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Big Brother 15 – Judd The Stud Indeed

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What is happening inside the Big Brother house?  Did George Clooney do a freaky friday with Judd and is now seducing every girl in the house?  Is Judd the perfect example of nice guys finishing last?  I just don’t understand it!  Now that all the d-bag guys are out of the house (Nick, Jeremy, David), all that remain are the ‘nice guys’ like Judd. Just like in high school, the d-bags get the girls first, but when they break the girls hearts, they always come crawling to the nice guys.

I just didn’t think it would happen all in one day.


Watch Judd work his magic on the girls

Do a flashback to (8/4) 4:28pm to watch Aaryn seduce Judd like a female praying mantis ready to mate before biting off his head and eating him for dinner.  Seriously, Aaryn is scary, like fatal attraction scary.  If she ever hooks up with Judd, he better check the mattress for any ice picks (or am I thinking of another Sharon Stone movie?).

The weird part is, during the seduction, she’s also telling him to do a little showmance with Jessie to keep her close and get info from that side of the house.  The funny part, if you flashback to 12:04am (8/5), you’ll see Elissa telling Jessie to do a little showmance with Judd for the same reason.  It’s really wild right now.

Needless to say, Judd had a busy day yesterday and I think the rest of the week, or season could be very interesting for him.  I actually feel bad for him because he was avoiding the showmance crap knowing what it does to gameplans, but now he’s getting himself involved in two!

I am going to keep updating this thread as I check out more highlights from the overnight feeds, so keep checking back!

11:15pm – Elissa working on Judd trying to get  him to hook up with Jessie.  Asking who he thinks is hotter, Jessie or Aaryn, etc.  This should be the high school edition.

11:45pm – This is when Elissa and Jessie start realizing that Amanda is fully in control of the game and how they’re taking Aaryn in on it. Jessie is absolutely convinced that McCrae is MVP.

Here is Jessie’s reaction when she decides she’s going to make out with Judd…



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  1. avatar Amanda says:

    Hey Stevie, I came across this article:

    Have you heard this? Do we know if this is true?

    • avatar kecker says:

      According to Howards outside-the-house tweets, Amanda’s family has been subjected to all sorts of violent threats. I would guess it’s more about that than anything else.

    • avatar nqb1234 says:

      I think he may be talking about the George Zimmerman trial here in FL. His parents are getting MAJOR threats after the jury found him not guilty for killing a child.

  2. avatar Peggi says:

    And the pot, p-o-t, thickens with spineless chickens.

  3. avatar Jannie says:

    I called this in the last thread!! Only I think that Aaryn is flirting with Judd just to make Jessie crazy…she seems to be the type of skank that would do something so immature. Aaryn thinks she’s all that so it’s a fun game for her to hang on all of the boys. Would love to see her try it with McCrae!!

    • avatar Peggi says:

      If she were to hang on to Spencer production would have to fasten a drool bucket to his face.

      • avatar jojo says:

        No Peggi. His beard would finally come in handy for something.

      • avatar Christina says:

        That is a funny thought. If Spence is somehow the last man standing, he’s going to have a lot of them hanging on him! lol

  4. avatar GREENTEA says:

    Aaryn has not been with anyone physically since two months before the show. I think she is definately enjoying the flirt. Were both from the same place I am in Katy tx too and Judd reminds me of the country boys here with the southern swagg.

    • avatar Big Papi says:

      Wasn’t the love of her life supposed to be lifeguard boy (after knowing him for all 13 days)?

    • avatar Amanda says:

      Yet she is the one who commented it would be so embarrassing for Jessie to hook up with Judd, implying that Judd was beneath them.

  5. avatar Big Papi says:

    Jessie does have a cute face and cuddly body, but not quite there in maturity. Unemployed, no direction in life.

    • avatar Rob says:

      That’s okay, she’s still young. Been there done that. Took me awhile to find my path in life too, so I understand her.

    • avatar jojo says:

      Wellll, she’s not the only unemployed person in the BB house, but I don’t think she is going to have the same problem getting a job as the other 2…Aaryn and Amanda. As for the maturity part, I think she has shown more than either of them.

      • avatar jojo says:

        Oops..forgot! GM is also unemployed. Wow that makes 3 and possibly 4 if Spencer is also fired. I think that makes the BB houseguests a bunch of losers.

      • avatar Frodosdojo says:

        Amanda has a real estate license and her mother owns a Prudential franchise. Even if she has violated some morals clause, she can work with any broker who will have her. It’s unfortunate and disturbing that someone with a professional license is such a low life.

        • avatar jojo says:

          Frodosdojo, I agree that she is a low life. Have you read the article about her losing her job? The very first comment by Amanda has the link for it.

  6. avatar Patricia says:

    I thought Judd had more sense!

  7. avatar Rob says:

    Is it me, or does anyone else find reading the comments posted here more entertaining than the flippin’ show this year?

  8. avatar bdp pauly says:

    don’t ever compare Amanda to Dan at least Dan had class while he was trying to control da votes nd some type of morals compared to Amanda nd da major difference is dat Amanda always feels entitled to everything LIKE DA OTHER PLAYERS SHOULD JUS GUIDE HER WAY TO A HALF A MILL (except for Andy who seems happy for helping her) nd da measure of competition in dis season is so low if any of these players were in last season of BB dey would get eaten up easily any other vet of BB would breeze through this game if dey were in dis season

    • avatar Amanda says:


    • avatar kecker says:

      Your appalling grammar/spelling gave me cancer.

      • avatar bdp pauly says:

        Im just trying to give my opinion thats all and that was very disrespectful to people who actually have cancer just saying

        • avatar Lauren says:

          Almost everything gives you cancer

        • avatar Denise says:

          Yes kecker that is very disrespectful to people who have cancer. I get what you are saying that the grammar / spelling made you sick just watch how you word things . Thanks I only committed because I have cancer and its not something you just through out there in any sentence!!

          • avatar Dan says:

            Don’t be so oversensitive. He jokingly said that the post gave him cancer because he understands how serious and grave cancer is. It wouldn’t really work if he had said “your post gave me a hang nail” now would it?

            That said, I wish you good luck, keep fighting!

        • avatar Jackie says:

          Don’t feed the Trolls. They just come back.

    • avatar David says:


  9. avatar ANNETTE says:

    Does anyone else remember that season when the airplane flew over the BB backyard with a banner telling not to trust whoever it was in the house that playing everybody…I would love for that to happen again and call out some of these players to the others such as…HELLO Andy’s a rat or Aaryn’s a racist backstabbing mean girl or AMANDA must go!!!! PLZZZ people wake up & flip the house this week with Aaryn & Amanda leaving!!!!

    • avatar Marie2 says:

      I do remember that happening…I think it happened 2 or 3 times, but maybe different seasons? Coincidentally, I was just saying that to my daughter last night…what if someone flew over with a banner. Maybe there is a restriction against that because of the previous seasons?

      • avatar kecker says:

        How would you restrict it? It’s not like it’s closed airspace. Even if it’s controlled airspace, just file a general aviation flightplan and you’re in business.

      • avatar Jackie says:

        I think they’ve got camera’s on the skies now and when they see a plane coming the HG’s are told to go inside.

        • avatar Dan says:

          They don’t have cameras watching the air, but they do keep a watch out for any banners. If they are found, HouseGuests are required to go inside or face punishments.

    • avatar Manny says:

      yeah, like in bb8; that situation with Eric and the late night crew

    • avatar A2dg says:

      Yea it is restricted
      BB producers keep eyes on the eyes, everytime theres a plane flying over low (with a banner of any kind).
      They ask hgs to go inside……..
      I dont remember the source but i believe it was a ex HG who mentioned

  10. avatar Marie2 says:

    Wonder what previous HG from other seasons think about BB15 cast and game? Interesting that none have spoken publicly about this season’s deplorable cast. Maybe they are prohibited from doing so? (can you imagine what Evil Dick would say?!)

  11. avatar joe says:

    I wonder if Judd will start talking about Aaryn’s meat wallet.

  12. avatar bdp pauly says:

    i just want some one to light the fire under the HGs to finally make a flip flop move to shake the house like someone should tell gina marie that Amanda was the master mind of trying to get out nick maybe dis would make her want to put up mcrea instead of Spencer but to late

  13. avatar Anti_Aaryn says:

    I don’t know how guys think, but they probably won’t get their feelings hurt if they are picked last as long as they have the chance for some “fun”???

    If I were a guy, I’d be insulted!!! All the other guys the girls were dry humping are gone so who is left? Andy? LOL! Mccrae ~and risk a butch Jew going all gorilla crazy~. Yea I purposely skipped Spencer ~cues psycho theme song~

    I think Judd is a nice guy and if they flocked to him for last resort, well I hope he uses them as a ladder to climb to the top of the game. It makes girls in general look bad even in a social game like this. Have some self-respect. You don’t have to charm the ‘snake’ to get far in the game.

    I think Judd is smart I hope. If he doesn’t get caught up in girl pheromones, he could probably get far. I’m glad I understand what he’s saying now LOL.

    Andy and Elissa’s banter becomes cringe worthy after a while. Their jokes omg just stop. And watching Sunday’s nom ceremony and Helen congratulating GM was EMBARRASSINGLY FAKE. Helen’s fake perkiness is making me gag.

    And I always thought Aaryn was creepy. She never says thank you, she makes these weird faces like she’s trying to silence the voices in her head and she’s obnoxiously rude. Did her parents homeschool her in a barn?

  14. avatar Kiki45 says:

    If Amanda doesn’t go home this week, the house guests have on one but themselves to blame when she makes it to final two. I mean come on, she’s been put up twice and no one is doing anything about it!!

  15. avatar Kevin says:

    I feel really bad for Jessie. I think she is honestly a sweet girl, who clearly has some self esteem issues. The fact that everyone is more or less ganging up on her is really too bad. Judd pretending to showmance her (while I agree it’s acceptable gameplay) is not going to help her out too much when she gets out of the house and watches it.

    Most of these other girls in the house are vile and just downright ugly individuals (GM, Aaryn, Amanda) yet they seem to be the most in control in the moment. I never thought I’d say this at the beginning of the season, but I’m kind of rooting for Elissa now. I couldn’t stand Rachel, and it wasn’t just because of her laugh. People forget that she was very catty and a poor sport and acted extremely immature especially in her first season.

  16. avatar Kiki45 says:

    And I really hope Jessie or Elissa get HOH for double eviction. They are the only ones not afraid to take out Amanda and Aaryn!

  17. avatar tabitha says:

    Veto is over. Jessie took herself off the block, and Spencer is now up in her place. I really hope they get Amanda out this week. I am sooooooo sick of her.

  18. avatar Sadie says:

    Look at the guys left in the house. They’ve successfully evicted the stereotypical “studs” and the cuddlable options are waaaay limited now. Judd is sitting pretty…literally.

  19. avatar Jackie says:

    You know I haven’t seen much discussion about. What about when McCrea goes back to MN. How is he going to explain the Amanda thing? I mean you know his family and friends are going to ask things like “we understand why you f**ked her but why did you let her pick your nose all the time?” The way she just picks it and wipes it on his shirt and he doesn’t even blink. Am I the only one who thinks this pizza boy is going to have a lot of explaining to do–you betcha

    • avatar Peggi says:

      He acts like his brain has into oatmeal, he doesn’t react to her when she tells him in front of others that his feet stink, that he needs to change his smelly clothes, or take a shower. If I were him I would be too ashamed to go where people knew me and would join Nick in the WP program.

    • avatar ANNETTE says:

      I is really gross when you see Amanda constantly pickin his nose or especially when she’s playing with his feet & at the same time saying how bad they stink to the point that she has to go & wash her hands!!! She has such a controlling personality its like watching a momma monkey groom its baby on animal planet!!!!!!

      • avatar jojo says:

        SO Funny Annette and I agree with every word!! There’s so much nastiness in that house you could not pay me to eat in that kitchen, or eat any of the food. Andy is constantly eating directly out of boxes and chews with his mouth open. Yuck!!