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Big Brother 14 – Joe Arvin

big brother junkies Joe ArvinI’m not sure if Joe Arvin intended on applying to Big Brother 14, or he sent out his application to the 1,500 cooking shows on TV right now and CBS got their hands on it somehow.  He is the 41 year old chef from Indiana and plans to use his culinary chops to win over the hearts and minds of his fellow houseguests.

Not a bad strategy for Joe, especially with the garbage they feed these cast members during slop week.  If he can figure out some type of way to make slop not taste like cardboard, this guy is final 6 material without a doubt.   While he says “never get rid of the cook“, that only holds true until the smell of money takes over the smell of food.

Prediction: Joe is going to do well for himself.  He’ll get along well, he’ll cook for people, and make them not super miserable even while on slop.  Because of his strategy, I can easily see floater material here, and once the kiddies learn how to make decent slop, he’s gone.  Top 6, but I’m not sure about any further than that.

See Joe’s profile and give him a ‘like’


Watch him cook up a storm in the Big Brother house


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