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Big Brother 15 – Did I Call It Or Did I Call It? Twist Revealed


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Julie Chen has been talking about some new twists this summer to the Big Brother 15 season, and yesterday when I posted the house photos, the nomination seat was one of them.  Typically, there have been 2 seats (one for each nominee), but this year they put a love seat in.. just enough for 3 people.   Between that, the ‘no floater summer’ and America voting on stuff, I came up with the idea that there will be two nominees plus a third nominee voted by America.

CBS revealed one of the twists, and I was indeed correct on the three nominees this year.  In addition, America will be voting on a weekly MVP, who will have some sort of special power in the game.  They didn’t say what it was, but based on the ‘no floater’ line, I’m going to guess that person will nominate the third person… perhaps from a short list of people considered ‘floaters’.

I think this because it doesn’t make much sense to make an MVP without giving them some sort of power to help target floaters.  Julie is clearly against the Kalia-style game (sorry I keep using her as an example), so giving the MVP some sort of immunity doesn’t do enough to curb the floater twist.

The cast will be revealed tomorrow, as is the first round of MVP voting (based entirely on nothing), which is about as fair as the shot they gave Jodi last season, but it is what it is.  Hopefully that person won’t have the power to randomly evict someone on the first night, but after last season, that wouldn’t shock me.

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  1. Comments (5)

    I’m not liking the voting for MVP before we get a chance to even see them on the feeds. For example, I really thought I would like Libra based on her pre-season interviews, but once I watched her on the feeds I couldn’t stand her. I will be pissed if I vote for someone the first week that ends up being a douchenozzle. On the other hand, if I see anyone that I have seen on TV before (or even the relative of past HGs) they will automatically NOT get my MVP vote.

  2. Comments (316)

    Jodi is going to return… this is just a guess.

  3. Comments (1276)

    I’m so ready for the new season, hopefully this will be a good one! 🙂

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