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Dan Gheesling


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Dan Gheesling is the second “mentor” to return as a former winner of Big Brother, as he was victorious in season 10.  Not only was he a winner, but he was the first unanimous winner of the show.

Dan also picked up the nickname “Judas” during his time on Big Brother 10, it will be curious to see if that has stuck around or will have faded over time.  The name was coined by Jerry of that season as Dan was accused of “hiding behind the cross”.

Since Big Brother 10, Dan has been pushing his blog How to get on Reality TV, as I guess he needed to write an entire e-book to say “be good looking and/or say outrageous things”.   I am almost curious enough to read that book, but I won’t.  Not because I don’t want to be on reality TV, but for the simple reason that he brags about taking 4 years and over 8 auditions to get on the show.  Bro, I’d be willing to bet half the people you’ve competed against were likely approached at a bar or through a modeling agency.  They didn’t even need to apply, and you’re acting like 4 years of work is an accomplishment?

Sorry Judas, I’m not impressed. You want to write an e-book?  You should write how you’re one of the least memorable winners in recent history, yet you won by a unanimous vote and were asked back for Big Brother 14.  Now that’s an accomplishment in my eyes.


dan gheesling big brother 14

dan gheesling big brother 14


  1. Comments (19)

    Yesssss im so freaking happy dans in the final 3! Go dan!! You all are just jealous

  2. Comments (12)

    He keeps talking about coaching, and his football players. No one finds it odd that he didnt know when “his” team started their season. You would think that such a smart person, and dedicated football coach might know this valuable piece of info, since “his” players would be eagerly awaiting their awesome coach. I know he’s been in the house, but trust me if your a football coach you know the date of your first game long before summer break. He must have been at a casting call, so he didn’t get that info, and not one of the other coaches or players told the almighty coach Dan. When something is important to you, you have a tendency to rember, seems his school and his players come after reality tv. Way to prioritize!

  3. Comments (6)

    I didn’t watch Dan’s season but I can totally see how he won.
    He uses brain power on Danielle to do what ever he wants and
    she does it because she is dumb. I have to give it to him he has
    To be one of the greatest to have ever played this game…

  4. Comments (12)

    Dan in case you were interested “YOUR” football team has a game on friday the 14th, if your not to busy playing video games or watching yourself on tv, you should try to go. I don’t know how they even take the field without you there, the loss of your knowledge of the game must be extremely detrimental to the success of “YOUR” team. Motivating them with his line of b.s. is a possibility, teaching them the fundamentals of football and how to play the game, not a chance. They don’t miss him much, they have 12 other cheerleaders that do a great job!

    • Comments (16)

      bow down to the perfect coach here, dan bad!coach good! lol so you are teaching your kids to keep talking crap about someone that isnt even here to defend their self great job coach i will put a good word for you at my local high school. you must feel real big right now, pat yourself on the back, the football gods are smiling down on you tonight, how dare big bad dan doing this to you. i can hear your motivation speech now, guys huddle up! the team we are going to play is not perfect you are because i am the best thing next to perfect. plus their coaches do bad things so God is already on our side. go out and play a fair clean game, but dont forget to think bad thoughts and repeat it as much as you can and spread the hate to the other team, plus dan is evil, brake!

      • Comments (12)

        I’m assuming that you are a 12 year old girl that would not know about football. What part don’t you understand, I’m not teaching any one, anything. I’ve never said anything about God, nor did I ever say Dan was evil. If he were claiming to be a doctor, I would expect him to know medicine, if he was claiming to be a plumber, I would expect him to know his trade. Once again my main point was that he claims to be a coach, do you think he should know when the season begins? You don’t find it interesting that he doesn’t know this? Teaching is a very noble and important job, be proud of that. Ask the coach at your local high school if he’d give up being with his team, to play big brother. Its ok to say hmmmm that’s true, he should know when his team opens the season, and then you can praise his game play. Ive never attacked his game play, win or lose I could care less what the outcome of this game is. Just have a feeling this game means more to him than any football game ever did. When your expendable at your job, you get the chance to leave for 3 months, the people that are needed are told, that it’s to long a period to be gone, and will impact your future with that company.

      • Comments (16)


        Excellent points! Why Austin can’t comprehend those valid points, is beyond me. Sorry Austin, you truly have no leg to stand on!

      • Comments (16)

        i understand, but just getting personal on somes ones choices is just childish. if his choices affected you in your personal life then i do apologize.

      • Comments (16)

        hmm… Maybe you should re-read his posts and then you’d retract yours. You’ve clearly showed through your comments, how you choose to live your life. And yes, I do live my life with class, morals, integrity, something Dan seems to lack. And No need to apologize, some people have a consciousness and some don’t.

      • Comments (16)

        ok i got your point. nothing wrong with bashing someone over and over, my bad. once i can see but to just keep saying how low someone is for choices they make is good and fair. we should never build each other up just break people down, gotcha, i reread his post and im on the same page now.

      • Comments (16)

        no i am an adult, played football form aged 8 to sr year. tide end ,fullback,nose guard, and weak side linebacker. coached 5th and 6th football for 4 years. i’m just saying your not looking good bashing someone you really dont know, getting personal about someone you dont know. you sound smart and you love football which makes you a cool dude. just thought your maturity level would be higher. you cant point out peoples faults to make your self looker better. yeah am a big football fan, want to talk football im here all day.

      • Comments (12)

        Not sure how I was trying to make myself look better, and I wouldn’t consider it bashing. Just as a huge football fan, like yourself, so it rubs me the wrong way when he always throws out his coaching position and team on national tv. Let me try this approach, he’s probably a receivers coach, and since we both played ball in high school, we know how receiver coaches are at that level. If your an unpaid position coach you usually don’t lead with that as your occupation, he teaches students but never mentions that part. I’m sure Ian would chat him up with some Steelers trivia. Everyone’s comments are how they feel personally, for some it’s the bible, for others it’s his wife or backstabbing. For me it just happened to be football. Go Raiders!

      • Comments (16)

        cool i can live with that, but i got to warn you i am a die hard KC fan. go chiefs. Raiders do look good this year on d. the O will gel later. WE need a real QB!

      • Comments (12)

        A Raiders fan and a Chiefs fan disagreeing, who would have thought! I’m waiting for the day we start to play smart, disciplined, hard nosed football again. Both teams have seen better days, but I cringe every time we go to Arrowhead, tough place to play. Much respect for the 80,000 Chiefs fans that fill that place every game! Tough division to win, and usually the only way to make the playoffs. Rarely does the AFC West get the wild card, and now with Mr. Manning in Denver I’m afraid we both have a long season ahead of us.

      • Comments (4)

        The Oakland Raiders need Dan to coach them. Then maybe they can beat San Diego Chargers.

  5. Comments (4)

    Dr. Will move over there’s a new sheriff in town!

  6. Comments (4)

    I don’t blame Dan. If Danielle, Shane and the other house guests are stupid enough to believe him and buy into his lies, that’s their problem. he won the game before and should have been out of the house a month ago. Fool me once, fool me twice. I want him to win now.

  7. Comments (11)

    i want dan to win the big brother 14th season
    this vanessa

  8. Comments (5)

    Dan is a cross between The Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz and The Child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Look them up you’ll be amazed!

    • Comments (4)

      Dan is a great player because he knows how to manipulate the other house guests and he gets desired results. That’s how you advance in the game, according to the rules.

  9. Comments (1)

    “waaaawaa dan lied and manipulated and he doesnt deserve to win.”

    are the dan-haters real fans of the big brother gameshow or do you just watch bb to judge character and morals because honestly i believe you are in the wrong place for that. It is a game. Other players have tried to lie or cheat their way to the final two and have failed – Dan is better, and his social game is the most interesting and entertaining thing I’ve watched on bb. Yeah he’s sneaky, he mists, he’s a snake, he hurt peoples feelings… If their feelings were hurt its because they left themselves vulnerable and forgot that they signed a contract to participate in a gameshow this summer, not to sit around a house making friends.

    I can understand how a couple players in the jury house feel slighted.. they got burned, and people vote personally (although neither ian nor dani have done enough to justify winning the money over dan this summer). but whoever wrote Dan’s bio up there is a joke. Im starting to think that the majority of the people writing comments on this page were season 6 “Cappy” fans.

    DAN = G.O.A.T.

  10. Comments (11)

    i want him to win big brother 14 this seasonof mylife my boyfriend

  11. Comments (2)

    ass hole!

  12. Comments (1)

    You are guaranteed a spot in hell!

  13. Comments (1)

    Dan not winning BB14 = EPIC FAIL OF A SEASON

  14. Comments (2)

    Am glad that Frank won 25k$. That kind of validated the show finally. As for Dan, he wins 50k$ but lost the American public (and maybe future endorsement money too…). The world is a just place!

  15. Comments (1)

    My problem with Dan is that he is a Catholic High School Teacher! I would love to see him lose his job. I went to Catholic School for 12 years and they DO NOT teach you to lie and swear when it benefits you and then play by the rules the rest of your life. I wonder if his students are called for jury duty, do they place their hands on the Bible and tell the truth or take Dan’s example and lie? Shame on him. I could never respect him as a good Catholic man!

  16. Comments (11)


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