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Big Brother 15 – Hurricane Amanda Heading To The BB House

I know the Big Brother house is in California, but that doesn’t make them safe from the hurricane season inside the house.  First, we had Jessie who was a category 5 out in the Pacific Ocean, but quickly broke up as it hit land, and by the time it was all the way through the house, it was a tropical depression at best.

A few weeks later, another storm was brewing out at sea.  This one was called Hurricane Aaryn and it was a solid category 3 heading straight for the coast.  One night in the middle of the week, the jet stream carried it off course, and it went harmlessly back into the Pacific Ocean until it was completely dissolved and destroyed by none other than Julie Chen.

In what appears to be the last real threat of the hurricane season, a new one is forming as Tropical Storm Amanda.  We expect it to quickly turn into a hurricane and it could peak as high as category 4.  This storm is expected to be a direct hit on the Big Brother house sometime this week, but some damage has already been done.  Tropical Storm Amanda rolled through the island of GinaMarie shortly after it was discovered, and has now been re-gaining the strength needed to to a full assault on the Big Brother house.

Our video footage was able to capture the force that Tropical Storm Amanda is capable of, and you can see that footage by watching the feeds and turning to 5:20pm on 8/30.  Strangely enough, Amanda then apologized to the island of GinaMarie and said she was really aiming for the island of Elissa.  GinaMarie then made her chicken parm, which is unheard of in the storm world.

Stay tuned to Big Brother Junkies for the Hurricane Amanda storm tracker…

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  1. Comments (55)

    I haven’t read any of the previous comments yet, but watching BBAD. I really think Andy is in the wrong profession, he should be hired as a spy. I have never seen anyone lie as easy as Andy does, it just rolls off his tongue.

  2. Comments (1)

    Did you see when Julie interviewed Dan? He said Amanda was a brat. He was rooting for Judd to win. Loved the interview with Aaryn. It was almost like Julie was trying to tell her just wait till the game is over & see the show. Man she is in for a rude awakening. In Texas, that’s how we do. What a load of crap.

  3. Comments (8)

    I am not watching “After Dark” and not watching live feeds. Can anyone explain why people dislike Elissa so much. I don’t understand Aaryn’s comment “When I talk to her, I feel like I’m looking into Hell.” The comments people make about Elissa and actions that I see from Elissa~~there just seems to be a huge disconnect. She might be a little self centered (Not in a negative Amanda way). I was not happy with her bashing Amanda when she dressed up for Mcrea’s birthday dance- but we all know Amanda deserved it. I just don’t get it

    • Comments (87)

      I think it all started with the Rachel connection… they saw her as a threat for this reason… and yea, she is not that annoying at all.. less so than her sister- which I was reminded of when they did that short with Rachel and Brendon on Thurs.
      Also, Elissa looks to be in incredible shape… some girls don’t like that so much I figure

  4. Comments (2)

    One more observation about Aaryn. Mix it up and you get Aryan ! Coincidence I think not.

  5. Comments (662)

    I am hoping that while the dust is settling from this week’s storm, that Spencer, Judd, and GM talk about what Aaryn told them:

    That she was in 3am with Andy, Amanda & McRae. If they really take the time to think about that, then they will realize that if Andy gets to the final 2, that he will have 3 automatic votes waiting for him. So far, Helen is the only juror that is pissed off at him.

    They are going to have blindside him after the power couple leave.

  6. Comments (15)

    McRae won 1 HOH because nobody wanted to be the Ist HOH.

    HE dont exercise, smokes , no indurance, not that smart, low self esteem,

    and yet people dont consider him a “floter”….. what gives

    if anything, he holding back the Hurriacane.

  7. Comments (15)

    I would live to see HurricaeAM be put on the block evey week but not get evicted….. she would only get 2 votes from the jury

  8. Comments (15)

    Cant wait for Hurricane Amanda to hit the jury house with Hurricane’s jessie and Candice and hellen there watch out for STORMNADO

  9. Comments (17)

    What about this scenario, vote out McCrea in the first eviction. Then vote out ANDY in the next. Then we get to watch Amanda squirm for the next couple of weeks without her man-child. Everyone else in the house can make a packed to take her to the end no matter what and to tell everyone in the jury NOT to vote for her. It’ll be an 8-1 vote for the 500k!

  10. Comments (45)

    Go Amanda you can DO IT!!

  11. Comments (8)

    So does this mean Amanda will win the Diamond Power of Veto?

  12. Comments (316)

    What has Spencer contributed to this game? Can anyone please tell me.

  13. Comments (111)

    Random thought, do you guys remember Kathy from BB12?

  14. Comments (55)

    I just started watching the live feeds, so I could see how Amanda reacted in the house. The house is still in bed. The only ones up is GM and Elissa, but Elissa got dressed and made up and went back to bed.
    What’s up with these lazy people? Five out of seven nights I’m up watching BBAD until 2 or 3a.m. and still have my butt out of bed come early morning.

  15. Comments (302)

    Just another example of how stupid this house is. Elissa pulls Judd aside and warns him that Andy is trying to work both sides of the house. While it would be wise of Judd to sit on this information and observe Andy in action as Elissa has done … Judd instead runs right to Andy to tell him what Elissa said. Maybe Judd is smarter than he looks and realizes this just makes Elissa a bigger target then him as the numbers dwindle but I have a hard time believing Judd is that smart. Of course Andy tells Gina Marie & she says it’s probably because Amanda was happy you were picked for POV competition. HELLO … wake up pea-brains … yes this is another sign that Andy is working both sides. Apparently Elissa the only one with an IQ high enough to see it.

    • Comments (8)

      Allison Grodner needed to fill the house with many mindless puppets, to help her BFF (aka muppet master) move to the top

    • Comments (90)

      Wil Hauser has a bunch of youtube vids up ‘bb15, the saga’.
      You would love the newest one. Andy is shown as a rodent.

    • Comments (90)

      Speaking of stupid, Elissa started it all when she blabbed about her MVPs.

      • Comments (1162)

        Didn’t she first tell McCrae and ask him to keep it a secret?

        She told Helen next but I can’t recall if McCrae told Helen.

        I agree, she should have kept it to herself but chances are she
        would have been accused of being the MVP no mater what.
        As soon as everyone knew she was Rachel’s sister, her game was
        in trouble..

  16. Comments (75)

    They need to get McCrae out first. If you don’t the guys will form an alliance which will be 4 strong and take out the girls including Amanda.
    By leaving McCrae in, the F2 will be Andy & McCrae and both of them being major Floaters and not deserving to win.

    • Comments (90)

      Amanda needs to go now. She keeps the fights lively, but the longer she stays, the closer she gets to winning.

      Her boyfriend is a better person when she is not around.

  17. Comments (6)

    I just want to say that no matter what Elissa says or does is not worse than anything Aaryn or Amanda have done or said. Ya, I like drama too and okay some people wanna be jerks and get all up in people’s face’s and yell but to actually say you want to kill someone is or that you want to slit their throat and anal rape her is soooooo WRONG! Or MAYBE thats just me…I just watched on Youtube, Amanda Zuckerman Supercut, and it is just as disgusting as the racism remarks toward Candice 🙁

  18. Comments (1288)


  19. Comments (1288)

    Thank goodness no, McCrae for the wrench in the Exterminator plans.

  20. Comments (16)

    Did anyone ever think that they’re sleeping so much as a result of cabin fever? It can also cause distrust and paranoia. Look at how Amanda was at the beginning of the season compared to how she is now…. I would also be to wager that someone on the medication she is on may be affected worse than others.

  21. Comments (1)

    Amanda looks like Gary Busey. Buh bye Gary, you crazy sob.

  22. Comments (17)

    Does anyone know when GM names the replacement nominee? I am really starting to get nervous!!! Could Andy or McCrea climb any further up GM ass? I can’t stand them, besides the fact of them thinking they can talk her (GM) into putting Elissa up, I want this week to be over!!!!

  23. Comments (5)

    Cute analogy with the hurricane/tropical storm stuff 🙂

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