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Big Brother 13 Power Of Veto Was Tonight (Spoilers)

big brother 13 evil dick pictureIt’s been a busy week in the Big Brother House, as the houseguests entered the house last week, and had the head of household sometime I’d guess early in the week (Rachel won), making it one of the longer times someone will hold the HOH power.   Then, last night, Evil Dick abruptly left the game, which was also shortly after he broke his NDA by having a friend post a video of him talking about entering the house while also plugging his new website.   Coincidence?  I think not.

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spoilers next…

Rachel nominated team Keith and Porsche for eviction, and then over the past few hours, the house held the power of veto competition.   As you can see, they were forced to wear some weird red jumpsuits..

rachel wearing the pov outfitBut I’m sure the guys will love watching that episode, although Rachel did look like she had a very flat ass in it, but something tells me people won’t be looking at her lower half.

Anyway, it turns out team snuggle (Rachel and Brandon) won the POV this week, and now have the power to keep the nominations the same, or swap them for someone different.  Rachel did cause a minor stir during the POV competition where she pissed some people off (again), and was talking about possibly swapping Keith/Porsche for someone else.  It will be certainly interesting to see whether or not she does that.

On a final note before I head to bed and likely miss all the good stuff on the feeds, Adam and a few others were sitting at the table talking about how people are now watching on showtime after dark and feeling weird about it, not remembering the live feeds are 24/7 (get them here – 3 days free).   On the bright side, it does leave me hopeful that this crew will forget about the 24/7 live feeds and give us some interesting stuff to watch this season when showtime AD is not on.

Time to hit the sack, thanks for reading my stuff today.  Going to be spotty over the weekend, but if anything happens I’ll try to keep you updated!

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