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Big Brother Canada – And We’re Off!


I’m a little rusty blogging Big Brother, and I’m not quite sure how it will be this spring considering the limited access I’ll have to feeds / shows.  Throughout the season, I’m sure I’ll figure out better ways to watch the show, and hopefully even live tweet at some point if I can find a streaming video of the shows on Slice.  Either way, I’m excited some version of Big Brother is back, and the format isn’t really different from the US version.

The host may not be the Julie Chen we’re all used to, but I’m sure Arisa Cox will be a fine replacement for the Chenbot we’ve grown to sort of like over the years.  Casting appears to be on par with the US version, with a wide variety of personalities and looks.  By variety in looks I mean you choose from the good looking brunette, good looking blonde, good looking nerdy guy, good looking buff guy, etc.. you get the picture.  Like a typical Big Brother season, a large percent of the house is full of good looking people.

Doing some blogging as I watch the first episode, one thing I’m not used to is seeing snow in the casting videos (though I am used to seeing it outside my window grr), and apparently they allow the word ‘shit’ to go on TV.  Kind of refreshing to watch TV in other countries.  As I’m typing this, the first five houseguests have entered, claimed their spots and have already set up for some drama.  For example, Kat saying she hopes there aren’t any bubbly loud girls with big boobs in the house, then they flash to Danielle who is just that.   They’re also setting up for some weird showmances like showing Andrew talking about falling for a Sandra Bullock clone, then Jillian saying she looks like Sandra Bullock.   Ok then.

(side note, I’m going to get confused between all these similar looking brunette girls for the first few episodes, I guarantee it)

A new thing this year is that there is a phone placed inside the house which will randomly ring.  Whoever answers the phone will be given special instructions for a task.  If they succeed, they will be rewarded, but if they failed, they’ll be punished.

Naturally that means the phone will ring on the first night, and indeed it does.  Suzette races to answer and hears some creepy guy tell her to go into the diary room and not tell anyone about it.  After walking around the house casually trying to find it without looking suspicious (she failed), Suzette makes her way into the DR to find she’s been picked as HoH and has to nominate two people for eviction within the hour.  If she tells anyone about it prior to that, she will be punished (I am so curious what this punishment is – whips, chains?).

Arisa calls them into the living room to announce the twist and reveals Suzette’s secret, which means she has to do her nominations now – based solely on first impressions.   Suzette nominated:

Thomas the firefighter
Emmett the cowboy

Moving along at a brief pace, the PoV competition is held, and the competitors are:


gary-cartwheelDressed in purple leotards, the houseguests head out back to do the PoV competition….

The competition is for houseguests to pop balloons with the little spikes on their belts, which meant all of them thrusting into the ground like they were humping a bunch of balloons.  After plenty of thrusts, and Tom turning Liza on quite a bit, he was the first one to successfully find all the puzzle pieces and win the PoV!

That wrapped up the first episode, and I must say they did a pretty solid transition from US to Canada versions.  While they made it extremely tough for American viewers to watch, at least the format and contestants are all similar.  I’ll be posting periodically to give you updates on who is the renom.  Eviction is tonight at 10pm I believe.


Big Brother Canada – Unknown Territory

bigbrothercanada With only two days away from the premiere of Big Brother Canada, I have no clue what to expect yet.  While they have released video of the house and also revealed the cast, I don’t know what rules they’ll follow or how the game will go.  I assume it’s going to be pretty similar to the US version, especially considering it’s going to be on TV three nights a week (wed, thur & sun).  From what I understand, there will be live feeds, and I hear they’re going to be free.

Aside from not being able to watch the live shows, the biggest hurdle I’m going to face is whether or not I’ll be able to watch the feeds.  When I visit the site, it tells me the videos are not available in my area which makes me worry they’re going to be block out US viewers from the feeds.  If they do, I’m going to have to come up with some backup plan to blog about the show because I’m determined to do it.  I received plenty of positive feedback when I asked people, so I expect quite a bit of interest in the “Big Brother US pre-season” I’ll call it.

If anyone has any more details on the live feeds, please let me know.  I will start revealing cast info (which you probably already know by now) but will feel it’s a waste of time if I can’t even watch any of the show.  There is almost no way I’d be able to properly keep track of the house w/o feeds, so that’s a pretty important piece.

If I don’t find out before Wednesday, I will find out for sure that night as the season begins at 9pm (not sure which timezone that is either).

More info when I get it….