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Big Brother 15 – McCrae Keeps Hanging In There

bb15-mccrae-outfitThere was only one possible thing that could have spiced up the week a little bit, and that’s McCrae winning PoV today.  By doing so, he will remove himself from the block and be replaced  by either Andy or Judd (most likely Judd).  There is early talk about sending GM home because of all the girls in the jury house, but Judd is really upset and throwing a tantrum of his own.

The veto competition featured Big Brother 14 winner, Ian Terry, and was a very physical challenge.  When the feeds came on, GinaMarie was even more banged up than normal to the point where she is going to require stitches (sadly, not to keep her mouth shut).

What’s interesting is that Judd is storming around bitching about production among many other things. I already know he thinks one of the veto competitions was rigged in favor of Elissa, so I wonder if he thinks the same thing about this one today.  I know what you’re thinking… hey Judd, production gave you a second shot in the game, stop bitching…  oh wait, maybe that’s just me thinking that.

I like Judd, but it’s bad enough we have a crapton of readers who buy into these theories about everything being rigged for certain people. Now Judd is going to join them?  Obviously his opinion weighs more than the readers since he’s actually part of the game, but what are they rigging at this point?  Is he just being a sore loser, or is he on to something?

If production was rigging anything for McCrae, you’d think they would have clued him in on the fact that Andy was working against him, and Elissa was with him… but those are just details I suppose.

Anyway, I’m happy with the outcome only because we actually get to see people panic this week instead of just counting the minutes until McCrae is voted out.

PS – Wouldn’t it be funny if Amanda really did take the fire out of McCrae, and by re-sparking it, GinaMarie ends up going to jury.

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  1. I love people who are saying the “floaters” sent home the “strong” players. If these so called floaters sent home the strong players, wouldn’t that make them the strong players. Saying the floaters sent home the strong players makes no sense.

  2. I do not see the big deal about Judd. It’s not that great since he returned, certainly not nice.
    The guys will vote for the group of guys, as they have aligned all season. GM is kidding herself–plus she’s injured herself. She aligned with the wrong party. Can’t wait till these people see what the public thinks of them. Macrea is not hot–he does not bathe and he looks like it. Spencer is completely gross (in his behavior). Andy is slimy. Judd … . Well this is not a great party to go to.

  3. CBS, I would love to see a documentary a few months from now on how the BB experience changed the lives of the houseguests. I am sure all BB viewers would like to see that some of these people suffered condemnation for being so disgusting. We need to know that these people are not indicative of society in general but are just a few bad apples whose actions are deemed unacceptable by most.

  4. I wish Rachel Reilly would make a surprise visit to the BB 15 House, and kick Andy, Spencer, Judd, & McCrae in their family jewels for talking crap about her Sister! Then I wish Rachel would pull out GM’s fake attached hair, then tell all of them that America “hates” them all, and doesn’t want any of them to win the half a Million Dollars!…LOL

  5. @stevebeans, What is it about your blog that attracts the most hateful, illiterate posters of any BB blog? There is such intelligent commentary on and amongst others. It is jarring when I return here to read these horrible posts. The mob like mentality and cliquish behavior here is cruel and debilitating. I know that it is of no consequence to you or the posters here if I read your blog or not, but the vitriol here is quite disturbing. You complain about the behavior of the HG’s yet allow the foulest people to vent their hate. Shame on you.

    • If you are so “disturbed” by our comments, then maybe it would be better if you stayed on the “intelligent” or sites. You have constantly posted snide remarks and put down nearly every person that has a comment on this site, so we feel it would be a great honor if you stayed on the more “intelligent” blogs since you seem to feel more at home there. I think most of us would say thank you to Steve for letting us vent our frustrations with this show simply because we do not like the language or actions of the people left. I do however have a question for you SUZYQ. On Aug. 26th at 6:11pm you posted, “WE were three boys growing up in a house with a Mom and Dad…” blah, blah, blah. So, why the name SUZYQ?? Also, you posted you had a practice for many years in NY and retired to Fla. Coincidence?? Maybe you are actually part of Amanda’s family or they were former patients of yours. Makes you wonder if there is some connection since they were from NY and also now live in Fla. Also, you seem to get some kind of thrill putting down the punctuality and spelling on the posts here, and you know have made a few yourself. For example, yesterday you spelled Spencer SPENSER, and you also mentioned your good friend Olivia d/Haviland and the name should be Olivia de Havilland. Maybe you aren’t as perfect as you think you are. Now go for it Suzyq because I know you are going to have a great answer for me.

  6. I enjoy reading Steve’s updates as well as the variety of comments by other posters. After the double eviction on Thursday many people on Twitter said they would stop watching the live feeds and the CBS broadcasts. The tweets also gave me the impression that message boards like this (awesome) one would be their only source of info about BB15. I’d that the case with any of the people posting here?

  7. If GM goes this week, now it’s an official sausage fest. Just when you think it couldn’t get any more boring….

  8. I know the fast foward is this week,but who thinks a final four make over twist would be a good idea right now.

    Also I know the reset button was mentioned a few wks ago, maybe they could use it.

    With only five shows left, I hope they at least fill them up as much as possible.

  9. I just want to see their reactions when all their antics come home to roost.. watch them scramble to explain why they did what they did..

  10. I think they need to revise the house rules for next season. One idea is making it mandatory for the HG to be awake and ACTIVE during BBAD hours. I’m not saying working out (some could use it), but rather awake, SITTING UP, and talking. Sleeping and playing solitaire doesn’t cut it.

  11. What if Judd is correct about the game being rigged? Many have been saying that all season, since Amanda is friends with one of the Producers. Soooo, since Amanda is out what if she and Mcnasty did have an agreement to split the money and that is why production is finding ways to let him win the Povs and such? That way Groedner’s buddy Amanda still gets a huge chunk of change. I just don’t trust anything this season starting with the horrible choice of HG’s, and everything that has gone on since.

    • Kathy i think they should not let people play who have any kind of relationship with people that work on the show. If you are a family member are friends then you cant play.

  12. Go home GM, back to the dump called staten island!!

  13. Personally, I wish each house guest would be forced to sit and watch clips of their behavior and vile comments before the party – Not with other house guests so they can feed off each other’s reaction, but with members of their family. Explain how THAT was “game play” to your parents, boyfriends, siblings, etc.!

    My guess is there will be no Las Vegas blow out because… I certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for the security of these people. There are a lot of people outside the house that are just as warped as the house guests, and in my opinion, there is going to be some major fall out for some the group.

    Normally only BB fans are involved, but this season some of these people made public headlines and not good ones. And can you imagine them meeting the other contestants’ families after them seeing this behavior and hearing what was said about their loved ones? I seriously doubt they will take it in stride as “game play”.

  14. It’s funny how GM is manlier than any of the remaining guys. I can’t stand the things that come out of her mouth, but that girl is a trooper. If I cut my knee deep like her, I would’ve cried like a little baby lol

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