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Big Brother 14 – Ashley Iocco

big brother 14 ashley iocco

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Ashley Iocco is a 26 year old who originated from PA, but moved to LA in order to pursue her dream in mobile spray tanning (I made up her dream).  I’m not really sure if that was a good career move for Ashley. I’ve seen tons of Toddlers & Tiara’s and a lot of those people seem to live in the central-east region, so I’d assume that would be a jackpot for mobile spray tanning.

Whatever, enough about her career.  Ashley is intending on coming in as the ditzy blonde and leaving as the super smart girl who outplayed everyone.  Reality is, she’ll enter and exit the house as the ditzy blonde, or she’s going to be super bright and very transparent.  I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen reality show contestants say they’re going to act a certain way, but fail miserably. If she is smart, she’s going to appear it within 5 minutes whether she likes it or not, and if she is ditzy, well, she’ll appear it but won’t realize it until she’s gone.

It doesn’t help that under her bio she was asked to list 3 adjectives to describe herself and she gave 5.

My prediction:  Ditzy blonde all the way, and that will actually get her far as the guys will probably be dopes enough to keep her around (Think Jordan).  This may eventually help her get pretty far in the game, so I’m going to say we’ll be seeing a lot of Ashley this summer. Winner?  I doubt it, but I could see jury easily.

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