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Take A Look Inside The Big Brother 14 House

With just under 2 weeks to go until the Big Brother 14 premiere, we’re now at the stage where little bits and pieces are going to start leaking from the house.  While we won’t know the cast until just before they’re set to enter the house, superpass gave us a video walkthrough of the Big Brother house.

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big brother 14 walkthroughWe get a look at the first room which is a music themed room, and the beds are shaped like headphones.  According to Spicy, they’re about as comfortable as laying on a real headphone as well.  The pillows are super flat, and the walls are covered with radios and other musical equipment only to remind you that you can’t listen to music in the house!  Nice torture there… the room sounds like it would make a good have-not room, but I don’t think it will be.

big brother 14 radio room
Nice thin pillow for those comfortable nights

Then we’re treated to the next room which is a room full of…and more shoes.  In addition, so far I’m gathering everything has more of a comic book style theme to it with the chat bubbles and the halftone blue walls in the shoe room.  Actually pretty easy on the eyes compared to last years house so far..

big brother 14 shoe room

Then you have the kitchen with more of the comic book / rounded corner theme going on, and I am really liking the look right now.  I kind of want to re-decorate my apartment with all these curved cornered shelves…

big brother 14 kitchenOverall the entire house definitely has more of a brightly colored theme both inside and outside.  Outside feels a bit more open, maybe it’s the paint, but I do think they moved a few things around.  The fortune teller was replaced with some ball game, and that great lounge area is still around.  I seriously want a huge couch like that in my apt, although I think it would take up most of my available room.

This is just a small preview of the house, you can view the gallery below or watch the video at superpass.  In addition, Danielle and Rachel will be on Rumor Control at 6pm est!  I will probably post about that too.

I’m just so excited for the season to begin and the cast to be revealed!  Make sure to keep following us on twitter to get the latest Big Brother 14 spoilers and more.

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