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Big Brother 14 – It’s All Up In The Air

Frank and Boogie chat in the arcade room

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For the third straight week in the Big Brother 14 house, the final decision on who to vote out is going to come down to Thursday’s live feed. While last week may have been the easiest to predict so far, this week may be the toughest.  In week 1, I had a gut feeling Kara was doomed and I was just hopeful someone would create a stir, but this 3rd vote I really don’t have a solid gut feeling.  While Boogie and Frank (chatting above) are confident that it may even be a 4-1 vote in favor of Frank, I’m not so sure. (Flashback to around 3:30 bbt to see the Frank and Boogie conversation in the arcade room)

Wil is ranting and raving about Janelle and her ‘parenting’ both he and Joe instead of coaching, and giving Frank a false sense of security.  Apparently Wil is really upset at Janelle for pretty much what you saw on CBS tonight (wednesday show) where Janelle is coaching her players to be kiss-asses.  Wil is tired of her playing on his behalf and has decided to go rogue and “play for himself now”.  Good plan, Wil… see how far going solo in a team game gets you.  Let Julie Chen know the story when you’re talking to her on the couch.

I’m going to wait to see what happens on the feeds overnight before I make my final prediction, but right now I’m feeling a 3-2 vote in favor of Frank.  I still think Danielle is going to vote out Joe, while Wil is going to vote for Frank.

Also, random notes about the episode tonight on CBS…

  • Joe, seriously buddy.. calm down.  When they say diary room, they don’t really mean to treat it like a teen girl would a real diary after a breakup from her crush.
  • Speaking of Joe, when he mentioned missing his family tonight and how long he’d be away, were we the only ones wondering if they’re missing him, but also love how quiet the house is without him?
  • That pink tank top is not a good look on Shane.  I don’t know if it’s pink or the fact that it’s a super ugly looking tank top.  It looks like the back of a dress, with two little straps up over his shoulders.
  • I loved the editing when Janelle said Boogie was likely out there scheming but then they show him just chatting about lifting weights.
  • Who was that girl hosting the veto competition?  Is she new to the house?

I’ll be posting my predictions tomorrow and prepare myself for (hopefully) a long night for the endurance competition!

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  1. Comments (120)

    I like ur 3-2 vote for Frank leaving…and ur right with Wil’s and Danielle’s vote….

    how bout the CBS editing of the Wild Party?…no nudity, no streaking, no tongue kissing, no nothing…at least they showed Wil in his undies, lol…thank god i live with the Live Feeds and saw everything, lol…☺…

  2. Comments (1273)

    I for sure thought they would show that Kiss between Boogie and Ashley! That was the best part!!! oh well.

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