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Big Brother 15 – Last Day To Save On Early Bird Special


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Look, I hate posting this almost as much as you guys hate seeing it, but reality is that the live feed sales are the bread and butter for Big Brother blogs during the summer.  It helps support our (sometimes) insane server bills, and helps pay for other expenses as we sit in front of the live feeds to give you the best coverage of the Big Brother season every year.

I understand by now, the hardcore fans have likely already picked up the feeds, and I want to thank those who have purchased them through me.  However, if you’re one of those sitting on the fence wondering if you’re going to get the feeds, you’ll get them.  Once you get on the fence, there is no turning back once you see how addicting watching these feeds are during the summer months.  You get inside info to the show that regular viewers simply will never see in the 1 hour edited segments on CBS.

I’m making this post because Big Brother 15 is starting tomorrow, but tonight at 12:00am pst, the savings for the live feeds will expire.  You’ll still be able to purchase the feeds tomorrow and throughout the summer, but you will no longer save 20% for something you’ll probably end up buying anyway.

This is my last mention of the early bird special, and tomorrow I’m going to be focusing on getting more profiles up, and getting myself prepared for the live show.  The feeds should go active around 12am est, and we’ll all have a very good understanding what is happening in the house by Thursday AM.


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