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Big Brother 14 – If Dan Doesn’t Win, Is BB14 A Fail Of A Season?

Shameless plug, before you read, follow me on twitter or facebook for any information this weekend on part 2 of the HoH competition, and for Big Brother 15 information this winter.

As much as I’ve been against the veterans returning to the house, especially after the annoyance last season with Rachel crying every other day, I have to say two people made BB14 very fun to watch this summer.  Those people were Mike Boogie or Dan Gheesling, both veterans.  Due to the manner in which they returned, this allowed for them to bond with newbies instead of instantly forming a power alliance from day 1.  It also didn’t hurt they chose people like Boogie and Janelle who had a negative history together.

I want to sympathize with the newbies and say they had an unfair advantage, but they didn’t.  In BB13, they easily had a huge unfair advantage from day 1, but Dan has been near the exit more times than I can count on one hand, yet nobody pulled the trigger.  Dan could have been gone before the coaches even entered as players, but he somehow dodged that bullet a few times.  He was a target of Frank’s for weeks, and even when Dan was hanging from the ledge of a cliff, Frank decided to pull him up and give him another shot.   If and when Dan ends up bringing Ian to the final 2 despite multiple promises to bring Danielle, she’ll be the fool, not him.  I don’t care about swearing on things, I think that’s completely overblown and I bet half the people who complain about it would piss away their dignity for a legitimate shot at life changing money as well. (look at what people have to subject themselves to on fear factor for a much smaller prize)

Now that I’m off my high horse, it’s back to the question at hand.  If Dan ends up making it to the finals (which is very likely), will the season be considered a failure if he does not win the grand prize?  I know it will certainly leave a bitter taste in my mouth to see the jury hand $500k to either Danielle or Ian if Dan is sitting next to them.   Don’t get me wrong, Ian is probably second deserving in the house and has been since Frank left, but there is nobody this season that has been able to manipulate people and control the flow of the game the way Dan has.  Not even close.  Every HoH that wasn’t Franks was basically run by ObiDan, and even Frank’s final one was controlled by him.

What are your thoughts on the season if Dan doesn’t win it all?

Moving on, I’m sure many are wondering where the house stands right now.  Well, Dan actually convinced Danielle to drop during the endurance competition last night and will automatically advance to the final part in the 3-part HoH competition.  Next up, Ian will face Danielle most likely tomorrow in a physical competition, and the winner of that will square off against Dan during the live 90 minute finale on Wednesday.  On that night, the HoH winner will then pick the person he wants to sit next to in the final 2, and the jury will likely vote for Dan to win it all.

Like I mentioned above, follow me on twitter for any random updates, but I will also be updating the blog after part 2 so we know who will square off Wednesday night.

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  1. Comments (4)

    I really would like to know why you feel the jury will vote for Dan. In fact most blogs on Big Brother all say that the jury voting for Dan would be a challenge. For one, most of the jury members are there because of Dan. Even if they decided to ignore fact they are there because of him and vote because of his game play, his game play was not that exceptional. Yes, I understand it takes manipulation and backstabbing to win the game at times.. and we all know he did this well. But in Big Brother history the jury also often looks at other characteristics of voting that are important such as honesty, genuine kindness, and personality. Everyone is slowly finding out how manipulative he was and how he also lied to them all. He lost everyones trust. Also, keep in mind he has already won Big Brother and that will be on their minds too. Do they want to give the money to someone who already had the money or give it to someone else who worked hard. I think, and I would bet my house on this, if Dan goes to the final two he will not win. Ian is extremely passionate, fights hard, was very honest with many house guests, and played a good game. He created the longest lasting alliance in Big Brother History. Danielle is a major floater and abides by Dan’s every move. She never plays the game for herself and this will hurt her.

    • Comments (528)

      Against Ian Dan would lose. Against Danielle he would win. The jury is supposed to decide who they feel played the best game as well as who they feel played what THEY consider a good game and thus deserves the money. Danielle did almost shit-all so clearly Dan would deserve the money more unless the jury is really SO bitter that they’d cheat the clear winner. As much as people claim Ian is some kind of “puppet” he in fact was just playing with a team and loyal to a partner (Dan) and ultimately helped his alliance make it to the end. Loyally.

  2. Debdebb and joe are retarded
    Comments (35)

    that is all

  3. Comments (1271)

    BTW, the feeds are back up, and there are some fireworks in the house right now!!!

  4. Comments (3)

    Ian won part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Comments (1271)

    Are both Dan and Danielle playing Ian right now? Already trying to work on getting Ian to throw part 3? Or is this really happening??? I haven’t seen Dani this pissed.

    • Comments (126)

      it’s hard to tell, the house is like the twilight zone right now, Danielle is a little scary, she’s got Ian tensed

      • Comments (1271)

        I think they are playing him. But if they are, they both need to look into a career in acting.

      • Comments (126)

        Actually Dan just said to himself about throwing it to Ian, which has a slight risk, but it will help Dan in the jury by not having to betray Dani if he wins

  6. Comments (126)

    Danielle ‘you are dumb girl’, now she is excusing Ian of making a deal with the Devil Dan, something she has been doing all season long. Talking about calling the kettle black.

    • Comments (62)

      Dan does have a final 2 deal with wee Ian you pchyco! That is why Shane is in the jury. The human zit is in a place no one should ever visit. She will whine up a storm and Dan will actually avopid her. She can do nothing to get him further in the game. NEXT… to your heart ripped out! You better hope Dan gets lucky in part 3 because the mist is about to wear off on wee Ian. He isn’t throwing shit. He may lose to Dan and finish 3rd but he isn’t going to let his fate to win BB rest on Dan’s word. A couple days ago on BBAD dan and the wee fella were discussing Ians thought on percentages to win BB. To beat Dani he had it between 50 and 55%. To beat Dan 60-70%. This being only Ians opinion. Oh I want to see if Dani will go crawling to Ian trying for a 2nd F2 deal. Dan will tell her lay low and say nothing as usual!! I want wee Ian to get the HOH and decide who sits beside him. The problem is Dani has Twitny, Shane, Jenn and Dan. That’s to many votes. He still has to take Dan IMO.I’d say Ian needs a “wee” bit of luck!!!

      • Comments (126)

        Honestly, I don’t care for any one these final 3 winning 1/2 million, but at this point the least deserving is Dumb-Dumb Danielle, especially after falling for that last Dan trick to put Shane on the block, in a judo move I haven’t seen since the Olympics.

  7. Comments (7)

    Dan won’t win cause he back stabbed ever member of tha jury dan will have to settle for $50,000 Frank won’ Shane won’t jenn won’t and ashley will vote with Frank lol..

  8. Comments (19)

    Ian really won 🙁 I hope dan beats him.

  9. Comments (528)

    GO IAN!!!!!

  10. Comments (1271)

    From what I can tell. Ian beat Dani. And it appears that her and Dan had this planned in case Ian did win. She has told Ian that she’s more mad with him then Dan, and that if Ian takes Dan to the F2, she’ll make sure he looses jury votes.
    I think, from what I’m seeing so far, that they want him to feel like if he picks Dan over Dani, meaning he’d never be able to get the 500K. And Ian is already saing that he’s now going to be stuck playing for 2nd if Dani gets to the jury.
    Which opens the door for Dan to start pulling Ian down the rabbit hole, and get him to throw the comp to Dan (again). I think it will be under the vice of, “let me get the blood on my hands”, I don’t care if I loose votes, I think you have me beat anyway. But if you are the one to take me, she’ll turn everyone against you. She’ll be pissed, but then it won’t be you’re fault, it will be all mine.” I’m pretty sure this is another one of Dan’s Hail Mary’s.
    I’d like to say Ian wouldn’t fall for that, but… Dan is good. He’s got the best poker face I’ve ever seen. He might actually be able to pull it off. I’m not saying that if it happens Dan will 100% take dani, but I think he knows he has a better shot with votes against her then Ian.
    Man, I wish this had been earlier in the night. I can’t sit up all night to see what else happens 🙁

    • Comments (108)

      I am having a hard time reading everybody. Well, not Dan — I know he is lying. lol
      I thought Danielle was actually really pissed off and it sounds like Ian and Dan really are in a final 2 deal. After a couple of minutes of fish, Showtime opened with Ian and Danielle all dirty from some competition that apparently Ian won, and Dan was celebrating and Danielle saw him. To me it looked like the reset all over again – he forgot to play for a minute and got caught. Last night Danielle was all pissed off and telling Ian how she wanted to play Dan and send him to jury. I was hoping that was real… but it looked like Ian was just nodding along while still planning to keep his deal with Dan.
      It’s not my money so it really doesn’t matter to me who gets it… but man it would be fun to see Dan get booted out, especially by Danielle!

    • Comments (30)

      I agree with your assessment 100%. The real issue is whether Ian falls for Dan’s idea. I thought Ian was on to Dan, but now I don’t think so. I’m rooting for Ian, but I have to say, this was a very good strategy and plan by Dan. He’s good!

  11. Comments (7)

    Dan deserves to win in my opinion, he has played the entire house like a fiddle. and thats what the game is all about. he was right to play danielle the entire time, she knew what she was getting into. u cant play emotionally, u have to play logically. whatever danielle did, its her fault. the only reason she is still there is because of him. dan is an absolute genius and if the jury fails to see that, shame on them. dan and dr. will are the greatest players of all time!!! 🙂 rooting for you dan! 🙂

  12. Comments (126)

    Danielle goes into cry baby mode again, I have lost count of her tears of self-pity this season; and she is a nurse, what a wimp she deserve zero in this game.

    Sympathy play is all she has left, I doubt cold heart Dan will fall for it, for he has to know that Danielle will beat him or Ian in F2 jury votes.

    She was so close to winning it all, but blew it when Shane got the major back-stab betrayal which she unwittingly played a key part in, it will probably go down as one of the brainless moves in BB

  13. Comments (12)

    so part 3 comes down to dan vs ian. im not surprised at all that ian won part 2 against danielle he is the kid genius after all. i suspect that ian will win part 3 against dan and take him to the finals. ian will win the game by a 5-2 vote. i still dont think that dan made a mistake but danielle needs to relax. if dan somehow wins part 3 he will take her but ian is committed to the new renegades. that being said i think ian wins either way weather he picks dan or dani assuming he wins. he has been the 2nd best player in this game all season and seems to have decent relationships with everyone in the jury. the difference between dan and dani for ian is that the whole jury hates dan and they like dani. so why on earth would ian take a chance against dani when he should have an easy 500K against dan.

    • Comments (19)

      I think Ian has a better chance of winning against Danielle than dan.

      • Comments (126)

        I think Dani will beat either Dan or Ian, if Dan betrays Dani and does not take her, then Ian should win. I think Dan could still lose to Ian either way. But Dan is now assessing whether to throw Part 3 to Ian so he doesn’t have to betray Dani for better odds in winning.

        I am starting to feel sorry for Dani now, but she made big mistakes that really will cost her in a huge way, and she is now starting to realize it. Too bad she is a good girl, just not that bright

      • Comments (1271)

        I feel the same way, except for the part about her not being bright. I think it’s just a matter or being young and somewhat naive and trusting too much in someone elses loyalty.
        And while I was glad to hear Dan say (after he saw how very upset Dani really was in the bathroom) that he just couldn’t be the one to cut her. But, I think that even if he doesn’t hurt her initially, by not taking her, she’ll look back at that recording of him saying he might throw it to Ian, and be even more hurt.
        I try not to want someone to win for emotional reasons, but I just don’t want to see her hurt anymore. I HATE seeing anyone that upset.

  14. Comments (30)

    Ian seems convinced that he will not beat Danielle, esp. with Danielle’s threats. He is mulling over (assuming he beats Dan)whether he wants to almost certainly settle for second (meaning he will either lose in a direct popularity contest with Danielle, or lose votes to Dan by voting Danielle out and having her turn herself and jurors against him) OR trust Dan and throw the competition, believing he will beat Dan and win 500K, even with a risk of a betrayal by Dan and winning nothing. This is what Ian will have to choose. Unfortunately, Dan is so manipulative and snakelike, I really think Ian might be so tempted by the possibility of 500K and his desire to feel he can trust Dan that he decides to take the risk. I so hope he doesn’t, ’cause he will lose everything!

  15. Comments (76)

    Honestly does Danielle think that Dan is letting her get 500.000 dollars. How stupid.

  16. Comments (30)

    OMG – Here’s a twist. (Just when I thought I had things figured out)Dani is so genuinely upset and crying Dan knows he will not be able to beat her with the jurors. He was musing to himself that he thinks he can only win by taking Ian! But, he’s perturbed by the level of hurt feelings Dani has (he said so)that now he’s talking about actually throwing the comp. to Ian. That way, Ian takes him (he’s confident of this) without him having to hurt Danielle. It just goes to show that there is truly a line in games involving lying and deceit. It’s not true that no one gets seriously hurt, it’s “just a game”. People really can be scarred, and even Dan doesn’t want to see this happen. Kudos to him for finally showing some morals!

  17. Comments (1)

    Dan may be be a great player. However, I find him to be sleaze in his personal life. If you look at his web site you can see how is selling coaching sessions to those willing to pay for it. He also video taped all that he took into the house so could sell them later. He’s also selling his books about how to get selected for a reality show and a coaching book on obtaining life’s goals. They will be available on Kindle soon according to his web site. You might think this is cool and within his purview to pursue and you might be right. I just think he has brought a whole new level of sleaze to the world and used Big Brother to do it. In Dabs case it is not just a game but a business, sordid though it maybe. I feel like he cheapens the joy of watching the show. All that being said, I do agree that he is a great player. He just cheapens the show and the experience we get vicariously by warching it.

    • Comments (528)

      More sleazy than the dude who used his BB winnings to start a drug ring?

    • Comments (1271)

      I’m pretty sure all of the cast members sale their stuff after the show. The difference is Dan, being a former player, knows that if people know what they have with them when they go, might be willing to pay more for it after. Plus, he already had a website, so why not put the stuff up?
      I know people have gotten crazy amounts of money for some weird stuff, so really he’s just ahead of the curve. Also, while I’m personally not big on motivational books, they are a huge market. There are books for everything out there, and he’s making money of those books, just like anyone else who writes a “how to” book. Again, if people are willing to pay for it, why not put it out there?

    • Comments (8)

      You know him in his personal life?

      He enriched the show, both seasons, and is close to the only reason to watch, this season.

      Since when is running a business “sleazy?”

  18. Comments (3)

    For those of you underestimating Ian, look up his audition video where he talks about the alliance he came up with as a kid. Its identical to the quack pack. Ian picked every single member carefully according to his plan he came up with as a kid. That alliance lasted till the end. That alone says a lot about Ian’s game.

    • Comments (9)

      He didn’t make that alliance, that alliance was already formed and then he came into the room and they invited him into it. So please tell me how he made the quack pack alliance.

    • Comments (8)

      To say again, Ian did NOT create the quack pack. Everyone on the jury was so happy to give him the money, though, that they just said, “yeah that’s right” and nodded their heads.

      Complete fail.

  19. Comments (190)

    When Danielle was yelling at Ian it didn’t make sense. She tells him if he takes Dan she won’t vote for him and she will convince Shane not to vote for him. So if Ian took Danielle Shane still wouldn’t vote for him and Dan may not for knocking him out of the game.

    She should talk about him having a better chance of winning if she is sitting beside him. That is a better approach.

    Ian thinks it’s a done deal that he makes the final. Not so fast.

    • Comments (1271)

      I think that was what she was trying to do. By saying if he voted her out, she’d turn the jury against him, she’s saying he’d loose more votes. That she thinks she can get Shane, Herself, Jenn, Joe and Ashley all to vote against Ian. And, who knows which game play Brit would vote for, it’s a toss up.
      Ian, if he listens to her, could assume, without her in the jury going against him, he would have Brit, Frank, Ashley, Joe and maybe Jenn. Leaving only Dan and Shane to vote for her.
      I think she’s trying to say, with her in the jury, he just won’t have as good of odds.
      I honestly think Dani could win in votes against Ian or Dan. Even if Dan is the mastermind behind people being there, Ian played a big role in it. He’s even taken credit in his good bye messages. I think Jenn and Frank feel more personally hurt by Ian. Really, as far as jury votes go, it could go any way. IMO

      • Comments (528)

        What a bitch! They shouldn’t be allowed to blackmail each other for votes, that’s insane.

      • Comments (1271)

        I’m not claiming to know what’s in Dan’s mind (now that’s a brian I’d like to look inside of) but I think this was part of him and Dani’s plan. A backup plan for if Ian won part 2, which he did. I think it is a scheme to get Ian to throw the 3rd round to Dan, so that Dan can choose.
        But, now that Dan’s looking closer, he might have realized that Dani has a better chance to beat him in the end. So, he’s starting to second guess the plan. He wants Ian to take him if Ian wins, but, he wants to option to take Ian or Dani. Once again, he’s covered on both sides.
        i saw one person say that Dan was really pissed at Dani for being so upset. But, earlier in the night, you saw her giving him a play by play of her argument/talk with Ian, and him telling her some other things to say.
        Also, I think Dan is also looking at it as a way to secure Ian’s vote. While Dani thinks she’s cornering Ian into taking her, Dan knows that Ian is just getting pissed. So, he would be more sure to take Dan, just out of anger.
        Once again, it’s a case of Dani getting used. The difference is, she is aware of part of the plan this time, instead of being blindsided. She just doesn’t know that Dan is still not telling her his entire plan. I think this entire situation is why he wanted Shane out, at some point she’s going to have to figure it out. I just hope it’s not like Shane did, and it’s when he’s talking to Julie that he realizes it.

      • Comments (528)

        What a dick! Man, I’m sorry, but “Dr. Will who?” indeed. Dan is a freaking mastermind. And I really don’t think the houseguests are as dumb as people say, they’re just new to the game. This is why it’s BS mixing vetrans and newbies…especially former winners.

        Oy, I just hope Ian gets HoH and makes the best decision for himself. He’s really come far, I’d be heartbroken to see him get the boot now.

      • Comments (190)

        She will have 2 minutes, or less, to convince them after the final comp and Ian knows that.

  20. Comments (44)

    first of all, i’d like to address those people that think Mike Boogie is overrated. He’s not, he’s a great BB player. why do you think Dr Will wont come back as an HG? He would have no advantage what so ever especially against newbies who had seen him play twice and know that it is in their best interest to evict him asap. Hence Mike didnt hit the reset button, he knew that. As for who should Win BB14, Dan hands down, simply because everyone else is not deserving.. Apart from Dan and Boogie, no other house guest played any strategic game. Ian thinks he played strategically, but Dan clearly manipulated him, and he shouldnt take credit for Boogie’s eviction, he was merely a rat. The houseguest this season were tremendously stupid, i love Frank but i’d but him in that category.
    this season had potentials. Imagine if Dan and boogie teamed up as i thought they would, and then shane and frank(captain america alliance) had good alliance, and willie and will and kara( coz she’s beautiful), and den janelle maybe britney were in the game longer.. and Ian, jodi , danielle, joe , jen , ashley were all evicted .. woulda been a great season.

    • Comments (42)

      uh – let’s see … Dr Will’s decision to not return … well, gee, couldn’t be that he has a successful CA dermatology business to run (removing tramp stamps from Hollywood celeb’s private regions – heh heh) … taking 3 months to play a game that he already has proven himself in would not be a good decision … of course, Boogie has restaurants to run but he has help where Dr. Will is the man to see …

      • Comments (44)

        granted, but that is besides me point, being that, players returning with newbies is a crappy idea, and having experience in the game is a minor advantage.

  21. Comments (2)

    OK~ people will do some crazy things for money. Literally anything.Joining a reality show on TV and lying your way to the top is not that off the wall. Would you sign up for Big Brother and expect NOT to be lied to? Its the point of the game. Danielle lied from day 1 about something that didn’t even matter OR further her game play!!Dan’s calculated moves in this game made for some great TV. BB put Boogie and Janelle into this game so they would act just the way Dan did. Love him or hate him….the rest of the houseguests followed him EVERY single week. Dan is the man this season!

  22. Comments (1)

    Ok if you people really think Dan should win your nuts . If Dan teaches or coaches kids like the way he has played bb then seriously he shouldn’t be close to any kids . If Dan coaches this bad maybe he should apply to penn state university he would be great has a coach of their football team . Dan is a snake even I could beat Dan at his own game also bb needs to change things in the future if not and the ratings fall any more they will cancel it . Bb should dq people who throw the comps in the end because you have wasted your summer for what nothing . Also if the vets came back their should have been a rule that said if you enter the game because you have played and won before you will not get the grand prize your prize will be 100k only a newbie will be able to win 500k . Has for dani I feel for her really because the way Dan has used her will affect the rest of her life if and when she dates a guy she’s gonna have trust issues and that will affect her . I’ve read on one other site how a so called friend of hers spread so much crap about her that if she ever finds it and reads it I have a feeling she’s going to be issuing lawsuits to her ex friend and the reporter who went and posted it online . It’s one thing to play a game but it’s another when you go and trash someone’s name . Ian that poor kid has no chance in hell of ever hooking up with Kara that girl is out of his league ex playmates do not date nerds if you want to run in Kara’s league you need money maturity and knowledge of sex Ian lacks all three even Ashley is out of Ian’s league I’m betting he don’t have a clue about her movie career has a bdsm porn actress . The real person who I find should win is dani or brit .

    • Comments (8)

      Of course Dan should win. You clearly don’t have your mind in the game. You think that your perception of the best way to play this game means that playing another way is wrong. Don’t bring Dan’s real life into this – that has NOTHING to do with Big Brother.

      BTW, it’s “you’re,” not “your.” It’s “as,” not “has.” It’s “anymore,” not “any more.” It’s “there,” not “their.” This is a period – “.”

  23. Comments (1)

    Ian will win the HoH and send Dan packing. Book it

  24. Comments (60)

    Epic if Dan got evicted last and the final 2 are Ian and Danielle. Granted Ian has alot contributed to get this far. Danielle has been the rolling pawn and is definitely this season’s Porche. A floater with a purpose, Dan’s floatation device.
    Tonite should be interesting to watch. Perfect would be “TITANIC” Dan strike the eviction Iceberg and sink. Played a great game and strat but Ian put alot out there to.

  25. Comments (1)

    Yes, total fail and if the very players can’t appreciate that they are on the jury because of Dan, then they are not voting for the best player to win. To be a honest juror I would have to vote for the best all around player of the game and no one can deny that he hasn’t played the entire game and made some brilliant moves.

  26. Comments (8)

    Complete fail. The best player did not win. The jury voted with their hearts, not their heads. Kid is clearly on the spectrum and that is what pushed him to the win. All the jurors had looks on their faces like they were the Kid’s parents.


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