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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread: Week 3


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It’s that time of the week in the Big Brother house – eviction night!  On the block this week are Jeremy, Aaryn and Spencer, though it may as well just be Jeremy as there is almost no chance of anyone else leaving the house tonight.   Last week had a lot of last minute scrambles to save Elissa, but this week the only person scrambling has been Jeremy, and that has fallen on mostly deaf ears.

Before I begin predictions, it’s my weekly shameless plug time…

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Eww, I feel dirty after all of that.  Hey, the bills don’t pay themselves, right?

Ok, now that I’ve sold my soul, it’s time for the predictions for the week.  It’s a fairly easy one as I already mentioned above.  The biggest question is, will Jeremy get 1 or 2 votes to stay?  Kaitlin already said she is going to vote for him because she simply can’t vote against her boy wonder, and Helen said that was ok and won’t hold it against her.  The other iffy one is GinaMarie, which apparently the house is trying to get to vote against Jeremy as one last kick to the balls.

Here we go on the predictions:

Amanda – Jeremy
Andy – Jeremy
Candice – Jeremy
Elissa – Jeremy
GinaMarie – Spencer
Howard – Jeremy
Jessie – Jeremy
Judd – Jeremy
Kaitlin – Spencer
McCrae – Jeremy

Jeremy should be going home tonight with a vote of 8-2, although it could be 9-1.  Not much of a surprise, but the big question is what will happen when the feeds come back up?  The 3 girls are in a vulnerable position right now and they know it.  Kaitlin has been sucking up to Helen, GinaMarie has been trying to get along with the house, while Aaryn is simply being Aaryn.  She has been getting a little close with Judd, but that won’t go very far (or it shouldn’t if he has a brain).

Updated: Added Elissa – oops.  Guess I am used to her not voting

Keep checking back for updates, I will post up until the live show if anything is going on in the house!

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  1. Comments (1)

    You forgot about Elissa, It will be 8-2 or 9-1… 🙂

  2. Comments (316)

    I just heard that there was a leak from CBS and that the house is going to flip and get AARYN out. Is there any truth to that or is it just a rumor??

    • Comments (15)

      I certainly hope so! Not because of her horrific behavior but because the house will probably be so boring after Jeremy leaves. I in no way think he should make it to jury but he needs to stay for now, if only for the entertainment value.

    • Comments (1)

      I hope Aaryn leaves, if not tonight then soon. I want to see that first face to face moment with Julie Chen. I am sure others have pointed this out, but has anyone else notice thatmifyounrearrange the letters in the way Aaryn spells her name you get aryan, as in aryan brotherhood?

      How is it no one is predicted to voted Aaryn out?

  3. Comments (15)

    Too bad, I wish it were Aaryn going. I can’t stand listening to her. Jeremy is not as annoying.

  4. Comments (12)

    What about Elissa? Isn’t she voting tonight?

  5. Comments (6)

    elissa was listed

  6. Comments (1)

    Does anyone else think Amanda is just the new bully of the house???

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