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Danielle Murphree



Voting History

Week 1 –


Name: Danielle Murphree
Age: 23
Hometown: Grant, Ala. (living in Tuscaloosa, Ala.)
Occupation: Nurse
Three adjectives that describe you:
Loving, outgoing and passionate.
Favorite Activities: I love to dance. I could do that all day, everyday. I love photography, scrapbooking, working out and swimming. Anything that keeps me active.
Most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Being cut off from the outside world and not being able to listen to music or take pictures.
Strategy for winning “Big Brother:” To be considered someone that isn’t a threat and someone that doesn’t seem very smart. The people that are a threat are usually eliminated first.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least: I love Jordan and I can’t stand Rachel. Rachel is beyond annoying and fake with her whining and backstabbing. Jordan seemed honest, down to earth and fun.
What are you afraid of: I am terrified of snakes, dying young, heights and never finding my true love.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: Finally graduating Nursing school and passing my NCLEX on the first try.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… love everything as if you were about to lose it.
What would you take into the house and why: My camera because I love taking pictures; my iPad so I can play games and listen to my music; and my cell phone because I’m a chatterbug and love talking to people.
What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: Be a happy camper. I guess I would deal with the new challenges that I faced with fame, but I wouldn’t hate it. I wouldn’t mind being famous.


big brohter 14 - danielle murphree


  1. Comments (4)

    Danya, how is it that people aren’t picking out all the flaws of all the players this season. Dani gets all the votes for flaws because of how SHE acted. She brought this on herself with her lies and constant need for attention. The poll on Morty’s showed her at the very bottom of the list with only 6% compared to Ian’s in the 40’s and Dan’s in the high 30’s. There is a difference between doing what you need to do to win the this GAME and lying for the sake of lying to get sympathy or to have people like you. She’s going to be in for a rude awakening when she gets home and it’s all her own doing. She chose to go on the show and she chose to say ridiculous things about herself. Viewers aren’t stupid and they see through someone like her from a mile away.

  2. Comments (4)

    Danielle, Bennington VT Shane’s hometown is in the very southwest corner of Vermont, 10 miles from the Massachusetts border. You’re best off flying into Albany, NY and renting a car. Happy stalking!

  3. Comments (14)

    Hi Gram, Lets face it people are having a great time being more harsh and mean to dani than anyone else. And what gets me is I write one a comment in Dani’s favor (which by the way is my right and opinion and I get attack by others on here)all of a sudden if I say something positive about her…. well I must be just like her.
    (example) this was from Chris…I would like to know if you have watched the whole BB season and the BB after dark. If you haven’t then you know nothing about her and if you have, you probably do the same thing she does in her everyday life if you continue to think like that.

    Well I do I have my own thoughts and am I suppose to ask Chris or others on here what im aloud to say or think before I type it? NO I dont think so. I’m a 45 year old woman and a mother of 3. Been married to my husband for 21 years. I think I have the right to say …(WTG Dani) and say that I feel sorry for her because people are being so personal. I”m a christian and I have a huge heart and I hate to see others hurt. Matter fact I feel pretty sorry for Chris and the way he/she thinks. All Im saying is this is a page where people write their thoughts and since it is Dani’s page you are going to have some who look past the young immature stuff and say things nice about her. I/we shouldnt be attacked and called names, like idiot, stupid, crazy etc. I hope this isnt to much to ask or for some of these people on here to understand. LOL I guess Im asking a lot. 🙂

    • Comments (86)

      Dayna..i am going to ask you in a polite way..what do you think of a 23 year old taking a monkey that Ian dearly loves and grabbing it out of his hands while he is pleading to her not to do it and Shane is yelling Dani don’t do it and proceeds to rip the arm,laughing as she is doing it…..i will let you think awhile….now don’t tell me she is young and immature,she is an adult…..of drinking age….why would she do it…..i am ready to hear your answer…..

      • Comments (53)

        I love when people present proven/documented FACTS to make their point rather than “she’s pretty so I love her.” AWESOME JOB DONNA!!! 😀

    • Comments (86)

      Dayna..this is her page ..where are we suppose to say it..on Franks page?

  4. Comments (14)

    PS. Gram8 thank you for calmly stating your comment to me without getting ugly and immature..I appreciate it.

  5. Comments (16)

    OMG!!! If this self-absorbed, stupid, lying wins this game I will never watch it again. She is the most annoying person in the history of BB. Unbelievable!!!

  6. Comments (1)

    When this season began, wasn’t Danielle slender? Did she somehow manage to avoid the “have not” penalties? How can someone gain so much weight on the infamous slop diet (i.e. starvation)?

  7. Comments (14)

    Donna, #1. I never said people couldnt write on her page. Please go back and reread it. I said I should also be able to come in here on Dani’s page and NOT hate on her and say wtg without pissing people off. I made a comment and because it wasnt evil people started attacking me. Not right or fair. I said I should be able to say my feelings and shouldnt have to ask permision or be called names because I think for myself and am not a follower.

    Now that being said the part about the monkey. I still have that episode recorded and it wasnt as bad as you say it was. They were all laughing including Ian and Ian even made a joke about its neck. However and let me say this.. NO ONE should be ripping or tearing up ANYONE things. I totally disagree with that kind of behavior.

    So feel free to say things about me, dislike me, what ever makes you feel better and makes you a happier person. As I said before this is a page about Dani and people CAN write good comments or bad comments about her. It isnt for you or anyone else to say (hey you shouldnt like her)

    Please understand that I’m honestly not trying to be rude to you or anyone else. I didnt call out anyones name in this room and say HEY STOP BEING MEAN. I just said I didnt like what was being said.
    Good luck to you and God Bless you.

    • Comments (1)

      I absolutely agree with you Dayna. I like Dani and I thinks its just sad how people have to write all of these crude comments to make themselves feel better. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it is taken way too far and to attack those who make good comments is just not needed.

    • Comments (86)

      Dayna..go watch it again with your eyes open..even when its on video you can’t admit she is hateful..

      • Comments (83)

        RIGHT ON DONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        And describing Danielle has hateful is being nice….I can think of many words to add to that, I will add shallow and tramp for now.

  8. Comments (14)

    Missa, I like what you wrote on September 15, 2012 at 12:34 am.
    You are 100% right in my opinion. That is what I’ve been saying too. You say one thing that isnt filled with pure hatred and they come at you. Good luck to you. 🙂

    • Comments (1)

      Thanks Dayna! I am not worried about what these people (in reference to those in attack mode) have to say about me. I don’t particularly like Danielle, but I feel everyone is entitled to their opinion. Whether I agree or not does not give me the right to call someone stupid or idiot or dumbass or whatever for not agreeing with me or for expressing their thoughts. It also annoys me that instead of talking about her game, this has become a total bash on another human being thing. Like saying she is fat, her eye brows are messed up, and on and on and on. Her game is lacking, but her game has nothing to do with what her hair looks like or if her butt is big!!!

  9. Comments (47)

    Hey, As Donna mentioned above…………….What was the salad tossing talk about. I too missed that one! And nobody ever answered her that I can find but I’m curious about it also. Thanks in advance!

    • Comments (86)

      Yea.. me and Jane want to know

      • Comments (53)

        Well ladies … there’s this thing that a person does “south of the border” but it is even further south than the usual.

        So, did everyone hear DD bragging to Dan (a married man) and Shane how she swallows??? That stuff should not be discussed with someone else’s spouse. Total class act DD!

  10. Comments (6)

    Ok so Im watching BBAD from last night and this dumb b**** has the nerve to threaten Ian saying if he doesn’t take her to the final two she will taint the jury. B**** please, you wish you had that much influence over them. If its Ian and Dan in the end half the jury hates Dan so Ian will definitely win. I dont care what your stupid ass says to them. She is becoming the most annoying house guest to i have ever seen on the show. Since Dan and Ian are playing in the last round I cant wait till one of them sends her out the door Wednesday night!! Empty handed with only her stipend check lmao

    • Comments (76)

      Your right Niqua she also Bullied Ian to tears. Its was aweful. I couldnt watch it any more. i have never seen anyone so mean before. Also she told Ian that because he didnt believe in God that he dosnt deserve to win!!! And this was on Big brother after dark.

      • Comments (86)

        well thank GOD Ian didn’t have to worry what GOD thought…the jury decided he did deserve to win…:)

  11. Comments (1)

    Danielle… cute at first glance but holy shit, it didn’t take long for her to annoy the living hell out of me! I wish her no harm, but I hope she watches this season back and it humbles her.

  12. Comments (16)

    OMG!!! I didn’t think that I could dislike Danielle any more. I just read the live feed page from Morty’s TV website and I am seeing yet another side of Danielle. She is threatening Ian that she is going to taint the jury if he makes it to the final 2. She is being uglier than ever. I really hope she gets what is coming to her. She is such a sore loser. Please go to Morty’s TV website and view these feeds. She is such an ugly person inside and out. For those of you who say she is sweet, you are mistaken.

    • Comments (86)

      Sharon ..she got hers didn’t she ..Ian can laugh at her the whole way to the bank…:)

      • Comments (83)

        Donna I was rooting for Ian so loud, I figured he might even be able to hear me lol.

        The highlight of the season for me was Dani sitting with the jury with her longggggggggggggggggg face LOL.

        Yes poor Dani..I heard she was planning to invest in a mirror factory.

  13. Comments (6)

    Watching BBAD from last night (09/16/2012) and this hoe is sitting here trying to make Ian feel bad about taking Ian to the end. She is saying how she cant believe he lied about him and Dan having a final two. The only reason she is saying he should keep her is “she wont say anything bad about him in her speech” Bulls*** this fat hoe is pulling every card she can to try and stay. Like I said before I cant wait till she wobbles out of the house at the beginning of the show and the look on her face when Ian walks away with $500,000 and Dan with 50,000. This b**** will walk out empty handed and will be looking stupid when her “tainting of the jury house” doesn’t work.

    • Comments (5)


      • Comments (47)

        Lisa…….. I love that post! That was fantastic and so true! That is so brain dead and ignorant for her to play the whole game for another player and not herself! That is so creepy for her to say “I would do anything for you Dan”! for someone she just met on a reality show! She needs help, that is stalker qualities in the making. Dan may need a restraining order too!

      • Comments (6)

        Yes she does act just like a STALKER! Dan was kidding the other day and asked what her area code was so he wouldn’t answer her call when she tried to call him but then said he was kidding…He was so serious!

    • Comments (3)

      I think she was doing that so Ian would throw the comp to Dan (thinking Dan would take him anyway), and Danielle probably thinks Dan would take her. It was so dumb threatening to turn Shanes vote against Ian. OK, so if he took Danielle to the final 2 would Shane vote for Ian? Either way, Shanes not voting for him! Nothing lost! STUPID!

  14. Comments (43)

    you know I gotta say that I actually started to have a bit of sympathy for her when her and Ian had competed together and she was alone and crying with no one to turn to. BUT when she went after Ian the way she did, it was unspeakable. here she is being back stabbed by Dan this whole season but yet she is going to take it out Ian and say that he won’t get her vote when he has done nothing wrong to her.

    that is not game play, that is just pure, plain, evil.

    • Comments (14)

      Chris… This I do agree with you on. She is bullying Ian just like Dan has bullyied her. To top if off shes in the room with dan telling him everything and grinning knowing she has hurt him. Not cool at all.

    • Comments (4)

      How can you say Dani is being backstabbed by Dan when Dan is the reason she is in the final 3? She could have gone home any time Dan wanted her to go.

    • Comments (86)

      i have tried to tell a few of these ladies she is evil but they won’t believe me……

  15. Comments (4)

    What is Danielle’s strategy? Why is she messing with Ian? What does she think is going to happen when Ian or Dan wins HoH?

  16. Comments (32)

    Watching BBAD and Danielle is so funny. She has said so many times that she used to be a gymnast and even gone into detail about when she first learned to tumble. Right now she is in the backyard trying to do a cartwheel and a roundoff and she can’t even do that. She even tried to do a hand stand against the wall and fell on her head lol. Too funny. For someone that used to be a gymnast and a tumbler (as did I), and to still be so young I find it funny that she can’t even do a cartwheel properly. Just add it to her list of lies lol. Said it before and Ill say it again…..CRAZY TRAIN

    • Comments (5)

      She needs to quit! With her fake ass…”Actress” she needs to quit with her low budget acting…Modeling…hah better stick to “nursing” with her “messed up kidneys” lol And she threw the first HOH comp for the final HOH!!! And then she’s going to bash Ian when she had a final two with Shane!! Chelsea is fucking GORGEOUS u jealous hating bitch!! Dan would NEVER pick her over his success and for his wife’s. Are you retarded?!

    • Comments (3)

      I cant stand this girl and have hated her from the beginning but she got me laughing last night on BBAD with her so called workout. Those cartwheels were pathetic and when she tried the handstand against the wall and her fat ass fell hysterical. She stretched a couple of times lifted 1 pound weights for 30 seconds then washed her shoes. Wtf why are you washing your shoes she didn’t even break a sweat. Her ass was big at the beginning of the season and its huge now. Those 5 minute cartwheel/stretch work out is not going to help her fat ass. Oh dani thanks for the laugh i never hated someone so much before in my life and never thought you could make me laugh. You really are a dumb ass dani!

      • Comments (32)

        Dan…Im glad that Im not the only one who got a good laugh out of her gymnastics routine last night. The fall on her head was my top bb moment of the season lol.

      • Comments (5)

        Nothing gave me greater joy this season than that! She needs to get a fucking grip on herself…Get it right boo you ain’t all that…get over it! Own it! LMAO Hatin on Kara’s fooiinnne ass….#LyingHater

    • Comments (86)

      it just never ends with her…

  17. Comments (5)

    This chick is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking IRRITATING! FIRST of all, LOVE BB…but I fast forward through her speaking SO many times! Her high pitched fake screech is annoying along with all of her tall tales and infatuation with Dan…Number one he is married you dumb ass. Second of all your obsession to do anything for him as you claim is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard. Like I said before he is married and is going to do whatever it takes to win it again FOOL! She says she does gymnastics but can only do a roundoff and assisted handstand OMG stop lying. She says the game has been completely personal but it wasn’t personal when ya lied to Frank and Britney’s face and then you want to talk shit to Ian like he was the one that broke up the Quack Pack. All this broad has done is ride Dan’s coat tail. She hasn’t done shit, except look at her stupid ass in the mirror. Be desperate with Shane like she was the one playing him, like he’s not going to see everything in the end. Best believe if Jojo was still there they woulda hooked up cuz she is WAY fucking hotter than her…Get over yourself. #DumbestTrickinBBHouse

  18. Comments (16)

    This girl is seriously handicapped. Delusional Dani once again. Someone needs to “smack” her for the way she acted towards Ian.

  19. Comments (1)

    I seriously just went through a majority of these postings and can I say Jeez! You can tell who watches the feeds, whether online or showtime or both and those that just watch the edited show. Some opinions, although harsh, are not far from the truth. We can on many accounts look back at her “stories” she has shared more than once and know she lacks consistency (ie.lies). She basically claims she knows or has dated anyone you can imagine from “Bama”. The truth about her actual profession or possible lack there of may be exagerrated by her and CBS a bit (if anyone cares to research this you know). She obviously is very self-conscious and has low self-esteem, maybe from all the years of this “abuse” from her fathershe speaks of which is in no way a judgment or opinion, whether it be true or not . If you like her as an edited tv reality star, go ahead. But for those of you who can recognize she has many faults and seems to be dilisional about many aspects (shane, dan, life, job, boys, her looks, her personlaity, etc.) lets keep it classy and just say she needs some therapy.

  20. Comments (2)

    Dani and Danielle, great Coach-Coachee relationship. I wonder why?

  21. Comments (47)

    It’s so funny to hear Danielle call other players a dumbass when she is the biggest one in the whole game. And I’m watching BBAD and sitting here listening to her tell Dan and Ian how Frank tried to bully and manipulate her for a vote! OH MY GOSH! That’s rich! I can’t believe she has the audacity to talk about anyone bullying anyone when she just berated and bullied Ian so he would be scared and terrified not to take her to the final two. What a freakin’ piece of Shit this selffish Bitch is!! She is too stupid to even realize she must be talking about herself because she was freakin’ terrible to Ian bullying the hell out of him and proud of it! What a hypocrite Bitch! I want to punch her in her conceited ugly-assed fat face! Maybe it will improve it and her personality too! That is what she really needs…………I think it would benefit her greatly and put her back in check!! If she had that happen more times in her life then maybe she would shut the hell up and think twice before opening her big ass mouth and criticizing others! I would be more than happy to assist her with that!!

  22. Comments (1)

    Wow!!! You this is a game and i really dont think all you should be attacking and insulting someone over the internet. It just proves that none of you have a life and just loves to complain! 🙂
    Lets see you on big brother so we can insult you, even though we dont know you……. 🙂

    • Comments (53)

      So are you telling me that even though you know and have absolute PROOF that someone does things that by definition make them a bad person, you should remain silent and not form an opinion nor utilize your right to freedom of speech to point out that their behavior is wrong? Well, then you have to also believe in equality and therefore apply that same silence toward everyone engaging in, in Danielle’s case, malicious behavior. Good thing you were not in charge during the time of Hitler!

      FYI: I would tell all of this to Danielle’s face so please do not imply that I am only saying what I am saying because I am at my computer and not face to face. Everything I have said, I would happily repeat verbatim. That is if I ever have the misfortune to meet her. You know she would ask what I thought of her! “I” and “me” are her favorite words and she is her favorite topic. Hey maybe I will bump into her at one of the Hollywood A-List parties she is certain to be invited to! She IS SO famous afterall! hahaha Her words Annie, not mine. Look out JLo! Danielle’s coming to town!

      FYI: If I went on a reality TV show, I would expect criticism. You can’t please everyone. However, if I behaved like Danielle has, I would know that I deserved it all along with the disdain and more! Can’t act like that and be loved by anyone who has any decency or moral compass.

      • Comments (47)

        Amen A. Walker! Annie give it up! A. Walker is too good and so right! He speaks nothing but the truth and has all my respect for his great morals and right-on beliefs. I’m proud that there are still people like him out there who call it like they see it “BUT ACTUALLY BE RIGHT”!!! Hell, I wish we could clone him……..we need more people who are awake and know what’s going on in the world, has morals, values, and is not afraid to say it or stand up for them! Right is right! Heck, Nowdays it’s “the dumbing of society” and I’m tired of it!

  23. Comments (3)

    BEST moment of my day….watching Danielle try to do a handstand against the wall and fall on her head!!

    Goooooo DAN and IAN!!!! (I hope Dan wins)

  24. Comments (6)

    Im ready for this STALKER PSYCHO to go home tonight!!…Empty handed lol

  25. Comments (1)

    I am LMAO at some of these comments with people “Sticking up” for Danielle. I do not hate the girl. She has actually entertained the hell out of me with her bat poo crazy drama. However, she has lied about all of the women that have been on the show except Kara, she has lied about being an RN instead of an LPN, and she has lied about having sicknesses that she has never had. That much is true, and cannot be refuted because it is on the live feeds.

    Telling other people they have old names, and that they need to get a life because they are giving their opinion on the same website as you are is laughable. If you like Danielle despite her bat poo crazy, then that is your opinion and you can post it. If you do not like her, then that is also your opinion. Why is it that people cannot have an intelligent debate without name calling?

    Name callers (Dani haters and Dani Lovers), keep in mind that fighting online is like a one man ass kicking contest. This is just a game!

  26. Comments (1)

    Oh, Danielle just how stupid are you…I’m turning Big Brother off….you so deserve to lose…”STUPID”

  27. Comments (1)

    Hey Sharon,honestly you are such a jealous demanding,careless personality.all people in big brother lied okay,each one of them.
    If your talking about profession,yes it is true that some doctors asked some advice to fellow nurses ,believe me.
    If u don’t believe me you should go to school,graduate and pass the nclex then you will find out what were talking about,
    You don’t know dani either am I,but I have seen her everyday in BB and I kinda know her personality.
    Anyway,all I can say you are hater!!!!!!Hater won’t make you happy and appreciate each things.

    • Comments (83)

      Hey Ella….Sticking up for Dani, you are obviously a pyscho too.

      You know Dani’s personality? Ok sweetheart…..then if you approve maybe you are also a self centered shallow tramp.Birds of a feather…..

      Dani is the biggest liar and most hated HG ever on all 14 seasons of BB.

      I was so happy she was evicted….she acted so high and mighty all season, she got what was coming to her.

      I would never watch another reality show with that bitch on it, but I guess I won’t have to worry, AMERICA HATES HER, NO ONE WOULD EVER CAST HER AGAIN LOL LOL LOL LOL.

      Yes I am a hater…a hater of Danielle…and I am not alone, everyone hates her, did you read the posts?

      Now run along Ella, there will soon be another tramp on another show you can defend.

      • Comments (65)

        HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Hey Sharon wasnt last nights last eviction wonderful!! OOOOhhhh looks like Star-duh has a new sidekick Ella, unless its really Star-duh still…. Anywho HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA Danielle lost. The worst way too… HAHAHAAAAAAA cant stop laughing!!….. HAHAHAAAAAAA Did anyone else notice how at the end as everyone was celebrating and congratulating Ian and Frank all you see is Danielle up Shanes ass…. OMG such a psycho stalker bitch!

      • Comments (86)

        Thats the first thing she did was run over to kiss Shane..after i might add she was asking Dan if he thinks Trey will be mad at her or will he be waiting for her ..omg …i wrote on Shanes page to “Run for his life” from Dani…:)

      • Comments (83)

        OMG Donna…as though Shane is even interested…she was a stalker keeping him safe, nothing more lol lol lol .

        Hey I think I will visit Shane’s page too!!! lol

        POOR TREY…imagine how embarressed he is LOL LOL.

      • Comments (86)

        well you know men..Danielle gave him that baby voice and he fell for it..but when he sees her for the “fruit loop she is..he will get it…

      • Comments (53)

        She told him she swallows and loves it so he may keep her around for a minute … 😉

      • Comments (3)

        True Kelly, Dan disappeared somewhere’s and Danielle turned into Nutty Professor!
        Good luck Shane! lol!

      • Comments (83)


        Did you see dani’s LONNNNNNNNNNNNNG FACE at finale?





        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha

        OMG The ending was so good…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Hey Star-Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where are u?
        What did you think of the ending???


        Oh Kelly saying ‘psycho stalker are being too kind!! I would add tramp, shallow pig faced conceited cow. Dani the house guests hate you, Shane hates you, Kelly and I hate you…AMERICA HATES YOU.

      • Comments (65)

        IM laughing soooo hard right now, I just read below the other dip shit thats riding Star-Duh’s psycho train really thinks Shane likes danielle… Its obvious she hasnt watched BB14 at all…. Shane has no interest in pursuing a relationship with the psycho bitch, I bet you hes probably going down on JOJO as we speak lol

      • Comments (83)


        And sooooooooooooooooo TRUE!! lol

        (Hey Dani might want to watch the flashback live feeds…all Shane talked about when you weren’t around was Kara and JoJO.)

        ahah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

      • Comments (14)

        Sharon you need to get a grip and check yourself into a rehab. You say Dani is a liar. HOW DO YOU KNOW? Do you know the girl personaly? You say shes a bitch, pyscho, your the pyscho. You are sitting here telling all kinds of lies about Dani and I say lies because you dont have a clue. You judge, you call other people names for having an opinion that doesnt match your own and you have REAL hatred issues. Grow up, your thouths and opinions dont me shit to a tree you mean, hateful judgeMENTAL idiot. If you are seriously going to let some stranger on a TV show make you so mad, have so much hate, make you into a horrible person then you surly need some help of your own. Hell you are by far much worse than Dani could ever be. Dani may be an idiot for playing Dans game and never playing for herself, She may have crossed a line with what she did to Ian. but to attack her personaly, say she lying about everything, that my dear you have NO clue about so your lying too. Again get over it. Its a SHOW. Every year there is someone on there that I dont care for their personality but I dont let it consume me and turn me into you.. LOL

        Now say what you want back because IM not DANI so I promise I wont loose any sleep over anything you say. Good luck to ya and dont forget to seek real help.

        Oh and I think yall are jealous that Shane does have feelings for dani. He has been there for her. He kisses her, he took her on the reward trip and on the show all he wanted to know was if she new about what dan did. he told eveyone that they had a thing so face it people they like each other. so how can her looking at him, smiling at him or whatever be consider a pyscho. Jeeze do yall date much?

      • Comments (86)

        we know all those things because they are on VIDEO…

      • Comments (83)

        Yes Donna…Thanks…lots of proof – some real classic psycho Dani scenes too lol.

        Danya-Duh go to rewind and watch it why don’t you. I think you might have missed about 30 shows lol.

      • Comments (65)

        I couldve sworn PSYCHO was spelled PSYCHO not PYSCHO…. Dayna before you come on here and try to defend a PSYCHO bitch, please, LEARN HOW TO SPELL FIRST!!!!!!!!! Damn Dani followers, sooo DUMB AND CLUELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

        #Team SHARON and DONNA

      • Comments (86)

        thanks Kelly ..i always wanted to be on a team..:)

      • Comments (83)

        Hey thanks guys…

        Team Donna, Kelly and Sharon – WE WILL ROCK!!!!!

        Hey we need a name.

        Lets throw around a few ideas..what do you think? The stalker stompers?

        A name for team star-duh and Dani..easy ‘The psychos.’

      • Comments (65)

        I like that! The stalker stompers… Sounds perfect!!! HAHAHAAAA… and whats with these people (Dumbass 1 & 2) saying we dotn know her, why say such harsh things… blah blah, Do they not realize that everything is on tape! on the INTERNET!!! on TV!!!!!! HELLOOOOOO Wake up Dumb asses, Nothing we say is fabricated. Everything is based on what she has done to herself. OOOH I sooo do hope and pray one day soon she sits down to read this. Atleast she will have some comfort in knowing 2 people were defending her. Then again they might be made up people, it might actually just be her. who knows, stalkers have a way of getting around.

        # Team Stalker Stompers!!!!

      • Comments (83)

        All I can say to that garbage from Danya is

        THE HUGE MAJORITY OF US IN know what we are talking about.
        Hey next year get the live feeds and then you might have a clue what you are talking about.

        Spending 23.5 hours a day in front of a mirror is SHALLOW, SELF CENTERED AND CONCEITED.

        Her game play and LIES…Psycho. And Shane you say? HE WAS INTERVIEWED TODAY AND SAID NOT INTERESTED IN DANI…omg if you WATCHed THE F-ING SHOW..obvious to EVERYONE he was NEVER interested in her lol lol lol

        Dani was keeping him safe like a good little stalker.

        America HATES Dani. Millions of Americans and Canadians can’t be wrong.

        Go away are annoying.

      • Comments (14)

        Wow sharon your still on here fighting with everyone that likes dani? get a life girl it was just a show and no one cares what you think, except all the haters and jealous people and then no one cares about all them either….NO ONE LIKES A HATER!!!!!

      • Comments (65)

        STFU STAR-DUH!!! No one cares for you. Its just fun having someone else to make fun of aside from psycho bitch Danielle..

        Psycho Bitch Danielle and Psycho Bitch-Ass Star-Duh…..


      • Comments (83)

        LOL…Love you Kelly!!! You are sooooooooooooooooooooo funny.

        You are also so correct as always… PSYCHO BITCH DANIELLE AND PYSCHO BITCH-ASS STARRRRRRRRR-DUH lol lol lol lol

      • Comments (83)


        Hey…what happen to Dani at the finale Star-Duh?

        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      • Comments (47)

        And no one likes you Starla!! You get a life its just a show!! So why are you on here??? I guess you have no life too….huh? As you are talking about people still on here……..then what the hell are you doing “STILL ON HERE”?????

      • Comments (86)

        Sharon I cared what you thought…:)

      • Comments (83)


        You guys are so great, love your posts Donna, this has been so much fun!
        Since we are all so good at identifying psycho stalkers…I am sure we will all be in the same sites next time lol lol.

        I am just sitting here wondering what Star-Duh is like??

        I am picturing an older woman with warts on her nose, wearing a thong with 25 cats. What do you guys think????? LOL LOL LOL LOL

      • Comments (14)


      • Comments (65)


      • Comments (83)

        May I please add:


  28. Comments (7)

    Danielle, you did a good job, plus y met someone that will matter in your life. Listen to what my mom says – people can throw sticks and stone, it might hurt you for awhile, but dam you girl thats why he picks you. You made the right choice. Go girl

  29. Comments (3)

    I did not realize how petty Janelle was until tonight. She has always been one of my favorite players. But when she made the nasty comment about Danielle, I realized she is just simple. Green is not your best color Janelle. I believe the reason Janelle had it out for Danielle was because Danielle had the whole package of beauty and personality (inner and outer beauty). There is something wrong with a person how shows no emotion. “I don’t cry, I don’t feel sad”. Is there a soul deep within— I think not. Looks will only get you so far in life, and as Janelle has obviously become aware of– your getting older and not what you used to be. Janelle did not get far in the game because she has the personality of a rock. Dan described Danielle as a sweet girl from the south. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She just put her faith in the wrong type of person. Good luck Danielle.

    • Comments (3)

      You obviously did not watch the live feeds or bbad because the only supporters she has are the ones that only watched the tv show. She received an unbelievable edit from bb production because of what happen to shelly and the death threats last year. This girl is suicidal and bb knows this know and had to take it easy on her after the zing bot remark. This crazy lying bitch brought this on her self and i could not be happier with how she left the game. P.S. no way in hell will shanes mother or sister let him date dani and i will be surprised if they even let him be friends with the lying whore. Hes dumb but not that dumb and his family and friends still love him unlike dani’s.

  30. Comments (47)

    Ella………… I wouldn’t be telling anyone they need to go to school, graduate and pass the nclex when your sentences doesn’t show well on any of your schooling. I found it hard to read with several errors for someone so well educated. Also I don’t know anything about nursing but I can tell you that just because someone went through nursing school and the required classes doesn’t mean they are a good nurse OR qualified to really be one. A friend of mine works in a hospital in Materials Management and a nurse called down to order up a catheter. She asked the nurse which one do you need? (there are all different kinds and sizes), the nurse said she didn’t know and asked the materials management worker which one she suggests!! I don’t want to scare anyone but that was just one case. Having worked there for several years my friend has seen alot and heard alot. Believe this or not, she has seen a nurse ask a patient for his opinion. That is scary! That scares me for all patients. And I don’t think that just because you don’t like what Sharon says or the fact that she doesn’t like Danielle then that makes her a jealous person. You seem to think that you know Danielle’s personality just because you watch her everyday in BB, well you don’t know Sharon’s either! She may have a great personality but just has a different opinion and says what she thinks! That doesn’t mean she is jealous, careless, or demanding! I kind of laughed and found it funny when you said…..”but I have seen her everyday in BB and I kinda know her personality.” What the heck??? I didn’t know you were in the BB house all season with her. I hope you also sat beside her when BBAD and the feeds camara’s were on her because that portrayed a whole different side of Danielle. Anyway, I don’t think you have the right to call Sharon a hater because she has a different opinion than yours, I think you are doing a little hating yourself because you don’t agree with her! Opinions are EQUAL (including mine)!!

    • Comments (83)

      Hey thanks Rachael!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Maybe Ella can start a Dani fan club…it might be a lonely one though lol.

      Ella knows Dani through watching the show???? Hey it sounds like maybe Ella and Dani would get along good together…maybe they could double date with Shane and Trey???
      lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

      Ella..maybe you missed the many many parts where Dani tearfully would tell her little stories of surviving every life threatening disease known to man?

      I remember early on in the game Dani survived cancer? Well I lost both parents to cancer young and there are many brave people out there REALLY battling cancer…Ella how do you think they feel watching that pyscho trying to bring attention to herself with such horrible lies?

      Ella give Dani a call…maybe you two coud enter beauty pagents together, go shopping for mirrors..stalk men….pluck your eyebrows….whatever.

  31. Comments (29)

    Danielle doesn’t know anything about bossing any old farts around Dan’s not there to tell her what to say…Damn girl, can’t you come up with an idea on your own? Dan screwed you like the others, tells you and the whole damn country about it and you still vote for him.
    Can you spell bubble head?

  32. Comments (3)

    The Doc’s would go see Danielle for advice?lol! for what? How to look dumb and stupid in front of America on TV….Olé shi*!
    but hay, she can salad tosse me anytime if she wants lol!
    I’ll bring some beans……….. right Susan..

  33. [email protected]
    Comments (2)

    She is the only one who voted for Dan. She stuck to him through thick and thin, even though he played her without any mercy. Is she an idiot or a Saint?

  34. Comments (1)

    Wow is the first word that comes to mind, when reading all of these posts. How heated and cruel some people can be! Your now turning on each other? So, Im reading all the posts by the “fans” expressing their “opinions” on Danielle and “how she played the BB game” and your calling Danielle a physco? Im giving the benefit of the doubt when I say that Im assuming most of these posts were made by intelligent adults that know that BB is a game, to win or try to win, you do whatever as there is a cash prize at the end. Many BB houseguests have done things that offend and are hurtfull and against the majoritys morals like Evil Dick, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling just to name a few. Point is these people all are BB’s great’s! It’s not BB (the game) who do you like the best and why? It’s BB the game who can get to the end and win the money. Point is like it or not Danielle played season 14 of BB. Like it or not she made it to final three, and that is a very respectful finish. Like it or not your opinions wont matter she will move forward in her life and because Danielle does not have a personal relationship with any of you (Im assuming) your opinions wont matter to her……they will go in the trash like all negative posts do from seasons past.

  35. Comments (29)

    Third place a respectful finish….man that’s like going to a bar to pick up and coming home with nothing but your di*k in your hands……. it’s sucks lol!

    • Comments (83)

      Hey joejoe…but when it is Dani in third place…SURE MAKES AMERICA HAPPY!!!!!!!

      We should make that a national holiday….Dani loses day…and everyone gets the day off to laugh.

  36. Comments (29)

    Sure thing! let’s call it Dani dumb fu** day!! lol!

    • Comments (83)

      Hey Joe…I like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      But how about ‘Dani dumb fu** shallow conceited tramp shane stalker liar day?’ LOL

  37. Comments (2)

    wow! leave the poor girl alone!!!! it was a fricking game ….who cares what she said about what she does or what she has or where she lives or anything else. shes 23 – lots of life lessons to come her way. its a complete lie in that house. why does everyone want to jump on the “hate danielle” bus – she is the “only” person in that entire house that stayed true to her alliance – the only one! did u count the number of lies joe tolod? britany? frank? omg!

    • Comments (83)

      Lying about game is one thing, lying about serious hurtful things to gain personal attention – LIKE FAKING CANCER AND NUMEROUS OTHER LIFE THREATENING DISEASES – is another.

      Don’t tell me to leave her alone, this is an open forum where we can express opinions and my opinion is DANI IS PSYCHO.

    • Comments (47)

      Cat… Go to your litter box and take a peek…………. I have more respect for that waste than for Danielle! Lying about life threatening diseases is no game! It’s cold hearted to all those lost before us and all those battling now!

  38. Comments (83)

    I vote to evict…………………….DANI.

    Oh…forgot…SHE WAS EVICTED AND EMPTY HANDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ha ha ha ha h ah aha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  39. Comments (29)

    Right on Sherry! Who vote’s for Danielle to star in the future movie 2Clueless? never mind that’s her life lol!!
    For those that can’t take the gossip on this ride get off at Dan’s page where he’s trying to coach his family to believe he didn’t swear on nobody’s head or life..Dan’s funeral it is!!!!lol!

  40. Comments (29)

    Your right Rachael! What a cow, nice way to try to gained pity from the others…..Everytime I think of her I say to myself she just needs a good smack down! I’d do it all the time to my sister during my chilhood,when she pull and say stupid shit like Danielle,
    lol! It was nice chating sharon, talk next season… They really should think about a celebrity Big brother…..That would really be interesting to see the real side of these actors or whoever!!!!
    see ya!

  41. Comments (1)

    Looks like a lot of crazy cat lady Janelle stalkers in here who have to hate the person who kicked her out.

  42. Comments (2)

    Janelle if she does bb again the 4th time to me thats one to many times, you can play bb 3 times but that should be it.

    Danielle should play bb again but without Dan.

  43. Comments (1)

    Not to sound creepy about it. Danielle is a true American beauty. Aphrodite herself would not hold a candle to Danielle. This American Beauty should have a life long television career. I miss seeing her on TV so much. I hope she has generated enough of a following that a fan club is started. I want to be one of the first to join. Love you Danielle, have a wonderful life, you deserve it.

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