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Big Brother 15 – Judd’s Last Hope

bb15-judd-situpsWith the eviction show airing on Wednesday, the taping of the show will likely take place today (to give them time to play HoH, veto, etc for Thursday’s live show).  This means within a few hours, the feeds should go dark until after the show airs during the west coast tomorrow night.

This means Judd has only a few more hours to “not” campaign against GinaMarie to remain in the house.  I put not in quotes because after the veto meeting yesterday, he told his alliance he was just going to basically sit there the rest of the week and accept his fate.  Like I expected, this was to earn the vote from GM if he were to make f2.

Why would he play the jury if he thought he was going to be a member?  Easy, he doesn’t.  Judd has been asking Andy and Spencer if they’re keeping him, and they’ve been telling him yes, so he’s fairly certain there will be another tiebreaker situation with Spencer keeping him today.  Here is where it gets tricky, Spencer and Andy have been telling GinaMarie the same thing… good job working those jury votes, boys.

I’m fairly certain Judd will be the one evicted today, and when the feeds come back, we’ll see McCrae with the HoH or PoV.  Let’s be real, I’d be shocked if McCrae lost any physical type of challenge moving forward.  During the trivia questions, it is anyone’s game, but veto is typically physical, so he has a good chance of still being in the house on Friday.

I will update this thread when the feeds go dark so you know not to really expect any updates until after the show tomorrow night.  Here is a quick poll to keep you busy

[polldaddy poll=7385514]

11:30am – Feeds are on trivia, they will likely be there until tomorrow night.  I will update if this changes

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  1. Comments (1162)

    If CBS/BB tossed out “C**t Talking, Slimy, Creepy Rat Andy winning HOH as
    a rumor test balloon for gauging public opinion – their answer came back in less than 60 minutes —

    • Comments (1288)

      How is that being determined? Or is it just wishful thinking?

      • Comments (1162)

        Supposition based upon reading over numerous BB Blogs posted comments, however
        LOL – I’m guessing.
        At this point in BB15, wishful thinking is pretty much all that is left ………………

      • Comments (1162)

        “Kudos” on your ability to stay awake for hours on end ………..
        When do you sleep?
        : )

  2. Hayden on survivor
    Comments (13)

    Mccrae got to win big brother 15

  3. Comments (49)

    I know they did the same thing last year, but it makes no sense to me why CBS would shut them down and then publish on CBS/BB that the “unconfirmed” rumer is Judd evicted 2-0 and Andy wins the most crucial HOH before Wed show….unbelievable, wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.

    So if Andy has HOH, at least now McCrae will get confirmation who he is actually working with Spencer or McCrae. Andy’s first alliance was with McCrae, what will he do? Does he put up GM/Mc or GM/Spencer, telling Spencer he’s safe and they want to backdoor Mc…not sure a backdoor will work on this one, for either Mc or Sp. McCrae has known all along that this is the most crucial HOH and POV…..will the feeds come up tonight? will the POV be tonoight or in the morning? Either way with these 4 shows left could they really be nail bitters (LOL) or as boring as possible?

    • Comments (293)

      Andy, GM, or Spencer need to get POV. The odds are in their favor, but the odds were in their favor the last time, yet McCrae got POV.

  4. Comments (49)

    Beans/Anyone…CBS/BB site also is showing only 3 episodes left, Wed, Thurs and Sunday. My TV programming still shows the finalie on Wed 9/18 after Survivor…what gives? Are they moving this again because of ratings…?

    Not sure what’s up with productions this year, but they are messing everything up.

    • Profile photo of stevebeans
      Comments (330)

      It should be Wed, Thur, Sun, Wed. I’m not sure where you’re only seeing 3 episodes left, I could not find it at the CBS site.

      • Comments (49)

        Watch the preview for Wed’s show…episode 33. Says only 3 episodes left….?

      • Comments (226)

        Are we sure they are not saying only 3 episodes left until the finale?

      • Comments (49)

        None of them are saying until the finale, and surely they count it as an episode.

      • Comments (49)

        Steve…I’m replying to you instead of that “ME” we are ignoring, even though I know you already know this.

        In “NO WAY” was I challenging you Beans or what you know, just challenging CBS and their production/programming tactics. As you know they have been shady this whole season.

  5. Comments (49)

    Just saw a similar AD on TV that states 3 left as well…?

  6. Comments (49)

    Same thing is listed on jokers updates under big brother usa news & rumers….BIG BROTHER – EPISODE 33 PREVIEW (ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT). They must be saying it because todyas episode has already taped but not aired…?

    Boy oh boy am I bored.

  7. Comments (11)

    OK guys, I am from Canada and I watched big brother after dark last night from 3 to 5 am.. It seemed like they were pretending it was evening, but they kept screwing up, saying good morning to GM and asking Judd why he was eating pork chops for breakfast, then they would laugh!! and say this is hard.. They talked about PD and that the people that came out of it represented 9 different big brother episodes. Rachel was the hostess and they thought she was funny and nice.. Amanda held her own when Julie C. asked her what it was like to be the b–ch of the house..MC said she was thinking of suing for defamation of character before but he thinks she will def. now.. Someone asked if Helen was still HOH room and they said ,yes GM was up there right now. I think it was MC, who said he wanted to go up next, but they never showed either one in there. They worked on crafts for along time that prod. finally gave them after Spencer yelled into the camera to open the pantry. They all finally go to the couch. Andy seems to be in deep thought most of the time, Judd mumbles a lot of things I can’t understand. Andy now pipes in about Helen told him , her and Elisa would always get MVP because they are moms.. And their off..on Helen and E,, about mothers.. Spencer pretending to be Helen opening his legs and saying look at my mommy hole.. All guest laughing.. GM saying she asked one of the other (girl) houseguests if that was jiz or snot on the back of her pants.OMG how can these people face the real world after their behavior. MC laughs at what they are saying but he never really says anything bad. Still would like to see him win. Ok guys, first time posting and I’ve probably taken enough of your time. Just thought everyone would like to here what they showed last night, Oh and 9/11 it’s my birthday. RIP to all our hero’s I love the U.S.

  8. Comments (11)

    OH OH, 🙂 PD should have been PB

  9. Comments (378)

    Lmfao at Steve being challenged on what he thinks he knows 😀

  10. Comments (16)

    I watched BB After Dark last night and was disgusted at what I heard. Apparently the house guests were visited by ex BB players and Julie (the host). Spencer was talking about an argument between GM and Julie, about how he was proud how GM ‘put that bitch Julie in her place’! After dising Julie for a bit they went on to talk about how Amanda will be suing CBS for defamation of character, the paperwork is already in progress and McCrea stated that Amanda will never work for CBS again (as if it would be her choice). Apparently, (through some research I found) Amanda has worked for CBS a few times, on a few shows…so maybe the early rumours about ‘the fix’ for Amanda was true. Only due to all the negative backlash from the public helped in Amanda’s eviction.
    Then, as usual, they began their ‘Elissa bashing’ campaign again, which seems to be their favourite and only topic. Why can’t these (uh, adults?) act like adults and show some grace and humility? These people remind me of the children being raised these days who are never told ‘no’ and have never had to face the consequences of their actions…the ones who are never punished, yet constantly validated by parents who failed to teach them morals and respect for others and consequential behaviour. Are the members of this house a true representation of the average American adult today? If so, it is not just the show that has gone to crap, the whole country is going down the tubes if this is the best cast they could come up with. I have always loved this show, but this year…disgusting is the only word to describe it. I will stick to BB Canada from now on, do not have the stomach or will to watch the American one any longer! Especially when the cast seems it is okay to bash even the host (Julie) with no respect whatsoever! What a cast of sorry human beings!

    • Comments (378)

      Fuck Julie Chen shes a hack!!


    • Comments (49)

      The BBAD that you saw was taped earlier in the day. The HGs were woken up and told to pretend that it was night because they were taping for last nights show. Yes, I saw parts of what they were saying and they were making up stupid stuff that would not happen…for example visits from outside the house guest,law suits, etc. I couldn’t believe that productions was going to air the show as is, but when I watched my taping from BBAD last night they had played it as is. I’m not excusing the HGs, but know they were making it all up to get back at production. I believe they are all pretty tired of the cameras after 83 days of 24/7.

      • Comments (16)

        then it was pretty stupid of the station to air what they were saying, because how were we to know it was ‘made up’ and a joke? Besides, if the things they said is their idea of a joke, these people are even more pitiful than I originally thought! It was not funny, not even from a joking stand point…just more bashing and bitterness. Still shows no sign of respect whatsoever. Such disgusting people!

    • Comments (10)

      This reminds me of Catching Fire. Only in that case, the characters were likeable.

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