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Big Brother 14 – Kara Scrambling, But Her Coach May Be The Target

big brother 14 willie and kara scrambling

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If Kara leaves this week, it will likely be from no fault of her own.  Last night on the feeds at 11:45pm bbt (you can flashback to this here and watch), Kara was able to pull Willie aside again and talk to him more about the situation.  She knows it’s not looking good for her, knows that Frank is a bigger threat in the house, and that he said he was going to go after Willie soon enough.  However, despite all her one-on-one time with Willie, the reality is that Janelle and Britney are working to get Dan out of the house.

Flashback to 2:20am bbt and Willie is out chatting in the back with Britney, Janelle and Ashley about the whole situation.  In order to get Dan out, they have to remove his players, and that means Kara and Danielle are caught in the crossfire.   In addition, Willie is playing the game right now feeling someone is guaranteed to be coming back in the house, and they’d rather it be Kara than Frank.

What I don’t understand about that is what their plans for Frank would be.  Are they going to keep him in the house until they’re sure nobody will be allowed back in?  Will it then be too late?  Worrying about potential game twists is never a good strategy, but it sounds like it doesn’t matter anyway.  Their goal is Dan, and that means his players will be targets.

The players are up and about right now, so turn on the live feeds and start watching.  I’ll be live blogging / tweeting throughout the day, especially if anything exciting happens with strategy.

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    In my opinion Kara has no chance of staying. I will give her credit for trying but too many people want her gone.

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