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Big Brother 14 – Frank Eudy

big brother 14 frank eudy

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Duuuudee..  wait… what? You’re crazy man, I like you, but you’re crazy!


Ok, I doubt he’ll ever be as cool as Frank the Tank, but we can only hope, right?   Being unemployed, he has probably more to gain than others and it appears he’s going in with a game plan.  He’s already planning on a dream team to work some type of alliance throughout the game, and if he’s careful about it, that could be smart.  If last year was any indication on casting, a smart alliance could easily dominate the game.  I think this guy is going to surprise a lot of people based on his bio.

Prediction:  I see big things for Frank the Tank. I think a lot of people are going to underestimate him, and if he’s smart about his alliance, that could take him all the way to the end.  Will he win?  I doubt it, but I could easily see him final 5.

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