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Ian Terry



Voting History

Week 1 –


Name: Ian Terry
Age: 21
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa. (living in New Orleans, La.)
Occupation: Engineering Student at Tulane University
Three adjectives that describe you:
Intelligent, eccentric and analytical.
Favorite Activities: I really enjoy biking whenever I get the chance. A grueling bike ride is excellent.
Most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Being disconnected from sports, family, friends, internet and TV.
Strategy for winning “Big Brother:” I want to make an alliance with about six people and I’d like to be seen as maybe the fourth strongest in the group, that way it wouldn’t be me going up if the other side gained the power.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least: My all-time favorite has to be Dr. Will from BB2/BB7. He played the game with absolute finesse both times, and as a 10 year old watching BB2, I definitely would say I idolized him back then.
What are you afraid of: I’m definitely afraid of venomous snakes and any large, deadly animals, simply because they’re extremely dangerous. I also have a real fear of vomiting because it’s really painful and a fear of drowning since I feel like it’d be one of the worst ways to die.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of: My proudest accomplishment so far in life is going to Tulane, far away from my family and old friends, studying the hardest major I could possibly take, and surviving it for three years.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… I came here to kick butt and chew bubblegum, but I’m all out of bubblegum.
What would you take into the house and why: My collection of glasses: I have these glasses that can go with everything I wear. A picture of my family: I definitely will really miss them. My guitar: I recently picked up guitar and feel it’s an awesome way to relieve stress. Also, it does get me a fair amount of attention from girls.
What would you do if “Big Brother” made you famous: I’d try to live my life normally again. I don’t really have any intentions of going into acting or anything like that. I’d probably just try to go back to Chemical Engineering and do what I’ve always wanted to do.


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  1. Comments (1)

    I thought you are smart but you are just as dump as other house guests to trust Dan.

  2. Comments (7)

    Ian I made my sister watch Big Brother because I knew you were going to win in the being, but she had second thought about you. I watch this show every season too. They thought I was a crazy fan like you, but it works. Nobody can bully or change who you are thats what we teach and say to the whole world. Thank you for pulling it off, see you won for beening us

  3. Comments (7)

    Sorry Ian, I meant to say, Thank you for pulling it off for being yourself, you won for being us, not to be bully. You deserved it. Plus you said you were going to kiss or hug this girl, did you? Just a question

  4. Comments (1)

    I am so happy for Ian. He definitely has Aspergers. I picked it up immediately and so did my Asperger mom friends. My son is 15 and a huge fan of Big Brother, Survivor, and Amazing Race. He loved watching Ian. I was so happy that Ian was on Big Brother and won. He is such an inspiration to my son and many others that they can do anything they want. Including college and putting themselves in new situations. I wish he would come forward for Autism. He would be a great spokesman for the Asperger Community. My son doesn’t have any tangible people with Aspergers to inspire him that are young. GREAT JOB IAN

  5. Comments (2)

    congrats Ian, u so deserved it, dani gave u such a hard time and he was a gentleman, was on joker update and so many was talking about your illness and what u cant do well little man u showed them. U stayed true to yourself and u won, go get u a hammock and rock on luv u.

  6. Comments (86)

    Ian were great ..i am so glad you did it..your mom and dad can be so proud of you..i am proud of you..good luck in your life …i loved you and Brit need to keep in touch with Brit she is proud too..:)

  7. Comments (2)

    I’ve read the majority of the posts on this post and am compelled to say that I have a 23 year old son with many of the same quirks as Ian. The walking on his toes, fidling with a pen (rather than the rocking) and a high level of intelligence. My son has never been diagnosed for Aspergers. Although he is socially awkward (which many intelligent people can be) his has a strong network of college friends, he plays guitar and sings in a band, and writes poetry. He has 2 degrees and graduated with honors in both. I appreciate the concern some of you have but just because someone has some of the characteristics of a condition does not give any of you the right to label that person. Some of you are saying his has Aspergers when you don’t really know for sure. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I also feel that if Ian does have Aspergers, it is his business. I also don’t think BB is the place for educating the public on this condition. Ian will have plenty of opportunity to use his win to educate us should he choose to do so.

  8. Comments (1)

    Ian does not have anything on the autism spectrum. First when he had his conversation with Dan he revealed he had ADHD. Second, my thesis was on autism and I teach children with autism. While some of his behaviors mimic the characteristics typically associated with autism, they are also indicative of someone highly intelligent…their brains are always firing on all cylinders. Ian’s social skills, while a little milder than some, and his verbal skills are much too developed to qualify on any checklist of behaviors of people with autism.

  9. Comments (76)

    The thing i dont understand is that Ian played a great game, he didnt backstab people and lie like dan and swear on the bible yet he dosnt deserve to win? Sorry Dan fans. I loved Ian. He was the best player to win this. Dan was just too cocky. Good going Ian!!!

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    Well, well, well…all of this talk about Ian and guess who won the contest???? Over analyzing is one of the main problems with this country and world…I personally have a son with ADHD and recognized it, but apparently Ian is functioning rather well…give the world a break folks…relax and enjoy people for what they are…even if it does not meet the NORMAL that we all think we are…blabber, blabber does no good for anyone…

  11. Comments (2)

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Nancy. So much judgement of of the people certain others don’t think fit “their” perception of normal. Well, as I said in my pervious post, my son is very much like Ian. As a matter of fact he’s almost a dead ringer in appearance as Ian at that age. I happen to think my son is “perfectly” normal. This world would be a lot better off if people would judge themselves as harshly as they judge others.

  12. Comments (1)

    This is absolutely ridiculous. It shouldn’t matter one way or another. I’m sure you all go on about equality too but here you are putting a spotlight on the situation. Regardless as to whether or not this is true, or the behaviour is just a little unusual to you, it shouldn’t matter to the game. He’s obviously comfortable with himself or he would have brought it up. If people in the house are making fun of him, they’re the ones with the problems. Think about it.. if it was announced on national TV, how do you think he’d feel? And do you think anyone in the house would really act any differently? I don’t normally comment on things like this but it’s very frustrating to me that people are debating over this. Congrats to Ian for winning and showing the other house guests some class!

  13. Comments (29)

    Congrats Ian! a prize well deserved..your the man..I was praying you would have realized earlier that Dan was trying to fu** you over like he did to the others but.. Anyway, good job!

  14. Comments (1)

    Ian you didn’t F****** deserve that I’m not autistic like you I could’ve f****** won that 7.0

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