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Big Brother 14 – JoJo Spatafora

big brother 14 jojo spatafora

JoJo Spatafora is going to be the “party girl” of the group.  She’s a bartender from Staten Island and does a lot of moonlight work as a promotional model.  One thing I’m noticing, a lot of the BB14 cast have gone awol on social media from deleting facebook accounts to not updating in weeks/months.  JoJo forgot to hide her model mayhem account that shows some sexy photos but also lists some of her recent work…

-L Furs Lingerie
-Playboy energy promotions
-GoGo dancer
-“The next food network star” appearance, NYC, 2012
etc etc

My question is, does anyone remember seeing her on the next food network star?  I watch that show almost weekly but I’m sure she was probably in for like 2 seconds as part of some challenge.

I’m going to post her modeling photos at her profile page, but here is a teaser for you…

jojo big brother 14 modelingPrediction:  I see her going in and creating some waves right away. Guys will like her, girls will not and that will result in some constant fighting until she’s voted out.  If she can get into an alliance, she’ll be good to go for a few weeks.  However if she tries to play floater role, I can see JoJo being one of the first out the door.

See JoJo’s profile for more photos


Watch JoJo live on camera when Big Brother 14 starts


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