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Big Brother 14 – Danielle Murphree

Big Brother 14 Danielle MurphreeDanielle Murphree is a 23 year old nurse from Alabama with a last name that is sure to have about a billion typos this season.  Murphy?  Muphree?  Murphee?  I can see it now.  Moving on from her name, here is the “sweetheart” from the crew.  She idolizes Jordan and will probably be all nicey nice, but what people don’t realize is that Jordan was also kind of funny.  Is Danielle?  I guess that remains to be seen, but it’s just shocking how many think you can just be all sweet and instantly win like Jordan…

Being a nurse, and idolizing Jordan, I expect quite the interesting summer for Danielle.  She’s going to come in all cheery, smiles and naive.. as the summer wears on she’ll turn into a paranoid crazy person who is absolutely blown away that someone can stab you in the back while they talk to your face.   Side note, I’m going strictly on her bio information and haven’t even watched her interview.  That’s how raw my guesses are with this, but I stand by it.   I predict a lot of tears from Danielle this summer, if she lasts long enough to get backstabbed.

Prediction: I think she’ll make a few friends which will carry her a few weeks.  She’ll probably get caught up in a weak alliance and eventually alienated from the house and voted out like 5th.

What are your predictions for Danielle?

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