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Big Brother 15 – Judd’s Last Hope

bb15-judd-situpsWith the eviction show airing on Wednesday, the taping of the show will likely take place today (to give them time to play HoH, veto, etc for Thursday’s live show).  This means within a few hours, the feeds should go dark until after the show airs during the west coast tomorrow night.

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This means Judd has only a few more hours to “not” campaign against GinaMarie to remain in the house.  I put not in quotes because after the veto meeting yesterday, he told his alliance he was just going to basically sit there the rest of the week and accept his fate.  Like I expected, this was to earn the vote from GM if he were to make f2.

Why would he play the jury if he thought he was going to be a member?  Easy, he doesn’t.  Judd has been asking Andy and Spencer if they’re keeping him, and they’ve been telling him yes, so he’s fairly certain there will be another tiebreaker situation with Spencer keeping him today.  Here is where it gets tricky, Spencer and Andy have been telling GinaMarie the same thing… good job working those jury votes, boys.

I’m fairly certain Judd will be the one evicted today, and when the feeds come back, we’ll see McCrae with the HoH or PoV.  Let’s be real, I’d be shocked if McCrae lost any physical type of challenge moving forward.  During the trivia questions, it is anyone’s game, but veto is typically physical, so he has a good chance of still being in the house on Friday.

I will update this thread when the feeds go dark so you know not to really expect any updates until after the show tomorrow night.  Here is a quick poll to keep you busy

11:30am – Feeds are on trivia, they will likely be there until tomorrow night.  I will update if this changes

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  1. Comments (191)

    GM will go. That will leave us with Judd, McIdiot, Andy and Spencer. I can’t root for any of them.

    It will be painful to watch them

    • Comments (25)

      I sure hope not. Not that I like GM or anything, but I do like halfway decent game play. I see no reason to keep Judd. That would be the icing on the thoughtless moves cake of a season.

      • Comments (207)

        I have been wanting GM out since Amanda left. I dont care what she has done in the game……which is very litttle, she is disgusting and needs to go. Andy and Spencer are disgusting too. That leaves McCrae and he isn’t much. So go McCrae!

      • Comments (15)

        I totally agree about the GM issue. She served her purpose by getting Amanda out and she needs to go now. It makes me sick to think she may win even a dollar at the end. She is a disgusting, trashy, uneducated, evil person. I’m no major Candace fan but GM’s attacks on her were so low, she showed her true colors upon Candace’s exit.

      • Comments (8)

        Go mcrae!! Are you for real??? That’s like saying Go Amanda! That’s sad! And, Disgusting!!!! I wish we could do this whole season over = with new people!!

    • Comments (228)

      My bet is Spencer knows that GM and Andy would take him to the final..

    • Comments (228)

      This just in from ‘jokers update’Updates

      before 10:44 AM BBT…
      10:43 AM DR leak…..10:33 AM……Judd called to the DR & it can be heard he is talking to a female, he says “morning how are you?” she says “doing great how are you?”, he says “doing great & can I get the other one around 4, (meds for ???). She says “I’ll definitely” then the sound cuts out.

      This is why I can’t understand him when he talks. He’s so medicated

  2. Comments (316)

    I want McCrae to win the entire game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (14)

      I agree McCrea should win. I think GM, Spencer, and Andy are in for a big surprise when they leave the house. CBS should do a reunion show in about a month or two just for us to see what happens to them……any of you New Yorkers out there voting for Anthony Wiener?

      • Comments (316)

        Yes to Mccrae winning. No to voting for Wiener.

      • Comments (228)

        Weiner needs a ‘reality check’ One wonders how he could even show his face.

      • Comments (1288)

        He is now claiming he hired Brenden as a stunt cock for the latest pics.

      • Comments (453)

        Yearbooks, heard that Lorena Bobbit joined the mayoral race and Wiener is running scared.

      • Comments (316)


      • Comments (228)

        I think they wouldn’t have to guts to display themselves after BB. They only like to berate others

      • Comments (378)

        I think youre shopping problem hides issues of un fulfillment….jus sayn 🙂

        ….as for the ones now cheering for McCrae after bashing him mercilessly for months, I wonder, can you see anything thru the fog of your own hypocrisy? ?? 😉

        lol :n)

      • Comments (60)

        *raises hand* ok ME…I was a McCrae hater…now that his trashy partner is out…hes tolerable *might be due to the fact that since last weeks double eviction…I haven’t been seeing BB AD.
        I’m pro GM…only because the rest are trash.

      • Comments (378)

        …you are xcused 😀 lol

      • Comments (124)

        Ok Corey

      • Comments (609)

        imagine what they’re experiences will be after their out of the house: some fans will come talk to them, some will probably come cuss them out. Note to HG, don’t expect to get great customer service everywhere you go.

      • Comments (22)

        You don’t know how to use there, their, and they’re properly

      • Comments (207)

        I understand marie2 Kyls. Who cares!

      • Comments (207)

        Ooops! I put a S when i should have put a A.

      • Comments (609)

        Thanks NancyW…I really do know the proper usage, but totally missed it today…that’s what happens when I’ve only gotten about 3-4 hours of sleep!

      • Comments (12)

        Don’t forget about Aaryon.I think this is there normal behavior.I hope America gives all of them as good as they gave.Mc laid low and got just as far as the trash talkers.In my oppion he’s a little better because his attude.Sure he’s a man of few words so his boss talked enough for them both. lol An,& Sp is taking the game to far,you can keep some respect for yourself. GM is funny to watch when she puts on the dum blonde act and loud crazy sayings,but not the race comments.

      • Comments (1302)

        None of them are worth a dime. Judd and Mccrae have talked just as bad about elissa as spencer and andy have. But have to say spencer and andy are worse than any of them. it is just who is the lesser of the evils and I can’t even say who that might be. I would say andy is worse, then spencer, and judd, gina marie and mccrae all tie for third worst. I have never known that there could be that many jealous people in the house at the same time. They all talk about how elissa thought she was better than they all are. Well, she is better. She did not lower herself to talk about people and things the way they did and she would get out and walk out of the room when it was going on. So that made them think she thought she was better than them. It is just that she did not want to lower herself to their level. also who the heck cares if she has had plastic surgery or not. That does not make her fake. Most of the people in the world would have plastic surgery on something if they had the money. Just because you have had plastic surgery does not make you a fake person. And I don’t think she has had plastic surgery. She said she had not but besides that she looks just like rachael. They have the same lips and face so I doubt she had plastic surgery. She has called them skum but lets face it – they are!!! She is ambitious and has worked hard in her life. You can tell she was raised right and is basically a shy person and has never been around people like the ones in the house. I think I would have acted the same as she did had I been in that house with people that I had nothing in common with and were such vile and nasty people.

      • Comments (207)

        Well TRUDY KING, I agree with most of what you say except i think GM is second behind Aaryn because of the racism. Amanda is next and so on and so on.

      • Comments (407)

        Very well said Trudy, and I am very proud of Elissa for holding on to her beliefs. She lasted a lot longer than I would have in that house of nuts. I am looking forward to the finale to see if the guys have the guts to say the things to Elissa’s face that they have said in the house. Andy is truly a disgrace to the educational system.

      • Comments (1814)

        Jojo I’d bet dollars to donuts that NONE of them will repeat ANY of the negative things they said when they come face to face with the jury. They are not only cowards (because they really amped up the insults AFTER the people left), but they are low life cowards, because of the depth of depravity they sunk to. I can’t wait until they get back out into the real world, to see and hear what everyone really thinks of them.

      • Comments (1814)

        Dan, I doubt seriously, after they get the entire tapes of the entire show, that any of them will ever want to show their faces on TV again. And rightly so…once most of them find out that they are unemployed and why, I’d say it’s a safe bet that they will hate to even go outside in public, for fear of being recognized.

    • Comments (118)

      I’m only rooting for McRae because he’s the underdog

    • Comments (8)

      Oh, that’s too bad!! So, you must have liked Amanda! You poor thing!!!

    • Comments (16)

      How can you want one of the biggest floaters who laid in the bed most of the time to win. WOW

      • Comments (1288)

        Seeing as Andy, McCrae and Amanda were in an alliance since day 2, how exactly are they floaters? And why is sitting on the couch or sitting at the table or sitting on the deck or laying in the hammock or sitting in the have-not room or sitting outside the bathroom or sitting in the cockpit room different from sitting on a bed?

  3. Comments (57)

    As I’ve stated before, why people wanted to see Judd back is beyond me. He did nothing his first time in the house, he did nothing the second time.

    • Comments (12)

      I think it was just that he was the only person in the left in the house that hadn’t said anything stupid, and he was blindsided so suddenly that people thought he deserved a second chance. He hasn’t done anything with it, though. Helen would’ve been much more exciting.

    • Comments (228)

      I can’t even understand one word when Judd speaks! He’s like a ventriloquist when he talks or tries to. What’s up with that.

    • Comments (228)

      Plus he’s such a bad sport…Really bad. Wait until u see how he behaved when he lost the POV competition Ian hosted. I would be so embarrassed to even know him back home. He has shown no character. Actually ‘ bad character’.

      • Comments (1162)

        He’s admitted to behaving badly when he lost the comp.
        I’ll give him credit for that ……….

  4. Comments (13)

    It’s quite sad that a racist like GM could stay over Judd. It shows the other house guests characters if they decide to keep her. She should have been voted out a long time ago.

    • Comments (453)

      Andy and Spencer and McCrae are keeping her because of her injuries and they know for sure their sorry butts should be able to beat her, another great character hash mark for the wusses.

      • Comments (25)

        When did this become a character approval vote?

        They should vote to win, not to help the person with the best character beat them.

        It does not make you a wuss to vote off a physical threat. I think some of the extreme bad behavior had distracted us from the whole point of the game.

      • Comments (207)

        I think this season is more than character verses game play. These people has said and done things that we should not condone. The racism and filth that these HGs has dished out is something that we shouldn’t stand for! When this started happening it was not a game no more. At least for the people who were doing the disgusting things.

      • Comments (609)

        and the recipients of the racist, etal comments…they’re game ended essentially because no one stood up to the racists & bullies & said STOP.

      • Comments (1288)

        Um no, their games ended because they were poor players. Better players would have used the attacks to garner sympathy from the house and stick around.

      • Comments (651)

        They are also doing it so they’ll be someone to cook and wash dishes for them…lazy bastards.

    • Comments (228)

      Not much of a choice here is there. It’s slim pickens. Wish the final twist would be ‘none of above’. Wouldn’t that be a memorable ending..

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (1162)

        IF ONLY, Julie would tell the Final Two –

        Due to the horrific behavior on BB15, CBS/BB Attorneys worked
        tirelessly to find a loophole which would allow them to
        not give $$$$$$ to any of the last remaining HGs.
        (Long Pause)
        There isn’t any legal way the network and show can do that, so
        it will come down to how the members of the jury vote.

        Will never happen – CBS/BB want to put an end to this mess of a show with
        a HAPPY FACE.

    • Comments (22)

      I disagree although I don’t want gm winning because of her racist remarks I don’t think that other people wanting to keep her in the house reflects their character. It’s a game and if keeping her helps their game then why would they evict her? People shouldn’t play bb with their emotions they came here to win money not decide what is right and what is wrong.

      • Comments (26)

        But how many times has it been proven (even last season) that you don’t have to lose your integrity in order to win BB!

      • Comments (1302)

        lying is part of the game. back stabbing people is part of the game. calling people nasty names and including their family is not part of the game. character assassination does not further anyone in the game so is not needed. These people have no integrity and are not nice people. And I unfortunately would have to say that this is not something new for them. What we are seeing is how they are outside the house.

      • Comments (207)

        I agree TRUDY! There’s no game anywhere that should give people the excuse (this is a game!) to act the way these HGs have acted. This is the kind of thing we should band together against. Teach these HGs that they’re not getting away with it!

      • Comments (22)

        That’s very true :p (Ian vs Dan) but how fun would it be to watch everyone play the same game? I think it’s great to watch both the loyal and the deceitful but that’s just me. And don’t get me wrong i thought Dan played a much better game than Ian and should have won, but i don’t want gm to win. There is a difference between playing a deceitful game and just being mean.

  5. Comments (24)

    For as much as I would like to see Judd evicted, I too think it will be Gina Marie, she is good at comps, and the guys know it…..

    • Comments (87)

      Spencer likes her.. he is always telling Andy positive (in his mind) things about her.. Judd will be the one to go hands down

      • Comments (14)

        Carrie, I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but it is kind of hard to know what a person is thinking re:(in his mind). These people are in enough hot water as it is, without us speculating what their thinking.

      • Comments (14)

        sorry I meant they’re thinking, instead of their

      • Comments (87)

        my comment is based off of things he has been saying in regards to GM on BBAD dfc

      • Comments (1814)

        That’s the problem Daryl, they DON’T think.

      • Comments (228)

        The odds that GM and Andy would take Spencer to the final 2 is his favor. However, if McRae wins HOH there will be a split…

  6. Comments (24)

    And I like Judd, do not get me wrong, I am speaking on a comp stand point only, do not agree with any comments of race that have been made this season at all, and the only reason I am not hoping McCray wins it is it will end up with Amanda also. I just do not want Andy to win, what must he be like in the real world it he can lie that good in the BB house wow….

    • Comments (228)

      Andy thinks he should win Americas Favorite..LOL!!!!! Wish they had America’s floater. That would satisfy alot of us here..

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao satisfy you or these pigz…I dont think a Mack truck plowing these folks down n backing over them a few times would satisfy this mob 😉 jus sayn lol

      • Comments (2)

        I can’t stand Andy and think he is a rat, but that said he really played the best game out of everyone there. He played all sides of the house and made them believe he was loyal. When someone got suspicious of him they found themselves on the block and out the door. He hasn’t won anything but then he hasn’t needed to because he aligned himself with the stronger (or in some cases more hated players). He totally blindsided Amanda with his vote because he didn’t need her coat tails anymore.

        I hope he doesn’t make final 2 but if he does he probably should win. The game isn’t about most liked it is about best played game.

        With all that said if that weasel ever worked in my kids school I would pull them out and home schook them ASAP.

      • Comments (1288)

        “He hasn’t won anything but”…were you out of the country when he won his HoH and that week’s veto? Please, leave teaching your children to the professionals.

      • Comments (378)

        The Federal board of education. ..professional? ??? Professional con artists maybe . Professional racists maybe. Professional hijackers maybe.
        They pretend to have the interests of childrens education in mind as they bilk the tax payer for lucrative contracts and benifit packages. Forget standards and raising the education level….more diversity, lowered standards, poorer results yet grossy higher costs and a general teaching of failed concepts and government propaganda…..

        Good luck amOrica 🙂

    • Comments (12)

      McCray is done with Amanda!!!!

      • Comments (90)

        read a rumor that Amanda & mcR are going to be in next season’s amazing race show if they stay together. hmmm.

    • Comments (1814)

      Shawnie, somehow I get the feeling that whether McScummy wins or not, he will not wind up with Scumanda. I think that if his family has been watching the live feeds (and I don’t doubt that they have), and have seen how their ‘precious baby boy’ acts when he’s with her, that when they come for the finale, they will do everything in their power to keep the 2 of them separated…ESPECIALLY if he wins the money. I know I would.

  7. Comments (74)

    Dear J: Thank you for your lovely advice. It’s called a different time zone. I don’t drink, have any problems, or even a family. I just despise schizophrenic trolls. Funny how you and your ‘friends’ all appear at seemingly the same time every day. Now, I’m off to teach my yoga class. I hope you and all your ‘buddies’ have a wonderful day of non-stop bashing. It’s sad, really. Which immoral HG are you related to anyway?? Spencer or Andy?

    • Comments (1076)

      Another delusional paranoid lunatic. Stop making accusations. If you are so good at contorting your body into Yoga positions then why can’t you get your head out of your ass?

      • Comments (1076)

        What kind of person has “no problems”? How the hell can you grow as a person if you never face adversity of any kind? Either you are totally full of shit or the most boring fucking person that ever lived. Have a nice life and stay out of my time zone.

      • Comments (32)

        suzyq – did you see the four(I don’t even know how to describe them) posts from the last thread that prompted the above response to me??
        Eeeeee Yikes!
        Don’t even know what to make of that – but thanks for having my back.
        I think it’s totally fair to say whatever you want, good or bad, about one of the contestants. They put themselves on TV. Some don’t like my pick for a winner, and I don’t like theirs. But holy crap on a cracker – some here are losing their minds!!

      • Comments (74)

        You bet, Andy.

      • Comments (74)

        Ok, GM.

      • Comments (74)

        How’s your mom??? 🙂

      • Comments (74)

        You psychos can dish it out… but you can’t take it. You HAVE to be related to Amanda. Sorry… no ‘s’.

  8. Comments (45)

    !skcus rehtorb gib fo nosaes sihT

  9. Comments (87)

    At least AD has stopped with all the negative talking about other HG- I am pretty certain production talked to all of them- I heard Spencer say last night he can”t say “her” name.. the nameless one..
    At least they are discussing other things- most of it personal , not much game talk goes on around that place.
    I think if McCrea wins more comps he will be the likely winner of BB

    • Comments (226)

      Gee it only took 4 days! CBS fail

    • Comments (609)

      Seriously? After bashing her almost all season, and even more so after she was evicted, they finally tell the HG to stop saying her name?!!! What took them (CBS) so long? And obviously it isn’t working very well because the dirtbags still do it, they just don’t say a name. Makes me wonder if there might be lawsuits coming down the road.

    • Comments (228)

      It must be killing them because they are so shallow to talk about anything else.

      • Comments (228)

        Bet they got alot of calls about the Elissa bashing. These people are so heartless and shallow and most of all lack any compassion as a human being. No guilt at all. Pathetic.

      • Comments (110)

        I always like Ellissa she seems like a good person she and
        Helen, Candice and Howard should had been in the finals instead
        of the other four.

      • Comments (609)

        Seems to me that if anyone talked like that on say a talk show, they’d be up a creek without a paddle & be in such deep legal trouble for it. So why is it allowed on BB (or any “reality” show)? It shouldn’t be, but then maybe I’m just too old for this stuff.

      • Comments (95)

        Sorry Marie & Steve didn’t mean to press the report button.

      • Comments (75)

        Apparently, you don’t watch “The Talk”, Julie Chen’s daytime talk show. I used to watch it but quit. Ever since the FCC approved the use of some cuss words, they have gone wild with the use of them.

      • Comments (609)

        Retired, I am recently retired so I’ve occasionally tuned in to The Talk. You are correct & I was shocked. I guess all of George Carlin’s 7 dirty words are now OK on tv?

      • Comments (407)

        Marie, that show is sliding downhill fast. Julie used to be one of my favorite people, but not anymore. If Sharon Osbourne was asked to comment on these hg’s, she would probably say…”Oh, they’re just young, they’ll grow up someday.” She upholds the actions of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and other obnoxious entertainers actions with that comment. We know that show will probably be on air for quite a while due to the fact of who Julie is married to.

      • Comments (1076)

        Watch Charlie Rose. The rest of the “talk” shows stink. Remember, if you are old enough, when people were brought on these shows because they were talented? Now these shows are just commercial filler (people pushing a new movie or TV show) between the commercials.

      • Comments (609)

        for some reason there was no Reply button for anyone who commented below mine… oh well. Jojo, I agree with you on The Talk. I try to see what they might say about BB15 after the latest eviction but maybe they can’t say much since it’s all on CBS. Otherwise for daytime tv, it’s usually the off button or maybe catch up on a couple other shows I like that come on at the same time as BB.

      • Comments (609)

        suzyq, I do remember some of the older shows, like Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, etc. In most cases, the older talk shows had alot more going for them than today’s flash in the pan shows.

    • Comments (26)

      None of these guys impress me as having become what I would call “a good, strong man” who is not jealous of any woman! They have shown that they are weak enough to have been influenced by the jealousy and envy of the female houseguests!!

      • Comments (378)

        Oh ya im sure theyre so jelly they’d trade places with Elissa ina heartbeat ….wait before we all sound as ridiculous as Millie, lets consider what they’re jealous of, allegedly

        …..ummmm…. 😉 ….she gets along with others?????

      • Comments (1076)

        I think it is just a deep seeded hate for Elissa mixed with strangers having nothing else in common to talk about.

      • Comments (74)

        Jealous. Of soooooo many things!!… Oh. And it’s not your time zone. It’s mine.

      • Comments (1288)

        For Andy it is game play. He still thinks McCrae is buying his story that Elissa flipped on Amanda instead of him. McCrae knows the truth but hasn’t let Andy on to that. So Andy continues to attack Elissa for “lying” to him. It’s just a game people.

    • Comments (651)

      I heard the it has just been decided that AG will be leaving her position by “mutual” agreement. I think they finally stepped in and shortened the season to just put an end to it all. Spencer said they told him that he needed to be available until Sept 25th and I really don’t think they want this cast hanging around for another week either in or out of the house.

      We forget in the US that other countries have BB and this season has made their mainstream media. They have different laws, etc and from what I hear they are worried that this season is where BB wants to take their shows. In Canada, UK and Australia the government can say Nope you can’t to anymore BB shows here and there goes the franchise.

    • Comments (1814)

      Nope, it didn’t work Carrie. They were back to bashing her tonight on BBAD, and now they’ve added Jeremy to the mix.

  10. Comments (166)

    Screw the last 5 HG..not one of them is deserving of $50,000 & they damn sure aren’t deserving $500,000…with that being said I think it would have been funny if BB expelled the 5 HG we have left & brought back the first 5 HG of this season(David,Nick,Jeremy,Kaitlin,Howard) & let them be final 5 and fight it out!! At least they’ve been back in the real world & have seen that America isn’t embracing & loving bad actions & who knows maybe we would have an interesting & fun last 8 days of watching BB!!

    • Comments (228)

      Yeahhhhhh! Nice twist, but we know it won’t happen. I wish that Julie would take questions from the home audience to ask the final 3, this way they wouldn’t have anything to say to shut the jury up.

  11. Comments (8)

    While I agree with the majority (on this site) about how vile the Final 5 are, I have to wonder if that sentiment is shared by the majority of Americans?

    A majority within a culture that embraces trailer trash shows like Honey Booboo and the disgusting people in all those “real housewives” shows probably loves and will make heroes or future stars of these disgusting examples of human beings.

    If CBS truly does not condone such behavior (as per disclaimer) they should fire Alison Grodner and hire the person in charge of casting for BB Canada. Now there was a show worth watching ….. a twist right up to final voting …. with Topaz pretending???? she miscast her vote… wow!!

    And yes, I watch this slow motion train wreck regularly. I attribute that to the irresistible impulse we all have to slow down and look as we drive by a car accident….

    • Comments (207)

      Disgusted Canadian, I don’t like shows like Honey Booboo but to call people who live in trailers trailer trash is wrong. I’m sure there are good people who live in trailers out there but that doesn’t make them trailer trash. But the shows do suck.

    • Comments (3)

      @ Disgusted Canadian….Amen, to your comment. I don’t know what the U.S. version of BB is going to do for next year. But it would truly be a step in the right direction if they got rid of Allison Grodner, the current producer.

      BB under Allison Grodner’s direction has gotten stale, and too predictable.

  12. Comments (226)

    Kinda bummed Judd didn’t gameplay better, but being a superfan doesn’t nec. mean you will be great at the game given all of the variables.

    Someone just get a clue and vote out Andy!!!!

    • Comments (228)

      Maybe if he can open his mouth when he talks I could understand him better. Perhaps he has a mouth impediment, I don’t know. I do know that he lives on xanax and that stuff makes you sleepy as hell.

      • Comments (87)

        it gets much worse after a couple beer’s to! he is hard to understand

      • Comments (207)

        He really shouldn’t be drinking while taking xanax .It can be dangerous.

      • Comments (49)

        The bad thing is, I think he holds his bottom lip still on purpose. Did you notice he does it more when he whispers. It’s like he thinks that people can’t read his lips or can’t hear him that way.

      • Comments (407)

        There have been times I had no clue what he was saying. I have tried rewinding, turning up the volume, even tried reading his lips (no help, they didn’t move), all to no avail. You are so right NancyW, he definitely should not be drinking alcohol while on this medication. CBS needs to do a reality check and have a new set of rules for future contestants if there is another year of BB.

      • Comments (609)

        I know! I was wondering if maybe he wears braces or a retainer or something. I can’t understand him most of the time. BB could use captioning for him, but maybe they can’t understand either! (hmmm, if WE can’t understand him, how in the world do the HG understand him)?!

      • Comments (1288)

        Am I the only person who thinks he sounds like Boomhauer from King of the Hill?

      • Comments (90)

        Try CC.

  13. Comments (162)

    I think GM will stay, did I think she desires the money, not sure. I cant stand a racist. Andy is a rat and McCrae is just stinky…Spencer im not quite sure about either, I want to think he is saying all this stupid stuff just to fit in in the house, he seems smarter then some of this comments he has made. Judd he is not too good at the game.

    • Comments (228)

      I sorta feel that way too, however, I don’t like how she was all Elissa when she was there and doing her hair, then after she left she got into that MOB mentality. Bad character GM. You boast how you have someone back, however, you are 2-faced.

  14. Comments (1083)

    I just wonder what country GM thinks that San Francisco is actually in?

  15. Comments (95)

    I like Judd but he has no game. I thought Helen coming back in would have been more exciting.

  16. Comments (407)

    I just read on jokers that McCrae says that Amanda will never work with CBS again after this. Hmmmm, wonder what ticked her off?

  17. Comments (609)

    just read this on jokers site: “McCrae says that Amanda will never work with CBS again after this”. Well Amanda, you might not be working anywhere after BB15 ends.

  18. Comments (378)

    Go Spencer 😉

  19. Comments (110)

    I just want to say quit bashing Judd he will be leaving the house today you
    need to bash the other house guest that already in the house like Spencer the
    perv, McStinky, GM the racist and Andy the Ratdog this has been the worse
    season ever I have been taping BBAD but after Judd leaves the house today
    I will not be watching it anymore they are not worth to watch.

    • Comments (110)

      Why all the thumbs down.

    • Comments (49)

      Then last night should have been your last night to watch BBAD LIVE. Remember tonights show is taped, so if your watching the feeds it will be a repeat. They always tape 2 hours of daytime to show tonight on the BBAD show. At least that is the same thing they did last year.

    • Comments (228)

      I think we feel the same about all of them. It’s slim pickens who to root for…SAD!!!!!!

      • Comments (1162)

        CBS CARES – for Big Brother Fans
        What more could fans ask for?

        For BB16 HGs – BB may as well check out inmates about to be released
        from prisons across the Country.

      • Comments (118)

        BB16 needs more seasoned players that have actually accomplished things in life like Helen for example and not young wanna-be do nothing’s, is it possible they’re not applying or CBS skipped them?

      • Comments (651)

        Producer AG was more concerned with looks, boobs and stereotypes than mental health and stability.

      • Comments (1288)

        He was OK Dr Stangelove but he really shined in Blazing Saddles.

      • Comments (1076)

        Let’s not forget that scene stealing cameo in Anne of a Thousand Days.

      • Comments (1288)

        He really carried The Apple Dumpling Gang.

      • Comments (4)

        Mmm… Apple dumplings….

    • Comments (1162)

      IMO, BB Fans are disappointed in Judd – Big Time!
      He seems like a nice guy, especially when placed among the Creeps still in the House,
      however he began talking $hit just like the others with the few exceptions when
      he did speak out and warn a few about their slurs.

      He got a second chance to play the game and blew it.
      Fans wish he hadn’t ……………because he is/was the most likable in the Game.
      The self-proclaimed Super Fan …….disappointed us.
      Now with him gone, we’re left with trash……nothing but trash.
      Thanks, Judd!

      • Comments (1162)

        Sharon – my response to your comment
        about Judd got lost in the shuffle.
        Sorry about that ………

  20. Comments (9)

    Of course Judd dug his own grave he did the first time…I never thought he was too bright especially for a “superfan” at least McCrae had the sense to hide behind Amanda and do nothing Judd just sits there like an idiot being gullible as can be…

    • Comments (1)

      Judd should have used his veto on Elissa and made a deal with Ellisa and GM to have Mcidiot put up Andy as a replacement, then with GM, Eloisa and Judd’s vote send Andy packing! That should have been a bad ass move and help him to get to at least the final 3 I think

      • Comments (293)

        tropicalbeachman, hindsight is 20-20. At the time, Judd was being loyal to the Exterminators. If he had it to do again, he probably would have done it your way.

      • Comments (407)

        Shirley, I think many of these hg’s are going to be looking back and saying they could have, should have and definitely wish they had done something different while they were still in the game.

      • Comments (609)

        especially the majority of them who trusted Andy so completely!

      • Comments (14)

        But if Judd is smart enough, he should know Andy has his hands on all sides!

      • Comments (651)

        I think they’ll be saying I shouldn’t have more than anything.

      • Comments (14)

        Hindsight aside for BB this season, I do think anyone teaming up with a rat should get the rat voted out before the last outsider leave, especially when the one’s life on the line is a strong player who has no one else behind their back! You can be the savior and you can guarantee your final deal with a smaller party!

      • Comments (228)

        He was too into the boys club. Bet he’s sorry now looking back.LOL!!!

    • Comments (49)

      How can you say that McCrae hid behind Amanda, did you not see….

      > See him win the first HOH (which no one ever wants to do, but he was bold enough too)
      > All the game talk he did from game 1
      > Why do you think Amanda and him would both start the convo’s and then she would leave for him to finish off the talks.
      > Did you see how many times he stopped Amanda from doing more than she did. He wanted a little good cop/bad cop, she just took it a little too far, and he took the brunt of her rath too.
      > He was attached to Gm for 24 hrs, I know I couldn’t have taken 24 mins. I’m not sure I wouldn’t wanted to have hung myself on the other side of the door with the friendship braclet….he should win something for that.
      > He is trying to stay under the radar right now with the game talk, because he is the current underdog, but he knows the game very well, he just can’t tell if he can trust anyone right now….With Andy, Judd, Spenser and GM….who would you trust. Especially when Judd keeps making it look like they have something together.

      You may not like him personally, or may not want to date him, but noone can say he hasn’t played this game from the start. I actually think he and Amanda could have been the first showmance to make it to the end if it wasn’t for Andy turning. Andy actually did that, GM was just in the right spot (HOH) to put them on the block.

      We have only one week from tomorrow and 4 shows left, don’t think any of the remaining HGs can even come close to being deserving to win.

      • Comments (378)

        …ummm…. logic is lost on this particular group of hate filled dog piles…. try using pictures or flash cardz, but be prepared, it mite trigger sum deep seeded daddy hatred so watch your nutz 😀 lmao

        GO DUDES GO!!

      • Comments (49)

        Who are you referring to? Surely not my post. No ahting in my post.

      • Comments (49)

        No hating piles in my post.

      • Comments (378)

        Serious ima try to be nice …. wtf are talking about??? Do u read english ya fhucking idiot??? ….lol I tried! 😀

      • Comments (111)

        Funny you mention knowing how to write English…..

      • Comments (7)


        What is wrong with you? Did your mommy not love you enough when you was a baby? Stop masturbating in your own feces and just shut up.

      • Comments (14)

        Are you (BB15MIA) saying you think McCrea should or shouldn’t win

      • Comments (49)

        Thought I was pretty clear, maybe not…..Mc is the only one left that is even close to deserving.

      • Comments (22)

        Nobody ever ‘deserves’ to win more than someone else. It’s a game and there’s no right or wrong way to play, everyone deserves it.

      • Comments (1076)

        OMG. That concept does not fly here. Objective analysis creates a mob mentality that forms a lynch mob. Grab your most precious belonging and run Kyla, run.

      • Comments (1288)

        “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it”…another great Clint Eastwood line.

      • Comments (74)

        He’s okay. He’s way better than the rest, in a few aspects, by far. Bad taste in older women though…

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao Canaduh!!!

      • Comments (14)

        Me don’t be a hoser

      • Comments (207)

        McCrae hasn’t played the game until Amanda left. When she was here he worried about her the whole time.

      • Comments (49)

        You missed the whole entire first 8 weeks then. Did you watch only production shows? Most of Amandas good ideas were actually from McCrae. Most of hers was the rants and tants that didn’t work.

      • Comments (75)

        I watched the first 8 weeks and I’m not under the same impression you are under. Amanda didn’t have any good ideas, she just wanted people out that she didn’t like or was jealous of. McCrae was a floater just like Spencer and Andy.

      • Comments (207)

        McCrae only tried to keep Amanda quiet. Did you forget Helen was in control while she was in the house. She let her guard down with Andy which sent her home. McCrae hasn’t made strategic moves.

      • Comments (1288)

        Chalk it up to willful ignorance. McCrae and Amanda constantly talked game with each other all season long [when they weren’t having sex that is]. Together they are close to an encyclopedia on game knowledge.

        McCrae also brought the ability to look at situations from other people’s points of view. Amanda was somewhat egocentric and had trouble understanding that other people might see things differently from her.

      • Comments (74)

        He used her pretty good, actually.

      • Comments (26)

        I think McCrae DID have smart gameplay from the start,but we weren’t able to see it because he had to lay low because of Amanda’s rants. He was always trying to calm her down because they were being viewed as ONE and not individuals.

  21. Comments (49)

    OOooops just checked the live feeds, they are taping the BBAD show now. Sorry should have went there first for lunch. Boy oh boy….Mc N Ju, I bet could stir up some really good fun if they were allowed to. They are both certainly pranksters.

  22. Comments (609)

    Hmmm, trivia is up…the fish must be taking a break (sarcasm). I know, I know, they’re taping the show, but I couldn’t resist.

    • Comments (49)

      They only needed 2 hours….the feeds should be down thru Thursday night, too many fish might die during that time frame.

      • Comments (609)

        Lol, BB15MIA, very true! And, the ants might get to them.

      • Comments (407)

        Marie, I think it was yesterday I read that they said the ants had even gotten upstairs. And they call themselves the Exterminators!!

      • Comments (609)

        rofl, good one jojo! Please submit that to Julie & see if she will read it on the finale night! It’s quite appropriate!

      • Comments (49)

        LOL…I think the Ants are staging their revenge.

        Too bad SteveBeans can’t exterminate that pesty “ME” off of his Blog.

      • Comments (407)

        BB15MIA I feel the best way to deal with ME is to simply ignore and not respond to his/her posts. I find them actually hard to read with the misspelled words, lack of punctuation and stupidity a waste of my time to even try to understand. I also notice a great increase of thumbs down as soon as ME comes in this blog, so hopefully this is keeping this immature person out of trouble and off the streets by being glued to his/her computer for so long.

      • Comments (378)

        ….so then quit teasing n ignore me already 😀 lol

  23. Comments (11)

    I don’t care who wins bb. They are ALL RATS.

  24. Comments (111)

    If only Helen returned instead of Judd…

    • Comments (378)

      Ya if only Helen had another skill other than blowing smoke up ppls asses …hey maybe she should try politix 😉 (I know I know lol ) theres plenty of dreamers in here that get off on being lied to, she could run for leader of Tardville population 6 cows 4 mookz and a smartass!! 😀 lmfao

  25. Comments (111)

    If Shelly’s (BB13) daughter got death threats just because of a game move, imagine what these houseguests will go through…..

  26. Comments (118)

    I like this idea for next year: The third Dutch edition introduced “the battle”, in which the house is separated into a luxurious half and a poor half and two teams of housemates fight for time in the luxurious half.

    • Comments (651)

      I disagree. I liked the early shows where they had food comps and had to win what foods the house would get each week. This have/have not just polarizes the house even more.

      • Comments (17)

        ya First yr of BB was like that but if the overall concept of first year continued BB would have failed, so changes had to be made but i like the old way of getting food

      • Comments (1288)

        How about a combination of the two? There would be the basic foodstuff readily available: peanut butter, jelly, bread, oatmeal, water, milk, and a V8 like juice. Vitamin supplements would also be provided to round that out. Beyond that all food must be won or “earned”. Competitions can get them some things but also let them do arts and crafts that get sold at auction for some charity. Each item earns them BB credit and that is used to purchase all luxuries including soda, coffee, beer and wine as well as foods. Perhaps keeping them busy would lower the hostility level.

    • Comments (293)

      This is America. It’s classist. Can you imagine the ridicule about the rich and the poor if that happens? We have a glimpse of classism in discussions about Elissa’s “wealth.” The Lord of the Flies mentality would be uncontrollable.

  27. Comments (2)

    What kind of human beings are you it that the way your parents brought you up
    my parents brought me up to respect people not to call them names we are not
    the ones to judge people they will be judge by God and you all will.

    • Comments (651)

      These people put themselves up to be judged for money. Just because they don’t like the decision of the judging doesn’t change the fact that they signed on to be watch 24/7 for 3 months.

  28. Comments (1288)

    With the show running down and BBAD going to tape there is something else people here might find interesting. At 2am eastern the WE channel is rebroadcasting the Brenchel episode of My Fair Wedding. I have not seen it myself but have had it described to me and so have my DVR set.

    Highlights I hope to see: Rachel upset she is not the center of attention, Elissa upset she is not the center of attention, their mother upset she is not the center of attention, her wedding dress choice that looks like a stripper’s gown and Rachel ending up drunk under the table. Also it will be interesting to see if this was before Elissa’s plastic surgery.

  29. Comments (23)

    I think what was truly amusing was that Judd was evicted the first time because the so-called better players over analyzed him and believed he was some sort of genius-pretending-to-be-a-moron. Really, of course, he’s just a moron.
    Helen and the gang thought they were so clever and brave to evict Judd-the-genius when they did. Wow. It was the night of that eviction that the show really slid into a craphole.
    oh well, I’m not watching until the finale and I get to see the jury grill these terrible jerkoffs. I vote Jeff from season 12 for the winner. Or maybe Wil who does those youtube videos. Or give the money to me. Yeah. Screw those horrible houseguests. Distribute the money to the viewers, please.

  30. Comments (4)

    Does this mean there will be no Big Brother After Dark tonight?

  31. Comments (3)

    Poor Judd, he got a 2nd chance to come back in the house, and although he said, “I want a clean slate” he hooked basically back up with the same people who kicked him out of the house the 1st time.

    Judd you should have tried to work with Elissa, now its Buh-Bye for now boo, and on to the Jury House.

  32. Comments (15)

    Dang!! I was hoping it would be Judd and MC in the final 2. Judd should abandon ship, and work with MC.

  33. Comments (17)

    There should be only one winner but i dont think it will happen, thats GM (only one with Balls) she is a walking wounded and wont be able to really compete for that last HOH thats the key one. 3 different challanges 2 are physical and 1 is brain so she will just hope someone takes her(dont think they will to many women on the jury, and i think its a not, its Spencer ANdy and Mcr the HoH of that group takes the 2nd place winner. Ive been watching spencer at the board of evicted and his brain is smoking to figure the odds of the vote he is alot smarter then people think i think he is by far smarter then all left including Mc

  34. Comments (1)

    I still don’t understand all the hate for Spencer. Sure, he has a dark twisted sense of humor, but he’s not that bad. McCrae did nothing but lay around in his pajamas all summer. Andy was a weasel, but at least he was playing the game. I hope Spencer wins…that is all.

  35. Comments (27)

    If the feeds go off until tomoorow night then what are they going to show on after dark tonight? Rerun? fishtank? Trivia?

  36. Comments (1)

    Saw Spencer talk about buying bud today and I don’t mean beer…is he stupid?

    • Comments (651)

      You can bet Union Pacific is recording everything and will bring that to the unions attention.

    • Comments (1162)

      How in the heck do these HGs forget they’re on cameras, 24/7?

      Tell-alls about their lives which are anything but flattering.
      – Sex – Cheating in School – Drinking – whatever!
      Ex – Helen saying she’s had 6 DUIs. Huh? That’s horrible! Hopefully she’s
      finally learned from these grave mistakes, but why in the heck tell – EVERYONE?

      i read an article about Julie Chen saying that when Aaryn left the stage and
      was being debriefed by the producers, before going to the JH, she was quiet
      and shaken by her Exit Interview.
      She still has no idea just how her words & actions have changed her
      life outside of the BBH, including losing her employment.
      From Texas media outlets in Austin, Dallas and other cities, she has been
      disowned by her fellow Texans because of her comments during her
      Exit Interview. They’re angry at her- Big Time!

      From their horrific behavior and words, this group of HGs has to be the
      most STUPID HGs, EVER!

  37. Comments (3)

    Keep up the good work Spencer, might as well make it a record number of jobs lost this season. Spencer haters may be a little adverse to his comments in regards to kiddie porn being OK

    • Comments (1288)

      Why do people continue to make up stories about the cp remark? He did not say it was OK, in fact he chose it to prank McCrae because it is taboo and illegal. Insisting it was anything else just shows your bias and ignorance.

      Spencer has the advantage of working with a union contract. The union will stick up for him as long as he does not break any laws, they are very protective of their members and immune to public opinion. If you just have to have some little hope in your black heart for misfortune befalling Spencer you should be touting his comments on marijuana.

      He works in a federally regulated industry and is almost certainly subject to drug testing. After 90 days in BB he is definitely clean now and had best stay that way before he returns to work. Any aftershow partying might not get him fired but rather possibly suspended and sent to rehab.

  38. Comments (3)

    I believe Judd is gone. In addition to the racist comments I thought the comments by GM the mean comments as Candice left the house (at least my mother loves me) was low. I don’t want Spencer to win either because of his inappropriate jokes and immature ideas of the world (ie don’t by marilyn presents so she won’t expect anything) – like he is ‘training’ her. Loser.

    So that leaves Andy and McCrae. I’d have to give it to Andy. Why Mccrae didn’t get gm or judd out last wk is beyond me. Break up that pack and team up with elissa. Andy is a rat but is the closest thing to a game player they have in the house.

  39. Comments (17)

    Even though I believe there were and are truely Bigots & Perverts in the BigBrother House specifically, Gina, Aaryn and Spencer on the show, I would not like to be the employers that fired any one of the contestants because of it. I see a sharp Lawyer Suing those companies for big time amounts. Why? because they can claim this is just a game and it was a ploy to upset other contestants on purpose. Generally most hated sometimes make it to the end because people figure that the jury wont vote for the A-H’s. So this was just a ploy to get people to hate them but also carry them to the end. The Companies that fired these bigots & pervert should have “Back Doored” them and fired them for someother reason. now they are only going to make them famous and rich, Also remember this is just a TV show and Like Movies is not reality even thou it has its name,

    and anyone ever watch All in the Family.

    • Comments (14)

      Sounds like a stretched-thin argument to me!

      • Comments (1162)

        SUPER THIN ………..

      • Comments (25)

        I don’t think it is thin at all. How many examples do you think they will be able to cite of people acting differently then they do in the “real” world in order to gain an advantage. Look at McRae, everyone thought he was some super rich guy that was pretending to be lazy and dumb. Helen, pretending not to be smart or savvy. Realistically, if you are playing a game and there is even one racist person competing with you, it might be in your best interest to make them like you by making them think you feel the same way.

        Look at prisons (which is frighteningly similar to BB) where normal people become super racist in order to have people like them and to survive.

        No on fires an actor for playing a racist part on TV, they could easily argue they were simply playing the part required of them.

        You could argue it was a bad strategy, but if you gave them permission to go on the show, I can see a case that you accepted the fact they were going to play a well established game involving lying and all sorts of immoral behavior that dozens of contestants say they would never do in real life.

    • Comments (1)

      A lot of states have “work at will” laws. This means either party can end the work relationship without cause or notice. Spencer’s situation is different because of the union, but it’s still very possible he could be fired as well. Lawsuits for unlawful termination are based on federally protected statuses, so they wouldn’t have a case.

    • Comments (1288)

      Spencer is a union worker so his employer’s hands are tied. He may get hit with regular drug screening due to his pro-marijuana statements and admissions. Aaryan’s jobs were almost certainly contractual and buried in the somewhere is both a moral turpitude clause as well as one prohibiting her from negatively impacting the company’s reputation. Those jobs are over and she will find few lawyers willing to challenge the contracts. She can but she will be paying for it up front. GM’s jobs may or may not have contracts and perhaps there might be some worker’s rights law in her state to help her, more questions than I want to research.

      • Comments (1162)

        GM’s former position as a Beauty Pageant Co-Ordinator included working with
        young people, & her contract probably had a morals clause.

        She may have even lost the support of some of the parents
        of the youngsters attending her Dance Studio.

    • Comments (74)

      All In the Family was in a different era that many people have been fighting for many years to abolish. That’s kind of the point. I watched a show last night that said child trafficking is higher in the US than Thailand. That’s another point. You’re supposed to represent your company. These people are on a Family Show during family time. They really should have more respect for themselves. But, I’m pretty sure GM and Aaryn, and even Spencer have signed contracts that say they represent their companies. Even on a show about lying. The things they’ve said have zero, zip, notta to do with the game of BB. Why is everyone missing this?I’ve signed them for lesser jobs. We live in a new era where the wrong picture on FB will end your career. It’s not just a show. It’s the way of the world. We have kids killing themselves over bullies and BB is airing it everywhere!! I don’t blame these ‘grown adults’ to subjecting me to such bull …. I blame CBS. It’s truly horrifying. And disgusting. I don’t get it… In regards to Richard. And DanDaMan. Child pornography… It’s just not a joke.

      • Comments (1288)

        The things said were not on “a Family Show during family time”. They were on either an internet feed intended for adults or a cable only program airing with disclaimers and warnings and during a “safe harbor” time slot allowing more adult subject matter.

        If any children have been exposed to this perhaps their parents are the ones who need to be investigated by the proper authorities. Lastly jokes are just words, it was not child pornography.

      • Comments (74)

        They’d all act different if they HAD kids. It’s vile and not worth paying $$ for. It’s creepy and disgusting. And anyone talking like that on the Internet… would be investigated. And again. It’s not just ‘distasteful’. It’s something you don’t joke about. Period.

    • Comments (22)

      If it does go to court I hope Aaron’s judge is African American or Chinese.

  40. Comments (4)

    Wish season over. No one left standing deserves to win. Spencer ( nose picker) no big moves and has a filthy mouth, Gina Marie and her racist comments, Judd – nothing to say again no big moves, Andy the liar – did nothing but lie,lie,lie and saying horrible things about other players, McCrae let Amanda run his game. She is going to expect to be in on the winnings. He’s already talking about the one he left behind and as expected he’s just not that into Amanda. He’s seen her crazy side plus how domineering side. Watching last few shows is like watching paint dry. It kills me how they all sit around bashing everyone like they were so much better. Ever watch Andy drink from a cup? Weird. Only ones I think should win are Elissa and Helen. At least Helen had game. Elissa deserves it for all the cabbage she had to take. Finish it already – boring. Worst season ever.

  41. Comments (1)

    worst season ever!!!! … how sad don’t think I will watch show ever again.

  42. Comments (61)

    Why pay for the Live-Feeds if they are going to Shut Down till Tomorrow??? Are You kidding Me??? This is Beyond Unfair of CBS!!! You know they ARE Done doing whatever Comps They were doing it has been Hours & Hours so I want to See what I paid for!!! The only thing Worth Seeing Anymore is who Wins the Comps so Show the Feeds CBS!!!

  43. Comments (293)


  44. Comments (16)

    ugh … andy wins HOH. Geeze, why can’t they get rid of that lip lying ginger!!!

  45. Comments (5)

    Unconfirmed rumors are that Judd is evicted 2-0 vote and then Andy wins HOH. I really hope that Andy winning isn’t true! I, along with a lot of you can not stand him! Fingers crossed!

  46. Comments (13)

    I hope Andy didn’t win I hope mccrae did please I donthink he cant win another pov mccrae needs to win bigbrother15

  47. Comments (13)

    I’m from Arkansas and I can’t stand Spencer

  48. Comments (1162)

    Go to YouTube and enjoy watching Big Brother Canada, 2013.
    From the first episode, meeting the HGs and seeing the BBH – WOW!

    Superior to BB15 USA in every way.

    • Comments (378)

      Yep its true!!!!

      ….they out did the U.S in all PC ways possible…..
      -an annoying black host instead of a high priced asian host….a homo that makes Richard Simmons look manly….. a fat native chic…..the shield (they lost btw lol )……a gayer than gay talking moose…. a crying arab ….. better showmances….. drunk white trash…… a huge indoor set cuz you cant go outside its -20°…….instant replay… fucking mimes…. a pail white guy…. nerd & geek brocrushes… n did I mention da flamer Gary??? Lmao

      • Comments (378)

        ….almost forgot…..a scene stealing controversial final vote ….a shit tonne of smokes….and … nipples 😀 lol

      • Comments (5)

        I’ll take what you said, over half the US cast being racist, sexist, homphobic, twofaced and/or a complete bully

    • Comments (14)

      Best Finale Ever

  49. Comments (143)

    Go bb canda wooo. Terribly racist cast this season, cant stand them. I don’t want mccrae to win because amanda will get the money then dump him.

  50. Comments (1162)

    If CBS/BB tossed out “C**t Talking, Slimy, Creepy Rat Andy winning HOH as
    a rumor test balloon for gauging public opinion – their answer came back in less than 60 minutes —

    • Comments (1288)

      How is that being determined? Or is it just wishful thinking?

      • Comments (1162)

        Supposition based upon reading over numerous BB Blogs posted comments, however
        LOL – I’m guessing.
        At this point in BB15, wishful thinking is pretty much all that is left ………………

      • Comments (1162)

        “Kudos” on your ability to stay awake for hours on end ………..
        When do you sleep?
        : )

  51. Hayden on survivor
    Comments (13)

    Mccrae got to win big brother 15

  52. Comments (49)

    I know they did the same thing last year, but it makes no sense to me why CBS would shut them down and then publish on CBS/BB that the “unconfirmed” rumer is Judd evicted 2-0 and Andy wins the most crucial HOH before Wed show….unbelievable, wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.

    So if Andy has HOH, at least now McCrae will get confirmation who he is actually working with Spencer or McCrae. Andy’s first alliance was with McCrae, what will he do? Does he put up GM/Mc or GM/Spencer, telling Spencer he’s safe and they want to backdoor Mc…not sure a backdoor will work on this one, for either Mc or Sp. McCrae has known all along that this is the most crucial HOH and POV…..will the feeds come up tonight? will the POV be tonoight or in the morning? Either way with these 4 shows left could they really be nail bitters (LOL) or as boring as possible?

  53. Comments (49)

    Beans/Anyone…CBS/BB site also is showing only 3 episodes left, Wed, Thurs and Sunday. My TV programming still shows the finalie on Wed 9/18 after Survivor…what gives? Are they moving this again because of ratings…?

    Not sure what’s up with productions this year, but they are messing everything up.

    • Profile photo of stevebeans
      Comments (379)

      It should be Wed, Thur, Sun, Wed. I’m not sure where you’re only seeing 3 episodes left, I could not find it at the CBS site.

      • Comments (49)

        Watch the preview for Wed’s show…episode 33. Says only 3 episodes left….?

      • Comments (226)

        Are we sure they are not saying only 3 episodes left until the finale?

      • Comments (49)

        None of them are saying until the finale, and surely they count it as an episode.

      • Comments (49)

        Steve…I’m replying to you instead of that “ME” we are ignoring, even though I know you already know this.

        In “NO WAY” was I challenging you Beans or what you know, just challenging CBS and their production/programming tactics. As you know they have been shady this whole season.

  54. Comments (49)

    Just saw a similar AD on TV that states 3 left as well…?

  55. Comments (49)

    Same thing is listed on jokers updates under big brother usa news & rumers….BIG BROTHER – EPISODE 33 PREVIEW (ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT). They must be saying it because todyas episode has already taped but not aired…?

    Boy oh boy am I bored.

  56. Comments (11)

    OK guys, I am from Canada and I watched big brother after dark last night from 3 to 5 am.. It seemed like they were pretending it was evening, but they kept screwing up, saying good morning to GM and asking Judd why he was eating pork chops for breakfast, then they would laugh!! and say this is hard.. They talked about PD and that the people that came out of it represented 9 different big brother episodes. Rachel was the hostess and they thought she was funny and nice.. Amanda held her own when Julie C. asked her what it was like to be the b–ch of the house..MC said she was thinking of suing for defamation of character before but he thinks she will def. now.. Someone asked if Helen was still HOH room and they said ,yes GM was up there right now. I think it was MC, who said he wanted to go up next, but they never showed either one in there. They worked on crafts for along time that prod. finally gave them after Spencer yelled into the camera to open the pantry. They all finally go to the couch. Andy seems to be in deep thought most of the time, Judd mumbles a lot of things I can’t understand. Andy now pipes in about Helen told him , her and Elisa would always get MVP because they are moms.. And their off..on Helen and E,, about mothers.. Spencer pretending to be Helen opening his legs and saying look at my mommy hole.. All guest laughing.. GM saying she asked one of the other (girl) houseguests if that was jiz or snot on the back of her pants.OMG how can these people face the real world after their behavior. MC laughs at what they are saying but he never really says anything bad. Still would like to see him win. Ok guys, first time posting and I’ve probably taken enough of your time. Just thought everyone would like to here what they showed last night, Oh and 9/11 it’s my birthday. RIP to all our hero’s I love the U.S.

  57. Comments (11)

    OH OH, 🙂 PD should have been PB

  58. Comments (378)

    Lmfao at Steve being challenged on what he thinks he knows 😀

  59. Comments (16)

    I watched BB After Dark last night and was disgusted at what I heard. Apparently the house guests were visited by ex BB players and Julie (the host). Spencer was talking about an argument between GM and Julie, about how he was proud how GM ‘put that bitch Julie in her place’! After dising Julie for a bit they went on to talk about how Amanda will be suing CBS for defamation of character, the paperwork is already in progress and McCrea stated that Amanda will never work for CBS again (as if it would be her choice). Apparently, (through some research I found) Amanda has worked for CBS a few times, on a few shows…so maybe the early rumours about ‘the fix’ for Amanda was true. Only due to all the negative backlash from the public helped in Amanda’s eviction.
    Then, as usual, they began their ‘Elissa bashing’ campaign again, which seems to be their favourite and only topic. Why can’t these (uh, adults?) act like adults and show some grace and humility? These people remind me of the children being raised these days who are never told ‘no’ and have never had to face the consequences of their actions…the ones who are never punished, yet constantly validated by parents who failed to teach them morals and respect for others and consequential behaviour. Are the members of this house a true representation of the average American adult today? If so, it is not just the show that has gone to crap, the whole country is going down the tubes if this is the best cast they could come up with. I have always loved this show, but this year…disgusting is the only word to describe it. I will stick to BB Canada from now on, do not have the stomach or will to watch the American one any longer! Especially when the cast seems it is okay to bash even the host (Julie) with no respect whatsoever! What a cast of sorry human beings!

    • Comments (378)

      Fuck Julie Chen shes a hack!!


    • Comments (49)

      The BBAD that you saw was taped earlier in the day. The HGs were woken up and told to pretend that it was night because they were taping for last nights show. Yes, I saw parts of what they were saying and they were making up stupid stuff that would not happen…for example visits from outside the house guest,law suits, etc. I couldn’t believe that productions was going to air the show as is, but when I watched my taping from BBAD last night they had played it as is. I’m not excusing the HGs, but know they were making it all up to get back at production. I believe they are all pretty tired of the cameras after 83 days of 24/7.

      • Comments (16)

        then it was pretty stupid of the station to air what they were saying, because how were we to know it was ‘made up’ and a joke? Besides, if the things they said is their idea of a joke, these people are even more pitiful than I originally thought! It was not funny, not even from a joking stand point…just more bashing and bitterness. Still shows no sign of respect whatsoever. Such disgusting people!

    • Comments (10)

      This reminds me of Catching Fire. Only in that case, the characters were likeable.

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