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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction And HoH Challenge

I’ve clearly lost interest in taking new screenshots

The last Thursday of the Big Brother 15 season.  I don’t know what to think about it.  Summer is ending, football season is starting, but now we get to deal with the very, very long winter waiting for Big Brother 16 to start…

You heard that right!  CBS confirmed there will be a 16th season next summer, so don’t forget to follow me on twitter or facebook to get updates on that.  I know what you’re thinking, and I’m way ahead of you.  The chances of racist or bigoted comments will be slim to none next year.  Not only will they screen cast members better, most Big Brother fans have witnessed the incredible backlash against Aaryn, GinaMarie, and crew.  They’re going to think before they speak, I can almost promise you this.  Will that make it bland?  I doubt it, because nothing is more exciting than strategic gameplay and tight alliances you’re really rooting for.

I have a strong feeling tonight will start the 3 part HoH challenge, so I’m going to wrap this up and begin the live updates.  If it is indeed an endurance challenge, I will bump that to the beginning of this post and give you updates on the first part winner.


5:45pm – Watching Thursday Night Football – Go Patriots!

6:00pm – Here we go!   I expect the first 15 minutes to show what happened since Tuesday.  Nominations, veto, etc

– FYI, Andy wins this game with ease if he’s in the final 2.

6:10pm – Still showing highlights about the nominations.  Spencer and McCrae were nominated.

6:15pm – Jury house footage. Aaryn apologized to Candice and Helen for the things she said. Candice is pretty much ignoring her.

– Aaryn rubs it in to Amanda how keeping Andy over her was a bad game move (it was)

– After a commercial break, it’s time to see Judd enter the all female jury

– Amanda called GM a floater, and Judd told her that McCrae rode her coattails.  Candice agrees with Judd, in fact pretty much everyone but Amanda thinks McCrae was a floater

6:30pm – Veto competition time (taped – not live)

– Andy won the veto first attempt.  Not too surprising considering how much he studied what happened this summer

6:45pm – Julie tells us just before they went live, the group came clean about their alliance to McCrae.

– Live PoV meeting

– Andy doesn’t use the PoV

– McCrae gives a few shoutouts.. next year, someone better give BBJ a shoutout.

GinaMarie evicts McCrae

– McCrae thinks Andy wanted to get Amanda out so they can work together…. wow….

7:00pm – No HoH competition tonight.  Not sure when part 1 will be or if we’ll get to watch it.

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  1. I fucking cant stand that phoney Julie FUCKING Chen!!!

    😉 lol

  2. Long time reader first time poster. I can’t believe everyone has forgotten Nicks famous words with Julie…Spencer is running the house. Truer words were never spoken.

  3. It is a fun show to watch, but it just a tv show.
    For those who are obsessed, try out for next season.

    Casting is open!

  4. Dr. Will is going to go into the JH, and talk to the Jury members of Big Brother?!?! I can not wait to see that!

  5. Of course Andy acting like the ultimate Crybaby now that he isn’t in total control. Pacing back and forth and whining about not wanting to finish 3rd. It amazes me that he does this in front of competitors as if he’s more worthy than them and that they should also want him to finish higher. If McCrae and Judd wouldn’t have been such idiots we would have enjoyed watching Andy squirm, mope and cry for a week & never make it this far.

    • Yes Rat Dog crying about how poor he is and is suddenly thinking about does he really have jury votes blah blah blah. Sadly this has become the best part of the show. Well besides jury house.

    • Rat Andy finally admitted he hated Elissa because she
      was the one and only HG he couldn’t control.
      Elissa for Fan Favorite!

      It’s time to cheer on Spencer for a Win in the 2nd part of the Finale Comp. & then
      for him to SEND THE RAT TO THE JURY HOUSE ………

  6. Now they should send SPENCER packing and let Andy and GM battle it out in the end. Being 3rd is too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. McCrae left some cheese by Rat Andy’s bed.


  8. Why didn’t BB do more of the “check-ins” with the players families outside the house? I think there was an early visit to Judd’s hometown and a brief Amanda/McRae visit. I usually found these visits very boring in years past, but it would have been very interesting to see the environment that contributed to the mindset of Aryn, GM, Spencer, and Kaitlyn. That could have made for some very interesting TV.

    • I wondered that too-it was odd they just did Judd. My guess is they may have done these profiles on others then all of the comments started being reported to they scrapped it to not expose those families on tv?

  9. I am growing a little tired of people stating up here how America should vote for someone who needs the money the most. Or the houseguest should have kept people who needed the money more.

    How would you people feel if a co-worker of yours who did half the work, slept in every day, took excessive breaks, etc was up for the same promotion or bonus as you were and your boss decided to give it to the slack co-worker “becasue they needed it more”?? My guess is NONE of you would appreciate that, considering you were to one who shoed up every day on time and worked hard!

    That is one of my biggest problem s with this country……people who think they should be handed something for doing NOTHING! Some of these HG’s were no different. They had no problem letting someone else do all the work and now, on Thursday night, we will hear from these slack, vile people why someone should reward them with $500k for doing absolutely NOTHING all season!

    Most of us were raised to work hard and reap the benefits of what we earned because hard work should be the ONLY way people are able to get ahead in this country. Not by degrading and bashing your competition; not by riding the coat tails of someone else and allowing them to do all the work; not by being racist, sexist and just down right disgusting! HARD WORK!

    It should not matter how much more money one person has over another. If you feel that person worked the hardest in the house, but was evicted becasue of jealous and spiteful people, they you deserve to be able to cast your vote for Elissa.

    I am not an Elissa supporter by any means, but she was able to read people pretty well and she did actually play the game. IMO, None of these people truly deserve to win anything…and Thursday night, BB will officially turn into WELFARE!

    I sincerely hope BB will find people with a little better work ethic next year. After this year, I am sure most of us would just settle for people with any kind of moral fiber at all!

  10. I agree 100% with what Kurtis said below. It’s really pathetic to read comments in which “people” state that they ENJOY hearing that people lost their job, or ENJOY calling the HG names worse than the HG used themselves. The difference between what the HG did / said versus the commenters on this blog is that the HG are playing a game in a controlled environment that promotes paranoia and other behavior not necessarily charistic of the HG while the commenters on this blog are in their environment and the commenters are saying mean and nasty things because that is their true nature. I don’t understand how “people” can be joyful about someone losing their job? This is a game. These people are put into a house without any outside influence. They are going to say and do things uncharacteristic to their normal behavior. When people make comments that they are happy that someone loses their job shows that the commenters are very insensitive and worse than the people they attack.

    I’m also disappointed to learn that Julie Chen admitted that she had eye surgery to change her “Chinese” appearance to more of an anglo appearance in order to have better advantages than she felt she had because she looked Chinese. I don’t know what to think about that. I guess good for her – but at the same time – what’s wrong with looking Chinese? From the before and after photos – I felt she looked just as good in the before photos and maybe even better looking in the before photos because that was her real self. She was beautiful in the before photos and she is beautiful in the after photos. I guess changing her looks got her more money and that’s what it’s all about?

    KURTIS: Well, I totally understand that MM, that she was on TV. But I don’t see a difference in the HGs talking badly of someone and being evil….and you people talking bad about them and its ok. Pretty hypocritical. Let each HG deal with whatever situations they have put themselves in once out of the BB game. It is not for us to trash them. As Steve said in a 9-11 thread…these are real human beings with real human being problems. I guarantee in these threads there are racists, people with mental issues, people on medication, people who use terrible language, people who make very tasteless jokes, people who backstab and talk poorly of people behind their backs and on and on. Its one thing not to care for a HG, but its totally different to call them terrible names, fat, ugly, trash, gross, stupid and on and on. The people that do so, are just as classless as the people they are trashing….

    • Like i said earlyier about them losing there jobs i think Good lawyers will get them there jobs or alot of money for losing there jobs, this is difficult
      setting and the worse comes out and sometimes it might not be there true feelings but game play. A good lawyer with take these cases on consignment and make big bucks for themselfs and the players,

      As far as Julie is concerned how is changing your apprearance not raceist toward her own race,
      any different then Michael Jackson turning white that was just as reverse racist.

  11. Last night on BBAD, GM gave Spencer a thumbs up when Andy was out of the room. I think they are going to take Andy out if they win HOH. I don’t think either thinks the can win against him.. If GM wins I hope she uses the money to go to charm school and learns some etiquette about eating, Chew with your mouth closed (not like a cow chewing it’s cud) and don’t speak with your mouth full. Last night she was eating and talking food was falling out of her mouth, I had to change the channel , I was getting nauseated.

  12. I’m sure Steve will cover this in his next blog but it seems the Perv and Rat Dog have a new target–Julie. They are saying she was drunk last night and if she wasn’t banging the president of the network she would have been fired.

    Oh Perv and Rat Dog I think Julie’s husband is going to the head of the line of people who want to have a one on one with you guys.

  13. Is anyone else absolutely disgusted!!! Turned on BBAD and they’re saying such horrible things about Asians! These people are just horrible! I hope that GM & Spencer just get roasted when they get out! Thought they would somewhat redeem themselves but obviously not….idiots!

  14. Andy played a very similar game then Ian played in that he was the spy between both sides of the house. Be why is he a rat for this? That is a smart way to stay on both sides .

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