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Home / Big Brother 14 / Big Brother 14 – Danielle Continues Her Bully Tactic On Ian

Big Brother 14 – Danielle Continues Her Bully Tactic On Ian

I thought it was going to be a very dull week in the Big Brother 14 house, because typically the final week is.  I haven’t even asked people to sign up to the live feeds since Thursday because I fully anticipated the three of them sitting around the house staring at the walls.  Granted, they have been doing that for the most part, however occasionally Danielle flares up like the house hemorrhoid and unloads on Ian with rage.

If you flashback the livefeeds to 9:09pm bbt, you’ll find Danielle giving Ian about a 40 minute lecture on how she’s not mad at him, not bullying him or bashing him, yet does all of those things immediately following.  She rants about how hard she’s had it in the game from day 1 (riding Dan’s back isn’t hard), and how much she’s done for the alliance (nothing), yet downplays Ian’s season.  This makes her either completely delusional or dumb…  While Dan has played a phenomenal game this season, one of the key reasons the “quack pack” made it as far as they did was Ian’s willingness to play the ‘villain’ role of the season.  Without him completely turning on his coach and friend, there is 0% chance the final four would have been made up of their alliance.

By Ian playing the mole and Dan taking the punishment for it, this completely took any heat at all from the remaining houseguests and allowed them to target Boogie while they had the numbers.  The only thing Danielle did the entire season was be a puppet to Dan whenever she won HoH, and to keep going back to a person who lies to her over and over.  Is it Ian’s fault that Dan couldn’t trust her enough to warn her about the ‘funeral’ in advance?   No, it’s just that Danielle is a pretty mediocre player who happened to get lucky and ride the back of a strong player and good alliance.

Danielle is this season’s Porsche, and because she pretty much did nothing in the house, she may actually wind up with 2-3 votes if she made the F2.  She’ll earn the votes of those who are too bitter and butthurt to vote for the better player (either Ian or Dan), but luckily I don’t think there will be as many this season as BB13.

I know this is a pure opinion piece, but watching Ian talk to himself for quite some time on the hammock after the wrath of Danielle finished got annoying and I’ll be glad when he doesn’t have to suffer her any longer.

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  1. Comments (1)

    Ian is my favorite, but, sometimes it is painful watching him when he’s in “Rainman Mode.” If I was CBS I would offer him a recurring role on “The Big Bang Theory!” He would be an excellent addition to that show IMHO!

  2. Comments (4)

    If Ian wins the last comp and doesn’t evict Dan he will cost himself the game. I will lose all respect for him. He’ll cost the game if he doesn’t evict Dan.

    If Dan wins the last comp and doesn’t evic Ian he’ll also be a fool. But I know Dan will do it…it’s just a question of Ian getting Dan evicted.

    BUT I have to think that at this point both players have brains and will evict each other. The only thing sure to me will be Danielle winning $50k. If anything else happens these players are just fools.

    • Comments (62)

      Well I don’t think you’ve tried counting votes. Ian cannot beat Dani F2. Remember that the HG don’t know everything we know. Dani the disgrace is liked by many HG’s.
      Dani gets Shane, Jenn, Frank and Ashley. That’s 4 and that is enough. She should also get Dan’s vote. Ian gets Joe and Twitny. I’ve had this heads up match up 5-2 Dani for awhile. I believe Ian is an idiot if he takes Dani myself. I can’t get him to 4 votes versus the human zit!

  3. Comments (4)

    Dan will evict Ian if he wins…because Danielle has no shot against him.

    If Ian wins, I’m not sure what he’s going to do…although if he has a good head on his shoulders he will evict Dan because that will seal his victory as well.

    Any scenario where Danielle doesn’t win $50K makes absolutely no sense.

    • Comments (62)

      Again as much as I loath pimple popper I think she beats Dan also. Perhaps 5-2 as well. She gets Shane and Frank versus either as well as Jenn and Ashley. My best guuess is Joe votes for Dani also. Leaving Ian and Twitny voting for Dan. I simply believe you have a bitter jury. Dan speach will be epic. Think Frank and Shane lead the charge in the jury house for anyone but Dan.

      I cannot stress this enough. My vote counting(guessing) has Dani winning 500K if she makes the final. She could throw it away only with some of her classic narsacistic comments and a pack of her usual lies. Dan may have a little better shot versus Dani than Ian but both should take thier best choice in each other. Dan is likely to throw the final comp if he is sold on Ian taking him F2.

  4. Comments (1)

    Wow…just spent an hour reading through everyone’s opinions and I have to agree with almost all. I am thoroughly disgusted with danelle’s behavior on so many levels. Her desperate attempt to fighten Ian with threats and blackmail. This woman is beyond pathetic! Kissing Dan’s ass again last night , when he was onc again playing her as he hid underneath th covers trying not to crack up. Are u fuckin kidding me? The stupidity of this girl is outrageous. She is a beaten down girl who is absolutely infatuated and crushing so much on Dan she can’t think for herself. And Dan’s innocent wife is behind this behavior. She told him do whatever it takes to win honey, just come home with the cash. His wife supposedly teaches young woman to have respect for themselves, except of course unless 500 grand is involved . Low life, like him. Ian is a bright young man who I believe handled himself with class throughout this insane reality show. So what, he has something wrong with him? Look t the crazy bitch he has had to endure and the bug eyed, crazy man. This show as been an absolute blast throughout the highs and lows. Ian, hope you win buddy….just because you’re dealing….

  5. Comments (76)

    What i have figured out about Dan doing this poor me bit is I think he is going to throw the next comp and let Ian win. Then Ian will vote out Danielle and Dan and Ian will be the final two. He has no blood on his hands about Danielle leaving because i think he knows it might be a toss up between him and Danielle but with Ian he might will be guarented a win. Because Ian was saying the other day not too many people like Ian.

  6. Comments (6)

    Stevebeans–bravo to you for your entertaining reviews. Gonna miss
    checking in every night. Also to the rest of you guys! Good comments also gonna miss them. The one wish I have would to be in the rooms of some of the cast members when they watch the tapes and see what really went on (Dani-Frank-Ian and Britney (she’s not as sweet as they think). Have a great winter and happy holidays and
    will be reading BB15

  7. Comments (62)

    PS were is the thread for predictions on the F2 outcomes? It doesn’t come up I think.

  8. Comments (6)

    watching after dark right now and Dan still have to cheat playing cards what a putz!

  9. Comments (30)

    BB Fanatic, I don’t know if you know that Dan said to the cameras a couple of days ago that he felt he had to take Ian to win. Danielle has too many friends amoung the HGs that will vote for her no matter what because they want to root for her (especially against Dan). Ian doesn’t have a fan base among the jurors. Dan was trying to figure out a way to take Ian if he wins without stabbing Danielle too hard after all the trust she’s placed in him. I don’t know that anything’s changed since then to cause Dan to reconsider taking her. In the end I don’t think he’ll throw the comp. to Ian, however. I think he realizes it’s too risky.

    I agree with Pat; this has been a terrific forum and I will miss it too. I’ve especially enjoyed the insights of Rob and Christina. Look forward to next season. Go Ian (w/ Danielle 2nd and Dan 0):)

    • Comments (764)

      Awwww, thanks Jean! At least I think you meant me. Let me scroll back and see if there is another Rob posting… nope. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts as well. We think much along the same lines in so far as game play goes. I’ve also enjoyed reading Christina’s, Sadie’s (my fellow Canuck) and a few others too. It’s been fun!

  10. Comments (1271)

    Awww, thanks Jean! I loved reading your posts as well.
    As for Mr. Stevebeans, IMO, he rocks! I have gone on a lot of the other blogs and just can’t stand them, at least not after being on this one. He’s able to give us the info we need, and pick with the houseguests without being nasty, just using humor. As long as Stevebeans is running BBjunkies, I’ll be here every season. 🙂

  11. Comments (4)

    Im gunna miss BB…Gotta wait till next summer for All Stars 2

  12. Comments (1)

    While I’m not particularly a fan of Danielle, and certainly Ian and Dan are more deserving players to win, I don’t think it’s fair to say she has done nothing all season. She has won 4 competitions after all.

  13. Comments (3)

    If Danielle wins BB I swear I will never watch another second of BB.

  14. Comments (1)

    Not a comment more of a question. On one of the After Darks there was constant talk of Sanbags and Saline. Dani made of comment of Saline. Why did that stuff come up. Did Dani say she had implants or what started all that. Can someone answer this for me. Thank you

  15. Comments (29)

    yeah just another floater….Floater is the polite way of saying your a nobody in this game, so just hide under a bed and wait untill someone calls your name to sit in the hot seat dumb dumb….

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