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Big Brother 15 – HoH Competition: Part 1

bb15-endurance-ginamarieThe final 3 had their first part of the final HoH challenge last night, and like expected, it was an endurance challenge.  Seeing as Julie gave no indication of when it would be played, and considering the feeds were down until after midnight est, I chalked it up to them doing the competition behind the trivia.  I didn’t want to promote a live endurance challenge only to be screwed over again.

The competition was a challenge where they wore roller skates and held on to some thing as they went around in a circle  (my guess is the roller skate thing is a nudge at Nick’s alleged professional roller skating career).  Like expected, Spencer went down first, so it was up to a competition between Andy and GinaMarie.   Spencer said he lasted about 8 minutes (that’s not what she said), so the endurance challenge lasted a solid 30 minutes or so.  Pretty anticlimactic compared to season 8’s seven hour marathon.

When the floor started getting wet and slippery, Andy fell and GinaMarie won the first part of the HoH challenge.  This guarantees GM a spot in round 3 of the HoH competition that will take place live on Wednesday night.  She will face off against the winner of round 2 which will be played sometime over the next few days.  Both Andy and Spencer are pretty weak competitors, so it’s pretty much a coin flip who will win this.  What I am fairly sure on is that round 3 will be another trivia competition, and GM has actually done fairly well on those challenges.  I think she’ll beat Spencer in round 3 with ease, but would struggle more against Andy.  If I were her, I’d be hoping for a Spencer win in round 2..

So there you have it, the final 3 is set, and half of the final round is set.  We know for sure GinaMarie has a 50/50 chance to win the HoH now, and probably a 50/50 chance at beating Andy if they were final 2.  At this point, Andy has to win the next 2 rounds to have a shot at winning Big Brother because I can’t honestly see GM or Spencer picking Andy to sit next to them in the finals… that’s Big Brother suicide.  A few weeks ago, when Andy betrayed many of his friends, he claimed he had a better shot at going to the finals with the exterminators than with McCranda.  I said that’s incorrect because Andy’s social game to that point would have required him to win his way into the final 2 regardless of his opponents.  The only thing Andy managed to do with that decision was to upset a few members of the jury, so congrats to him on 3rd place unless he wins the next 2 competitions.

(side note: I think Andy would have beaten Amanda and McCrae in this endurance challenge)

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    I really don’t like that people keep equating Spencer to Adam. Sure he hasn’t played a great social or physical game. But here is my ‘A Time To Kill’ question: close your eyes, there is a guy who has exceeded all records of being on the block and has come down every time. Now, picture that person as Jeremy. Are looks fogging you? Most of you will say no bc u don’t want to admit it. But you are lying to yourself if you think u would feel the same way about Spencer if he was a “hot” guy and didn’t somewhat resemble Adam.

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    Joker reported Andy won 2nd comp. Can someone tell me what happens now. Does the jury vote for GM or Andy?

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    This just in…ANDY HERREN has won Part 2 of the game!

  4. Comments (538)

    ANDY has won Part 2 of the game! (Spoiler Alert)

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    And won part 2. So it’s between him and GM in the part 3 HOH comp.

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    Ok,let’s stop bashing posts and think about Britney’s new baby Tilly, who was diagnosed with cancer. Sort of makes everything else going on here pretty darn trivial!

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    Welcome downers to my thread 😉 apperenty our host has taken a mental health break from this site and I blame all of you for it 😀

    … …… lol irly in the seaon the weak people (woman, geeks, rejects) ganged up and got rid of all things macho …and everything was great for y’all …. I warned that this is an issue ….anywho….. then the weak got cocky and started to fight over power (thought power was bad huh??? guess its only bad when otherrs have it) …. as the smoke cleared, the vermin figured out theirs more of them than there is of , lets say non vermin, lol and the revolution began… thats when the cry’s from the peanut gallery turned to “who’ll save us?? Where are all the good men? Why is this happening? ? before U tards could figure it out, we have now our final 3….. … pause while I laugh uncontrollably at all of you 😀

    ….you see, what our host and all of you should be thinking is, have we gone away from whats made our civilization strong?? Do we really need to lower standards so those who can’t keep up dont fall behind? we need to put so much of the burden on those who rise up to carry the weight of the incompetent, by law, and will it hurt us in the end? ?? …I wont give u the answer…we see the flaw in the progressive way in every corner of society and on our favorite reality shows and yet learn nothing… how many times have we watched the best player lose to a jury of losers on survivor? How many times have we watched protectors get slain by the votes of cowardz on big brother? ….if you ask me, Howard is the ONLY person on this show that “deserves” anything…….but I digress. ….

    I hope Spencer wins, like I hoped Obama would win, when he first ran. It seemed the only way you’d all wake up to the reality of what’s going on. Seeing the stripped down naked ugly truths should be enough…. I was wrong 😉

    Im sure this wont change anything, next season will be the same and most of u wont notice because you’ll like the characters even thou the system that degenerates us continues to change and weaken us.

    I applaud the hate cows for trying to keep standards high, but I laff at them cause it seems they only care bout their beloved shows being messed with and bcuz its too late …..or is it??

    Fuck fascist pigz like Julie Chen 😀

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