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Big Brother 14 – Could Thursday Set The Tone For The Season? (Poll)

big brother 14 kara vs frank

Typically early in the season is when things can really set the tone for the rest of the summer.  Last year it was very early when the newbies tried to pull together and vote out Porsche, but the veterans had their way and Keith was out the door 6-4.  Once that happened, it destroyed the newbies will to live and the dominoes just started to fall.

Could a repeat happen in Big Brother 14?  Watching the live feeds today, Willie has been really pushing to keep Frank around despite the house constantly flopping which direction to go in.  They spoke for a little while and made a side deal to watch out for each other, despite their coaches, and try to get rid of the floaters early.

This could create a bit of tension in the house as Mike Boogie is already starting to rub people the wrong way, and the Britney/Janelle plan of ‘Destroy Dan‘ has taken a back seat to ‘Pick That Booger‘.  The only problem with this is that the HoH this week (Willie) has different plans, and completely understands that the coaches are only looking out for themselves.

While Britney and Janelle have been on the show before, Willie Hantz is part of the Hantz clan which has more combined reality game show experience than possibly all 4 coaches combined (my numbers could be off).  In those reality shows, all but one season has a member of that clan made it really deep in the game, so they know what they’re doing whether the other people like it or not.  Needless to say, Willie is not really paying much attention to the ‘coaching’ he’s receiving, and instead just using Britney and Janelle as pawns.  That of course could go really good or really bad very quickly for Slick Willie, and I think this may may be a huge turning point in the game, at least the way things stand now.

If team Britelle want Frank out of the house, but Willie ends up getting JoJo, Ashley, Joe, Ian and Jenn to vote Kara, the house could become a mess on Thursday night.

While it’s still too early to say for sure who is going to go home, I know I’ll be keeping an eye on the live feeds to see how the house shifts throughout the week.  Thursday is still a few days away and anything could change.  If they were to vote tonight, I think Kara would be packing her bags.

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3 Comments on "Big Brother 14 – Could Thursday Set The Tone For The Season? (Poll)"

July 16, 2012

May we evict everyone and start the season over?

July 16, 2012

It would be smart for the house if they got rid of Frank instead of Kara because getting rid of Frank would weaken Boogie’s team.

Bobby Joe
July 17, 2012

The house believes Frank is a physical threat but Kara is smart. What makes them think Kara is smart? Did I miss something? Some of the others are as smart as a rock so maybe they are comparing her to them.