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Big Brother 14 – It’s Going To Be Another Fight To The End

frank talking to britney big brother 14

In week 1 on Big Brother 14, Frank was on the block with Kara and tried to play it all cool, while working deals on the side.  Sure, he had his blowout with Willie which resulted in the fruit loops and salmon have-not surprise, but generally he was just becoming more well liked than Kara.

Well, it appears Frank is trying that same strategy now that he’s on the block, but Joe has his own strategy… just keep kissing butt and begging so he can stay.  We’ve seen him make Shane breakfast, he’s making the house dinner again tonight, and he’s been begging just to stay in the house a few more weeks so he doesn’t have to sit in a sequester house all that time.   He’s probably a few hours away from offering sexual favors in order for votes… perhaps that’s why he’s been focusing on Wil so much lately?

Convinced that Wil has flipped and is now going to vote him out, Joe has basically been harassing him today about who he’s going to be voting for.  Even though Wil tells him he’s still voting Frank out, Joe is still freaking out running around in a panic.

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled on the feeds for the next few days because there is talk of preparing for an endurance competition, and I want to see just how much butt Joe can kiss to stay in the house.  It appears to be working, for the moment, but things can change very quickly in the house

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  1. sissy says:

    omg hes only in there for publicity i like frank and dan but i want Ian to win he deserves it more than anyone

  2. Ty says:

    So you think Ian deserves to win more than anyone, based on what? He hasn’t done anything except kick himself in the head.