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Big Brother 15 – The Day I Go Out, Drama Unfolds

bb15-housemeeting-candiceAs many of you know, I’ve had some family drama lately.  Long story short, a close relative’s girlfriend decided to act like Luke Wilson’s wife in Old School by sleeping with half of her co-workers.  Completely f-d story, but whatever.  We had to get him out of there so I had an impromptu move today and he’s now staying with us for the time being.

With that said, the drama should be calming down quite a bit and I can continue to blog away, but I cannot believe I missed some serious drama in the house today from Candice calling a weird house meeting to Howard allegedly saying he wants to do dirty things to Amanda once the season is over.

I am dead tired, but I had to get this out here now.  I’m going to recap the house meeting with time stamps (which you can use the flashback feature for), but when I wake up tomorrow I will continue digging up all the dirt and giving you reference points to search for them.  Sign up to the live feeds for free to use the flashback feature!

Update: I’m awake, time to go through this craziness that happened in the house last night.  I am still furious I missed it.


12:30pm – Amanda and Spencer are outside talking to each other, it starts off calm enough until Amanda tries to pretend she had no influence in the nominations this week.  When Spencer tells her to ‘Shut Up’, it starts getting a bit heated.  During the argument, Judd tried to defuse the situation by randomly saying ‘Who’s got pudddin?’ … love him.

Spencer does have a good point when he said bringing up the Moving Company is stupid.  That alliance has been long gone, yet people continue mentioning it.

1:30pm – Amanda and Spencer are still chatting outside, these two have been talking for quite a long time, but nothing is really coming of it.  I guess it’s mostly to build up some drama for later.

2:58pm – Candice calls a house meeting to address the rumors going around that she may possibly receive some votes this week.  Her main target in this session is Spencer, as he’s the one who is doing a lot of the leg work for Howard.  Meanwhile, Howard randomly talks about how he wants to self evict, it’s a strange meeting that I have no clue what it accomplished.

Like I said, I am very tired, but I am certainly going to give you some time stamps tomorrow so you can flashback some great action!

Big Brother 15 – Paranoia Is Hitting The House Hard

Is he the secret mastermind behind the MVP? (hint: no)

There was something Jeff said to Julie Chen on the live show last Thursday night, and it completely made sense why veterans of these games tend to go pretty far despite the target on their back. He said when you’re in a house with all the same people and rumors spread daily, even crazy things like Elissa nominating herself can sound legitimate.

The reason why veterans can go deep is because once they survive the initial target, they end up forming an alliance and keeping it tight. They reassure the members that rumors are just rumors and people are just paranoid, and this is because they’ve seen it before.  Right now, there are no veterans to reassure anyone, so alliances are going crazy and turning on each other every other hour.

Watch the paranoia in the house here

Last night, Judd was the target by many in his own alliance.  Amanda came up with the idea that Judd has been the secret MVP the past two weeks and was able to convince herself that he first put up Elissa and GM to frame Howard, and then he put up Amanda this week because he really wants her out. It doesn’t help that Judd has been making fake alliances with many other people, but it really does seem he has been loyal to the ‘goof troop’.  He has been able to get a lot of information from those fake alliances, and that’s why he did it.

Amanda went into full paranoia mode and is now convinced she’s going to go home this week.  This could be good for Howard because she may end up driving so many people crazy that they just send her home anyway, but as of right now she’s pretty safe.

Spencer has been doing more campaigning for Howard than Howard has, but he has about 2 1/2 days of nothingness to continue securing votes one at a time.  As it stands, he’s still at 1 (himself).  He doesn’t exactly strike me as a big negotiator, so I’m still expecting Howard to walk out the door this Thursday, but anything can happen before then.

Big Brother 15 – Veto Ceremony Remarks; Time For Controversy


Today has had some slow updates to do some bullcrap I’m dealing with in my family.  Personal stuff I wouldn’t even bother burdening you guys with.  Hopefully it clears up soon, but I’m going to do my best to keep you updated on things inside the house regardless of any drama.

With that out of the way, let me tell you that the veto ceremony completely slipped by me.  I feel like a terrible blogger to find out it happened a few hours ago and you’re only reading this now.  I typically watch the live feeds most of the day, but couldn’t today and I miss an important part of the game.  Ugh.


Now that I’m done my personal bitching, it’s been no secret who the replacement nominee would be at the veto ceremony today.  Spencer won the PoV, took himself off, and he was replaced with:


I’ve said in my previous thread and I’ll say it again – this is not a racist issue.  Last week, Aaryn made a deal that she could stay in the house and let Amanda and/or Helen use her HoH if she won it. This is called good game play considering the bind she was in, and it’s how she managed to stay 2 weeks longer than her friend.

Note, during this agreement, Aaryn said she was going to also try to throw it (if the comp was a lock for team Amanda to win).  If she couldn’t throw it, she’d do whatever they wanted.  Obviously in a HoH competition that was about 95% luck, it’s kind of hard to throw it unless Aaryn picked up her ball and whipped it at Elissa’s face. Needless to say, Aaryn won, and it was her decision to keep the deal she made to continue furthering her summer in the house.

Yes, Aaryn could have made a bold move (like I suggested) by putting up McCrae and Amanda, but she chose the safe route, and it’s hard to blame her when she’s about 2 weeks away from sitting in a jury house at the beach making $1k a week.

Some will call me an Aaryn-lover for this post – I’m not.  I am a lover of house drama, that’s it.  I vote for the person who’d cause the most drama every week (which is probably why I wanted her to put up Amanda and McCrae). Some are more entertaining, some are more rude, some are just..there, but I’ll keep the biggest turd in the house if it makes it fun to blog about.

So that’s that, like I said above, family drama, but I will continue to work as best I can in the time I have.  Follow me on twitter or watch the live feeds!

Big Brother 15 – Pre-Veto Anticipation, Live Blogging


Before I begin the post, a quick reminder – no personal attacks in the comments section.  I have had a few complaints about it recently and don’t want to start banning people.  I’m very easy going with freedom of speech, but when debates get heated to a point more than Big Brother related and I start losing readers, that’s when I step in. People come here to chat about Big Brother, and there are a lot of differing opinions, especially this season, but if you can’t express your opposing opinion without nasty attacks, this is not the place for you.  This is my warning, not to sound like a hardass.  I love my readers, love the contributions you give, and it’s my responsibility to not let discussions get out of hand.

With that out of the way, today is the day we get to find out who replaces Spencer on the block (spoiler, it will be Candice!).  I know this is going to look absolutely horrible for Aaryn, and even she knows it.  On Wednesday night’s episode, I can just picture the tweets that will happen when Spencer is replaced by Candice.  This is a reminder to anyone just tuning in, Aaryn has almost no power this week.  She gave that up last week in a deal with Amanda and Helen to remain in the house over Kaitlin.  She promised them they can choose nominees and replacements this week as long as they vote for her. Sure, she can break the promise, but may as well self evict shortly after.

I know Aaryn has said some pretty stupid things this season, but I will defend anyone who is being bashed over a misunderstanding.  Aaryn wanted to put Elissa and Candice on the block this week, and that’s because those are the two people most likely to nominate her next week if they win.

This is turning into a pretty interesting week so far.  Howard is the favorite to go home, but by putting Candice on the block, this actually gives a glimmer of hope he can remain in the house.   Aaryn respects the hell out of Howard, and most other people like him quite a bit, but a few people are severely threatened by him, so they want him gone.  If he can sway those who respect him into votes (or if Spencer can do it for him), we may see Howard in the house for at least another week.  I will keep you guys updated on the house reaction after the veto ceremony, so stay tuned for a new post when that is complete!

11:15am – Candice and Jessie are having a heated discussion in the bathroom.  It’s going to be getting ugly as the week progresses…

Big Brother 15 – Candice Is Turning Up The Pressure


Sunday Evening Update: I like to make a post on Sunday night’s for the CBS viewers who are checking out the rest of the spoilers for the week, but family drama came up, so I am behind schedule.  It’s ironic that I love drama in the BB house, but loathe it in real life.   Anyway, if you’re checking to see what happened this week so far, let me give you a brief recap…

Spencer/Howard nominated
Amanda nominated via MVP vote
Spencer won PoV
Candice will likely be replaced by Spencer

Also, here are some cool reminders….

On to my recap of last night… 

I tried to stay awake and blog last night, but as soon as the house went into a slow moment, I was staring at the back of my eyelids.  Oh well, busy day, it happens.  Luckily no major fight broke out because there is nothing I like better than doing a play by play on that.  Do I have issues for liking that?  Yes, probably.

Turning on the flashback to 11:30pm (you can do it here for a free trial), Candice is chatting with Helen in the cockpit about the different situations that can happen this week.  She is counting votes but needs the support of Elissa, Helen and 1-2 more to get Amanda out this week, and that’s going to be a very tough sell.  The house overwhelmingly wants Amanda to go home, but all but 2-3 agree now is not the right time.  Personally I disagree, as now would be a very good time considering veto is out of the way, and this guarantees Amanda’s strong personality doesn’t enter the jury house to manipulate votes for her friends.

While I’m sure many of the house feel the same way, the problem is they’re all probably thinking Amanda is going to be manipulating the house in their favor once that time comes.  Sorry to break it to anyone who thinks this way, but Amanda is the type who will do her best to campaign against the people who had a hand in getting her out.  She’ll also campaign against the person who got McCrae out if he’s in the jury with her.   Helen and company may agree that later is a better time to get Amanda out, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one to send her to jury.

I’m sure Candice is not going to stop working on votes for Howard, but little does she realize, Spencer is starting a campaign against Candice.  While still a longshot, voting Candice out (she’ll likely be replacement nominee) is much more of a possibility to those who are just floating around.  If Howard has any chance at staying in the game, it will ironically be because the person campaigning the most to keep him is walking out the door.  And that’s why I love watching this show!

Big Brother 15 – Rough Week Ahead For Amanda; PoV Results


10:00pm est update – Power of veto still going on, it’s a big one.  While you’re waiting, join the live feeds and get 2 days free – follow me on twitterfollow on facebook 

Those are the best ways to get Big Brother info as soon as it happens. 

Also, thank you a ton for your donations this year.  Seriously.  I get a little smile every time I see a notification for one just because I know people are appreciating my hard work…  You guys make blogging Big Brother a ton of fun!

On to the story…..

One minute, Amanda is sitting pretty with her hands on the controls of the house, the next she’s scrambling and stressing big time.  Why?   She was named the MVP nominee this week, which means if there ever was a time to get Amanda out, it’s now.   This is the absolutely perfect scenario for people like Aaryn (and GM) as they can live up to the deal they made, but still work on getting Amanda out now that they can.

Of course, this all depends on who wins veto, which again could change everything, but that’s still in a few hours from now.  Needless to say, Amanda is in full scramble mode right now and more worried than she’s been at any point in the house.  I guess bragging about the ‘goof troop’ being the only players not nominated yet was a big premature.


You’re going to want to watch this on the feeds, especially if Amanda doesn’t win.  This should be some classic campaigning going on that we haven’t seen all season.  Amanda has been pushing hard for other people, she’s going to be relentless when it comes to herself.  I am already getting a little chub thinking about the drama that entertaining week ahead of us (tmi?)

As far as the veto competition goes, here are the players:


Epic, pure epic. Howard and Spencer are going to be busting their ass trying to win, as will Amanda.  Jessie hopefully will try in order to save Amanda, while there is no doubt Candice will be in 5th gear in order to save Spencer.  This makes me think of a future twist for Big Brother – Each nominee gets to pick one player to play veto with.  The only thing that could have made this a more perfect veto competition would be McCrae playing instead of Jessie.   I also hope it’s a competition like the All-Star one where every round gets harder and harder all the way down to shaving heads, burning clothes or weeks of slop.

They are currently building the veto competition at the moment, so I will keep you updated on that, but sign up to the feeds to watch Amanda campaign her ass off.  Great week, great result from the twist, great drama.  It’s what I love about Big Brother


7:25pm – Feeds are back, and it appears Spencer is in this game now.  He is wearing the veto necklace, which means Howard or Amanda could be going home this Thursday.  This should make for a wild, wild week on the feeds.  Get them here NOW

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8:20pm – McCrae and Amanda sitting in the cockpit, while Candice and Howard are in the HN room.  Both are talking about the week ahead, but the Candice side is definitely sounding more defeated at this point, and frustrated.  Candice is frustrated that she asked Jessie what she plans on doing, and Jessie’s reply is just ‘I’ll vote with the house’.  Howard and Candice both see the path of the game, and are upset nobody else can right now.