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Big Brother 14 Nomination Results

ashley and joe were put on the block

Well, it looks like Shane has decided to fire the bullet directly at Janelle instead of trying to be sneaky and pick one person from each team to try and mask his intentions. I was almost certain that Joe and Frank were going up, but in a surprising move, Shane put up Joe against Ashley.

I’m not really sure about what to think about this move.  It’s very clear the target is going to be Joe, but I don’t think Ashley is taking being a pawn all that well.  She’s looked sad ever since the feeds came back up.  I think the veto will be a huge factor this week, but it was probably the smartest move going forward.  Shane has nobody, and he doesn’t trust Janelle at all.  When the coaches enter the game, I can easily see Shane teaming with Frank and Danielle and running the house.

Check out the live feeds tonight, because Janelle is saying how upset Joe is considering he’s not only a have-not, but he’s also nominated.  A pissed Joe could be an entertaining Joe.

Side note: Janelle and Britney are now talking about potentially coming into the game, and they know they have to get rid of Frank because of that.  It’s interesting to see the thought process now that some of the coaches are really getting convinced they’re going to be playing.  Could be an interesting week!

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  1. Nichole says:

    This is my first time on bigbrotherjunkies. I’ve read a few of your posts and have to say THANK YOU! Your posts are well written and focus on the important details. Keep up the good work! I’m relieved to be on a BB14 blog that is easy to read and uses proper grammar. Nice job.

    • stevebeans says:

      Thank you very much :)

    • D. Snapple says:

      I agree… And really I’m not going to bother with a couple others. I could get past some grammar and spelling but sometimes the it’s like a a stream of writing with far too many pronouns. Which “he” said that about Frank? I’m trying to understand what’s going on not get more confused about who said what.

      Keep up the great work.

  2. Vonnie says:

    Shane’s hope is to *Back Door* Frank! …

    A few years ago, BB was a great game/Show!! … Then they starte w/ the Tists and they went absurd w/ Twists during the *coup d etat*.. which was a SCAM to help nasty Jeff and dumb Jordan!! – That season was taken away from arrogant Jessie, who was clearly mastering the game! .. I did Not like Jesse, but I Want a *Fair Game/Show* .. and last year BB cheated against Porche to help Rachel/Jordan!! – The BB show is great w/o all of the manipulations by BB directors!! . Let the ppl play the game .. Thy create natural Drama that e Love!! .. Not the BB Manipulated Drama! … Stop all of these silly Twists BB! .. I think I am ready to Stop watching BB and start watching GLASS HOUSE!

  3. Bobby Joe says:

    Joe will go this week, I don’t see Frank getting blindsided. Joe will explode after the veto and he doesn’t come off.

  4. Matt the Miz says:

    SHow is getting good wit hthe spin the bottle haha. Shane needs to stick his tongue down that damn throat mannnn up the shane! ur to good of a guy!

  5. Carter says:

    I have been a fan of Big Broth for a whole 3 weeks now and I can’t stop watching and reading about it. It has been an incredibly dramatic few weeks, and I thank my coworker at Dish for recommending it to me. I won’t be home to watch tonight’s episode live, but my Hopper will record it for me on PrimeTime Anytime so I can skip the commercials in the morning with Auto Hop. I am really expecting to see Joe walk out the front door, but anything can happen in the Big Brother house.

    • Bobby Joe says:

      Carter please work on some new material. How about this: I have been a fan of BB for 3 weeks and can’t stop watching and reading about it. While my wife was sleeping with my Dish coworker he told her I should watch it so she could go out and meet him. I will record it for her using Hopper so she can watch it when she gets home tomorrow morning.