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Big Brother 14 – Jodi Rollins

big brother 14 jodi rollins

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I hate to use the term, but Jodi Rollins is clearly the “token black girl” this season.  Big Brother has had a lot of interesting people over the years, but when it comes to being ethnically diverse, well they probably receive failing grades.   Last year they had two of the whitest black people to appear on TV, and it looks like they may have done the same this season.

Jodi is a 42 year old waitress (sorry – restaurant server) from California.  Being of the oldest in the house, I can see her taking a motherly role like Shelly did last season, and that should buy her some time through the season.   Sadly I don’t see a very long summer inside the house for Jodi Rollins, but you never know.

Prediction:  Jodi Rollins becomes more of a “lone wolf” or possibly the 3rd / 5th wheel to some alliance. Whenever her alliance has numbers in their favor, it will be time for Jodi to fight for her Big Brother life.  Possibly one of the first out, maybe early jury for Jodi.

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    Token black girl???..How does anyone act black or white? People are either intelligent or stupid…Not all white people are intelligent like Kalia or the other black person you called white inside the Big Brother house.

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