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Big Brother 15 – Is The Moving Company Moving Back In?

bb15-mccrae-spencer-talkWith the veto meeting being held today, it’s a near certainty that Judd will be the replacement for McCrae on the block.  With that said, McCrae spent a lot of time talking with Spencer yesterday (like I said he should), and they came to an agreement about the final 2.  Of course, this is Spencer we’re talking about, so who really knows how true it is, but it’s probably McCrae’s only chance.

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Judd is likely going to be evicted this week simply because he’s a bigger competition threat with GinaMarie all banged up.  This means McCrae has 3 options to try and get to the finals…

Andy – I think most of the jury will say McCrae just rode the back of Amanda and Andy played a much better social game.  Advantage: Andy
GinaMarie – Candice was very ‘girl power’ early in the season, and with 6 jury members being female, GinaMarie may have the edge here.
Spencer – The king of the pawns and one of the bigger floaters of the season.  It’s hard to really tell how he would have voted this year because he was on the block for like 75% of it.  With that said, it’s hard to be on the block that much and make the final 2.  That’s the only thing Spencer has going for him.

The thing about Andy and GinaMarie is that Spencer is also aware of their odds of winning if they make the final 2.  I think Spencer’s only possible chance at winning it all is taking McCrae, but that comes with a risk.  If he puts his eggs in the McCrae basket, he could screw his chances of getting to the final 2 at all.

I have almost no doubt that Andy or GinaMarie would take Spencer to the f2 simply because he’s the easiest person to beat (with McCrae being a close 2nd).  Heck, the more I think about it, all Spencer has to do is play the Andy game of sitting on the fence, and he’s almost guaranteed to be sitting in the final 2 no matter who wins the final HoH and PoV.   Big Brother should already write the $50,000 check to Spencer, and just hold off to see if he’s going to earn the extra 0 at the end (hint: he won’t).

Assuming Judd goes home and it was a 4 person finale, who would you vote to win Big Brother?  This is your chance to be on the jury and say who really deserves the money.   (I know some are going to say none of the above, but jury members have to vote for someone)

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  1. Comments (110)

    If I had a chance to vote it wouldn’t be Spencer he is a perv. , GM is a
    racist and Andy is a rat dog so I would vote for McCrea he will be the one
    to win it.

    • Comments (378)

      …..N Sharon’s an over reacting nutcase!!!

      😉 GO SPENCE!! lol

      • Comments (110)

        I am not a nutcase you are for liking Spencer keep your mouth to
        yourself a**hole.

      • Comments (53)

        no need for name calling you two

      • Comments (110)

        How would you feel if he call you a nutcase I don’t think
        you would be quite about it you would have to say something
        I am not going to sit here and let that fool call me a
        nutcase his the nutcase not me.

      • Comments (378)

        …and yet you’re behave like one lol I feel sorry for your family 😀

      • Comments (316)

        Me can you please stop? You are entitled to your opinion and some of the things you say I really do find funny. However, the personal insults are not wanted. I would love to hear some of your interesting thoughts on the game.

      • Comments (110)

        no I feel sorry for you that you are a person
        that likes people like Spencer and GM. That all
        I have to say on the subject just keep on saying
        what you want to say bet I will not answer you.

      • Comments (12)

        Shu+ the fu*k up ME!!!

      • Comments (53)

        he who is with out sin shall sling the first lame insult

      • Comments (386)

        Sharon. I believe your best course of action is to report the comment and not respond.

      • Comments (1076)

        You are all fucking crazy. Fighting over bullshit. Shane on you all.

      • Comments (378)

        …she started it! 😛 lol

      • Comments (224)

        Why do you care so much about what some random person on the internet calls you? Do you really care what people on a reality tv show forum think?

    • Comments (3)

      I do not want the racist to win. None of them really deserves it bit her most of all shouldn’t win

      • Comments (1076)

        Racists win all the time. Shut off the TV and get involved in politics if this bothers you. Otherwise, while sitting in your living room yelling at the TV, you are just an enabler.

    • Comments (2)

      I guess I’ve been missing alot of footage or CBS wants a different portrayal, but why is Andy a ratdog? I see so many claims, but no one is giving me explainations.

      • Comments (3)

        From day one Andy’s game play has been to run to Amanda & Helen to report on house activities. As a result this season of big brother didn’t really make any bold moves. Andy’s constant snitching put an end to it everytime before it could reach anywhere. This big brother season has had no surprises & their biggest move of voting out Judd was unimpressive. That is part of the reason Andy is a rat bastard. I’m hoping McPussy grows a pair & blindsides him

      • Comments (3)

        I really enjoyed reading this viewpoint. I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but I think you’re correct — while Andy’s game play has served him well (he is in the final 4 now), it did kind of wreck the season since he opened everyone’s Christmas presents and told them what they were getting. Hmmm… Maybe not “Rat Bastard” but BBHome-Wrecker?

      • Comments (2)

        I think people who don’t watch the feeds have a complete different perspective than people who do thus above question regarding ratboy. I sometimes wish I did not watch the feeds especially this year. I would rather be in the dark

      • Comments (10)

        He doesn’t just lie to CYA (cover your a$$ets), he blatantly lies on others and throws people under the bus. Like, it’s one thing not to say that you voted Amanda out, but to really start to call Elissa a liar and having the whole house taunt her for lying…that’s just EXTRA dirty. And that’s the kind of thing he’s done all season.

        Ok, you’re a floater, but don’t be so dirty. No one likes a dirtbag.

      • Comments (53)

        lol best part of the show watching fakellisa try to defend herself to the other house guest

      • Comments (53)

        no sense a humor sorry im supposed to feel sorry for the gold digging fame whore lol sorry that was uncalled for but its so fun to see you all defend someone who literally did nothing the whole game

      • Comments (53)

        oh at this point the down votes are fun

      • Comments (2)

        MACRANDA IS GONNA WIN IT….Someone who worked on BB15 spilled the beans that Amanda was picked from day 1 as the pre-determined winner well BB had no choice but to dog that so her man is gonna win it (*pre-determined after the world found out the plan they had for BB’s buddy Amanda BAHAHAHAHA..SO Amanda will end up with the money cause we all know that McCrea does whatever his lil lady wants 🙂

      • Comments (41)

        That’s so ridiculous!

      • Comments (16)

        Still on the conspiracy theroy train? Drop it already its getting old

      • Comments (32)

        Andy may have been a snitch – but Elissa was caught numerous times listening outside of doors and then running to report to Judd or Helen.
        Andy’s just a rat to them all because he hated Elissa and saw right thru her act.

      • Comments (1288)

        See, you can occasionally find someone willing to tell the truth in this sea of sore losers.

      • Comments (378)

        TimmMmmmmyyyy!!!! 😀 lol

      • Comments (1076)

        “rat boy” is going to win because he played the best game. If your head explodes that is your decision to be so involved in this nonsense. The people in the house are playing a cut throat game to win a half a mil. The people at home have been playing “Candyland”.

      • Comments (1)

        Andy should win, he went quietely around the house stabbing people in the back and no one noticed. LOL

    • Comments (10)

      Why is he a perv?? Honest question…

      • Comments (74)

        Something you should Google…

      • Comments (378)

        …bcuz the antiHATE, HATE squad, fears testicles 🙂 lol

      • Comments (378)

        ….which if funny cuz they’re all mostly rabid Elissatardz and im pretty sure she has a pair tucked down there 😛 lol

      • Comments (53)

        no she removed those to get extra flesh for the lips lol sorry but why are we still talking about her correct me if im wrong but she lost right defending amanda if i remember right?

      • Comments (74)

        The biggest testicles in that house…… belong to GinaMarie.

      • Comments (53)

        you just might be right now amandas gone

      • Comments (53)

        again sorry but it was fun lol

      • Comments (1076)

        I am sorry I was so busy today. Finally normal people who can have fun and put all this bullshit in perspective. The most amazing part of all the pitchfork wielding townsfolk who have been posting here is their love for a passive aggressive princess who thinks her shit doesn’t stink. In real life no one would want to have anything to do with this snob, but here it was a love affair. It blows my mind. Most of the people in love with Elissa would be considered trash in her eyes.

      • Comments (90)

        *snicker* 🙂

      • Comments (22)

        Spencer is a perv because he talks about child porn and how he likes it, watches it, and made comments about he likes the ones where kids are in the basement on the child porn. He and Andy also talked about masturbating and spreding it all over Elissa’s picture. Disgusting people.

      • Comments (2)

        Kathy have you even investigated your claim? The fact is while it was offensive and tasteless it was him speaking into McCrae;s microphone. Maybe you should read this post from Ian Terry before you continue to blather on and make yourself look like an idiot. Click here for Ian Terry’s post on Spencer

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao …too late!


      • Comments (90)


      • Comments (228)

        He could of said anything but he chose to be descriptive about child porn, that tells me about what he really thinks about.

      • Comments (2)

        Discriptive? He spoke in generalities and used the most common references to child porn. I’m not supporting what he said, I just see it for what it was a stupid joke that he never should have done. He may not be the nicest guy on the planet but I really don’t think this guy should be a labeled a pedophile. As far as I’m concerned this is the modern day equivelant og the Salem Witch Hunts. You’d be fine with them ruining this mans life for one ill advised comment? Have you never said anything stupid that you’ve regretted? Geez …

      • Comments (293)

        Should programs such as Law and Order–SVU, Criminal Minds, CSI, etc., stop having pedophilia as topics? Spencer was wrong–most of us get that–but what he says is no more an indication that he likes or watches kid porn than it is an indication that the writers for these shows like or watch it.

      • Comments (1076)

        Too late. This woman has been a blathering idiot for weeks. A perfect example of one of the pitchfork wielding villagers.

      • Comments (36)

        He’s got a really sarcastic sense of humor and people seem to take him at this literal word, when he’s actually meaning the exact opposite.

      • Comments (293)

        Spencer took McCrae’s microphone and said this is what McCrae would say. Speaking as if he were McCrae, Spencer then made the statements about kid porn. He was trying to make McCrae look bad.

        It was unwise to choose kid porn as a way to discredit McCrae; however, there is no evidence Spencer (or McCrae) likes or watches kid porn.

        False rumors spread like wildfire because people don’t go to the source to get the facts or if they do, they don’t understand what they see and hear. Consequently, they pass on wrong information that gets more wrong each time it’s retold.

      • Comments (53)

        see i couldnt find any footage so i was woundering

      • Comments (293)

        Because Spencer put his foot in his mouth (said something he should not have said) and because of the subsequent spreading of misinformation, the following occurred:

        His employer, Union Pacific, saidd it has, “taken all the action it can under the Collective Bargaining Agreement until Mr. Clawson is released from the show. . . . Union Pacific has notified law enforcement of Mr. Clawson’s August 5 comments.”

        The Conway Police Department told Entertainment Weekly, “Our department moved quickly to look into the matter. At this time we haven’t found that any criminal act was committed.”

      • Comments (1076)

        You’re the best Shirley. An island of common sense surrounded by a sea of insanity.

      • Comments (10)

        ah-ha. Thanks.

      • Comments (2)

        OMG when did this happen? Was it live? That’s awful I liked Spencer has a person I don’t want him to win and Now I definitely want him out!! If he said this and people heard him he should have been put off the show!!

      • Comments (378)

        Lmfao at the mob of gossip spreading bloated cowz desperately trying to destroy an innocent citizens life via lies and misrepresentations 😀

        Chew on that ya filthy animals 😀 lol

      • Comments (36)

        It didn’t happen. It was a joke. A bad one. A really bad one, but a JOKE none the less.

      • Comments (10)

        Oh boy! Never heard any of that. Yikes. I don’t pay for the live feeds…can’t see the “worth” in it. I only watch the televised show.

    • Comments (412)

      I agree that Spencer made a perverted joke that crossed the line, but the cops searched his house and there was no sign of child pornography, so I guess it’s a matter of can you get past that. Same with GM, she made a few racist comments in the beginning, because others were. She just wanted to fit in. I don’t agree with it but I think she’s a good person. Andy, is two faced but it’s big brother. What do you expect? I love judd, but he’s losing track of the game at the moment, and probably going to jury this week for the second time. And McCrea, he needs the money, because he’s poor, but if he wins, Amanda wins, and I don’t like that.

      • Comments (3)

        GM made more than a few vile racist comments. During a conversation with Aaryn, she said that because Candace is black she bets that her vulva is purple to which Aaryn responded that can’t be because Candace is light skinned. He referred to Elissa son as a Puerto Rica dog or monkey, referred to welfare as n*gg*r insurance. She said Elissa doesn’t deserve to win because she would just give the $ to the negro college fund. Those comments haven’t even scratched the surface. She’s also had plenty to say about the black fish versus the white fish in the hoh room.

      • Comments (2)

        Just two nights ago on BBAD, GM was talking about “halfies”. She’s a racist, period.

      • Comments (1076)

        But she is so fucking dumb that the racism negates itself because it is coming out of the mouth of an idiot. The other night she asked, “If a goat fucks a person can she get pregnant?” How can you possibly be offended by a moron like that?

      • Comments (378)

        😉 lets string her up and skin her alive!!! …..that otta quench the bloodthirsty Lynch mob 😛

    • Comments (32)

      I cannot vote for anyone of them to win the money.

    • Comments (1)

      I would vote for McCrae also Sharon. Spencer has floated throughout the game. He got lucky when he won HOH. Gina Marie is a big mouth and is two-faced. Andy floated, he’s been flip-flopping throughout he game and worst of all he is a snitch and a big liar. Although McCrae was floating on Amanda’s tail, now that she is gone he is now playing the game and is playing it well on his own.

    • Comments (17)

      I initially agreed, but McCrae has joined in & talking like a pig with the rest of them! I don’t want any of them to win!
      They really are disgusting, I can’t imagine what their families are thinking?!

    • Comments (6)

      totally agree, McCrae is due the win, only if Judd goes home, why is Judds name not in the poll, do you know something that I don’t know????

    • Comments (293)

      The votes should be based on who played the game the best, not their personalities and behaviors. Sharon, when you win any game–cards, Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.–do you want your opponents to say you don’t deserve to win because they don’t like your personality or behavior? Games are won based on the rules of the game.

  2. Comments (2)

    Ugh! I cannot even bring myself to answer the poll question. I don’t think any of them are deserving. I really hate Amanda the whole seasons but right when I get comfortable with the fact that she would at least be entertaining sitting in the final 2 she gets booted. This is a case study in how to make a bad reality show. Just when you think something is going to get good your dreams are dashed by some no talent life vest wearing twits who never played the game the whole season.

  3. Comments (27)

    To the lesser of the four evil’s…I was watching BBAD and is really sad how they trash Elissa!! none of them deserved it, and they all need to apologized to Elissa for the way they talk about her and her kids. I truly hope that at the last show they tell everyone how everyone in America feels about this season and how they are the most hated house guest ever in BB history, I also heard they won’t be going to Vegas as previous seasons due to funding, I guess nobody wants to sponsor these people, I also think they did not do pandora’s box because they did not want to reward this undeserving people!!; and who are they to say who deserves to be in BB or not, when to me none of them deserved to be in it with the exception of Elissa and Candice in m opinion…just saying

    • Comments (74)

      I was thinking the same thing!! And applaud CBS and BB if that is indeed their reasoning behind the lack of luxury comps this year!!

    • Comments (10)

      I don’t subscribe to the feeds, but talking about her kids? That’s just LOW.

      • Comments (226)

        It was/is. It seems that Elissa purposely did not say much about her son and step kids (rightly so, they are minors!) and they’ve been bashing her, what they think they know about her family and the fact that she didn’t reveal much about them. I mean really-how low can you go?

        I have to credit Elissa for being aware enough to know they weren’t trustworthy of any personal information.

      • Comments (1076)

        Elissa is not any ones friend. You all love a person who wouldn’t give you the time of day in real life. Her relationship with her mother and sister stinks. She has said that Rachel is not a good aunt and her mother is distant and hand’s off. I don’t get all this love for her. Her own family can do without her.

      • Comments (453)

        cite your source

      • Comments (10)

        I can’t see an “I love Elissa” statement here…

        Just as a parent, there is absolutely no reason for you to take your anger/venom/hatred of ME out on my children. That’s a quick way to unleash the beast that’s contained in most parents…

    • Comments (53)

      lol ellisa wasn’t deserving of anything but a better slef esteem cause anybody that would purposely do that to their own face has issues candice at least was real crazy and stuck up but real.

      • Comments (74)

        Elissa is beautiful… no matter. Only thing is, I think she overdoes it a bit with the eyelashes.

      • Comments (53)

        lol bet she wouldn’t say that about you she really was plastic body and soul sorry but if you arent fake like she is she would just look down on you hell she made her brides maid fix her teeth just to be in her wedding no but shes a beautiful soul lol

      • Comments (53)

        also candice thought on her own and stirred the pot and didn’t hide behind helen all season then waste her hoh on the wrong target lol ellisa did so bad but now that i think about it candice was fun

      • Comments (1076)

        Candice is absolutely beautiful. Hands down the most beautiful woman in the house. (Katelin was a close second). The ugliness started when they opened their mouths. An uneducated, unsophisticated woman is hard to admire.

    • Comments (453)

      They trash talk Elissa because they are jealous of what she has accomplished with her life and they basically have not done much of anything and some still live at home or have mommy pay for their cell phones and other expenses. She is one wise mother not to mention her children, there are too many sicko’s in the world and she is protecting them every way possible. Perfect example is Spencer and his remarks about child porn, and the local police investigating him in his hometown!

      • Comments (53)

        lol its grandmas actually

      • Comments (1076)

        What has she accomplished? She got knocked up and had a baby out of wedlock. Then she found some rich sugar daddy who enables her woman/child passive aggressive personality. What kind of accomplishment is that? She’s not Eleanor Roosevelt. Plenty of attractive women have fucked their way out of poverty. She’s a dime a dozen.

      • Comments (453)

        sounds like you are speaking from experience

  4. Comments (74)

    Does Andy really refer to himself in third person? If he does, he should go up on the block for that alone.

  5. Comments (8)

    They should have brought in a couple of guests this season like Dr. Will, Dan & Janelle to remind the houseguests that they are playing Big Brother & to stop embarrassing themselves & ruining the game that so many love! Maybe that would have kicked a couple of them into gear!

    • Comments (378)

      GREAT IDEA!!! … (like this horse aint been beat to death) 😉 …I could go for a few more rounds of Janelle being skooled by much better playerz 😀 yet another fraud hailed by those who dont understand the game 🙂 lol

  6. Comments (9)

    I couldn’t bring myself to vote in this poll. It’s like trying to get rid of dogs when there is nothing left but sickly, awkward, and retarded mutts.

  7. Comments (10)

    Go Andy!!!!

  8. Comments (110)

    I can’t wait to the end of the show to find out what Julie will ask them
    all the things that was said in the house and I hope she tells GM, Aaryn,
    Amanda and maybe Spencer and Andy they have lost their jobs I would love to
    see their faces or maybe the people that didn’t make it to the jury tells
    them face to face I hope Howard lets them have it.

  9. Comments (407)

    I was just reading on jokers that Andy said he won’t have a job until January and hopes he can get his waiter’s job back at DICK’S until then. What an appropriate place for Andy, however, I would never go there to eat simply because he would be there. Then McCrae said he makes $136 every 2 weeks. Pathetic for a man(?) his age. Flipping burgers would probably pay more, however I wouldn’t want to eat anything he prepared after seeing him on BB. NASTY!!

    • Comments (53)

      wow hows the view up on mount uppity

      • Comments (274)

        Yup, here’s yet another one of your personas. Wow maybe you sbould at least TRY to separate your imaginary inventions with the writing styles. Lol don’t you realize people are smart?

      • Comments (124)

        It’s like interacting with Sybil…too many personalities and all of them trying to talk at the same time. It must be exhausting.

      • Comments (1076)

        Fuck you too you moron.

      • Comments (407)

        It’s great dj. How’s the air in the gutter? If I was you I would stop posting until I learned proper punctuation, spelling and grammar. You’re really showing your lack of education.

      • Comments (53)

        gutters are where the fun is man.

      • Comments (53)

        why so rude man grab some boonesfarm and government cheese and join the garbage can fire with the rest of us

      • Comments (53)

        I do not understand why anyone would be upset about opinions that anyone “they met on the internet’. But hey sorry I have insulted your plastic god. (sorry the more you rage the more fun it is)

      • Comments (90)

        dj, you and the person posting as “ME” should get y h have the same mindset and sense of humor. I don’t know what sex either of you are, but I’d bet you’d get along quite well.

        On second thought…..maybe that’s not a good idea. Hmmmm?

      • Comments (90)

        Correction: ….should get together. You both seem to have the same mindset….

    • Comments (1162)

      Andy may not get his job back at Dick’s Last Resort.
      His BB15 notoriety would be bad for business.
      In fact, Andy may not get his position back at DuPage County College.

      Andy’s BB behavior available on YouTube will likely
      haunt him for a long, long time. KARMA!

    • Comments (36)

      Scrollin’ past the crap……………………

  10. Comments (34)

    Dont you know people like Jeremy, David and Kaitlyn are pretty happy they got voted out when they did……wayyyy before they manager to make too many racist comments and burn too many bridges in their real lives…

    Meanwhile, people like Nick and Howard, who were in there to play a game and never really took it to a personal level with anyone, probably have a few punches to throw at the ones who made it this far, for being truly disgusting human beings who don’t derserve to win anything!

  11. Comments (1)

    I too must have missed a lot, I’ve never heard G.M. and the racist remarks. I would vote for her because she was the only one that had the balls to go against Amanda. I’ve never been happier about a eviction then when she got hers. She was the most manipulative , annoying, conceited, and just plain wacko. Those fake tears she turned on just made me want to slap her.
    However, like I said maybe I’d feel different if I had heard the racist remarks. She also is up front and keeps her word from what I’ve seen.

    • Comments (453)

      She has made many racist remarks, against Candice, Howard, and called Elissa’s son a Puerto Rican dirt bag. google her on bb you will find her racist remarks. Yes, she was hoh when Amanda was evicted, and she herself said, she wished Elissa had put up McCranda together the week before, so it isn’t like she actually got smart there for a second.

    • Comments (41)

      GM has made as many racist remarks as Aaryn — probably MORE at this point, since she’s been in the house longer. As for calling Amanda “manipulative, annoying, conceited, and just plain wacko,” let’s take these one at a time:

      Manipulative – one of the best ways to get further in the game is by manipulating other house guests. A round of applause goes to Amanda for being the best game player this season.

      Annoying – that’s a personal thing. While certain people or things may annoy one person, they may not annoy another. Amanda may annoy YOU, she doesn’t annoy ME. So don’t make a blanket statement about her being annoying unless you preface it with “To me, …”

      Conceited – the dictionary defines “conceit” as “an excessively favorable opinion of one’s own ability, importance, wit, etc.” Personally, I didn’t see “conceit” as being one of Amanda’s personality characteristics. She lived up to what she said about her ability and importance in the house. I felt she was right on the money, actually, and I saw no evidence of “excessiveness” when it came to things she said about herself.

      As far as calling her “just plain wacko,” well, I don’t believe there’s a clear definition of “wacko” in medical textbooks or journals, so this is a “moo point” (Joey on Friends used this term and defined it as, “Like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter.”) By the way, when Amanda was wanting to help Andy out, she came up with a plan. She told Andy that she would torment Elissa and then Andy could go to Elissa and get in her good favor by saying, “I’m so sorry Amanda is doing this to you!” A lot of people here seem to have missed that part. Tormenting Elissa was a PLAN. You may not have agreed with it, but Amanda DID say it was the only thing she could come up with to get Elissa to have a change of heart about Andy. In other words, she (Amanda) put herself in a bad spot in order to help someone else. And let’s also not forget that Amanda apologized — and quickly — after she said ugly things to others. She owns her mistakes and her flaws. She knows she is loud and that she says what pops into her head, often without “filtering.”

      She is also a “joker.” She says things she means to be funny, believing they are. Some people “get” that kind of “funny,” and so are accepting of it, while others DON’T. Some people are more “sensitive” to that certain kind of humor. And those people, while not finding something funny, should try to be more accepting of a sense of humor different than their own.

      Finally, I don’t believe Amanda’s tears were fake at all. I honestly think she is one of those people who has a tough “exterior,” but whose feelings are extremely fragile. In other words, she can dish it out, but she hurts when it comes back in her direction. Yes, that’s a flaw. She needs to learn to “filter” her comments and understand that others have feelings, too.

      I bet that in “real life,” Amanda has a large group of friends and that she is the life of the party. She’s funny and smart, and would probably give her last dime and the shirt of her back to anyone of her friends who would need them. Yes, she can be “bossy,” but she’s often like a little girl, wanting her man’s support, attention (physical and otherwise), and tender touches. She’s not going to do well in a relationship where the man can’t handle a “strong” woman. McCrae and Amanda aren’t the first “couple” in which the woman is the one in control. Think of Cleopatra, Nancy Reagan, and Oprah! haha! That doesn’t mean the men in the lives of these women are pussies, wusses, or whatever other derogatory name you want to give them. In fact, I think they often have MORE than the “normal” amount of confidence in the their manhood. And those men are SMART, too, for they know they need to allow their “better half” to be themselves, to be strong, to be in control in many areas of the relationship. Like Amanda, many women want to be in control in most day-to-day things. But when the lights go down and they’re in the bedroom, those women become meek and delicate and they want to give up control to their men! One other thing to note: Often, larger, tall women (like Amanda) sometimes wish they were petite (like Aaryn), but that will never be, of course. They make up for that be being the “little girl” when in the bedroom, where they can physically curl up “small” next to their man.

      So give Amanda some slack and try to see her in a new light. I’m not saying you should vote for her to be America’s Favorite BB Player” or anything! I just think you – and so many others who frequent this site – should recognize Amanda’s GOOD qualities and applaud her for playing a damn good game! And let’s be honest —- didn’t you ever laugh at some of Amanda’s antics and/or jokes? 🙂

      • Comments (8)

        you need to see some replays from the beginning cause amanda said some racist things just like aaryn! So, amanda is most definitely a racist right up there with aaryn. She really needs to know when to keep her mouth shut!!! I played back some of the shows from the beginning and she was just as disgusting as she was when she was evicted! She really has a bad mouth on her and who can respect that??? She was more than annoying – she was downright disgusting!!

      • Comments (41)

        I’m well aware of Amanda’s racist remarks. That has nothing to do with wrote I wrote or how I feel. While I don’t approve of racist or otherwise derogatory remarks (such as those made by Andy, Spencer, and Judd — let’s not leave anyone out), no matter WHO says them, I don’t find that to be all there is to Amanda. She has many layers, just like we all do. My point was for you Amanda-haters to notice other things about her, and to see how you may have misunderstood/misinterpreted her actions (the taunting of Elissa, for example). Give credit where credit is due.

      • Comments (453)

        She stated that she tormented her because she laughed at her when she was crying. Then threw Andy in to take the heat off of her.

      • Comments (1288)

        Very very well said.

      • Comments (2)

        America, meet Amanda’s mother, Lynelle.

      • Comments (1)

        Why don’t you just write a book!?

      • Comments (17)

        Anyone that defends someone to that length MUST be their mother or father?? Definitely a relative??! Hey nothing wrong in defending your loved one…

    • Comments (3)

      I recomend going to You Tube and doing a search for Big Brother 15 racist remarks. There are a number of composit pieces that show a good many clips together of the disgraceful remarks by all. It makes quite an impact.

  12. Comments (3)

    Can’t bring myself to vote !! Look forward to BB every season, but this season has ruined it for me & family. Very disappointed that CBS has allowed this to get so out of hand, with all of the disgusting behavior of these ‘people’. Even this site has a ‘comment policy’, but anything goes on BB.

    • Comments (1162)

      X 2

      Today is the Veto Ceremony.

      Tuesday the Feeds go down, the Eviction will be take place and be taped.
      “Oh, no!”
      LOL – Who Cares!

      Wednesday – The Eviction taped on Tuesday will be shown and we finally
      learn – The Final 4 Creeps moving forward.

      Thursday – Live Veto and Eviction and the first part of the Final HOH Creep Comp..

  13. Comments (378)

    Lmao at the king of all Elissatardz, Steve, for his breakdown of the house situation 😀

  14. Comments (226)

    Spencer should do the math and realize he needs to put Andy up because he has become more and more in control and if he wins HOH it’s all over.

  15. Comments (3)

    Spencer is the most vile ,disgusting excuse for a man. Everything out of his mouth is sexual and aimed at degrading and hating woman. Andy cannot get over the fact that Elissa was ion to him. Wish there could have been a week when everyone was against Andy and watch him flip out all week. He cannot say anything intelligent – every other word is c—! Who–! Etc.How can he cont to teach. Who would pay tuition to listen to that gossip hag? I hope Julie calls GM out and enlightens her that she is also Chinese. Maybe ask GM if she thinks she is Helen. I guess I missed it but what has Judd done that is so bad?

  16. Comments (5)

    At this point I really don’t care. I’m finished watching. I have watched BB since the first year and I have to admit that this season has really turned me off from ever watching it again. Too many reasons to list but I think a lot of you feel the same and know where I’m coming from. Note: People leaving nasty comments rank right up there with some of the RUDE house guests so grow up or stop commenting. You are looking like idiots!

    • Comments (53)

      lol she is kinda right but hey life is good in the gutter……………………………. DOWN ON SKID ROWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Little Shop of Horrors reference)

  17. Comments (8)

    This post is in reference to the poll posted above. I was kind of shocked to see Andy so far down. The premise of the game is to somehow get to the end and win. Andy has clearly played the best game. You may not like his methods, but in this season, they have been effective. Personally, I dislike much of what Andy has done. It is his behavior that goes outside the game I dislike. His lying to people, and reporting to people within his alliance, I am fine with. It would be extremely difficult to tell everyone the truth and get very far in this game. Here’s the thing though, I don’t have to be friends with Andy. In fact, I most likely, will never meet him. That’s ok. This is a game, not real life. I would never associate myself with someone who did the things he did, in real life. That is my prerogative. The persona adopted in the bb house may or may not reflect Andy’s true character. In the end, it matters not a whit. A winner should be measured by game play and the moves made in the house to advance them farther in the game, not by “character” or lack thereof. Many of us, would be found lacking by our “peers” if cameras were on us 24 hours a day. I have yet to have a “rooting” interest in any HG to ever play BB (although dan has come the closest). I have not been friends or a relative of any of the contestants, so why would I? I admit, I am perplexed by those who do. But that is there prerogative. I prefer to look at each hg based solely on gameplay. In my opinion, Andy has played the best game of those remaining. (Mccrae has the only shot to overcome him imo) You don’t have to like or approve of methods for them to be good solid game moves.

    • Comments (53)

      i still say McCrae was using Amanda as a meat shield. He overplayed it but still think it was a good strategy. But i can see the Andy thing too.

      • Comments (8)

        A fair point. My only argument against Mccrae comes with the social aspect of the game. I think many of us forget that is a very important (perhaps the most important) aspect of the game. Amanda, while effective as a meat shield, became a liability in the social element for mccrae. It really will depend on how bitter the jury members are towards her and by proxy, him. In contrast, Andy has excelled in the social capacity of the game. An argument can be made that Andy needs to win an hoh or pov in these last few competitions as any smart hg’s should be looking to target and eliminate him.

      • Comments (293)

        Since non-logic is the reason for choosing a winner, illogically, McCrae should not win because McCrae=bad judgment when it comes to choosing women=bad judgment when it comes to spending $500,000.

    • Comments (74)

      I actually do think that the jury would vote for Andy as having the best game. Sadly, then they will go home and find out what he really thinks about them. I’m sure it gets annoying being cooped up with so many different personalities, but it hasn’t been such a huge issue in 14 seasons…. So, what’s the problem??

    • Comments (36)

      True. The Andy on the show is a sneaky, conniving little twister of words and THAT is what wins you the game. It’s all about manipulating the situation without getting caught out.

  18. Comments (8)

    I can’t believe the votes for mcrae! Don’t people see that once this is over, and mcrae wins – Amanda wins! She’s taking him just for the money – then she’s gone! How could you vote for mcrae knowing amamnda is getting the money too?? She’s STILL blindsiding people! That’s disgusting!!!!!!

  19. Comments (143)

    Ignoring the bigotry, hatred, and disgusting elements and looking solely at game. You’d have to say so far, Spencer has playeed the best
    -Was suppose to be gone right after howard/ when jury started according to helen
    -Amanda wanted him gone long time ago and determined who went home
    -No one trust him after the MC blew up but he is on top of the game now and started the other 2nd of 3 major alliance in the house. Yes there was 3 am but it didn’t last long,
    -Had no allies for a large chunk of the game but managed to survive
    -was hated by some of the strongest players like amanda and helen
    -Was nominated more times than any other player in history
    -Alot of people will say, well he was a floater, he had no strategy, a non-entity, he didn’t decide who went home, Amanda ran the house. That is not the point of the game. In fact floaters are often more successful because they don’t put a target on themself, where is amanda now? And some of our favourite players are floaters and some of the best are floaters like dr. will. His whole alliance was gone by week 5 no one trusted him and his only ally down the stretch was nicole who was not loyal to him but kim him around because she thought she would beat him but met a bitter jury who was mad they got played by her. And lets not forgot floating is a STRATEGY. Ian terry used it, Jun from season 5 used it etc. It is not like Spencer does nothing, he is quiet social with the other house guest. This isn’t ginamarie we are talking who just got lucky, its more than luck. Frankly Spencer’s strategy is eerily similar to Enzos from the season where hayden won.
    -Spencer may be a jerk, but there is a reason why he is there and howard, candice (who I originally thought was way better) Amanda, Jeremy and are gone.

  20. Comments (1)

    There is also the issue of POVs that McCrae has won. Like when he found the dog bones so easily. Makes one wonder if they were even there for the others to find.

  21. Comments (1)

    I would be for McCrae if it wasn’t for Amanda I don’t want her to have a dime of the winnings, she is a vile disgusting person. I hope that McCrae realizes that and gets rid of her! she will just boss him around and dominate him through their relationship, he deserves someone who will treat him as an equal, so…….I guess my choice would be Judd


  22. Comments (1)

    McRae should win. (1) Most wins. (2) Best alliances (moving company, Amanda-Helen,) and opportune back stabbing. (3) getting rid of Ellisa – his only remaining competition. At best she could have spared him by winning hoh, but he won the veto anyways. Next veto winner determines who goes home with hoh being safe. Then it is down to competition. McRae kept the weakest players.

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