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Big Brother 15 – Racism Is Dead, Right? Overnight Smackdown


Well, that was a pretty interesting night in the Big Brother 15 house.  Aaryn, America’s sweetheart, went from one of the most liked girls in the house to one of the most insecure, jealous, and downright racist over the course of 24 hours.  The beauty of the Big Brother house is that over time, people tend to forget they’re being watched, and their ‘in the head’ thoughts start coming out of their mouths.   That happened between Aaryn, GM, and Kaitlin last night on the hammock starting around 1:15am.  (flashback here)


It all started with some stupid hat incident where apparently Candice sat on Aaryn’s hat or something that doesn’t even really matter.  This had our blonde bombshell in some type of rage I don’t think many of us expected was in her.  I don’t want to go into the details of the conversation on this blog, but let me just say the girls took shots at Helen, Candice and even Howard.  The entire conversation is worth a watch (again, 1:15am), as some of it will completely change your opinion on these ‘sweet’ pretty girls.  (side note: Jessie may end up being the prettiest after all, if Aaryn’s personality continues to make her look ugly)

Throughout the conversation, the girls bashed Candice for her newfound ‘blackness and cockiness’ after being removed from the block during the veto ceremony earlier in the day. Ironically, the three girls sitting on the hammock had a field day bashing the rest of the house because they are the ones who feel they’re sitting pretty with the numbers in their favor.  Countless times in the conversation, Aaryn had a very cocky attitude and just brought up how they have the numbers and the power to essentially do (and say) what they want.

They don’t

This is all building up to what could be one of the most entertaining nights on the live feeds this Wednesday, assuming the house moves in the direction it should.  The moment an arrogant player realizes they’re not the one in control of the house is always worth the price of admission, especially if that price is free (for a trial period)

On another note, how awkward is the Nick and Gina ‘showmance’?  Can anyone look more disinterested in being hugged than Nick at this point?


I can just read his mind “Keep your head as far away as possible, and she may not try to kiss you”. 

The next few days, RC (racist crew) will walk around acting like they’re in complete control of the house.  With a few more booze deliveries, we could see some more wild nights of forgetting they’re being watched by many, many people.

Big Brother 15 – Veto Ceremony Results


This is going to be a brief post because I already discussed in detail the current plan and how it is going down.  To summarize, McCrae and crew decided to utilize Elissa’s star power by keeping her around.  That said, they had to swap Candice and Elissa for nominations so the rest of the house didn’t think there was any big plan going down.  Right now, the power couples (Jeremy/Kaitlin, Dave/Aaryn) feel they have control of the house, but the other people don’t want that.  Couples are always a threat, as are strong players, so to kill two birds with one stone, Dave is the huge target right now.

If it goes to plan, this is probably the smartest move I’ve seen from newbies in quite a few seasons.  Typically new players, especially on their first vote, like to just play it safe or not think very far down the line. McCrae, Amanda and crew saw the looming threat of Jeremy a mile away and want to take care of it before it takes care of them.

This is also good news for Rachel fans as it gives Elissa more time in the house to make people forget they’re related and start giving Elissa a fair shake.

Heading out for dinner, will recap more of the night events later on

Big Brother 15 – Afternoon Feeds With Some Lotion and Jealousy

bb15-jessie-dave-sunscreenIt began innocently enough in the Big Brother 15 house, with Jessie outside rubbing sunscreen over her body in front of guys.  This is a typical occurrence in the house this season, as she’s been caught flaunting many parts of her body in hopes to be checked out.

If you turn on your feeds to about 12:05pm, you can see the drama unfolding from the beginning.  Get your live feeds here

Jessie asks Dave to help her put lotion on her back, and he gladly complies.  This has been the intro to countless adult films over the years, especially when the girl is extremely boy crazy.  Fast forward to 12:08pm and camera 3, you will see Amanda heading into the back yard and notices the action.  I can’t see her signal anything to Aaryn, who was in the kitchen, but shortly thereafter Aaryn decides it’s a good time to see what’s going on in the back yard.  I’m pretty sure as she’s walking out the door, you can hear the words “what the f*ck?” but this is unconfirmed.

About a minute later, Aaryn comes inside and looks pretty frustrated to the point where she left the sliding door open.  Amanda had to come along and shut it, and then Aarryn disappeared for a little while.

Fast forward to 12:25pm c3 where Amanda stirs the pot a little more by telling Jessie that Aaryn is upset about the sunscreen scandal.  Jessie is a little taken back by it because “wooahhh, that’s just sunscreen“, and Amanda adds some fuel to the fire by saying how she’d be mad in Aaryn’s situation.   This leads Jessie to go talk to Aarryn, who is sulking in the bathroom and putting makeup on.   As our lotioned up temptress sits behind Aarryn to talk about it, Kaitlin walks away a little bit but still listens in on the conversation.

Jessie apologizes and pretends it was nothing, and says it will not happen again, we’re all friends, blah blah.  It would be a different story if we were laying on the bed and he was giving me a massage (would it?), etc.  Aaryn asks how she knew anyway, and Jessie replied “Because Amanda just came out and told me that I need to quit flirting with everyone’s boyfriends”, which lead to this reaction by Kaitlin..

Shit just got real
Shit just got real

I don’t think this will impact the vote this week simply because the numbers are still there to get Spicoli out. Still interesting development to follow, especially when things start to boil over a bit.. which could happen as early as Wednesday.

If you want to watch any of this or more, sign up to the live feeds.  You get a free trial, so it’s a win-win!

The houseguests were called inside, and the veto ceremony will likely begin shortly.  We’ll update again when the feeds come back.   Very catty house this season so far

What do you think?  Was Jessie going too far with the flirt, or is a minute-long sunscreen rubbing a bit too long in that situation?

If Your BF/GF Go On Big Brother, You Have To Break Up First, Right?


So the Big Brother chat rooms are rumbling a little today about last night’s bed session between McCrae and Amanda.  Starting around 5:35am on the feeds (flashback here),  Amanda started snuggling pretty close to McCrae, which resulted in a lot of heavy breathing and eventual wiping of her hand on the sheet.  (side note: burn those sheets)

Not a problem, right?  Well, Amanda has (or likely had) a boyfriend heading into the show, and she even bragged about the sunglasses he bought her which were lost for a few days.  In addition, her boyfriends family told her that they got the live feeds prior to her entering the house, so she knew she was being watched.  Even if they’re not watching, someone else is – and blogging about it (which made it kind of funny them talking about whether or not their family could be watching the feeds… forget about flashback?)

That leads me to my point, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is heading into the Big Brother house, it’s almost a given that you break up before they go in, right?  I mean people want to think they can trust their partner, but when you’re trapped in a house with the same people all the time, no way to ‘relieve’ your urges, and all the skin that is flashed around daily, it’s a given you’re going to do something if you can.  People like to think they won’t, but how can you not do stuff like give the HoH a little handy at 2:30 in the morning?   There is $500k on the line and the person with power looks like the most action he’s had in the last few years has been in World of Warcraft, why wouldn’t you give him a stroke to earn favor?

Since we’re at the stage of giving sexual favors to the HoH, should guys be rooting for a girl to win next week to see if Amanda spends the week with them?

Big Brother 15 – Overnight Strategizing Not Good For Dave

“All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine” – Spicoli

Well, well, well… it appears yesterday was not all about sitting around getting their tans on while showing off skin to one another.  As soon as the sun went down, clothes came back on, and the Big Brother 15 houseguests were suddenly back in game mode.


Catch all the late night conversation on flashback feeds

Flashback to 1:02am on camera 1 to catch Spencer suddenly get serious when talking with Andy and Helen.  He informs her about the current plan to get out Spicoli before he can do crazy things like order pizza to his classroom… oops, getting confused again.  Dave, not Spicoli… ok, so Dave is the target this week, and he will have votes against him by Spencer, Andy, Helen, Amanda, Judd, and Howard with McCrae as potential tiebreaker if needed.  Candice will be removed from the block and replaced by Elissa, this way the lovebirds of the house can think the plan to get out Elissa is going through without a hitch.

The key at this point will be securing Candice’s vote against Dave, which shouldn’t be hard when they play the ‘I saved you, you owe me’ card to her.  This should likely lead to 7 people voting out Dave which is enough to get him out.  Once he’s out, the group wants to keep Elissa in the house because they firmly believe she’s going to be MVP on a weekly basis, and they can use her as a weapon to put up one of the ‘lovebirds’ weekly.  This means that as confident as someone like Jeremy is about winning all the challenges, that means squat if you have an opponent winning MVP weekly and putting up one of  your alliance members.   As I pointed out in my previous thread, the MVP plan to remove floaters backfiring, but still making it interesting.

I believe the veto ceremony should be today, or tomorrow at the latest, but I’d bet on today.  No real waves should be created after it as long as everyone knows their role in the plan.  That said, this is Big Brother, and someone can freak out even at the thought of being a pawn which could completely screw up any well laid plans.

If you want to have a role in changing the outcome of this long-term strategy by the new alliance, you will need to get all your buddies together and all vote for a single person out of the Jeremy, Nick, Kaitlin, Aaryn group, otherwise they will get picked off one by one.  In addition to doing that, you will show the house that Elissa is not a lock every week, so they can finally start treating her like a regular houseguest instead of a weekly nomination decider.

Big Brother 15 – Anti-Floater Twist. Will It Work?


I don’t know why I used an Aaryn pic. Just because I guess

It’s a relatively quiet time in the Big Brother 15 house right now, as the veto ceremony will likely take place tomorrow, and that’s typically when the final push for votes really starts.   That has me thinking about the game strategy, and how the MVP will work.

The big twist this season is that fans will vote on a weekly MVP who apparently gets power to nominate a 3rd person.  Julie Chen was all pumped up to use Rachel’s line ‘Floaters grab a life vest’, but does this twist actually do much to stop floaters?

Each week a random person will be the HoH, and depending on the competition, I really mean random.  I’ve seen some crazy underdogs win it many times from dumb luck.  So when that happens, the person typically puts up two people from the other alliance, and has a third ready to go in the event of a veto.  The MVP will come along and nominate someone, but what motive do they have to put up a floater?

This week, Elissa was named MVP and she put up one of the stronger players, so it’s clear she wasn’t instructed to only put up one of a few select people America considers ‘floaters’.  When you factor in the MVP can be completely anonymous, which is a huge advantage, why would they want to waste that on someone who has no impact on the game?  That makes no sense to me.

The MVP each week will be the most popular player, and Big Brother should have known that from the start.   Unless they start pulling a Survivor where only 3 options are available (all players who made bold moves), then that will just be a popularity contest with the ‘Jordan’ of the season winning each week.  When that happens, it’s basically going to give the fan favorite’s alliance more power than they already had, and end up turning the game more one-sided than it could potentially be.

Another thing to think of, even if they force the MVP to vote only ‘floaters’, that will end up making their nomination irrelevant as that floater will turn into a pawn.   So either the MVP (or most popular player) is doing the opposite of the intended purpose and putting up the strongest players each week, or they’re forced to put up floaters who will become invisible next to the two nominated players.

Yes, I put a lot of thought into it, but I don’t think this MVP thing is going to work out anywhere near the way CBS felt it would have.  Hopefully it does, but I just think the MVP twist actually gives floaters more of a chance to coast through the game.

What are your thoughts on the MVP twist this season?