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Big Brother 15 – MVP Nomination Revealed

I wonder if he regrets wiping his butt with Elissa’s hat

The Big Brother 15 Live Feeds went down for a little while, and when they returned, we found out that the mvp nomination was revealed, and veto players were picked. The MVP nomination was no surprise as Elissa has been very open about who she nominated this week.  That person is:

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Jeremy is the 3rd nominee

With that, you have Kaitlin freaking out about the possibility of him going home, and Team Ignorance worried their time in the house is quickly coming to an end.  Spoiler alert, they’re likely right.


This could be another excellent live show, especially if Jeremy does not manage to get himself off the block.  The numbers are not in his favor right now, but he is still part of the ‘Moving Company’ alliance, so it’s not a guarantee he’s going home – yet.

Jeremy has 3 lock votes in Jessie, Kaitlin and GinaMarie.  With just 3 more votes, that ensures another week of Jeremy and either Elissa or Helen going home.  Considering Elissa just won MVP for the second straight week, it could be possible to sway a few people into voting for her because of that threat.   At this point, I am kind of hoping Jeremy remains in the game because I was dying to see a Jeremy/Aaryn hookup at some point, only to fuel the fire even more (I am evil).

As far as the veto competition, here are the players:


Considering that Nick is playing Dan’s style game, he is almost irrelevant as I’m almost certain he’d throw it.  I have a feeling the PoV is going to come down to Aaryn and Jeremy versus Elissa, and I honestly have no clue who would win.  It could be an exciting competition, but we have to wait until Wednesday to see it on CBS, boo!

Keep up with the feeds, I’m sure there will be some up and down moments over the next few days.

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  1. Comments (1)

    I think the Jeremy/Aaryn hookup would be fantastic. Even though I don’t like either one of them.

  2. Comments (4)

    When is the POV comp this week? And what if Jeremy wins and takes himself off of the block? Does elissa name the renom or does aaryn?

    • Comments (1273)

      Elissa does, Airhead gets to if one of her noms is pulled down. I really hope Elissa or Helen win it, pull themselves down and Aaryn puts up Jessie, that way she’ll know she’s not part of their group, and even more so for Jerk to go home.

      • Comments (4)

        I don’t know…I think she would probably put up Candice or Andy before she would put up Jessie and I really want Jeremy out.!! But if he wins I hope she puts up ginamarie or kaitlin!!!

      • Comments (1273)

        I don’t know why GM didn’t occur to me, she needs to go too, but I don’t really see her winning anything, so I think she’ll be easy to get out.
        But, if nothing else, she should threaten that if he saves himself that she’ll put up Kaitlin. Then when he saves himself, since he’s made it clear to everyone but Kaitlin that she is a non factor when it come to him and winning, Elissa could always tell Kaitlin that she wanted her to see his true colors, and then stick GM up.

  3. Comments (1273)

    I’m pretty willing to bet that if Jerk gets off the block, and they put up Kaitlin in his place, she’ll go packing. At which time Jerk and Airhead (I mean really, “what’s 9 x 3?” idiot) will go ahead and hook up. My honest opinion is that they are much better suited for each other, such warm, loving, modest people… what a couple! lol

  4. Comments (1)

    So, if nick wins pov and takes down Jetemy, can Elissa put Nick up as a replacement?

  5. Comments (120)

    *** SPOILER *****

    Jerkney has WON POV….

    but its ok, cause he would’ve stayed anyway…he had the votes…but now, we can get rid of K or GM, which is good for us not to lose someone good this week… 🙂 …

    • Comments (1273)

      Grrrr, couldn’t they have made the POV something that he coldn’t win, like spelling, common since or hell, questions about morals??? We know in the past they’ve put comps at certain times to go against or for people, why not now?

      Question, If Elissa stays, and wins HOH, can she still get MVP? And then have control of all 3 noms?

  6. Comments (1)

    I don’t believe he is Cherokee either. The president of the local Cherokee Nation group/chapter has no record of him, says those tats are not recognizable historical Cherokee figures, and the sound he made on the initial episode when he was driving away from his home ” aye ya yay yay aye” is not Cherokee (sounded Mexican to me:)). Also, in last weeks episode when he was yelling at the ladies he said the he’s Cherokee and needs a new teepee….Cherokee never ever lived in teepees. They’ve always lived in houses. He’s a complete d-bag tool.

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