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Big Brother 14 – Power Of Veto Ceremony Shakes Up Thursday Night

Ashley has been pulled off the block

First let me vent a little…. Right before Big Brother 14 started, I decided to upgrade my website server in order to prevent any issues I had last year during big events.  I am now spending 2x per month I was last year on this site, and so far it’s had three major crashes (btw help with the costs by signing up to the live feeds here).  The worst part, they seem to happen either right before bed or like yesterday, while on vacation.  I was relaxing at the beach, then getting sent through scary dark dirt roads through New Hampshire thanks to my GPS.  Apparently I selected the “Be prepared to be killed” route to get back to my hotel.

During all that, my freakin server goes down and I spend all night waking up every few hours to contact my hosting company to try and get it fixed.   What a crappy ending to a great and much needed vacation.

Nobody really cares though, I know I wouldn’t if I read this post.  Shut up and get to the Big Brother stuff…  I agree…

Yesterday the PoV ceremony was held, and it sounds like things are going to get real this week.  Shane decided to veto his own decision and put Frank up on the block, then gave him the reason “This will help Joe get out”… sure, because Ashley was such a huge threat haha.  I know Frank is a big threat in the game, but Shane secured a pretty strong trust with him by not putting him up. Having those two allied for a few weeks when the vets enter as players would be nice to see so we don’t end up with another season of veterans making newbies look like newbies.

Watching Shane potentially get out what he sees as his strongest rival (but in reality may be his strongest ally) on Thursday is like watching a guy standing on railroad tracks with headphones on as a train marches towards him, all in slow motion.  I feel he’s going to end up making a huge mistake, but I know others may disagree.

Who knows though, Joe still could be walking out that door, but right now it’s not looking that way.

I know other stuff happened in the house in the past few days and I’ll try and blog about that when I finally get home (blogging from a hotel right now), but now that the site is up I had to share this story.

Also, here is a poll….

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5 Comments on "Big Brother 14 – Power Of Veto Ceremony Shakes Up Thursday Night"

July 31, 2012

Ur so funny Steve….vacations are Not allowed during BB seasons…vacations are taken in June or late Sept…u should know better, lol…the BB Gods took ur server down, lol…

Cant wait for Thurs Live show when Julie annouces the Coaches are entering the game and Frank is gone and Shane’s face is a Big Frown, lol…Oh and the Endurance better be the Bomb this year…☺…

July 31, 2012

oh my, this carter person is on other blogs too. i’m really hoping they get blocked. this dish crap is REALLY annoying!!!
anyways, i’m not loving this whole conversation that took place on 7/30 when shane said shane said danielle was making him uncomfortable, and he liked kara more. him and brit are worried about his looking bad… well, he just did. i think he just lost my support. i can’t stand when people get used, in that way, in the bb or any other game. it’s too below the belt. back doors, breaking alliances, all that is fair game… not that.

August 1, 2012

its amazing how these veteran players will be able to slide into the game after five players have been eliminated.. pretty huge advantage.. then they’ll immediately fall into an automatic four person alliance despite anything they’re saying to the contrary now..

this is the “jump the shark” season of BB.

the brit version is infinitely more entertaining than this fix.


August 1, 2012

Its one thing to lie and cheat to break alliances because after all the name of the game is to win 1/2 mill. But its wrong to play on someones emotions just for your own personal gain. If Shane is using danielle like that, then he deserves to be evicted soon

August 1, 2012

i couldn’t agree more!!!