging

I just had to use this image to sum up Danielle’s season

First off, I wrote a thread earlier talking about my memories this summer and the support in the comments section was completely unexpected and overwhelming.  I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their kind words. Blogging becomes really enjoyable the more people read it and interact with me, and it feels like I’m watching the live feeds with hundreds of my friends.   That leads me to this, despite the commercials for next year, Big Brother 15 wasn’t officially announced until today.  This means I will be back blogging away next year, so bookmark this site, follow me on twitter or facebook and get any updates throughout the winter.

Ok, now to the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  The live show!   In just 30 minutes from now (as I type this paragraph), Big Brother will begin and we’ll get to see the rest of the endurance competition  (Dan won), the second challenge (Ian won), and the live final challenge between Ian and Dan.  The winner of that challenge will determine who sits next to him in the finals.

Then, we’ll hopefully get to hear the jury ask some real tough questions (unlike the pathetic jury from Survivor last season that I still grumble over), watch Dan make a speech that will try to win people over despite stabbing almost every one of them in the back, and either Ian or Danielle flutter for words  (Yes, I’m pretty confident Dan will be f2).  Finally, we’ll see who wins $500k, and also who wins America’s Choice and then that will be it for the summer.  Sad times…

Live Blogging:

Well, that’s it for the summer.  I’m not sure how I feel about the outcome at the end.  Ian certainly deserved to win against anyone else, but Dan outplayed half the house and lost 6-1.  Reality show juries vote with their hearts instead of brains these days.

The Winner of Big Brother 14 is:


America’s Vote goes to:


Here are the votes:

Shane – Ian
Danielle – Dan
Jenn – Ian
Britney – Ian
Frank – Ian
Joe – Ian
Ashley – Ian

10:27pm est – The jury asked a bunch of decent questions.  For some reason they kept crediting Ian with creating the quack pack, but Dan jumped in to squash that.  In addition, Danielle asked Ian about his F2 deal with Dan, but Dan admitted he would have taken Danielle. It’s clear Ian is trying to play the nice guy role, while Dan is owning up to his behavior.

10:18pm est – The jury is brought on stage

10:12pm est – Ian chooses Dan to try and beat the best in the finals.  Could work against him.

Final HoH battle:

Ian wins HoH 5-2, let’s see who he chooses.

9:52pm est – This is only the first part of Danielle bullying the crap out of Ian all week.  He had a rough week.

9:37pm est – So Ian threw the competition as well?  How does Dan not win it all?

9:30pm est – Here we go, it’s on finally.  Note, I am pretty sure all the former houseguests are there, except for Willie.  He “couldn’t make it”

9:00pm est – Still waiting for the episode to begin

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Big Brother 14 – This Is The End, Beautiful Friends

Well, all good things must come to an end, and after tonight, Big Brother 14 will be in the books.  It’s been a great summer with plenty of drama, blindsides, backdoors and the stuff we all have come to enjoy during a Big Brother season.  While there has been plenty of downtime and slow weeks, overall I’d have to say this was a pretty damn good season.  At first, I was very apprehensive about players re-entering the game – yet again, but by allowing them to coach was a decent twist.

While they clearly failed at the coach aspect, only giving each one 3 players for an entire summer (should have been 4-5 each), that made it clear re-entering the game was planned from the start.   They were on a pace to end the show in late July if none of the coaches pushed the button, and that would have been without the extremely fantastic final few live shows we were able to watch.  With millions of lost ad revenue and live feed sales, I’m going to guess the production planned the entire thing including who would push the button and who wouldn’t.

Theories aside, I’m glad it happened the way it did.  Until the merge, the biggest entertainment the show had was the battle between Willie and Frank, and all the drama Russell’s brother brought to the table.  When Willie got the boot, things certainly slowed down for a brief period until the merge happened and the coaches were no longer sleeping through the summer.

Anyway, now that I think about it, I’m going to list some of my favorite moments from the summer…

  • Like I mentioned above, the Willie boot.  When things started going Frank’s way, you knew it was going to be a rough week for Willie.  Then the feeds came back live to see Willie pouting at the kitchen table eating pork rinds.  Suddenly some yelling happened, and poof.. feeds down.  All types of rumors circulated about a fight in the house, Willie throwing food, headbutting Joe, etc.  While it wasn’t as serious as the rumors, it was still enough to get Willie evicted from the house.
  • Boogie somehow managing to convince the fab four to align with them, even if it was just for a week, and end up voting out Janelle.  This was certainly one of Boogies finer moments in his Big Brother career.   Sure, he won All-Stars, but to pull such a move without the brilliant Dr. Will guiding him was simply impressive.
  • Ian’s super awkward dates with Ashley.  The first actually didn’t go too bad, but the second was just them sitting around a table not saying a word to each other pretending things weren’t incredibly uncomfortable.
  • The party after the sushi dinner with Wil getting wasted, spin the bottle, Ashley making out with half the house, Ian streaking and Wil marching into the pool wearing his birthday suit.
  • Live-blogging Dan’s funeral.  That was probably the first time as a blogger I was able to capture moment by moment such a game changing event and write about it as it was happening.  Granted I’ve only blogged BB13 and BB14, but that was a night I won’t forget any time soon.   Of course, the actual funeral was a masterpiece, but CBS loves it so much I’m sure you’ll see repeats of it again tonight.
  • Going on my one major vacation a year and my server decides to crap out the very next day.  Sitting in a hotel room dealing with all types of tech support trying to get things moving, waking up every 2 hours to check on things.   While this may not be a favorite moment of the summer, it was certainly memorable.
  • The live double eviction episodes.  Both were extremely entertaining to watch, and the first was probably the best live show I’ve seen in Big Brother.  Frank, hanging by a thread managed to win PoV after Ian came out as a betrayer of their alliance.  Watching all the people complain on twitter about the conspiracy theories that Frank had 3-4 veto symbols.. completely ignoring that Frank was the best athlete out there.
  • The second double eviction show, which I thought was going to be a snoozer, but when Dan clearly had a chance to get Ian out of the game and was going for it, that made the live veto another intense competition.   You could see the desperation in the eyes of Ian as he worked that maze like a maniac, and then his scream of relief when he won.  Incredible.
  • Finally, the last live eviction of the season when Dan convinced Danielle to save him from the block, so he can get the blood on his hands and vote out Ian.  However, he chose to vote out Shane leaving Danielle, and many of the viewers completely stunned for a long time.  Danielle had a perfect chance to go to the final 3 with whoever she chose, but putting it in Dan’s hand should go down like someone being evicted from Survivor while holding the immunity idol.

I will be live blogging the finale tonight, and it starts immediately following Survivor’s premiere. I’m pretty sure it’s at 9:30 est and should be another interesting episode as we get to see the jury yet again, and see if Ian actually throws the final to Dan.

Many people will probably be watching the show and not search for Big Brother info, so while I have you, be sure to follow me on twitter or facebook for information on Big Brother 15.  And if I don’t say it tonight, thanks for reading and commenting all summer.  You guys make blogging worth it!

Big Brother 14 – Danielle Continues Her Bully Tactic On Ian

I thought it was going to be a very dull week in the Big Brother 14 house, because typically the final week is.  I haven’t even asked people to sign up to the live feeds since Thursday because I fully anticipated the three of them sitting around the house staring at the walls.  Granted, they have been doing that for the most part, however occasionally Danielle flares up like the house hemorrhoid and unloads on Ian with rage.

If you flashback the livefeeds to 9:09pm bbt, you’ll find Danielle giving Ian about a 40 minute lecture on how she’s not mad at him, not bullying him or bashing him, yet does all of those things immediately following.  She rants about how hard she’s had it in the game from day 1 (riding Dan’s back isn’t hard), and how much she’s done for the alliance (nothing), yet downplays Ian’s season.  This makes her either completely delusional or dumb…  While Dan has played a phenomenal game this season, one of the key reasons the “quack pack” made it as far as they did was Ian’s willingness to play the ‘villain’ role of the season.  Without him completely turning on his coach and friend, there is 0% chance the final four would have been made up of their alliance.

By Ian playing the mole and Dan taking the punishment for it, this completely took any heat at all from the remaining houseguests and allowed them to target Boogie while they had the numbers.  The only thing Danielle did the entire season was be a puppet to Dan whenever she won HoH, and to keep going back to a person who lies to her over and over.  Is it Ian’s fault that Dan couldn’t trust her enough to warn her about the ‘funeral’ in advance?   No, it’s just that Danielle is a pretty mediocre player who happened to get lucky and ride the back of a strong player and good alliance.

Danielle is this season’s Porsche, and because she pretty much did nothing in the house, she may actually wind up with 2-3 votes if she made the F2.  She’ll earn the votes of those who are too bitter and butthurt to vote for the better player (either Ian or Dan), but luckily I don’t think there will be as many this season as BB13.

I know this is a pure opinion piece, but watching Ian talk to himself for quite some time on the hammock after the wrath of Danielle finished got annoying and I’ll be glad when he doesn’t have to suffer her any longer.

Big Brother 14 – HoH Round 2 Is Complete

I know updates have been slow since the endurance competition on Thursday night, but the reality is the house is slow right now.  You have ObiDan working his Padawan Danielle while simultaneously keeping his alliance with Ian together.  He’s making sure both sides are covered heading into the live show on Wednesday night, so regardless who wins HoH, he’ll find himself in the f2 where he can spray his mist on the jury for his $500k prize.

(note: keep following me on twitter or facebook for updates on Big Brother 15 through the winter)

Dan won the endurance competition, so he gets an automatic pass to the final round of the 3-part HoH competition, which will air live on Wednesday night.  This means Ian and Danielle were squared off to fight each other for the chance to compete against Dan.  The competition was going to be a physical challenge, and it sounded like it was a big one as it took quite awhile to build.

Well, the results are in…

Ian won part 2 of the competition, and he will face Dan on Wednesday night.  The winner will be guaranteed in the final 2, and he will choose his competition.

Now, it’s time for the mind tricks to take place.   Dan already had a plan for this before the competition even began, and discussed it with Danielle to prepare.  Should she lose, Dan was going to visibly celebrate with Ian “exposing” his f2 plan in front of her.   That apparently happened because once the feeds went live (around 9:05pm bbt), Danielle could be found screaming at Ian.  Dan’s plan is for Danielle to intimidate Ian for a few days with empty threats about how she’ll taint the jury and not vote for him if he takes Dan to the final 2.

At first it didn’t make sense, why would Dan want Danielle to scare Ian into taking her to the f2?  It’s simple, he (Dan) thinks Ian will feel so secure about their alliance, that he’ll actually be willing to throw the final 2 and let Dan do the dirty work by eliminating Danielle.  It’s another ‘out of the box’ move that I don’t think even Ian will expect, and it’s quite possible it may work.  While Ian is saying he’s not going to throw the competition, based on how Dan has worked the house all season, I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see Dan win the HoH, and then give one last blindside.  This time, instead of taking Ian to the finals like he promised, he’ll take Danielle and likely have a better chance to win it all.

Sure, Dan can still outright win the HoH, but against Ian in a trivia style challenge, that is going to be a tough task to accomplish.  It’s almost guaranteed Ian can make it in the final 2 if he plays things right, and it’s also possible Dan’s plan could backfire and Ian will be too scared to take him to the finals.

I’m not sure how interesting the feeds will be this week, but I do know Wednesday night is going to be a very entertaining finale.

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