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Big Brother 15 – Live Head Of Household Challenge


Update – GinaMarie won the HoH

They did not show the competitions on the live feeds, so I have no clue about the score.  I am extremely disappointed they had an HoH competition carry over but did not let us watch it.  I don’t know what to expect for the week, but I need a break.   Again, to those who bought feeds expecting to watch the challenge, I apologize.  They are still good value for the money and there is still plenty of good stuff to watch, but I feel like an idiot for pushing the link.

I’m going to go sink in a hole now


Note – If you are looking for the Aaryn exit interview (it was a good one), scroll down the first page.  It’s under my live eviction thread. 

I am going to be slammed with people looking for updates, so my server may have some issues, but stay with me.  I’ll also be updating on twitter if this site is going too slow.

If you’re just tuning in, Aaryn  has been evicted and the house is now doing a competition that carried over.  They have their feet tied together and must hop to a cage, move an egg through a maze with their finger tips, then hop back and put the egg in their basket.  The first to 12 eggs wins.   I’m going to do it similar to last week where I will update the score here….

7:15pm update – Feeds still on trivia.  Should be up soon (I hope), I will update the score the second they’re up

7:20pm update – Getting frustrated.  Feeds still not back.  Come on, CBS

7:25pm update – Nothing yet. Feeds should have been up 20 minutes ago.

7:30pm update – Still on feeds.  I dropped the link for the live feeds.  I am not sure we’ll be able to see this one play out live.  Very annoyed and sad by this

7:35pm update – GinaMarie won the HoH.   I am furious that they did not allow us to watch that after putting up a link to the live feeds.   I apologize to those who signed up thinking  you were going to see the competition.  Nobody did.   Very annoyed right now.

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  1. Comments (1)

    Put up McCranda…..send McCrae home b/c Amanda can’t/won’t win shit. Elissa win the following week and gets rid of Ratface Andy.

  2. Comments (15)

    I think GM and Elissa at the end would be great. I know GM made some really bad comments, but at least she stands her ground. I hope she makes the right choices and gets McrAndy out of the house. Go GM!!!!

  3. Comments (20)

    Please, please, please GM put McCrap and Amandass up on the block. Both of them right away! None of this one at a time so the other can take them off the block BS! Andy and Spencer are PATHETIC! I hope final 3 consists of GM, Elissa and Judd!

  4. Comments (485)

    The best way to keep Hurricane Amanda relatively calm is to play along with her delusions. I liked seeing GM helping her clean her sneakers after the competition. Andy stayed in character by running back to her like the rat that he is. If GM follows through with putting McCranda on the block, she will be totally blindsided and demoralized. Payback is a bytch little girl. Besides I think McCrae expects to be nominated, Amanda is the one with the delusions.

    Can’t wait to see her try to bully GM. Unfortunately this is when it could get physical. I hope the guys are standing by to keep them separated because GM is not afraid to get into Amanda’s face. I’m not a big GM fan but the girl has guts.

  5. Comments (10)

    McScum & Amandamouth are going on the block and I can’t wait to hear GM’s speech of why they are going up. LOL

  6. Comments (10)

    GM is probably the most fun and real person in the game. She is a little over the top but the real deal as a person. Amanda is probably the same person in real life along with McCrae which is pretty sad.

  7. Comments (293)

    Does Aaryn think Texas and the whole South, for that matter, can fit under that bus?

  8. Comments (1)

    I hope Gina Marie follows through with the plan of getting mcranda out. I hop;e she does not nominate herself

  9. Comments (60)

    Question for all of you…do you all believe Howard actually told Amanda he want to “F$&k the $hit out of her” before he left? I sure as hell don’t…why would he want to screw that nasty thing….

    • Comments (1401)

      @Martin: No, not for a minute. On another BB site (can’t remember which one) someone posted that video (might have been on YouTube). What he said was (and I can’t remember verbatim) was something to the effect that she looked real nice tonight. She smiled and said thank you as she walked off. He did however, tell Candice a story about when he was in college that he and some of his friends would go out looking for girls to “f*ck the sh*t out of”, there is a video of that too. Although miogynistic (sp), it sounds like typical college boy talk. I at least hope he’s not the same person. And I find it funny that when Howard whispered in her ear, she smiled/laughed and thanked him while walking away, yet when she conveyed the story to McScummy and the rest of the house, she said she was terrified and that that “scared the sh*t out of her”.

  10. Comments (46)

    Like i said before
    I feel very bad for mccrae!!!
    He came in one person, his game was on point!!
    Ppl had him as favorite to win, but as season when on he became blind by amanda
    And became someone else very different from who he was in the start…….

    • Comments (6)

      I see what you mean. He seems rather easy to influence, but, he’s chosen to do what he is doing. It’s like they tell kids at school, if you see someone bullying on the playground and you stand idly by, you’re a part of it. He knows that Amanda’s behaviour is wrong but he condones it by going along with it. There have also been some pretty abhorrent remarks that have come out of his mouth. I don’t feel sorry for him because I don’t think he can really be that much of a nice guy if he’s gone along with all this.

  11. Comments (83)

    I am beyond disgusted with Demanda and McNasty. Last night McNasty wanted Demanda to tell Elissa that they came all over her bed and and was pissed that she didn’t get a rash from McNasties love juices. Then Demanda said she wants McNasty to come on Elissas head. That is just wrong on so many levels. There is no limit as to how low the two of them will go. I can’t wait for them to leave bb and deal with all the wrath. They will need the FBI to put them into a protection program. DISGUSTED!!!!!

    • Comments (6)

      That is absolutely repulsive. I don’t understand these vulgar people. Im sure they don’t care what people think of them at all, but how can they act like this and say these things knowing their parents and families, employers, etc .. are watching this?
      There are definitely people in my life I dislike, and maybe even have called them a b*!#%, I’m not going to lie–I’m far from perfect, but I would never say that about someone I don’t like, even if they’ve given me valid reason.
      These people are shameful. It’s not fun to watch this behaviour. This is the worst group ever–not to mention most of their gameplay is shit. All voting together all the time, no one playing their own game, LAME!
      I really hope they pick better cast from now on.

  12. Comments (1)

    What needs to happen now is every waking moment she needs to be reminded that she is going home. She will have the worst week in the history of BB. It is time she has little of her own medicine. It will work on her so bad that she will have no chance to win the power of veto.

  13. Comments (143)

    O dis is gonna be a good week. Amanda is goping to chjimp oiut and afte thjat I hjate asian comments shje really deserves to get her ass whipped. OOOO when Julioe whipped aaryans ass Oi hjad to wonder if it was Julioe Chen or Jack Chan or Aston Kutcher because Aaryan got PUNKED. wHEN SHE tried to lie and said she never said nothjing racist, julie had the quotes, then she tried to blame being texan and southern. But Judd is southern, jeremey was a prick and was southjern, Jessie was from T€xas. I only recall her being racist and anti gay. While jeremy did make racist jopkes they were mostly at himself being part native. Its not acceptable but not anything near her racist comments. Then Arryan tried top run away and julie made her sit her ass down,. julie is my favourite player now!!! YUEAH

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