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Big Brother 15 – Saturday Updates

bb15-ginamarie-hohroom (1)

It’s Britney Haynes v2.0, minus the personality

Not much really happened last night after I wrote my Hurricane Amanda thread, so I skipped the morning recap and now just doing the Saturday Updates thread.   The house is already up and players have been picked for the veto competition:

GinaMarie, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Spencer, Andy will be playing for the veto competition today, but this is another challenge that means very little.  The house would be fine with Amanda or McCrae going home, so regardless who wins, they’ll get their way.  The only way anything could change is if they somehow convince GinaMarie to put Elissa on the block if one of them is removed.   I don’t see that happening at all, so this competition isn’t really too important.

With that said, I wonder if GinaMarie realizes she’s the Britney from BB12′s ‘Brigade’?   Sure, Britney is prettier, funnier and had a much better personality, but 1 girl / 3 guy alliances don’t really seem to go very well for the girl in it.  GinaMarie is doing one hell of a job playing for 4th place, but to her credit, that’s about 10 places higher than I expected her to finish.  Just don’t expect to see her back in future seasons as a coach, that’s for sure.

Time for some updates:

10:20am – The Exterminators are up in the HoH discussing plans for the PoV competition today.  GM still has a bum foot so they don’t expect much from her, but they’re still working out an order to drop from the competition based on Amanda and McCrae.

PS – Spencer and Judd are out of their chicken suits.  Am I missing something?  It hasn’t been 48 hours yet… isn’t that what Julie said the other night?

10:35am – The crew talking about how dirty Amanda and McCrae have been this year.

12:00pm – Feeds are down for the veto competition.  I am trying to unclog my tub so I may be a little late when they return.  Hope not

1:45pm – Still on trivia.  Good thing because I had to call a plumber.   :(


2:05pm – Feeds are back, Amanda does not look very happy.

McCrae won the PoV


2:12pm – Sounds like it was a knockout type of competition because Amanda said ‘I don’t know why Andy kept picking me’.  It sounds like Andy had to show his cards during the competition, so now they’re going to realize he’s flipped.

It sounds like Spencer will be going up as a pawn because GM refuses to put up Elissa.

2:30pm – Andy is going to explain why he kept picking Amanda during the competition. He said he just didn’t know what to do, he was scared, blah blah.  If they believe him after watching what he did to Helen, they deserve to go home.

3:00pm – Andy, Judd, Elissa and GinaMarie are all chatting.  I can’t quite tell if Elissa is drunk or not

(keep checking back for updates)


Big Brother 15 – Hurricane Amanda Heading To The BB House

I know the Big Brother house is in California, but that doesn’t make them safe from the hurricane season inside the house.  First, we had Jessie who was a category 5 out in the Pacific Ocean, but quickly broke up as it hit land, and by the time it was all the way through the house, it was a tropical depression at best.

A few weeks later, another storm was brewing out at sea.  This one was called Hurricane Aaryn and it was a solid category 3 heading straight for the coast.  One night in the middle of the week, the jet stream carried it off course, and it went harmlessly back into the Pacific Ocean until it was completely dissolved and destroyed by none other than Julie Chen.

In what appears to be the last real threat of the hurricane season, a new one is forming as Tropical Storm Amanda.  We expect it to quickly turn into a hurricane and it could peak as high as category 4.  This storm is expected to be a direct hit on the Big Brother house sometime this week, but some damage has already been done.  Tropical Storm Amanda rolled through the island of GinaMarie shortly after it was discovered, and has now been re-gaining the strength needed to to a full assault on the Big Brother house.

Our video footage was able to capture the force that Tropical Storm Amanda is capable of, and you can see that footage by watching the feeds and turning to 5:20pm on 8/30.  Strangely enough, Amanda then apologized to the island of GinaMarie and said she was really aiming for the island of Elissa.  GinaMarie then made her chicken parm, which is unheard of in the storm world.

Stay tuned to Big Brother Junkies for the Hurricane Amanda storm tracker…

Big Brother 15 – Friday Updates


It’s going to be a pretty interesting day in the Big Brother house, or at least it should be.  Amanda is fairly certain that Elissa will be nominated, but from everything I’ve seen on the feeds, it will likely be Amanda and McCrae on the block after nominations.   This will be hours after Amanda promised Elissa she will be on the block this week, so she’s going to have some serious egg on her face.

There should also be the special competition Julie talked about, as Friday’s are generally the day they film nominations and any pre-veto competition (havenot mostly).  This gives them time to edit it into the Sunday show, as tomorrow would cut it a bit too close.  Saturday’s are generally reserved for the PoV competition as well.

Before I begin updates, the season is drawing to a close, but if you want to stay up to date with Big Brother news, be sure to follow us on facebook or twitter.  You guys have been fantastic this year, and I want you all back next year!

Also, all the times below are Big Brother Time, which is the time you use when messing with the flashback feature on the live feeds.

To get access to the live feeds, sign up here for a free trial


10:40am – GinaMarie was laying down in the HoH bed talking to Spencer, Judd and Elissa when the feeds cut to trivia.  This could be the competition I mentioned earlier in the post.  Not sure how long they will be down.

11:15am – Feeds still down, has to be the competition Julie mentioned


12:07pm – Feeds are back, looks like a reward competition that involved a LOT of balloons.  Not sure who won what yet. They apparently had to run around and pop balloons and I think rewards were inside random numbers and letters that perhaps spelled rewards.

Spencer won $10,000 (which will help him pay taxes on the trip he won)

1:15pm – GinaMarie is waiting for a medic.  She fell down the stairs this morning and thinks she may have sprained her foot (maybe broke).  The rest are eagerly awaiting nominations

2:45pm – GinaMarie is in the HoH room talking to Spencer about future plans.  It is almost a certainty that McCranda is going up.  She is also reassuring him that Elissa will just be up her ass, but not to worry.   Hmm….. 3 guys and a girl in the final 4.. sounds familiar

3:05pm – Amanda is making her push to GinaMarie.  She is suggesting that Judd and Elissa go up, and if that happens Amanda will volunteer to go up as a pawn if one wins PoV.  Oh boy, Amanda is going to be FUMING when nominations are over.  I cannot wait…

3:14pm – Amanda to GinaMarie – “You need a 4 to make it”…. oh Amanda, if you only knew….

3:45pm – Everyone still prepping for jury.  Andy said that Amanda and McCrae have no idea what’s going to happen tonight.  Finally a real blindside.  Get your feeds here, you may want to watch this

4:10pm – Feeds on trivia for nomination ceremony.  Get your popcorn ready!

5:17pm – Feeds are back up.  McCrae and Amanda getting hugs, I assume they’re nominated. Waiting for confirmation

Amanda and McCrae are nominated


Amanda is saying she’d rather go home instead of McCrae, and she is also figuring out that GM is working with Spencer, Judd and Elissa…. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. It’s kind of funny that Andy is going to be the biggest backstabber to all his friends this season.  He may actually win this one.  Ian 2.0

Amanda rushes upstairs and is now yelling at GinaMarie about it all.

Amanda – “Elissa is the one who put up Nick and Nick went home.  Elissa is the one who put up Aaryn” …. GM – “I know, but she changed her mind”.   Reality is, Elissa is probably going to be next anyway, she’s not working with GM

5:24pm – Andy comes in (of course).  GinaMarie is telling Amanda that Nick thing is in the past, but now she’s telling Amanda she’s pissed that Nick went home and had to do with it… wait, what?

Amanda – What happens if someone else wins the veto and takes us off?  Who are you going to put up?  — GinaMarie –  I don’t know, haven’t thought that far ahead.

During the speech, GinaMarie said that Amanda took the fire out of McCrae’s eyes this season.  He dominated the first competition but could barely handle the wall.  She is calling Amanda a distraction for McCrae.

Amanda – ‘We wouldn’t have gone after you next week, but now there is a significant chance.”  (Meanwhile, Elissa continues to slip by quietly)

5:30pm – Judd jumps in and asks Amanda if everyone should just pack their bags and get ready to go home.  Amanda is now yelling at Judd.  This is getting heated.

After more arguments with GinaMarie, Amanda continues to cry and yells that she doesn’t want to be in the house any more.  She doesn’t want to be around Elissa.

What this is showing is that Amanda is an extremely sore loser.  She is upset because GinaMarie can just lie to her face when Amanda has screwed over half the house this season.   I don’t know if GM hooking up with the guys is a good plan for her, but it’s certainly a good game move for Judd, Andy or Spencer.

5:40pm – Amanda – “I look like such an idiot” … yes, yes you do.

5:55pm – McCrae and Amanda in bed trying to figure it all out, the rest of the guys are in the kitchen, GM and Elissa in HoH room.

6:15pm – Amanda is calming down a bit, but she’s still very, very upset at Elissa.  This may be a long week for Rachel’s Shadow.

— Going to eat now that things have calmed down – for the moment

7:45pm – Back.  GinaMarie is cooking in the kitchen, McCrae in the bedroom reading the bible.  I need more Hurricane Amanda

Big Brother 15 – It’s Never Good When Everyone Is Happy


Well, maybe not everyone

When the HoH competition was over last night, and the feeds finally returned, GinaMarie had the key around her neck and it appeared everyone in the house was happy about it.  The problem with everyone being happy means that some are clueless of what’s about to happen, and it appears those people are Amanda and McCrae.  While that’s bad for them, it’s great for live feed watchers because if Amanda is indeed nominated today, she’s going to lose her mind.

Last night on the feeds at roughly 10:45pm, Amanda was in the living room painting her nails and Spencer, Andy and Elissa were sitting nearby chatting.  Throughout the conversation, Elissa kept taking the backhanded shots at Amanda, while Amanda took direct shots back.  When I say backhanded, an example would be Elissa talking about how much she got along with Jessie.  When Amanda asked about the day Hurricane Jessie appeared and called her Rachel’s Shadow all day, Elissa’s reply was “I thought it was funny, she at least kept it game related.  She didn’t get personal like trash would do”  (something along those lines).  That is Elissa’s M.O., and it is very effective against Amanda.

I’m not bashing Elissa by any means, that’s her style and it’s going to now get her further in the game than Amanda.  Throughout the season, she has insulted nearly every person in the house through those backhanded channels, but has a very solid chance of making the final 5.  Amanda’s more direct approach at insults made her look batshit crazy at times, especially on highlight reels (or should I say lowlight).  It’s also going to be the reason she will be on the block this week instead of the person she thinks will be there.

At around 9:00pm, after one of the many Amanda/GM chat sessions, GinaMarie looked up at the camera and said that Amanda is going on the block.  Not only will she be furious about this, but she’s going to feel extremely stupid after guaranteeing Elissa would be on the block this week.  That double combo may result in some intense fights and craziness we haven’t even seen yet.

If you signed up for the feeds last night thinking you were going to watch the HoH competition, keep them for another day or two (or a week or two) because this could be some exciting stuff.  If you didn’t sign up, you can now, or you can wait until I give flashback times, but you’re probably going to want to see this play out.

The special competition should be held today, as well as the nomination ceremony.  I’m going to start a Friday Update thread soon, but I am going to be a bit late because the feeds will probably be down for a good portion of the afternoon due to the nomination/comp.  Tonight should be a fun night to blog.

Big Brother 15 – Live Head Of Household Challenge


Update – GinaMarie won the HoH

They did not show the competitions on the live feeds, so I have no clue about the score.  I am extremely disappointed they had an HoH competition carry over but did not let us watch it.  I don’t know what to expect for the week, but I need a break.   Again, to those who bought feeds expecting to watch the challenge, I apologize.  They are still good value for the money and there is still plenty of good stuff to watch, but I feel like an idiot for pushing the link.

I’m going to go sink in a hole now


Note – If you are looking for the Aaryn exit interview (it was a good one), scroll down the first page.  It’s under my live eviction thread. 

I am going to be slammed with people looking for updates, so my server may have some issues, but stay with me.  I’ll also be updating on twitter if this site is going too slow.

If you’re just tuning in, Aaryn  has been evicted and the house is now doing a competition that carried over.  They have their feet tied together and must hop to a cage, move an egg through a maze with their finger tips, then hop back and put the egg in their basket.  The first to 12 eggs wins.   I’m going to do it similar to last week where I will update the score here….

7:15pm update – Feeds still on trivia.  Should be up soon (I hope), I will update the score the second they’re up

7:20pm update – Getting frustrated.  Feeds still not back.  Come on, CBS

7:25pm update – Nothing yet. Feeds should have been up 20 minutes ago.

7:30pm update – Still on feeds.  I dropped the link for the live feeds.  I am not sure we’ll be able to see this one play out live.  Very annoyed and sad by this

7:35pm update – GinaMarie won the HoH.   I am furious that they did not allow us to watch that after putting up a link to the live feeds.   I apologize to those who signed up thinking  you were going to see the competition.  Nobody did.   Very annoyed right now.

Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction Updates!


Is Amanda hugging Aaryn, or choking her?

A player has come back into the game, we’re going to have nearly half of the jury members in sequester by the end of the night, and minutes in the house feel like hours… ahh yes, we’re officially on the home stretch of the Big Brother 15 season.

Tonight’s HoH competition is easily the most important of the season for Amanda and McCrae, but they don’t even realize it yet.  The entire house is sick of Amanda, and everyone also wants to split up the last power duo of the game.  If they’re not aware of the target that’s on their back, it’s because it’s so huge they don’t even realize it’s a target.

In a pretty surprising vote this afternoon, a surprising 42% of the voters think Andy is going home.  I’m going to just guess that those 42% are first time viewers to my prediction thread and don’t realize how badass I am when it comes to that (watch Andy get blindsided in a last minute switch).

I know you’re tired of hearing me babble, I’ve been doing it all season, so I’ll throw out a few plugs and then start the live blogging….


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Live Updates:

6:00pm – The show begins!  Likely going to start with the recap of the last few days.  I’m sure it will be brief.  If they can come up with 10 minutes of highlights from the past few days, I’ll be impressed.

6:05pm – Since some people are forced to watch football, I’ll give you a few more updates than normal.   Right now they’re showing highlights of Andy’s reaction to being on the block.  We’re also getting more crazy Amanda clips

6:08pm – Andy to the DR – ‘Amanda’s behavior to Elissa is appalling and it scares me since I’m on the block’.

6:11pm – They are showing Amanda work the jury vote from Aaryn.  She is hugging her (photo above) to console her about the upcoming eviction.

6:12pm – Aaryn revealing her alliances this season to Spencer/Judd.  (flashback from the week, not live)  Spencer tells the DR he needs Andy for his game.  I am suddenly craving a donut (or is it doughnut outside of New England?) for some reason.

6:14pm – (flashback) The clip from Aaryn and Spencer having a little fight.  Aaryn threw him under the bus to Amanda and he is denying it.

Random thought… Amanda/McCrae voting out Aaryn this week will be the downfall of their game this season.  If they could have had GM with them, they should have voted out Andy.. but they don’t know Andy is swaying.

6:16pm – Heading to commercial, Julie announces that the bottom 2 of the HoH competition are going to be punished.  Game changing twist?  No.  They will have to wear a chicken or bunny suit for 48 hours.. weak.

6:20pm – Dan (bb15) is sitting down with Julie Chen to talk about the game.  He said she is being mean, but you have to be credit, she’s one of the few people actually playing the game.  He is right.  Dan also said ‘if you’re going to be a villain, own it’ (I agree as well)

Dan said he’s a huge fan of Judd.  He’s coming back in with a target, so he’s rooting for him.

He also said basically showmances are dumb for the game.  It clouds their vision in the game.  He also said Amanda and McCrae won’t be together a month after the season ends (I agree with him on all points… we’re soulmates)

6:23pm – Checking in with the games biggest showmances… Brendon and Rachel first. Danielle and Dominic are up next, they’re married now.  They weren’t really a showmance in the house, especially since he was there for like 2 weeks.  Jeff and Jordan are then interviewed.

Pretty lame time killing segment.   Off to commercial

6:30pm – Time to talk with the house.  Julie welcomes Judd back to the game.  She then congratulates Amanda on winning her first comp, then brings up the taunting of Elissa.  Amanda said she apologized and moved on.  Elissa said she said game related things, but Amanda took it to another level.

Julie then tells the house the front bedroom is a mess and showed them a picture.  The contestants really have been sloppy.  Spencer thanks Julie for finally asking him a question, it’s only been 10 weeks.  Everyone laughs.

Live Voting:

Judd – Aaryn
Amanda - Aaryn
McCrae - Aaryn
Spencer - Aaryn
GinaMarie - Aaryn  (crying)

Like I posted earlier, another unanimous vote.  Aaryn is gone

6:40pm – Julie tells Aaryn she’s out, and time for the interview…  (she disclaims that because she’s a member of the jury, she won’t be able to give her any feedback from the outside world)

Aaryn receives an applause, a few boos

Julie – You got your hands dirty for McCranda, why did they choose Andy

Aaryn – He’s loyal to them because they’ve been together longer

Julie – Early in the game, you said harsh things.  Racist things… how you respond?

Aaryn – Being southern, it’s a stereotype.  I have been taken out of context and I didn’t mean to come off racist.  I want to apologize

Julie – We want to remind you that you’re being recorded 24/7.

Julie then quotes 3 nasty things (one about Candice in the dark, Helen make rice, and Andy gay)… Aaryn looks shocked

Aaryn – This hurts me, I am shocked.  I never meant it hurtful.

Julie – Any final thoughts?

Aaryn – No.. I feel horrible.  In Texas, we joke, I didn’t mean anything.  I don’t want to be seen like that person.

Julie – When you go home and watch the 70 days in the house, you may have a different perspective of things and I hope it changes you (along those lines, don’t remember exact wording)

Well then, that interview was a pretty big one.  Aaryn probably feels extremely tiny right now.  Had a HUGE reality check because of the quotes Julie brought up.  She was still in denial about the racist comments.  She’s going to have a rough night tonight.

6:50pm – Well then, now to follow that interview (first time I actually transcribed one).  HoH competition time..  It’s an easter theme, the house has to reach into a cage, navigate an egg through a fence and bring it to the basket.  First to a dozen eggs wins… looks like this one will carry over.  I’ll start a new thread shortly

6:55pm – Julie announces a surprise competition (luxury comp?), and double eviction next week.


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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread

Where did Aaryn's game go wrong?  Oh right, the beginning

Where did Aaryn’s game go wrong? Oh right, the beginning

I will be the first to admit, Aaryn was one tricky player this season.  By tricky, I mean she was willing to say anything and sell her soul to anyone for a few more weeks.  Aaryn probably should have gone home on day 35, but she played the game, Kaitlin didn’t, and Aaryn is still in the Big Brother house today… for a few more hours at least.

By making deals wherever she could, this gave Aaryn about 2 months worth of weekly paychecks from Big Brother (the cast are paid $1k/week stipend, like most reality show contestants), and also some time to do damage control on her personality.  While I don’t expect a roaring applause for Aaryn as she sits next to Julie Chen tonight, I can easily say the response will be better from both the crowd, and Julie, than it would have been a month ago.

When Kaitlin sat next to Julie, she faced some pretty tough and uncomfortable questions that I never would have expected.  Had it been Aaryn, I can only imagine the questions would have been worse, as she was the leader of the ‘Mean Girls’.   Since her partner in crime left the house, Aaryn has mostly kept her ignorant comments to herself, and let a new person take over as the ‘most hated’ – Amanda.

Based on that, I think the predictions will be pretty obvious….

Amanda – Aaryn
GinaMarie - Aaryn
Spencer - Aaryn
McCrae - Aaryn
Judd - Aaryn

Another week, another unanimous eviction.

Did you know, since Nick’s eviction in week 2, there have only been 3 votes that went against the house.

Week 3 – Kaitlin for Spencer (she knew Jeremy was going, but couldn’t vote for her showmance.  Everyone understood)
Week 5 – Spencer for Candice (Spencer and Howard were friends all season, this was not a surprise)
Week 8 – Elissa for Spencer (there was no way Elissa was voting for Helen, and Spencer even said it in his speech)

There you have it, that’s been the season so far.  Once the two blindsides were finished, the only surprise was the double eviction when Judd went home.   I think the producers need to sit down this off-season and try to figure out a creative way to shake things up next season.  The third nominee was an attempt, but that fell flat when Elissa joined the house and received all the votes.

I’m going to toss up a poll anyway just to see what you guys think….

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Big Brother 15 – Weird Week Coming To A Close


I know this is a bit late, but with my daughter starting school this week, my sleep has been all out of whack.  Not only that, my cat doesn’t know what to make of it, so he’s meowing for food at random times…  not that anyone cares, but that’s my exciting life.

So before I begin on the feeds, I finally caught up with the last 2 shows of Big Brother.. Sunday and last night.  As far as Sunday’s episode goes, people need to relax with the conspiracy theories.  Like I said on Thursday night, she was clearly getting sprayed by the hose, and it showed it on the episode.  Don’t believe everything you read from random people on different sites.

The veto show, well that was a typical zingbot episode. I am in camp McCrae, we both think the zingbot is incredibly annoying and I’ll be shocked if he has more than one decent zinger per season.  The best zing of the night came when Amanda said both the zingbot and Elissa are made of plastic, but then when you realized Amanda has fake boobs, it kind of kills that joke.   Speaking of Amanda, they sure made her look pretty crazy, and well, she pretty much made herself look crazy.  It was a mediocre strategy at best (to piss off Elissa to get GM up for some reason), and it was so poorly executed that Amanda made herself look like a huge ass who needs to get out of the house.

Way to go, Amanda.  Your strategy made little sense, and it made you hated by the fans that much more.  If that’s what you were going for, then congrats?  (this is clearly the downfall of a once powerful alliance, and it’s kind of sad to see it go out like Hurricane Jessie)

Regarding the feeds yesterday, well this thread speaks for itself. The biggest news is that Aaryn and Judd shared a little kissy kissy sometime around 6:15pm, and then snuggled a bit in bed around 3am.  Keep working that vote, Aaryn… oh wait, you ‘stopped’ campaigning.

I’ll keep an eye on the feeds throughout the day, but honestly on Thursday the house is mostly staring in the mirror getting ready for the live show tonight.

Big Brother 15 – Wednesday Updates

bb15-elissa-restingThe week of excitement is drawing to a close, and it’s sad to say, but it was another over-hyped week.  I thought we were due a Pandora’s Box or something fun, maybe an extra veto, or the photobooth turning into a time traveling machine to bring them back to the beginning of the season so they can make fewer dumb moves.

Nope, none of it.   Just Elissa nominating McCrae and Aaryn, then Amanda winning veto to fuel the absurd conspiracies that she’s favored to win.  When Amanda took McCrae off the block, he was replaced by Elissa’s friend, Andy.  The biggest part of the week was not the nominations, but it was Amanda forming into her own little hurricane as she pretty much went batshit crazy on Elissa.   There was a point in the week where Elissa remained in the HoH room with the door locked, and Amanda was banned from going up there.

Amanda tried to channel Dick Donato, but ended up channeling a bit of Jessie to make herself look more stupid than piss off Elissa.  The low blow personal attacks are what really bothered the readers, and it’s understandable.  As a fan of the show, I hate seeing that stuff.   When you’re in the house, everything about you is fair game, but when you start bringing families into it, that’s just stupid.  Bashing Elissa for the amount of times she talks about her son versus her step-son, implying she’s a bad step-mother is just crap…

Today has the potential to be REALLY slow or pretty exciting depending on Aaryn.  She started stirring the pot last night, and if she continues, we could have some arguments on the horizon.   Aaryn wants to remain in the house and is doing her best to repeatedly drive over Andy with the bus.  Personally, I don’t think it’s going to work, but it’s fun to watch.


Small one today… Twitter, Facebook, Live Feeds and Donate links are at the top of the page.

Another plug … Breaking F’n Bad.  Seriously, is this the best show on TV right now?  Or better yet, is this one of the best crime based tv series of all time?  It has to rank up there in the top 10.  If you haven’t seen it, get Netflix and enjoy a nice long weekend.


11:00am – The house had a wake-up call, a few people went to the DR, and aside some getting ready, others went back to bed.  Yup, going to be one of those afternoons.

2:00pm – Long time between updates, I know.  Had to run a few errands, I’m back to watch another day of the boring house!   It’s lunch time and some are eating, some are just roaming around.  Very exciting stuff here

3:15pm – Quick update before dinner.  Nothing is going on.  Shocker.   I seriously should do a night shift because nothing happens during the day unless Hurricane Jessie is blowing through.

4:15pm – Hourly update.  House eating. Some were in the pool for a little while, so there’s that!

4:30pm – Elissa bashing showmances.  Who comes on Big Brother to fall in love?  (ummm….)

Now Elissa continues to bash Amanda, her favorite topic.  She’s trashy, gross, etc….  How can McCrae like a girl like that?  – Elissa doesn’t directly insult people but those are examples of talking down about people.

5:00pm – Going to watch BB on CBS, I like the diary room sessions and competition

6:50pm – If you’re interested in talking about prostitution, now is your time to watch the feeds.  Otherwise, go out and have fun!

8:20pm – Aaryn is packing up her stuff, the rest of the house hanging out not doing much.  I’ll check back in to see if anything happens…

Big Brother 15 – Aaryn’s Last Stand

bb15-aaryn-couchI thought today was going to be a very small recap post based on what I covered throughout the day yesterday – nothing. Apparently after I went to bed, the house had a few drinks which could only mean one thing… drama!   Wait, there wasn’t much drama… ok, it could also mean… game talk!  There definitely was a lot of that last night around 11:45pm bbt (flashback here).  Aaryn has been lightly campaigning all week, but came out with some strong statements to Amanda that had her re-thinking the weekly plan.

Aaryn told Amanda that the best option would be to keep her in the house and she’s stupid if she doesn’t (in so many words).  The house is going to be gunning for them, and Aaryn can be somewhat of a shield in front of the duo. I will give her credit, she knows her role and what buttons to push, but it may be too late to save herself.  Even though she’s right in being a much bigger target than Andy, McCrae is worried about losing their game-long ally.  Little do they know that Andy is also working with Spencer, Judd and GM, but I do think in the end, Andy would remain with Amanda and McCrae… maybe.

McCranda are really between a rock and a hard place this week because Aaryn flat out told them she isn’t voting for either of them to win unless they’re in the f2 together.  She is pissed that she used basically all the power she had this season on whatever Amanda wanted, and now she’s being tossed aside.  While it sounds like sour grapes, and another bitter jury member, I think it’s just a bluff….  With that said, a short while later, Andy also said that he’d be very upset if he were blindsided this week, and that’s the only way they’d be able to get him out.   If they tell him now, he’ll campaign his ass off to stay.

At this point, the duo needs to think which member would be more likely to respect ruthless gameplay.  Andy should respect it considering he did the same thing to quite a few people, including one of his closest friends in the house (Helen).  Aaryn is less likely to respect it, but I can’t possibly see her voting for Spencer or Elissa to win, so Amanda/McCrae would have to take one of them to the f2 if they wanted her vote.  There is a snag however, because if they take Elissa to the f2, she’d likely have the votes from Helen, Candice and possibly even Jessie, GM, and Judd. That would be enough to win if she had all 5.

With ‘The Exterminators’ still talking as an alliance, and people leaving the game pissed at Amanda, things are not looking good for McCranda moving forward.  If you’re a fan of the duo, you better be crossing your fingers and toes one of them wins HoH this Thursday because the door is slowly closing on their chances to win it all.

(ps – I am still going through the moderator e-mails.  I received a ton and trying to decide on one.  Thank you for the e-mails so far!)