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Big Brother 14 – It Ends Here; Predictions And Live Blogging

I just had to use this image to sum up Danielle’s season

First off, I wrote a thread earlier talking about my memories this summer and the support in the comments section was completely unexpected and overwhelming.  I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their kind words. Blogging becomes really enjoyable the more people read it and interact with me, and it feels like I’m watching the live feeds with hundreds of my friends.   That leads me to this, despite the commercials for next year, Big Brother 15 wasn’t officially announced until today.  This means I will be back blogging away next year, so bookmark this site, follow me on twitter or facebook and get any updates throughout the winter.

Ok, now to the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  The live show!   In just 30 minutes from now (as I type this paragraph), Big Brother will begin and we’ll get to see the rest of the endurance competition  (Dan won), the second challenge (Ian won), and the live final challenge between Ian and Dan.  The winner of that challenge will determine who sits next to him in the finals.

Then, we’ll hopefully get to hear the jury ask some real tough questions (unlike the pathetic jury from Survivor last season that I still grumble over), watch Dan make a speech that will try to win people over despite stabbing almost every one of them in the back, and either Ian or Danielle flutter for words  (Yes, I’m pretty confident Dan will be f2).  Finally, we’ll see who wins $500k, and also who wins America’s Choice and then that will be it for the summer.  Sad times…

Live Blogging:

Well, that’s it for the summer.  I’m not sure how I feel about the outcome at the end.  Ian certainly deserved to win against anyone else, but Dan outplayed half the house and lost 6-1.  Reality show juries vote with their hearts instead of brains these days.

The Winner of Big Brother 14 is:


America’s Vote goes to:


Here are the votes:

Shane – Ian
Danielle – Dan
Jenn – Ian
Britney – Ian
Frank – Ian
Joe – Ian
Ashley – Ian

10:27pm est – The jury asked a bunch of decent questions.  For some reason they kept crediting Ian with creating the quack pack, but Dan jumped in to squash that.  In addition, Danielle asked Ian about his F2 deal with Dan, but Dan admitted he would have taken Danielle. It’s clear Ian is trying to play the nice guy role, while Dan is owning up to his behavior.

10:18pm est – The jury is brought on stage

10:12pm est – Ian chooses Dan to try and beat the best in the finals.  Could work against him.

Final HoH battle:

Ian wins HoH 5-2, let’s see who he chooses.

9:52pm est – This is only the first part of Danielle bullying the crap out of Ian all week.  He had a rough week.

9:37pm est – So Ian threw the competition as well?  How does Dan not win it all?

9:30pm est – Here we go, it’s on finally.  Note, I am pretty sure all the former houseguests are there, except for Willie.  He “couldn’t make it”

9:00pm est – Still waiting for the episode to begin


Ian wins HoH, takes Dan to f2

votes (to win)

Ashley – Ian
Britney – Ian
Frank – Dan
Joe – Dan
Jenn – Dan
Shane – Dan
Danielle – Dan

Dan will win 5-2, which will combine with his 7-0 for a Big Brother total of 12-2 in votes and $1 million

America’s Choice – Ian

I am going to bump my predictions down with my live blogging because I don’t want people confusing them with the actual results, but how accurate do you think they are?

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  1. Comments (2)

    . Those not happy with the results got misted and doused by Coach Dan and forgot part of the game, and most important, is the actual jury vote. Dan chose to
    run the risk and jeopardized his chances. Love his game play insude the house and hate the decision of the jury, but let go of your owm emotions and EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! The “Godfather of BB, O-B-Dan-1, outplayed himself and his own wits were his demise. Thought he was the one with ADHD and a serious case of paranoia

  2. Comments (6)

    Good for Ian! Go out and buy the best ding-dang hammock you can. Dan even looked liked the devil with his pasty skin and spiked hair. If he tore his heart out and left it on the doorstep it is surely damanged when he puts it back in. Wife watch out almost had no ring and granddads necklace to pass down. Good thing no kids yet, wonder what deal would have been made on them.

    • Comments (764)

      LMAO at your last sentence!!!

      • Comments (30)

        Rob, I just saw in one of your recent posts that you and Sadie are Canadian. I can join that club! (I’m from Vancouver). However, I live in Okla., so not sure if I can get BB Canada.

      • Comments (1271)

        Hell, maybe I need to move to Canada too!!!

      • Comments (233)

        No, move to Oklahoma, …it’s great here, mostly. Jean, you must really miss Vancouver. It is so beautiful. Hope you went north this summer when it was 117° here.

      • Comments (1271)

        That could work too! I’m in NC, so it wasn’t much better here, the summer was horrible! It’s beautiful in NC, but the summers… well they aren’t great! lol

      • Comments (764)

        Hey Jean! I was surprised at the number of Canadian fans on here after reading the 9/11 thread. Guess we love our Big Brother. Not sure if they’ll be beaming BB Canada down into the US. I’m sure the border states will be able to get it. Hopefully it doesn’t tank the way Canadian Idol did! 🙂

      • Comments (1271)

        Can we get it on the live feeds? I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the other BB’s.

  3. Comments (1)

    Dan had britney’s vote until he lied about the formation of the quack pack.
    Shane and Jenn looked to have turned with the necklace reveal.

    This game is not about getting to the final 2. It is about knowing your competitors all the way and getting them to vote for you in the end. Some of Dan’s moves were dirtier than necessary, like Frank.

  4. Comments (528)

    Welp…told you so.

    GOOOOO IAAAANNN YEAHHHHHH!!!! So thrilled for him 🙂

    • Comments (30)

      Course you would be: You have the same mentality as the Jury.

      What I don’t understand is how people can justify Ian winning over Dan.

      The ONLY. ***ONLY*** Scenario Ian would’ve deserved to win would be against Danielle.

      Hell, I hate Rachel with a passion; but fuck. She deserved to win, despite the Jury disliking her.

      This Jury? All bitter and really… REALLY retarded. Nitwits who had their panties in a bunch because they got Played.

      Don’t hate the playa, hate the Game. Guess this Jury has never heard that before.

      • Comments (1)

        While I agree that Dan was the best player to control the house, he ultimately lost because his speech was weak.

        Let’s play a hypothetical:

        1. I’m a juror and you are Dan. You give me the speech on how I am the better competitor and that’s why you did what you did. How is that going to convince me to vote for you? You are basically telling that you aren’t better than me. Why would I give you 500K?

        Now if Dan would of played to his strengths by saying…I deserve the 500K because I was able to control the house. The fact that you are on the jury seat is because I controlled that outcome from my game play. This is a game and I apologize if I hurt you. However, if you look at this game and the outcomes, you will see I am the better player since I was able to control the house.

        Dan lost because of his speech. Plain and simple. Other have won playing dirty, but they pointed out their strengths during the final speech. Dan built everyone else up and made himself look like he did what he did because he couldn’t compete.

      • Comments (1)

        interesting take on things. i completely agree! god you are sexy when you talk big brother mr. muvement!

      • Comments (2)

        Dan lost their votes before the jury stepped into the studio to tape tonight’s show. They were bitter losers over getting exposed on national TV as fools and unwilling to own up to their own mistakes that resulted in them getting voted out. Speech had nothing to do with it.

        But you’re right, Dan’s speech was weak.

      • Comments (1)

        And you seem to have forgot that this is a social game as well. Dan played a great social game; however, he played a very dirty one. He knew how to talk, but he played his game with people’s emotions to get his f2. It wasn’t because he talked his way through each person, it was because of the position he was already in among the people he was already with. He didn’t really put blood on his hands until after the quack pack was already formed(boogie started calling Dan out). People wanted to work with him from the get-go just because he was an experienced coach. Think about it, Brittany and Boogie wanted to work with Dan; however, Boogie and Brittany didn’t want to work together. So they came to him to add him to their alliance (both sides). He agreed and started to stay quiet until they were all fighting and pointing fingers at each other. When boogie left, Frank and Jenn were desperate to find an alliance to build a strong team with. As quiet as Dan is, they believed Dan could help them. When a person swears on religion, family, and other invaluable things, you would take them seriously. The people in the house are civilized and so they believed him.

        He controlled the house by manipulating people in power that was closest to him. For example, Dan was close to Frank when Boogie was around. He basically won Frank’s trust again by telling him what he wanted to hear and that was by selling out his allies and telling the “truth”(dan’s version). He swore on the bible, wife, etc. However, if Joe or Ashley won HOH or Veto, I doubt I would see Dan convincing them to do things his way (Maybe? I just do not see it though). He lost the 500k title by lying and stabbing people in the back, not by playing a great game. He played a “great” unethical game that got him far; however, but a “great game”? I don’t think so. (If that makes any sense). If he played a great game, he could have considered the jury’s emotions and made up a much better speech than his lame one. He should have thought about what the Jury would do when he decided to commit his shady actions. After all, this is a social game and you need to impress the jury house.

        Ian deserved to win, he won multiple HOH and Vetoes. He played an honest game and built up a great social game when he came into the house so awkward. He stuck with his allies and ran it through to the bitter end. He kept his word throughout the whole season. That is a trust worthy winner to me. Not a person who says one thing, but then turns around and shoots his allies in the back when they weren’t looking. Dan’s antics crossed the line.

    • Comments (30)

      Totally agree with you, sadie…

  5. Comments (8)

    Send Dan to Afghanistan to convince all Terriorist to kill themselves on a CBS PAY PER VIEW special.
    Dan is the greatest mind control master since Jim Jones….
    Charlie Manson,
    David Koresh -or-
    BarIraq Obama

  6. Comments (24)

    Oh, and the best line of the evening goes to Ashley “I put you on my storyboard”.

    She’ll be cuddling up to Ian with his cool cash and drawing storyboards of puppies, kittens, rainbows, cupcakes, rainbows in cupcakes, unicorns and puppies and kittens baking cupcakes with the Keebler elves!

    The girls was far more entertaining than Satan,errr…, I mean Dan.

    • Comments (1271)

      She’s cuddled up to Ian because he just got a BIG check. She looked pretty lovey Dovie with Frank prior to that. She’s no good for Ian, he’ll get played if he goes for that one… again.

      • Comments (24)

        Oh, and remember the candy competition. “I like candy” and marshmellows, and raisen cookies, and pink polka dot boxers, and a $500K sugar boy in those pink polka dot boxers.

      • Comments (30)

        That’s an interesting take on her motive! I actually thought she had voted for Dan after that comment.

  7. Comments (8)

    Nice Reset Button Britney – doesn’t give Dan the reach around.

  8. Comments (764)

    I thought it was pretty touching the way Boogie paid tribute to Ian’s game. Ian did a lot of bad mouthing about him and Frank during the game, so I hope he takes a lesson from Boogie’s words and realizes that it isn’t cool to bad mouth the fallen.

    • Comments (528)

      I don’t recall him badmouthing Boogie. He would talk about how shocked he must have been and he’s probably watching right now and bragged about taking down a big gun, but that’s it as far as I heard. In fact I heard him praise him a number of times. Nothing like Frank, who he was basically calling stinky, gross, annoying, etc.

      • Comments (764)

        He seemed to be taking just a little bit too much credit for Boogie’s eviction and that ‘get to steppin’ comment was a bit off-putting, but the comments he left for him in his parting DR session where he paid tribute to him and Boogie took his hat off to him was a nice touch. I think Boogie gained a whole lot of respect for Ian over the course of the game.

        Now as far as Frank goes, he was constantly running him down which is not the thing to do when the guy is sitting in the jury and will probably vote for you to win.

    • Comments (47)

      Rob…….You are absolutely right! That’s what made me sick about Ian because he did alot of bad mouthing Boogie and Frank and the fact that he got a little cocky and arrogant! I too hope that he sits and thinks about that and how they were so nice to him at the finale!

  9. Comments (2)

    The interviews on Superpass are painful. Poor Shane looks like he’s going to start crying!

    • Comments (3)

      I wish I had Super Pass to watch. Will it be posted anywhere online in a few days? Will miss watching BB After Dark on Showtime.

  10. Comments (8)

    Let’s give the steroid rage wrestlers son $25k because his dad used to beat him.

  11. Comments (126)

    “Bitter Jury”, I think not, ‘Moral Jury’ more likely so.

    The Bible/Wife swearing went too far and it backfired on Devil Dan, even in ‘Just a Game’ that is for ‘Real’ money, they felt he should not receive.

    Now if the jury was made up of more members like Shop-Lifter Janelle, then all bets are off to win it all, too bad for Dan, he had too many people with conviction and power to vote against him.

    • Comments (44)

      They are bitter….Dan may not have played a “moral” game but at least he OWNED EVERYTHING (GOOD AND BAD)….Ian just took credit for everyone’s wins and removed himself from the area/game when something would back-fire. TOO BAD Dan could not have gotten him out that week he won the VETO at the end….or Dan could not have won the final HOH…

      • Comments (528)

        You’re missing the point. BB is a SOCIAL GAME (I’m assuming you respond better to CAPS) and as much as Dan manipulated everyone and got his way, he lied right to their faces with some dirty tricks that they clearly didn’t appreciate. Did he think he could undo all that with zero damage control and an ass-kissing speech? “Oh you’re all so much better than me I had to lie and cheat my way through the game” puh-lease

        If you haven’t figured out that you have to take the jury into consideration when you play and they’re going to remember if you burned them then no, you don’t deserve to win.

        I find it funny that he was so convinced he was going to win too. He thought he was sooooo clever and you know what? It wasn’t all that smart of him to backstab every-single-member of the jury. Let this be a lesson to future BB contestants.

      • Comments (76)

        Sadie you are so right. And i think the ones that wanted Dan to win are sore losers. Ian played a great game.

      • Comments (44)

        I am not missing the point, don’t respond better to caps and have realized based on this comment that you are really good at talking “down” to people on this message board. To be honest I could have cared less who won as I actually wanted Janelle, then Brittany then Shane to win so the final 2 in my opinion were whatever. I just feel that Ian handled himself poorly that night and it was sad that he was awarded with money for his poor behavior that was shown throughout the season. I do however take offense to the comment that everyone that is a Dan fan is just s sore loser. I think the fact you made that comment shows that you are a sore winner and would have been a sore loser had “your” player not won. I find it sad that due to people like you on this board others do not feel free to state their opinion for fear of comments like yours. I watch this show for fun and could care less at the end of the day who wins and who loses. I just don’t like when ANYONE is rewarded for crappy or poor behavior.

  12. Comments (1)

    Kudos to you. This is an awesome blog and I found myself checking it many times a day. I tried to follow your Twitter link, but it keeps taking me to my Twitter. I will keep this site bookmarked for BB15. Thanks for taking the time to inform those of us that are too impatient to watch it happen when it airs 🙂

  13. Comments (7)

    Some things I observed tonight:

    1)Dan and Ian played a great game, Ian DID come up with the quack pack and it was even played on TV. Britney first mentioned the name, Dan sort of liked it after Ian said he liked it. From then on it was history. I was happy with either winning but I think Ian’s speech and seeing how far he’s come since day one gave him the win.
    2)Danielle didn’t deserve to win and like the rest of the jury are the biggest group of sore losers in the history of any game. I really liked her until the last couple of days now I think she’s just a waste.
    3) Britney seemed to be the smartest of the jurors defending Dan’s game play but still voted with her heart. I’m okay with that.
    4) Frank winning America’s Vote isn’t surprising because like him most people today are sore losers and from what I’ve seen don’t really understand the Big Brother game. I think Shane or Ian were better deserving.
    5) There are two ways to win this game. The so called “good” way or to “Lie, Cheat and Steal”. He won the “good” way the first time and so he had to go the other way in order to even get to the final 2 tonight. Dan is the best player to play this game.

    • Comments (233)

      Ian will probably have to switch to a cut throat game next time he plays. And you just know that ‘collateral’ cross was a fake. Lol.

      • Comments (44)

        oh please don’t bring him back….I don’t think I can handle any more swinging on the hammock….it started to make me sick watching him (motion sickness) and slightly anxious….

  14. Comments (1)

    I’m sorry, but backstabbing and blind siding every single person in the house is not the best game played…..

    The best game played is when you can mix backstabbing with loyalty, dan was way to far on the backstabbing spectrum.

  15. Comments (8)

    After the CBS morning show, Dan has an emergency colonoscopy scheduled to remove Danifrom his anus.

    Ian, buy real tight condoms, the crack whores will kill you with The HIV as you finally get some V jay please visit Ashley’s self tanning booth, so you look good in the casket. You lil elf will be missed when ur dead b4 BB15 starts.

    How about an all girls Catholic high school cast for next summer…. Same IQ as this season of cupcake crackers.

  16. Comments (764)

    Looks like Dr. Will called it from the start….

  17. Comments (8)

    Dr. Wil is a pole slider.

  18. Comments (2)

    I usually have a favorite but I didn’t even know who I wanted to win until after the questions and speeches were all said and done. Ian destroyed him with his pleas to the jury. Dan played an excellent game and we know that because we saw it all unfold but he did a terrible job tonight of explaining to the jury his hand in it all. I’m all for a dirty game but Dan’s problem was he brought outside life into the house and messed with things outside the game that people feel are sacred like family, and Religion. That’s when a dirty game crosses the line and makes enemies. Anyone remember Matt and his supposedly sick and dying wife? Not cool. Dan is brilliant but he didn’t account for the most important part of this game and that is earning the respect of the jury. They dont have to like you to cast their vote just respect you. So I say great job Ian. You played an all around good game and you were rewarded for it! And if anyone should feel robbed it should be Boogie who should have been 100k ritcher tonight if it weren’t for the reset which he did not want.

  19. Comments (1)

    Next year can we finally get rid of the idiot Julie Chen and get a real host. I vote to EVICT JULIE CHEN!!!!!

    • Comments (2)

      I agree – although she has gotten a little better over the years she is too robotic and stiff. My vote is to replace her with Britney – she is sexy smart,funny & poised as we saw from her exit interview.

  20. Comments (3)

    SteveBeans…..Thank You for Your Blog of Big Brother 14. I look forward to Big Brother 15 and checking in here. Was nice reading everyone’s opinions.

    P.S. My first time posting on any blog.

  21. Comments (30)

    I’m so glad Ian won. Fair or not, it felt like the win was a statement that there is a line in human decency and behavior that just should not be crossed, even in a game setting. Real people and real emotions have value.
    Ian could not have had a better speech, and he was helped by unforeseen circumstances. It was Danielle’s question to him regarding if he knew about Dan’s F2 w/ her that blew the game open. That one question allowed Ian to truly speak from the heart, actually call Dan ‘disgusting’, and this response in turn reignited the old feelings of the jurors that they had once experienced against Dan (could there have been a more powerful way than to re-live it for real?). This could not have been scripted. I’m glad to have been able to see Ian’s reaction to Dan when he found out about the lies. I was wondering how he was going to feel and react later whenever he did find out.

  22. Comments (1)

    Best bb season for me. My favorite won. Dan made the show more interesting than any other player this year and for that he deserved 50 grand. But Ian was the best player. Had the best combo of social game, winning competitions (remember they are important and Dan won very few) and being likable enought to garner votes at the end. The geeks shall inherit the earth!

  23. Comments (44)

    question for anyone that wants to reply…..
    did they say they were doing a winter version this year?? every couple of years they do one in the summer and then one in the winter however I did not hear anything about it…my husband told me they did but I have not read anything on that either. Can someone help clarify??
    THANK YOU and I hope everyone is having a great evening…

    • Comments (528)

      Not unless you’re able to get BB Canada.

    • Comments (14)

      They have open casting calls for BB Canada for a season supposedly starting in February 2013. BB USA is coming next summer.

      • Comments (76)

        My daughters sister-in-law is trying out for that. She is a BB fanatic. I dont think i could be stuck in a house for 3 months.

      • Comments (528)

        I don’t think I could deal with how people would be talking about me on the outside…reading some of the comments here. Yeesh.

      • Comments (233)

        On bbad, Boogie was saying no one should read the internet stuff about themselves. You could tell he must have read some really bad things about himself after his last seasons.

      • Comments (1271)

        I would like to think they would listen, but as much as it would kill me to read everyones constant judgements of me, I can’t imagine not looking to see. And maybe it’s just me, but people seem to have been even more judgemental then past years. But now that I say that, I think that’s the case across the board, I think people in general are getting more and more judgemental, and mean.

    • Comments (24)

      They only do winter shows if there has been a prolonged strike by the writer’s union. That’s how BB and Survivor and all these unscripted reality shows got started.

  24. Comments (1)

    I thought Ian deserved to win. Dan had the advantage of being in the house for awhile, without the possibility of being voted out because he was a coach. It also gave him the advantage of getting the trust of danielle to believe that he was trying to help her no matter what he did. She wouldn’t even let shane know he was trying to get him out, then she’s shocked when he does it. Ian also looked up to dan as a former player, which helped with ian picking dan for the final two. He was entertaining to watch, but you need to keep yourself in good standing with the jury if you want to win against a worthy competitor. It may not be a big deal to everyone, but for a religious person to swear on the bible with no plan to keep his word is enough for me to pull for anyone else. Ian made the switch of alliances at the right time and won his share of HOH and veto challenges, and was well enough liked to win.

  25. Comments (47)

    I happy and can live with how it turned out because both Dan and Ian deserved to be the final two. I just didn’t want Danielle to be there because she didn’t do as much as they did. All she did was be Dan’s puppet and do whatever he wanted her to and she never did any of her own thinking. She won a few competitions and got Janelle out but she did alot of hiding behind Dan and Shane. She got duped time and time again by Dan and just kept coming back for more and playing his game instead of her own. I really can’t believe she throwed the most important competition Part 1. I also couldn’t stand the way she kept talking bad about Frank all the time. Frank fought his ass off and had no one to hide behind like she did. He gave a hell of a fight the best he could against all odds. He did a heck of a job for being on the block as much as he seemed to be living on the block. Anyway glad she was sent to the jury……………and by the way after she threatened, bullied and berated Ian and told him she will “taint the jury” because everyone will vote the way she says to……….Well I guess they ALL proved her wrong! And she really threatened him with Shane the most saying Shane WILL definately vote my way! He will do whatever I want! Good job Shane for voting the way YOU wanted to!!

  26. Comments (1)

    At least the right person won the 25k.

    The kid who says “I took my destiny into my own hands” while sleeping in a dog house and bragging about “6 comp wins” with a photographic memory is a pompous and undeserving prick. Honestly, he said just a few weeks ago that he’s happy enough with how far he got because “at least [he] can come back and coach now.” I would actually to like to see someone who loves BB and knows how to play the game win, rather than someone who just cares about the claiming a title.

  27. Comments (102)

    Dan didn’t play the best game ever. Everyone was saying Frank couldn’t win just by winning competitions; well, Danny Boy couldn’t win by seeing how much he could backstab someone.

    For instance, after he backstabbed Britney, he wouldn’t even speak to her before she got booted out of the house. He tried to get everyone to vote out Frank and didn’t even want him to have a sympathy vote from Jen. And that is extremely dumb game play.

    Ultimately, what cost Danny Boy the win is what allowed him to manipulate all these people; their low level of intelligence. If there’d been more Wil type players in the house, Danny Boy’s games would have been seen through and he would have never made it to final two. They voted the same way they played the game and Dirtbag Dan didn’t win.

  28. Comments (14)

    I loved Ian’s speech before voting, it was awesome!!! So happy for him!

  29. Comments (3)

    I did not realize how petty Janelle was until tonight. She has always been one of my favorite players. But when she made the nasty comment about Danielle, I realized she is just simple. Green is not your best color Janelle. I believe the reason Janelle had it out for Danielle was because Danielle had the whole package of beauty and personality (inner and outer beauty). There is something wrong with a person how shows no emotion. “I don’t cry, I don’t feel sad”. Is there a soul deep within— I think not. Looks will only get you so far in life, and as Janelle has obviously become aware of– your getting older and not what you used to be. Janelle did not get far in the game because she has the personality of a rock. Dan described Danielle as a sweet girl from the south. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She just put her faith in the wrong type of person. Good luck Danielle.

    • Comments (8)

      Talk about petty!

    • Comments (1271)

      I don’t know if I’d say it was being petty, but I was taken back by her comment about Dani being the biggest liar in the house. What was she talking about? Janelle wasn’t even there as long as Dani, and told way more lies, she even started the stuff that Jojo said, or didn’t, I could never get anyone to confirm when Jojo said it. I think if anything she was bitter because Dani got her out, IMO.

  30. Comments (2)

    Why are people shocked that Jenn voted for Ian? “The rat gets the cheese”. Wil was correct that all them houseguests were to stupid to see that Dan played them. That isn’t really Dan’s fault that he played the house. Overall Ian won comps and hoh along with he allowed the house and America to see who he was as a person. In the end the jury voted for the person they could relate to better. Dan’s game was excellent but a bit slimy. I wonder if Dani will stock Dan? lol

  31. Comments (3)

    trust me I am over don’t get mad cause I expressed my disstain about Ian winning. unlike you and everyone else I think Dan played a better game than Ian. I looked a the whole spectrum of the game and I didn’t base my opinion on just the moral aspect of the game. yes Dan lied and swore on his wife and the Bible but he swore on the Bible when he won his season. he didn’t do anything different last time than he did this time except he played a even dirtier game than before and people fail to realize that.

    • Comments (6)

      Also, a lie is a lie is a lie. Ian told plenty of lies as well. Dan at least was able to admit his faults. Ian is delusional enough to believe that he really formed the quack pack.

      • Comments (528)

        Ian mostly omitted the truth. He didn’t lie to people’s faces and in fact when he was questioned straight up he either told the truth or clammed up, which told the truth anyway.

  32. Comments (4)

    So disappointed that Frank got the AC gift from BB. They kept on editing him like he had been wronged big time and deserved some bandaid for his wounds. He was EFFECTIVELY evicted week 3.
    He was, back then, oblivious about what was happening around him. His face when evicted would have made for some great tv. Live feeders were looking forward to that moment all week. By that time, he, this big physical threat, had only won 1 comp, and it was a Q&A. Which Ian admitted throwing. Wow, what a resumee.
    Still, BB changed the game to keep him because they wanted to see the Froogie rants go on. Does anyone honestly believe that they would have cancelled the eviction if it had been Joe going out the door? “Houseguests, you have 4 additional players today… Oh, and, by the way, the one who would have left today stays too!”
    Even if they wanted to market it as a reset, it would have been the logical thing to do since Jodi had to leave on day one.

    That week, Shane had won HOH, POV and backdoored Frank. Yet, BB never treated or edited Shane like he was wronged. They gave the America’s Choice money to a guy that says he didn’t work for the last 3 years straight because “he hadn’t found anything that he was interested in” – living off tax payer’s money and his family’s wealth.
    BB put so much editing effort into hiding to the CBS viewers how much Frank, who had given great speeches about “bullying is bad” and “keep it classy”, turned out to be the biggest bully of them all, threatening and insulting them every time things didn’t go his way. I’m not a fan of Willie and there’s no excuse for how he behaved, but do you remember how Frank’s lying created this whole mess? He told Wil that Willie had been making homophobic slurs. He, the only guy of them all to “play a clean, honest game”.
    BB even passed on the opportunity for some great entertainment for the cbs viewers by showing them what the live feeders saw, how he kept on being oblivious to what was happening around him the entire game. He hounded, threatened and insulted Dan and Shane in a despicable way based on a wrong assumption; he kept on believing everybody would want to keep him around because he deserved to win the game. His opponents. Only there to let him win. He told them that he was the best player to ever play this game. He told them it was common knowledge that he would win 7-0 if he makes it to the finals. Great game moves by the best player ever. That BB did such a P.R. effort and him winning America’s Choice just fries my brain.

    BB could have given the 25.000$ to someone actually deserving, like, and this of course is only my personal opinion, Shane, who pays off his student’s loans plus his parent’s mortgage, works his a** off and still has so little money that he pretty much admitted (to Britney on BBAD) to not being able to go out at all.
    He lied in this game like they all did, but he didn’t rub it in everyone’s face, he didn’t rant on about how much they all sucked like Frank and Boogie did, and he didn’t try to make the others look like idiots to the viewers. Whether BB did actually rig the AC results, or just got this result by constantly editing stuff pro Frank, they should be ashamed of what they did.
    Just my opinion.
    Boy I feel better now.

  33. Jay David Milstein
    Comments (6)

    Part of the game is the end game. Many great players in reality tv history have schemed their way to the end and didnt win cause they stabbed everyone in the back. I think Russell Hantz deserved to win both his seasons but he didn’t cause he cut some many people’s necks. We can complain all we want but we might do the same thing if it was us who got are throat slashed. Ian did play a great game and was honest for most part. Even though he played a villain role in his own mind he didn’t backstab anyone. His alliance with boogie and frank was assumed rather then agreed upon. Ian had only 2 f2 deals. One with Britney and 1 with Dan. He didn’t break any. Dan on the other hand had 4. Not only does that stink of desperation but he had to break 2 of them, 3 if he could win anything. The only reason he would take Dani to the end? Cause even he knew he couldn’t beat Ian. The bestan won do quit your bitching. I for 1 can’t wait for Ian to return the next all star season.

  34. Comments (17)

    Congrats to Ian;you deservedd it over that Bible swearing liar. Great speech. And game!

  35. Comments (8)

    Great News….. There are TONS if bigger issues to
    worry about.


    Do what’s White! & Vote Right!
    Vote White –
    Mitt Romney

    Ian will explode from the inside out.
    He will next make his BIG BROTHER
    move mentoring Honey Boo Boo as
    she tries out for Teen Mom with Ian’s

    Dani – awesome u r a nurse, start stealing prescription pads.

    Shane comes out if the closet next week on Letterman
    Ashley cums in the closet.

    Don’t B left in the Cold w/o your MITT!

  36. Comments (8)

    Dan WON –
    He showed the world just how STUPID and weak many people are in this CountyHowever, let’s restart the show again in Somalia where its OK for Dad to literally stab these SHEEP in the back and get real blood all over him like his anal(sorry Shane)ogy.

    Dan WON –
    Dan WON –

    DAN sent all those sheep to Jury.

    Ian dies before Ashley’s snuff
    snuff film clips are released on

  37. Comments (2)

    I am so sick of people saying they won’t watch anymore because their choice didn’t win Who cares!!!

  38. Comments (528)

    Does anyone else love the irony that after Danielle threatened to taint the jury against Ian, she ended up doing just that to Dan? After she revealed their final two to Ian and Dan had to admit he was going to take her and not him, the absolutely sincere look of shock and disgust was likely enough to sway any jury member who may have still been on the fence. Seriously, it’s like you actually saw his heart break just then…could have caused some flashbacks to the jury about how they felt when they realized Dan just stabbed them in the back.

    Good work, Dani 😉

    • Comments (24)

      Good catch, you are 100% right. Danielle’s actions had the opposite impact than her stated intention. Maybe Ian is smarter than we know? He watched enough BB to know that the final jury member has no time to interact with the other jury. Thus, he may have seen through Danielle’s empty threats that she would sway the jury against him.

      Dan is a master manipulator, but Ian was more adept at playing the cards dealt to him. When Danielle asked him if he knew about her F2 deal with Dan, Ian really turned that to his advantage. Ian knew when to strike, and when to lay back. In the end, he let Dan have enough rope to hang himself.

      • Comments (1271)

        I noticed one other thing. After Dani sat down, she whispered somthing to Jenn. Jenn then nodded her head with a ticked off look, it looked like a “that’s what I thought” look to me. I am guessing she told Jenn not to vote for Dan. I think Dani knew Dan didn’t have the votes, which is the only reason she was able to stick to her “word” and vote for Dan. You could tell, she didn’t want to give him her vote at all.

      • Comments (764)

        I think Danielle only clued in that she had been played the entire game once her butt hit the jury chair and she reached total consciousness. You could tell by the look on her face that she was totally pissed off.

        Dan admitted in a Global TV interview after the show that even if he had won the final HOH he wouldn’t have taken Danielle with him because he figured she already had 3 jury votes and he stood a better chance against Ian.

      • Comments (1271)

        See, that’s why I probably wouldn’t be able to win BB. I just can’t be as mean as some of these people can. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem fighting my own battles, and the other houseguests would be hard pressed to see my tears, but I’d sure shead them. I’d just do most of it in a room alone, and she got ripped to shreads for crying. Grrrr
        She still, even after figuring out what was up, gave him her vote. Why he would continue to stab her is beyond me. Hell, the least he could have done is stick to the lie that he would have taken her. So in actually, all he gained by fessing up, was hurting her even more.

  39. Comments (60)

    Everyone says Dan played a dirty game deserves to win but did not.
    Russell, Willie’s brother played survivor the same way. Lied,back stabbed and got to the final 2 and lost. Why because that is the goal of the game make it to the end. the jury has all the blame of which way it goes.
    Just how many here that have stated “I through with BB” will be back next summer anyway. Why because you dont have the guts to go on the show and love to watch others do the same things you would do if there was a 500,000 carrot hang in front of you. See you next summer

  40. Comments (1)

    Oh I am SO HAPPY that Ian won. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Dan played an amazing game. Dirty or not, it was amazing and if he were up against Dani I would have loved to see him win, but I have loved Ian from the start and I LOVED his speach! He made some really great points. He had one shot this whole game and he made it to finale, Dan had 3 shots. Plus Ian won way more competitions, made some huge moves (which Dan did not come up with first, because Ian said the idea and then Dan would inforce it if he agreed), and he had the balls to get his own coach out and start a new alliance. Ian had been my favourite newbie since Janelle’s first season. The better guy won and I could not be more thrilled. Vote should have been 7-0 but Dani’s an idiot. I’m depressed Big Brother’s done until February when BB Canada starts! 5 months is just too long!

  41. Comments (2)

    I think that Dan should have won. He worked some major magic and puppeted a lot of people to get to the final 2.

    Why didn’t they show any jury house footage this year?
    The conspiracy theorist in me says they were all hating on Dan and maybe vowing not to vote for him. Maybe not voting for him for his backstabbing play dirty play or since he already won it once.

    • Comments (528)

      I want to know that, too. Previous years there was tonnes of jury house footage – we got to see each new member come in and show footage of their eviction and stuff. What did we get this year? One ten-minute clip of Brittany and Frank bickering. Dafuq?

      • Comments (24)

        I agree. This year they did not cover much of the jury house, which was disappointing. Instead, the last Sunday episode was a “walk down memory lane” with the F3 over champagne dinner. Boring! This was the worst episode ever in the history of BB.

        The live antics, even in the jury house, are always more interesting than a rehash of clips from past episodes. That format may work for Survivor, but it does not work for BB.

      • Comments (1271)

        I love seeing the jury, but I think Billy’s idea is a good one. I think they were so pissed at Dan, it would have been obvious who had votes and who didn’t. But CBS has to know that the viewers LOVE the jury house, so I just can’t see why they didn’t give us at least a little more.
        Also, is it usual that Shane never went to the jury house? He said during a back yard interview that he was sent to a hotel, never to the house. I’m sure he wasn’t supposed to announce that fact, but still, I thought all but the last one voted out went. Anyone know?

  42. Comments (231)

    Jenn brought Ian up to the hoh room when Ian asked to join their group and they agreed. The quack pack wouldn’t have survived if it hadn’t been for Ian’s spying on the others. His information was priceless.

  43. Comments (231)

    Also, mike and frank weren’t using Ian’s potential or maybe they weren’t aware of how useful he be. So, he went where he could make his bones in the game. Many of the early decisions made by the qp were made by Ian.

  44. Comments (42)

    I guess I am having a hard time accepting Ian as being the final BB14 prize winner … I felt if he actually played Dan for final 2 and chose Danielle over him then he would deserve the win because he actually made a move as opposed to reacting to Dan’s … but then you can’t deny that the little hammock swinger took the wrong path by choosing Dan (since he won anyway) – however, I also believe Dan could have actually completed his game/goal and acquired last minute crucial votes with an improved final soliloquy (but then hindsight is 20/20 – go figure) … my point being Dan should have thrown out his standard jaded approach spiel – emphasizing to each juror how great all his competitors were – when they all were not great or even so-so players – which is an obvious tell-tale syrupy saturation of all … instead he should have truthfully stated that while Jenn and Joe were floaters with Ashley a rudderless ship, they were still legit votes he had to manage somehow – difficult in itself … by acknowledging this fact, it would have provided his Pollyanna pitch to the strong competitors (such as Shane, Frank, and Britney) some validity and respect instead of soaking them in his usual flatulent flattery, included along with the useless floaters, and thereby exposing this snow job ploy as such … I believe the jurors sensed this – how could they not? – especially after Danielle asked Ian if he knew about the her final 2 deal with Dan … Dan’s continued playing of all the jurors right up to the final jury vote may have sunk him for good … true that Dan played the best game of all HGs this year – up until the final vote – since his plan to acquire the majority of votes was not well-planned … which has gotta hurt the BB master for some time afterwards … but what a great game for us voyeur viewers!

    • Comments (1271)

      I have to agree with most of what you said. If Dan had not gone into the final speach, with the same approach he used in his funeral he could have pulled it out. By the finale, the jurors were so over his antics, and ready to hear a load of crap, pitched at that high paced, practices way he does, they probably ignored half of it.
      All they had to do is look over at Dani’s face and they could tell how disgusted she was with him speaking, and read between the lines (granted, something none of them were to great at this year). If he had chilled out, and said yes, I plaid a dirty game, but that is why I’m here. I was on my way out, and had to switch things up, and was able to convince Jenn to use the veto, Frank to put up Brit, and so forth and so on, he might have pulled it out. Instead, he went hard and heavy, and left Ian with the perfect set up.
      The only part about Ian’s speach I didn’t love was taking credit for things he wasn’t the head of the ship for. He was surely part of the plan, but he didn’t lead the attacks. I would have loved his speach even more if he had said, I was able to work my position, take the lead when needed, and sit back and let others when that was the best road to travel. Rather then, I did this, and that.
      But like I said, I loved most of it, and he deserved the win. IMO, Dan played the stronger season, dirty yes, but stronger, but Ian pulled it out when he needed, which was last night. And he gets to cash the check!!! Which he deserves to have.

      • Comments (42)

        yeah, Christina, anyone who can make it through that house for the season duration and win definitely deserves it … however, I believe Ian was playing the game as he understood it from previous seasons (and his very young years of experience) – win competitions and POVs when needed while maintaining respect for the other HGs … where Dan brought the game play to another level or dimension – regardless of the morality issues since it was a game with grey area rules (since Dan is a devout Catholic, I believe they have a “moral Get Out of Jail Free” card for any sin committed – ha ha) … Dan’s unorthodox play is defined as getting to the final two w/o depending on winning competitions where luck plays a huge role and actually controlling the direction of the game or optimizing his status of remaining in the game while controlling the direction of the game at the same time … in other words, a good billiards player can often make tough shots but usually it is his/her only option … while a great billiards player has many more easy shots required to sink, allowing him/her to be more successful, because not only does he/she make the shot but also leaves the cue ball in an advantageous position to make the next shot with success … Ian was the good billiards player who just reacted to Dan’s “shots” while not actually planning anything much further into the game – when he had to win a POV or HOH he did … however, Dan’s brilliant strategy was to play others – let them win the comps and then convince these HGs a better future position in the game that benefits Dan also – his Funeral was a classic example of this and playing on Danielle’s greed to replace him with Shane was another – at the same time stringing along Ian with a deal to drop part 1 of the final HOH … in Ian’s final speech he mentioned how he utilized statistics, probability and calculated risk (or something like that) – huh? – I believe he is myopically talking about winning the comps – how he minimized his times to complete a timed task … well, great but Dan’s approach uses Ian’s definition much more broadly because Dancing Dan obviated any risk and greatly increased the probability involved to continue his game play – not just to win a comp … anyway, in the end, I believe Ian won because Dan lost … I realize this is a redundant statement but Dan expected he had a bitter jury to deal with – bitter because of the way he played the game … but Dan did not have a good plan for this most important part of the game (altho his play did get him $50k at this point) and he stumbled greatly at this point – hell, Joe could have been the other f2 contestant and he would have won yesterday – ha ha … anyway, I did like both Ian and Dan as the final 2 but I just wish it would have ended differently … what a great game!

      • Comments (1271)

        well said George.

      • Comments (2)

        I agree with your assessment of Dan’s game play but I don’t think any speech he made would have changed votes for him. I think that the Jury was so bitter they were voting for an Ian win the whole time. I think that is why we didn’t jury footage like we have in past seasons.

  45. Comments (1271)

    Stevebeans, or anyone who knows… where can we watch Jeff’s Backyard interviews??? I can’t seem to find them anywhere 🙁

  46. Comments (1)

    The game is aso a soc

  47. Comments (76)

    All i can say is Dan got played at the end. : )

  48. Comments (29)

    PLAYED……..Sorry little lady, Dan just got what he deserved ….justice was served on this Judasshole! end of story!

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