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Big Brother 14 – Power Of Veto Results

big brother 14 kara talking

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The first power of veto competition for Big Brother 14 is complete, and it appears the nominations will remain the same. House flipper Shane won the veto, and he’s been talking to Willie about most likely keeping the votes the same.  I’m still unsure who that’s good for right now because the house really seems split.  Every time I feel Kara should be packing her bags, talk sways back to Frank going home.  It sounds like he did really well in the competition which could have a deciding result this Thursday.  A lot of the guys have already mentioned how they don’t want to keep competing with Frank physically, and today likely did not help.

Let’s get into what’s going on in the house:

3:20pm – Dan is trying to convince Kara that she is safe this week, but I think even he knows that’s not a guarantee.   Jenn and Frank are in the living room chatting more about the competition, it sounds like both were involved (Frank obviously).  Willie, JoJo, Shane and Britney are -shocker- in the HoH room chatting away but the feeds cut away from them because even the producers are tired of watching Willie hang out on the HoH bed.

Breaking News:  Willie has left the HoH room.  We’ll be following this story as it develops!  haha

3:36pm – Boogie is figuring out that Danielle is not really a teacher but probably in the medical field.  He’s also wearing a shirt that says “Big Brother Belichick’ which makes me like him a little more.

3:39pm – JoJo, Willie, Frank, Boogie, Ian and Jenn are all in the living room chatting about the veto competition.  This makes the living room used more than the entire season of Big Brother 13 already.

Break in the action
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Ashley Janelle and Britney chatting - Big Brother 14
Ashley Janelle and Britney chatting

3:44pm – Ashley sighting!  She is still alive and still in the house.  I really hope she doesn’t end up leaving due to health concerns.

4:08pm – Willie is talking with Danielle and JoJo in the bathroom area, and he feels there is going to be an endurance challenge soon.  It should be interesting if this crew can actually handle a real endurance challenge unlike last year.  That was pathetic.


stay tuned for more updates….

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