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Big Brother 14 – Ian Terry

ian terry big brother 14

Meet Ian Terry, the stereotypical “nerd” of the Big Brother 14 cast.  Reading his profile though, I think he’s much less of a nerd than the editing will make him appear, and may find a way to slip into some tight alliance.  Part of his plan is to be involved in a muti-person alliance which reads almost like Frank the Tank’s, so I expect them to end up working together pretty early on in the game.

I believe he’s going to be the brains behind some alliance because he does appear to be smart, whether or not he comes off as ‘nerdy’. Anyone who uses analytical in their bio is likely prepared to play a huge numbers game and will be less likely to make stupid decisions as a result.

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Prediction:  He forms an alliance with Frank, possibly becoming solid throughout the game and I can honestly see him winning somehow.  Maybe final 2.  He’s not going to be a threat early on, so if he finds his alliance, watch out house!

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