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Big Brother 15 – House Photos Revealed

Interior Plates

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(Pictures from THR)

With just over a week to go until the season premiere of Big Brother 15, it’s finally time for some house pictures to be revealed!  I don’t know why this excites me as much as it does, simply because it’s the same house with a face lift every year.

In true Big Brother style, the rooms carry their own themes from the airplane hangout to a bathroom that looks like a sauna.  The biggest difference this year appears to be the kitchen, nomination couch, and outdoor couch.

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The kitchen is now a bit more curvy featuring an island in the middle, and it’s a place I will expect a lot of grumpy people sitting just staring at the fridge.  I am a little sad the counter is curved instead of how it was the past few seasons. There have been many interesting moments with people sitting at the counter while others are cooking, etc.  Hopefully that will just be replaced by the island.


The outdoor couch looks smaller and like the kitchen, is a lot more curvy.  I don’t think the shape of the outside couch will change any drama that typically surrounds that area.  The interesting part comes in the living room area where the nomination seats have been replaced by a loveseat.

PLATESJulie Chen has said this will be a ‘no floater summer’ and the seating in the living room is indeed related to the big twist this year.  In fact, she mentioned it in the walk-thru video and hinted that we’ll have a huge role in nominations.  My early guess could be something like the HoH nominates 2 people, and America nominates the 3rd (the reason for the love seat).  It also goes with the ‘no floater summer’ theory since we will be able to be like ‘pfft, Kalia, get up there, you’re not going to float through the season’.

You are going to want to watch this season, and you’ll probably find yourself signing up to the live feeds.  It’s hard to resist finding out what’s happening in the house.  If you know you’re going to do it, click here and save 20% before the season begins.

For those of you in other countries who aren’t allowed to sign up, don’t worry, this blog will be updated often as will our twitter and facebook feed. While I’d love for you to sign up to the feeds through my links, as it helps support my summer of blogging, I just want to be able to share what goes on inside the house.  You will find plenty of Big Brother 15 spoilers here, so keep checking back once the season begins!

Also, as soon as they announce the cast (16 members), I will add them to the site!

Again, sign up to the live feeds early!

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    Can’t wait!!

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    Personally I love the look of the house. Also, we get the HG reveal tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see if the rumors are true that Rachel Reilly’s sister is on…I really hope not. I liked Rachel the last half of BB13 (once Brendan was gone), but if her sister is anything like her I will find her annoying fast. She will NEVER get my vote for MVP lol.

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