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Big Brother 15 – Nomination Results

Who will control Andy this week?  Amanda or Helen
Who will control Andy this week? Amanda or Helen

The reign of Andy has begun in the Big Brother 15 house, and so far it’s off to a pretty unimpressive start.  Don’t feel bad, Andy. I can’t think of a single HoH this season who has made any real bold moves on their own.  Last night’s blindside of Judd was the biggest of the season, and Aaryn had to kill it by saying she was going to be evicted had she not done it.  I try to leave personal issues aside because I’m in the business of blogging strategy and gameplay, not moral issues.  I touch on the subject once in awhile, but many other blogs share their 2 cents about comments made in the house, so I let them handle it.

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When it comes to actual gameplay, the Big Brother 15 cast has been nothing short of a disappointment.  The frustrating part is, the best moves of the season were made during a time when Aaryn and GinaMarie were making headlines over running their mouths.  The MVP twist created a few blindsides early on, and had one final kick in the balls on the way out when it got rid of Judd.  Ironically, the MVP twist was ‘over’ at that point, but Judd left the house because everyone thought he was the secret MVP and it cost him a spot in the game.

Back to Andy, when one of his first questions as HoH was whether or not he should open Pandora’s Box should he be given a chance.  That, combined with everyone else just ‘going with the majority’, I wonder when Big Brother became a game of ‘Just go with the flow, and make it to jury’.   It’s a small rant, but it’s just been a bit frustrating to watch a bunch of people hoping to make the final 7 so they are guaranteed an extra $5k or so dollars.

Anyway, like Amanda wanted, here are the nominees:

Jessie and Spencer – Again

Keep checking back for updates

6:40pm – Helen talking to Andy about the move. Helen isn’t thrilled, she wanted McCrae and Amanda up, but she’s playing it off like she’s ok

6:50pm – Amanda has been talking with McCrae about how he should make a final 3 deal with Andy and Helen.  Her thought process is that it will prevent Helen from putting Amanda against McCrae, but Amanda’s main goal is getting Helen out next week.

7:20pm – A new alliance is born.  We’ll just call it MAAA for now.  It consists of Amanda, Aaryn, Andy and McCrae.  I can also add the C to it for a MAAC, and change it to Big Mac!   Hmm, lame alliance name but I don’t care. Anyway, the plan is for Jessie to leave this week and Helen next week.

A twitter reply to the alliance name … Triple A McCrae… I kind of like it.

8:45pm – Jessie and Spencer are outside talking about the past few days, and the future.  They felt bad for Judd but are glad he’s gone.

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  1. Comments (45)

    Jesse is the target then spencer next week.

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      Well that sucks! I am thinking I missed the power plays she made this season. BB Production should halt the game right now and start over with a new crew. Hey BB Production? i think the super fans on this blog are available. Pick Me!

  2. Comments (676)

    The only way this house gets flipped is for Andy to Backdoor Amanda or McCrae. Since he already tattled to McManda about Helen suggesting he put them both on the block today (but don’t worry, he “squashed it”) I doubt that will happen.

    I’m so tired of hearing everyone say they don’t want to get blood on their hands.

    • Comments (143)

      He wants helen and amanda to go head to head, wipe out each other and waltz into the 500k. Its a stupid plan because he has done nothing of relevence.

    • Comments (1)

      This season sucks ,,,,, this is the worst season ever.. no chance that andy will make any move,,, very sad.

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        None of these contestants want “blood on their hands” who cool would it be to put Danielle and Evil dick in the game? slaughter! No competition. Feel bad for Candice though. Off camera is going to be super worse than the what we saw on the BB house. I would like for her to win America’s favorite. But Judd is my dude! I just dont know who to pick on this one

    • Comments (150)

      He would better off to backdoor Helen. That would leave Elissa hanging in the wind because she never bothered to be nice to GM and Aaryn. GM and Aaryn do not seem the forgiving types. And, Jessie and Spencer don’t have a relationship with Elissa either. This is where the aloofness of Elissa can bite her in the behind.

      • Comments (676)

        That doesn’t make any sense. Why would he backdoor Helen when Elissa likes Andy. Do you think Elissa will vote for Andy in the end after that move? Or are you saying Andy should backdoor Helen because YOU don’t like Elissa?

        And what? Backdoor Helen because Elissa never bothered to be nice to the racists?

        Jessie and Spencer will flock to Andy if he backdoors Helen?


      • Comments (150)

        You sound like Candice. In this game it is wise to mask your emotions. Aren’t you ever nice to people in your life who might be unpleasant but it is either not worth it or you need something from them. I have been nice to teachers that I wanted to slap silly but I didn’t want it taken out on my kids. I sweet talked the guard at the social security office a few months ago because my mom was having problems and he was being a real di%k. I’m nice at the DMV, my dentist’s office and at the supermarket because I want a pleasant experience. Sometimes we go to dinner with people that are torturing the waiter and I am especially nice to the server so he/she doesn’t drag my main course across the kitchen floor. GET IT NOW? Elissa is playing for 1/2 mil and she went out of her way to ignore GM and Aaryn for weeks. Aaryn has even mentioned it. I didn’t isolate Elissa she did it to herself. Her only friends are Helen and Andy. If Andy is in the final two with any of the other people in the house I am sure she will forgive him and give him the money.
        And, I don’t know if you are married, but I am charming with people that my husband does business with even if I find them repulsive. Do you have any idea how many self-important, supercilious, ego-inflated assh(*es there are in the publishing business.
        And, you are all complaining how predictable and boring and sheep like the people in the house have been. You want a big move. Backdooring Helen is a big move with the least collateral damage for Andy. The rest of the house will gleefully get rid of Elissa next week. She has no social game except with Helen and Andy. She was nice to Candice too, but that doesn’t help her game.

      • Comments (12)

        Wow… so you are nice to people you hate and rude here?
        Back dooring Helen is the least smart big move. Anyone who leaves McManda to the final 3 will get what they deserve. Same for leaving GM and Aryan.
        Not much.
        Backdooring McCreapy would be the big move. Amanda has no social game. Get rid of McCreapy and what are the odds Amanda does win anything? She would turn into GM 2.0 crying over her man and freaking on everyone.
        If GM and Aryan stay together they could end up in the final two. How would that be for a worst case finale?
        Oh and if I go out for dinner and people I’m with are being rude to the waiting staff I speak out. I have spoken out when I see someone being rude to the cashier at the grocery store and to kids doing stupid things like skateboarding down an overpass one a busy road late at night.
        As the saying goes… for evil to flourish it is enough that good men do nothing.

      • Comments (150)

        I don’t hate anyone. I choose my battles wisely. I am very outspoken in “real life”, and when I entertain in my homes I don’t allow any kind of remarks that I deem improper. When O am at other peoples homes I allow them the courtesy of being the host or hostess, and I will not embarrass them or their guests. I don’t think you understand etiquette. I really don’t care what Andy does this week. I was merely stating the route he should take that would hurt him the least in the game. You are assuming I am on one or the others side, which is absurd. Amanda has sex with a stranger on live TV for all the world to see. She is a pig. If she was my daughter I would right now be turning her bedroom into s study and when she came home her suitcases would be packed and sitting in the driveway. If you want to see I could easily slash your ego to bits with a few choice words. Save your passion for what matters in life and you will be a happier person. Gotta go, my baby wants to go swimming after lunch. I’ll be back late tonight if you want to continue this repartee.

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        You sound like a Twit!

      • Comments (150)

        If by twit you mean a strong, healthy attractive woman with a brilliant husband who is also handsome and four wonderful children then you are correct. Just because we don’t have to struggle every day to make ends meet doesn’t mean I can’t have empathy and compassion for others. I received a scholarship because I worked hard in school and I was good at it. I went to Vassar for four years, then got my MBA and Doctorate in Psychology at NYU. But my biggest accomplishment has been my wonderful marriage and four terrific children. If I am a twit I am a very happy one.

      • Comments (1436)

        noodleman – your observations about BB are spot on, but your personality online is rather rude and inconsiderate. Sorry, but you seem to judge everyone else, so I thought I would give you my honest opinion. Bragging about your family and accomplishments really is not impressive – it’s boorish. Just stick to observations on BB and don’t go after others opinions personally. That kind of swagger wouldn’t last long in the BB house 🙂

      • Comments (90)

        Thank you Jannie, you expressed exactly what I was thinking. We are on this site to read and discuss BB15, not to read the long winded diatribe bragging about cnoodleman’s life. Enough already.

      • Comments (150)

        @Jannie – thank you. I was just trying to personalize my correspondence. Sorry if i offended any one. I will stick to my own social circle from now on. The fact that I Live in Amanda’s and GM’s neck of the woods I tried to add extra insight. I like learning about others. It makes me feel a connection instead of talking into space. I hope you all enjoy yourselves and I will stay out of the conversation

      • Comments (1436)

        C’mon, playing the victim?? Doesn’t seem to be your style. You brought up being nice to teachers that you wanted to “slap silly” – that whole post just (to me) made you come off as rather arrogant. And bragging about your attractiveness and education just isn’t very attractive. I do appreciate your views on the game and agree most of the time, but you tend to scold others who dare to disagree. Yeah, sometimes I think others opinions are silly or strange, but I won’t degrade them or use my education to point out why I’m right…that’s just plain boorish.

      • Comments (90)

        @ Jeannie, I’m not a parrot, but again I agree with what you have conveyed. Arrogance and bragging is certainly not befitting nor endearing. We are all on this site to extol (or lack thereof)virtues of BB15. HUGZ TO ALL! *I’m smiling here :-))

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        I dont like to jump on the bandwagon of anyone else. So i wont, will not, cant do it! Everyone on here gets that you are a successful woman who has the opportunity to live in 2 different amazing cities every year. You are one of the lucky few chosen to have a privileged life, with the perfect husband and perfect kids. Good for you! I just wonder if all your rubbish is about trying to convince us or yourself? This is about BB15 and not about Cnoodleman. Leave those speeches for Facebook. You friends there would appreciate the constant praise of yourself…twit!
        Back to the game please!!!!!! I wished that Andy did something unexpected and put up the two biggest threats (Amanda or Helen). I would have liked to finally see some good game playing for once in the BB house!

      • Comments (1436)


      • Comments (90)

        @BB Superfan…. “HOLLA!!”

        @Jannie….. I see (and can almost hear) you giggling 😀

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      That ain’t gonna happen!

  3. Comments (4)

    Saw the latest TV ratings big brother dropped to 45…wow CBS will have to do a way better job selecting cast members next season…

    • Comments (48)

      I have watched every episode of BB beginning with season one. I don’t know if casting and production changed this season, but what a mess! All that is necessary for evil to triumph in the house is for production to do nothing about the HGs horrible behavior! And then you wonder why your ratings have dropped. Wakie, wakie, this will probably be your last season. Amanda, Aaryn, Gina Marie & Spencer aren’t the only ones who should be fired/under investigation. Production you need to go home! How sad! How very, very sad!!!

      • Comments (1436)

        I have two curious observations about the production of BB this year. Now I’m not a conspiricy theorist, and I can’t imagine that CBS would be stupid enough to risk a “quiz show” type lawsuit, but here goes…
        Given that there are rumors that Amanda is friends with Exec Producer Allison Grodner, I can’t help but wonder:
        A. On the first episode, Julie said that the MVP would be used until they were down to the final five. After Amanda is elected twice in a row(and probably would have been from now on) the MVP is suddenly done. They could have had it resume after the double eviction.
        B. Why didn’t Julie tell the houseguests the twist that the MVP for the last two week was America?? Maybe because it would make the HG’s think twice about Amanda?
        It just seems like such a strange season this year – no big moves, even though everyone knows who is running the house. And they are all so quick to break up the “teams”, but no one dares make the move to break up McCranda even though they had the chance two weeks in a row. Instead, they evict two players who didn’t really have much gameplay(Howie and Candi). Hmmmmmmmmmm…something’s not right.

      • Comments (166)

        That really SUCKS if Meanmanda is friends with executive producer Allison Grodner..wouldn’t that be against the rules! If this is true it should be easy for it to come out, people must have already found out about the friendship bcuz that would OBVIOUSLY give her an advantage?!! She should be yanked out if that’s true!! Please explain to me how with THOUSANDS of people trying to get on this show that a producers friend gets on..REALLY!!!!!!!

      • Comments (150)

        When I was a kid all the game shows would have a disclaimer that friends and family with any connection to the network (NBC, CBS, ABC) or any one affiliated to any person or persons involved in the production of the preceding show were disqualified form profiting or participating in any way shape or form with the program. My aunt was a secretary at NBC (30 Rock) and she got the family tickets to sit in the audience of Johnny Carson all the time, but they couldn’t participate when he went into the audience because if they won a dinner for two she could lose her job. My, how times have changed.

      • Comments (407)

        Just to prove that Amanda has previous association with CBS google….Big Shot Live Zuckerman. She worked on that show in 2008 and the video proves it.

      • Comments (150)

        So let’s see now, she was a bartender, a realtor and worked in show business all during the 18 months she lived in California. She must have been a crystal meth addict. I thought I had a full and busy life. Am I the only one who thinks Amanda is a compulsive liar?

      • Comments (143)

        “Big Shot Live Zuckerman”
        It basically proves it.
        Then you had Kaitlyn who said she didn’t even apply she was picked, so what does that tell you. The racist cast members were basically hand chosen, it wasn’t a mistake.

        It was thought to be just a rumor, but then the video surfaced, as well she use to work at cbs, and was like a personal assisstant to grodner and their families know each other.

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        I did and I’m shocked that there isn’t a clause in place to stop this type of things. CBS has some serious legal issues to deal with after this show!

      • Comments (22)

        I know someone who tried out and was called back several times. Then at the last minute was told that the producers had decided to go in a different direction…’so sorry to do this to you’. This person would have blown your minds had they gotten on. I mean you would have been in hog heaven, all you REAL fans of the game. They would not have disappointed you for one minute. So, yea, I figure this season is rigged. I am so happy that it went upside down on the producers.

      • Comments (140)

        They didn’t reveal America was MVP because part of the MVP twist is that it was anonymous. Not their fault just ended up getting cut because of it. MVP was meant to light a fire under players asses and cause some paranoia. It only really did the latter.

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        They didnt reveal MVP to save poor Amanda from a breakdown and to appease the Jury members who wan to come back into the house. Keep it quiet and it will go away!

      • Comments (228)

        production is running the house. They pick and choose what competitions would benefit whom they most likely want to win. Plus half of them are on Adderall and who knows what else. Too many rumors out there that make sense. There has been no physical competitions like they had in the past that were ass kickers. Most of them are question and answers. These house guests are relatively young and production has eliminated alot of the physical comps. These year BB should be renamed ‘whose house is it anyway’. It didn’t matter who won HOH because the vote was what the house wanted. BORING!!!! A wasted season.
        P.S. I do believe that the game is rigged for Amanda to win…

      • Comments (143)

        Agreed, the whole hearted absence of ANY physical comps and virtually every comp being designed to favour women (endurance and memory, yes women have better memory i said it I can never find things and rely on my mother to find my keys) is clearly designed to be rigged to a certain side of the house. And the abundance of young house guest is bizzare, I am young and rather see a better mix. 1 or 2 old people (over 40) a few 30 year old but mostly people in their late to mid 20s. This season is just fill of immature people, sorry they do not make good tv, they lack the experience to say anything meanignful. The best season to me is season 2, it had boogie (30) will (28) nicole (around 30) bunky, hardy, justin, kent etc. All the best hgs are always around 30ish dick, dan, will , jennell, danielle reyes, rachel etc.

        I also agree the game is clearly rigged for Amanda. I agree with Jason Collins the house should be renamed big boring. Once they kicked out jeremy, howard, candice, judd and nick. yes I know jeremy said offensive things but in hindsight most of them were directed at himself, his girlfriend or minor in comparasion to the child porn, shaniqua, asian nail,racist , rape jokes, and murder jokes etc.

        The game made no strategic sense. Spencer decided to flip from being in an alliance where he controlled both sides of the house to keep a player he had virtually no contact with. Mccrae and Amanda likewise decided to flip from a really good position. The claim given publicly makes no sense. Jeremy was abrasive and helen (who had zero power then) threatened spencer about the votes and that caused the whole MC to flip against Nick? Really. Makes no sense. What does make sense is producers brought them into the d.r. and told them something bad about nick to get him out.

        They then said Spencer tried to flip the vote on helen 2 hours before eviction. Again no reason why if he could flip on nick, if he got the whole mc they couldn’t get out helen, o yeah except that Amanda used her magic powers to stop them b/c allison grodner was dragging people in the d.r. before eviction to stop the plan.

        The MVP seemed blatant rigged in her favour. It was there when she was winning, when Elissa stops using it to Amanda’s advantage, it disappears because she put up someone amanda didn’t want and goes to America hoping we’d like her, we nominate her twice and then voila the mvp disappears. Normally the twist is designed to help the LOSING side, not the side that is stacked, it is suppose to shake up the game to get a good back and forth. In this season we saw the opposite, it was lopsided to help solely one player who had a relationship with the producer.

        And of course the strange thing this season is no one puts up the biggest threat Amanda.

    • Comments (873)

      @ Rick…I totally agree with you! In fact I wrote this to CBS…

      I have been a watching Big Brother for 15 seasons now, and have been waiting for them to cast a Black contestant of the show who really “knows” how the game is played! Every year on BB they cast Black contestants who know little to nothing about BB, & then they are evicted, due to lack of knowledge of the game. And as a result of this, no African-American has “ever” won Big Brother.

      Anyone remember Lawon, he didn’t have a clue, Keith, Ollie, Libra, Monet, Marcellas, Danielle Reyes was the only black contestant that has ever come in as a F2, and Jodi from BB 14 was the 1st one to go last year.

      Something is “wrong” with CBS casting, and we all know it. There are many, many, African-American Super Fans of BB, but year after year CBS cast Black contest that can’t win, because they do not know the game! This on BB 15 we had great African-American Contestants, but they hardly stood a chance, due to their lack of knowledge of the game…

      Like Dan G. of BB 14 said last year when he evicted Jodi, “She didn’t stand a chance, and I had to evict somebody on my team.”

      This is just very puzzling to me, imvho….

      • Comments (873)

        Should be – *This Year on BB 15 we had great African-American Contestants*

      • Comments (150)

        A word to the wise. Our black friends cringe when called “African American”. It’s right up there with negro and colored. I am positive you mean no harm, but that is just how it is. I tell you this with the best of intentions.

      • Comments (873)

        @cnoodleman, heads-up, I just might “be” an African-American…imvho.

      • Comments (150)

        Then you would understand what I am saying.

      • Comments (90)

        HEL – LLLLOOOOO!!

      • Comments (90)

        CORRECTION: @ Mello_One….. HEL-LLLOOOOO is response to your post.

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        @ cnoodleman…the fact that you said “our black friends”, shows me where your mind is! Regardless of the color of anyones skin. I introduce my friends as .Hello this is my friend so and so. Not Hello this is my white or black friend so and so. No matter how old you are? You still have alot of growing up to do. Stop pissing off people on steves site with your stupidness (GM in affect) and talk about the game! It’s getting old already…twit!

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        That was a ignorant remark! Don’t speak for a race that you are really not familiar with. I will speak for myself and NO I don’t care if you call me Black or AA. Just don’t call me out my name! Respect me as I would respect you and I would never claim to fame that I know all the ends and outs of jewish ppl. Who, by the way I have the utmost respect for. Similar to Blacks, Coloreds, Negros, AA’s, or whatever. I can appreciate the fight that The Jewish community went through, but I would never profess to know how you think! can we move on to the distasteful play of the game now? I’m MUCH more interested in that!

      • Comments (90)

        @BB Superfan……Thank you.

      • Comments (90)

        I am ‘AFRICAN AMERICAN’!!! As I assume you aren’t BLACK, cnoodleman, just to let you know, I am perfectly comfortable, content and ok with with being referenced to as such. And you are correct when you stated that the terms ‘Colored’ and ‘Negro’ are offensive. Those terms are not on the same level with ‘Black’ or ‘African American’. I can’t speak about the ‘flavor’ where you live, but I reside in the North East (NYS) and the term African American is perfectly acceptable. But thank you for your concern.

      • Comments (143)

        I agree, BB purposely cast african americans who lets face it, are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the african american community. It’d be like casting only white people from out of the trailer park.

        Danielle Reyes was the only black contestant along with Candice who IMO didn’t seem to come out of a spaceship.

        Where did Lawon get the idea he was going to get a superpower to bring him back in the game from? PRODUCTION! Half the black men they cast are gay, why? Because gays are known for being impulsive and get out the game by making rash decisions.

        Jodi was brought in to be sent out on the same day, lets face it, there was no other reason to bring her there and make up such kind of a rule. When else in 15 seasons did they kickout someone on the first day, they knew EXACTLY who would go. Put the 1 black girl on a team of 2 short girls in a physical competition that requires height and strength and when the 1 all girl team predictible loses, who do you think will get eliminated, NOT THE WHITE ONE.

        The real quesiton from me is how is it that Jews are like 1% of the population but I can point out seasons like this that have 5-6 jews
        -Jessie KOWALSKI
        -Kaitlyn BARNABY
        -Nick UHAS
        -Ginamarie ZIMMERMAN
        -Amanda ZUCKERMAN

        Not a hispanic house guest in sight, 2 black house guest yet black and hispanics are about 1/3rd of the population. Jews are 1% of the population, where do they get off having 5 house guest? Even whites are underreperesented in propotion to jews.

      • Comments (150)

        Only Amanda is Jewish. GM’s stepfather is Jewish, and she took his last name when he married her mother. None of the rest of the people you mentioned are Jewish. Where did you get such inaccurate information?

      • Comments (143)

        Nice try. I am Jewish, no one is fooling me.
        Barnaby is an overtly jewish surname, Kaitlin LOOKS jewish, you can come to my temple and see a dozen girls who look exactly like her. she is not white. Kaitlin is a extremely common jewish name.

        Nick UHAS is also an eastern european jewish name, his surname is overtly jewish, he is from nyc, with a huge jewish population. A guy who looks jewish, has 2 jewish names, is dating the other jewish girl in the house, isn’t jewish, please.

        GM, please, George Zimmerman dad is JEWISH, Zimmerman is a jewish name as well.

        Jessie is jewish, look how dark her skin is she is blacker than candice. Ever heard of the term redneck. it refers to southern white people and how they get a red tan on their neck like judd. Look at Jessie who has BROWN skin, clearly none white, then look at judd or spencer who are white and southern and are not brown skinned. Look at Jeremy who is part native indian cherokee and how jessia is darker than the part indian guy. HOW? How can a white person be darker than a black and indian? Jessie and KOWALSKI are overtly jewish female names. You clearly are not jewish because if you were you’d not be making such dunder-headed comments. And she looks jewish. Do you not understand jews are middle eastern and therefore often dark skinned. Its not possible for a white person to look like jessie. No one in Europe looks like that unless they are either jewish or biracial.

    • Comments (26)

      As the years have gone on they seem to have chosen people more for their looks and less for their personality traits. If they didn’t approach models in bars and ask them to be on the show (which they hadn’t heard of) and chose superfans, there wouldn’t be a problem. There are the cowardly sheep and then there are the people who truly don’t know what’s going on.

  4. Comments (676)

    Can I wait until after veto ceremony before I vote?

  5. Comments (24)

    oh my Gosh Really, someone needs to grow a pair !!! put Amanda, mcray, Helen, Aaryn, up, they go after and I think Mcray is sick of Amanda, do not think that showmance will last outside the bb house, what a joke, but as it stands now they better be rollin out the red and making the check out to Amanda….. sad…..

    • Comments (24)

      sorry should say they go after the weaker players

      • Comments (1436)

        At this point I think that McCrae is scared sh!^less of Amanda’s wrath. She could go all “Fatal Attration” on him on a confined space.
        Could not believe her behavior last night after the HOH comp. Crying and carrying on and bitching that Andy or McCrae should have let her win. And worse yet was that fool, Helen coming in and telling her that neither she(Helen), Elissa, Andy or Aaryn would be there without Amanda and that she is a winner no matter what. On and on wth the a$$ kissing for about 10 minutes. I about lost my dinner.
        20 minutes after that, Amanda was telling McCrae and Andy that Helen has to be evicted…hahhahahahha!! Helen’ an idiot.

      • Comments (228)

        Amanda never feels embarrassed for her behavior. WTF!!!

      • Comments (651)

        McCrea’s DR session on Thursday’s show showed us McCrea is afraid of Amanda. Afraid of her ruining his game and afraid of her personally. He missed his best opportunity to get her out this week by having Andy backdoor her. Okay we aren’t done with the week but I don’t think he has the balls to do it.

    • Comments (150)

      McCrae’s upper head might be tired from Amanda’s mood sings, but his lower head is still enamored. (This is humor).

      • Comments (150)

        mood swings. Sorry, we went through a lot of wine with dinner. Hey, I wasn’t driving. (My husband doesn’t drink. He prefers herbal refreshment in the privacy of our own home).

    • Comments (228)

      It would be cool if they let America pick a house guests for eviction…That would shake them up.!

    • Comments (27)

      I agree I think McCray wants Amanda out but like everyone he is intimidated of her and afraid Lol, this showmance is falling apart and I do not blame him!!

      • Comments (651)

        Can you imagine the crap McCrea is going to get when he goes back home? Not just from his family but from his friends? Pizza Boy may have to move to FL just to get away from the sh*t they’ll be giving him.

  6. Comments (610)

    OMG, doesn’t anyone in this cast know how to play Big Brother?!!! If no one is going to make a big move and they continue to go “with the house”, just end the game right now & hand Amanda & Helen their checks?

    • Comments (24)

      I agree 100%, and I find it fishy that Aaryn is becoming so agreeable, what is up with that, in the beginning she would have told someone to go blow if they would have tried to run her game, seems a little too strange, and why are they all afraid of Amanda?

    • Comments (487)

      No they don’t.

    • Comments (226)

      Seriously! I mean I get that voting “with the house” if you don’t have enough votes to get your way can keep a target off of your back but wtheck people! It’s showing Amanda/Helen they will always get their way. Jessie going home is a waste of a week. Power play, now!!!

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      With all the controversy that Amanda is on the in for winner, well that says a whole lot. She is a bit comfortable speaking her mind. I think the Gorilla knows that it doesn’t matter what she says or does. She is destined to win this game. i would so be over BB if the evil ones won first or second.

  7. Comments (44)

    Well if anyone is surprised with this nomination, please, I need whatever you are smoking.

  8. Comments (9)

    Just read about amanda on internet she got fired lost her realators license and has ties to the person who picks contestents for big brother people need to google amanda zuckerman how interesting is this show rigged

    • Comments (10)

      CBS, the most watched network on television, isn’t going to sell their soul for Amanda Zuckerman, a real meany.

      • Comments (150)

        What soul? I think that when they combined their news and entertainment divisions, thereby making news part of the “profit center” any “soul” they might have possessed pretty much disappeared.

    • Comments (407)

      Amanda’s realtors license are listed as “inactive” and it states she is no longer employed by Prudential Realty. I have also heard about Amanda’s friendship with Allison Grodner who is the executive producer on BB. If she wins CBS will probably hear from a LOT of unhappy BB fans.

      • Comments (528)

        There has GOT to be some kind of legal conflict of interest there.

      • Comments (150)

        Yes. It seems too obvious. These people are pretty savvy and that seems really stupid and too easy to be found out.

      • Comments (20)

        You are right….she will sue somebody……one cant be fired for exercising their constitutional rights.

      • Comments (487)

        They are already hearing it. Letters and calls have been made. Ratings are dropping. If this keeps up the sponsors will start pulling out.

      • Comments (48)

        I have watched every episode of BB beginning with season one. I don’t know if casting and production changed this season, but what a mess! All that is necessary for evil to triumph in the house is for production to do nothing about the HGs horrible behavior! And then you wonder why your ratings have dropped. Wakie, wakie, this will probably be your last season. Amanda, Aaryn, Gina Marie & Spencer aren’t the only ones who should be fired/under investigation. Production you need to go home! How sad! How very, very sad!!!

      • Comments (150)

        My mother and oldest daughter want to know how I can watch these idiots make such fools of themselves. You can bet your ass I will never tell them that I watch all the housewives shows on Bravo too. I know my brain might lose a few IQ points but I don’t care. My life is so mellow and peaceful and I like all the tumult and craziness. Sue me.

      • Comments (233)

        Yeah, my husband tuned out 15 seasons ago and just shook his head as I watched every episode all these years. This year, he decided to give it another shot, but we know how it’s gone this year. It’s almost too humiliating to like a show that has gone so wrong….Almost.

      • Comments (768)

        I cancelled my feeds subscription today. I found I couldn’t watch it for any more than 5 minutes before I was totally bored. I’m going to donate the money I saved from next month’s subscription to Beansie, since he has to suffer through watching this stuff in order to report it to us. Thanks again Beansie. 🙂

      • Comments (233)

        I’ve watched BBAD the last 3 seasons, and that’s way more than I can watch. It’s great to get caught up on all the foolishness here, so good for everyone who supports Beansie!

      • Comments (453)

        Not to mention hearing from all of the previous season cast members. Time for Evel Dick to rally the troops.

      • Comments (22)

        do you think BB reads what we think and have to say on this site? They should. But they are probably just too stupid, and have so much money that they really don’t care that true BB fans are irate.

      • Comments (651)

        I emailed CBS and told them that if Amanda wins I will support an FCC investigation. There is a fine line between production and rigging a competition show and I thinks CBS/BB may have crossed it.

    • Comments (150)

      Just got back from a wonderful dinner with friends and family. The weather today was stunning on the vineyard and hopefully it will remain that way throughout the weekend. It seems some of you from the Denver area have been quarrelling today, so I am glad I am back and you can re-focus your anger at me. (I hope you all are smiling).
      Well, do any of you find it suspicious that on the Internet Amanda is listed as being a realtor in Los Angeles, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton? Five years ago when my husband and I decided to split our living arrangements between NY and Florida I had to give up my patients (no one wants a psychologist who is not there for them 1/2 the year) My husband, being an author, can live anywhere. I decided to take the Florida realtor exam because as long as you house your license with a firm and work purely on commission they really don’t care how much business you do because you receive no salary. I passed my test and “house” my license with “Castles-By-The-Sea”, a privately owned company owned by dear friends of ours located on Atlantic Avenue in beautiful Delray Beach. I am mainly a listing agent, receiving my 3% commission whenever one of my listings sell. If my firm (Broker-Dealer) decided to no longer do business with me my license would become inactive, but I can’t lose it because it belongs to me. I would then have 90 days to find a new firm to “house” my license if I wanted to keep my listings. If any of my listings sold within those 90 days my ex employer is required by law to honor our contract. After 90 days the old firm owns the listings because I am still unaffiliated with any firm. If a license is inactive for a 24 month period it becomes null and void.
      My very funny, brash and inquisitive Brazilian born sister-in-law, who lives about six blocks north of Atlantic, well within walking distance to the Prudential Delray office, decided to pay them a visit to see what is going on. This is the story as well as I can make out. Amanda’s license was “housed” in the Delray Beach office. She has been officially removed from their employ and she has 90 days to find a new agency before she forfeits her listings. Her mother Marilyn works out of the West Boca office and they would not comment on her status. All they would tell my wonderfully intrepid sister in law is that she no longer works there and they have no other comment at this time. So, yes she is an agent without a home and she can’t list until she finds a ne firm and if in 24 months no firm will take her, then she will lose her license. Amanda might as well change her name to mud, because she is persona non grata in the Boca/Delray area.
      Back to game play. I think Helen better win POV this week of she will be sent to jury next Thursday. What do you think?

      • Comments (676)

        Nice detective work.

      • Comments (150)

        My sister in law is a riot. If I was in town I would have gone with her. I mean how often is one so close to “the scene of the crime”? We specifically moved to this neighborhood five years ago because my brother and sister-in-law live there year round. The real estate market bubble had burst (2008) and we were able to take advantage of it. Things seem to be booming again but I couldn’t possibly find a better house in a better location so I am staying put. We’ll be back in Florida right after labor day. Amanda should have had her stroke by then!(humor again).

      • Comments (150)

        Can you imagine Amanda storming the Prudential office with her sense of entitlement, screaming her head off about how they had some nerve to fire her! They should sell tickets.

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        I can fewr sure see that! She is delusional!

      • Comments (651)

        I don’t think that will happen. Her behavior hasn’t only affected her employment but is taking a serious toll on her family. I heard her father asked Howard for help to stop the threats against the family. Her sister’s social media business is now forever linked with Amanda. Don’t know much about her brother–he’s been staying under the radar. As for mom, hear she just cries a lot.

      • Comments (407)

        We can only hope she goes to the jury house, but I don’t see it happening. She has shown all of the houseguests how unstable and cruel she is and they still bow down to her like she’s a queen.

      • Comments (166)

        WOW very interesting…hopefully when Meanmanda gets out of the frying pan she lands herself right into the fire!!!! I can’t see how ANY agency would want to touch her with a 10 foot pole! To add a tidbit a few episodes ago on BBAD she told McCrae that someone(I can’t remember who) used to come into the bar that she worked at in Los Angeles, so she definitely has ties to LA possibly sold executive producer Allison Grodner her house..lol

      • Comments (150)

        Maybe she sold houses by day and drinks by night? (LOL) Or, more likely, she lied about selling real estate in LA. It seems more likely that she took up real estate in Florida where her mom could help her get started. It is a tough business. 20% of realtors do 80% of the business. It’s more who you know than what you know. And, unlike me, she didn’t have a partner to support her while she was building her business. Overhead is tremendous.

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda’s grandmother was a Realtor and helped establish
        the family’s multi-million $$$ concerns in Florida Real Estate.
        You’re correct about her family helping her out.
        I wonder what they’re saying about her lifestyle and
        behavior on BB?

      • Comments (407)

        Nobody probably knows MM….they’re all in hiding.

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda’s personal bio on the Prudential Office site was a real hoot and had to
        have angered most everyone in that office.
        She claimed that she was the ONLY ONE with modern tech capabilities to list
        a client’s home effectively in today’s fast paced world.
        Other realtors just didn’t know how ……………..
        What a bunch of narcissistic hooey!!!
        Realtors with 20+ years experience have always kept up with whatever
        tech changes occurred.
        I’ll bet Amanda is the “Talk of the Office” and none of it is flattering.

      • Comments (150)

        You have to be up to date to access the listings available. Every house is listed on MLS. Clients also have access to this. Every broker must have access to the internet and MLS (multiple listing service) or you can’t do business. Other than that I don’t know what she is talking about. One broker I know flies a banner attached to a stunt plane in the sky over the beach. His grandfather and father used to do this too. Is this the “hi-tech” she is talking about. From that nonsense alone you can tell what kind of person she is. Raising herself at the expense of other when all the while she is full of s&^t. I have decided that she is more shrewd than smart. A dangerous combination. Here’s another thing, ANYBODY who has an address and the county the house is in can look up the tax records to see when the house was last sold, what it sold for and how much a year the people in the house pay in taxes. Amanda is an idiot.

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (150)

        And I forgot to mention that Florida realtors must take 12 hours of continuing education classes every 24 months or the license becomes void. EVERY GOOD AGENT is in the know as far as technical advances are concerned.

      • Comments (651)

        When you look back, it was real estate who early on made use of the net for a brick and mortar business. And as technology advanced they were at the forefront. Why waste time taking a potential buyer to a showing until they’ve done a virtual tour, mapped the neighborhood, etc. They’ll already know some of the upgrades they’ll need to make, school districts, etc. Also, they’ve been the ones pushing the online pre-approval process to stop everything falling apart at closing time.
        So what the hell makes Amanda think she’s so much better than those who have helped the industry move forward? Oh yeah…she knows how to use facebook.

      • Comments (178)

        Very interesting, CNoodlemen. Perhaps that Prudential real estate office was attempting to avoid more negative publicity and backlash caused by The Red Queen (my name for Amanda). However, let’s assume that Allison G. really isn’t perturbed by the rampant rumors circulating that the fix was in from the very beginning for her protege/friend to win the $500,000 prize. And let’s assume that The Red Queen just happens to be awarded first prize by the people in the jury house because of the “sterling” game she played. Current real estate license or not, The Red Queen will still be able to live comfortably (even after taxes) until she decides what she wants to do and/or where she wants to house her real estate license. Good or bad, The Red Queen has made a name for herself and I don’t doubt we’ll see her popping up on other reality shows. Or perhaps she’ll be offered an easy $1,000,000 to do a nude spread in a magazine. The Red Queen is an opportunist. She’ll land on her feet. I just feel sorry for her parents.

      • Comments (90)

        Cnoodleman, you should have a blog site just so you can talk about yourself. *rolling my eyes*

    • Comments (228)

      Guess the rumors are true. I heard about this at the beginning of the show.

  9. Comments (528)

    To all the people who called Ian a “rat” last year, I give you: Andy. HE is the real definition of a little rat. He has no actual loyalty and has gone from alliance to alliance pretending to be this friendly, trustworthy guy and in record time, reports what people say to him to the opposing side. He acts offended by things that, when they were initially said, he was laughing with the rest. I won’t fault him, he’s playing the game that way, but it’s irritating. I’m irritated.

    • Comments (487)

      It looks like he is the only one really playing the game. Didn’t Dan play both ends against the middle and win. Maybe that is Andy’s strategy.

      • Comments (44)

        I’m not a Dan fan, but Dan and Andy in the same sentence or any cast in BB15 for that matter? you blaspheme.

    • Comments (768)

      Ian was a little nefarious, but in a good way because the way he did it, he actually had a chance to win… and did!

      • Comments (233)

        Yeah, I hated the way Ian slammed Dan in the last speech, but it was for the win, so understandable IMO. Ian was always my second favorite, so I was ok with him winning. Dan reversed his strategy the 2nd time, trying to be Evil Dan, but the mist shouldn’t be used for evil… and it hurt him in the end. He’ll know better next time. LOL

    • Comments (14)

      I agree completely- Andy is the rat! Why has no one figured out that whatever they say to Andy gets reported back immediately to “McManda”.

      I’m disgusted. I’m not old enough yet, but I will get on Big Brother and I will, to the best of my abilities, play the game. None of that “I don’t want to get blood on my hands crap”, like what IS that? These ppl get on this game, they forget they’re on television 24/7 and they “play the game” – translation: floating my way to the end. Why would anyone settle for being a floater? Once you leave the house that’s how you’ll be labeled in BB history. But, then again, floaters are inevitable, the come around in every season, I mean, are we really that surprised when they make it to the end, again?

      • Comments (22)

        It is very astonishing how the house is getting smaller and smaller while no one is picking up the pieces. This is what happens when there is no diversity in age and race in the game. It wasn’t just this year.. it was the last couple seasons also- Without the racist comments. The ‘minorities’ were non existent :/ But I suppose it takes nasty comments for anyone to realize this. Nevertheless, it is finally noticed by the majority of viewers!

        Hoping for a great cast next summer.. CBS owes us that.

      • Comments (14)

        I agree Toni, the age and race diversity create a great game. We don’t want to see beautiful young people like Jeremy, Aaryn, GM, Candice, Howard, Elissa, Jessie… Basically everyone in that house… well, not everyone, but the majority!

        We want to see average people fighting tooth and nail for that money! I want them to play the game but not jab at each other on a personal level (Did anyone hear what GM said about Candice before she walked out the door? About her mother not loving her? Candice was adopted by the way.) I mean how rude! My mother always said “what you do in the house, you do in the street”, which means however you act in private (like saying racist things) you’ll do in front of everyone else. Aaryn is the perfect example of this. She was too comfortable with her big fat mouth saying rude things and now she out of a job! Let’s not forget GM and Amanda… Spencer too!

      • Comments (20)

        If Aaryn is fired, then she will have a good law suit against her employer. It violates her civil rights given to her by our constitution to express her personal opinions whether anybody agrees or not. Freedom of speech and religion. Go America. If you dont like it…move.

      • Comments (2)

        Here job most likely has a policy against discrimination. I don’t think she will have a good lawsuit against her employer. She can express her personal opinions however she wants… but her agencies don’t support it. She’ll lose that one.

      • Comments (150)

        Aaryn has freedom of speech, not freedom from consequences. She lives in a “right to work state” and her boss can fire her anytime he/she wants. She does not have union protection. Go up to your boss tomorrow and tell him/her to go f*&k themselves. Then count the minutes to your termination.

      • Comments (302)

        Jessie has figured out that Andy is a rat but has yet to put out that information to her advantage. The only way Jessie was ever going to survive in this game is to win HOH because no one in the house takes her seriously. She needed to spell it out to Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Elissa that at best they are all 5th on the totem pole with any other alliance. Join forces – win HOH – put up the powerhouses and they’d all have an equal chance going forward. Aaryn may have the best shot at surviving it all because Amanda, McCrae, Helen & Andy think they’d all beat her in the finals so why not keep her around. Others have made similar mistakes in the past and lived to regret them.

      • Comments (1162)

        From Joker’s Update – A new alliance of 4 has been hatched.
        Amanda & McCrae – Andy & Aaryn

        They plan on eliminating everyone else and then facing off
        against each other.

        CBS/BB had better hope the two Mean Girls don’t make it
        to the Finale.
        Adopting the CBS motto for BB FANS – “VIEWERS CARE!!!!”

    • Comments (4)

      Absolutely in agreement with you Sadie!! He was a floater that no one included with their alliance and he felt so left

    • Comments (150)

      Here is the worst thing I will say today. He even looks like a weasel/ferret.

    • Comments (651)

      Yappy, ankle biting, RAT DOG. And he doesn’t seem to realize he’s nothing more than Amanda’s fashion accessory.

    • Comments (15)

      Andy reminds me of an annoying gnat that keeps flying around your face while you are trying to do something. You swat at it and it just keeps buzzing around you, annoying the life out of you. He irritates me. I don’t care who wins now. None of them have earned it.

  10. Comments (407)

    BUMMER!! Just checked TV schedule for next Thursday night and Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns football is on at the same time as BB. GGGRRRRR!!

  11. Comments (2)

    I want see they backdoor Amanda

  12. Comments (1)

    For weeks, folks have been approaching Helen with plans to vote Amanda out of the house. Helen kept saying it wasn’t time.. Well as a political advisor she should recall this saying;

    “First they came for the socialists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    Well Helen your too late and you will soon be out of the house!

    • Comments (228)

      well said…lol!!!!

    • Comments (651)

      She’s not a true political consultant. She’s a lobbyist. And what’s worse she’s a lobbyist who is believing her own press.

    • Comments (90)

      Here, heee…..good one Normie. :- ) I hope Helen goes down HARD!!!!. I’m so sick of her phoniness, her mouth, and arrogance. Good riddance when she finally goes. However…..as much as she makes me nauseous to admit….she has been playing the manipulation game. Unfortunately for us the fans, the house is full of lemmings who have allowed themselves to be guided over the cliff of eviction.

  13. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    I miss the days when Aaryn was seen as despicable and was guaranteed to be one of the next out of the house. That seems like a long time ago.

    • tennessee BB fan
      Comments (2)

      yeah I hear ya.. especially since if she doesn’t win the whole kit and caboodle she is screwed because all her nasty remarks has gotten her fired from her job… GM too oh and spencer is being investigated by the police in his area for child porn stuff…

    • Comments (140)

      I know… I’m starting to wish I had bit my tongue way back when I made bold statements like “guys calm down there’s no way she’ll make it to the end”

      The end is nigh!

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        Yes it is and as Jeremy said–> I’t aint over till the fat lady sings and I don’t see any fat people. Well he just might be right!

    • Comments (302)

      Ain’t that the truth! Now Aaryn will probably survive to the final 3 to battle for a shot at the $500k. Julie Chen knew the pressure was on to grill Aaryn after her racist remarks in what we all assumed would be an early ouster from the house. Now we won’t even get that satisfaction as Chen will probably let Aaryn off the hook in the finale as they discuss game strategy. At best maybe one question and Aaryn will deflect it by saying Candice was trying to make her look like a racist.

      • Comments (676)

        Today Aaryn was talking about her lesbian pants. Then when she started to take them off the camera must have panned on her and she commented something to the affect of “that’s right cameras, focus on the lesbian pants”.
        Not nearly as bad as other things she has said but shows she really hasn’t learned much self control.

      • Comments (150)

        “The devil made me do it”, Flip Wilson as Geraldine.

  14. Comments (27)

    This cast is the biggest bunch of spineless sissies ever to be blessed with the chance to play this hollowed game! There is no “expect the unexpected”. You don’t have to read spoilers to know what is going to happen (no offense, you do a terrific and valuable job). However, these jellyfish will make big brother history when they unanimously vote at the finale to have Helen and Amanda split the 500k because they don’t want to hurt anybody’s feeling. I hope the cowards realize that when BB added 9 jury members, BB was actually saying “quit being pusses”. If fans could send care packages, I would send the house a pair of balls.

  15. Comments (150)

    Helen and Andy are in the HOH room talking about Andy’s master plan to backdoor GM. Then Helen said she hopes GM wins Americas favorite player because she could really use the money. Is it me or are these people nuts? Do you think my husband and children would notice if I started smoking crack? (joke folks).

  16. Comments (4)

    I feel that Helen and Elissa need to wake up and smell the SABOTAGE AND RAT NAMED Andy the Flip flopper!! He is running back and reporting to Amanda and tellng her everything since this dismal season started and I honestly feel CBS has hit rhe bottom of the barrels to keep Aaryn and GinaMarie on the show I remember several other houseguests from seasons past being escorted off the show via the diary room for not complying with the agreement of microphones being on them or refusing to do confessionals or violence. But racial slurs get rewarded by keeping them in the show for what RATINGS!!! YOU LOST A FAN THIS YEAR!!!

    • Comments (676)

      I think there is a “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” clause in the contract.
      They can’t sing or whistle or talk about production but say whatever you want to say.
      At the same time if they start kicking people off for things they say we would be doing something else right now because they show would be off the air.
      Where I work we have a code of business conduct and people would be fired for offending others. I guess they don’t have that there at CBS. Same principle because they have been hired by CBS.

    • Comments (610)

      Interesting to note: I was watching Project Runway earlier tonight & one of the contestants was behaving badly, talked back to judges, said some mean things to another contestant (not even close to what we’ve seen on BB), then stormed off & punched a camera. He was booted from the show. So why does CBS continue to allow the HG to make racist, etc comments to other HG? Does not make sense! The repeated verbal assaults should be considered the same as a physical assault, IMHO.

      • Comments (1276)

        My guess would be the punching the camera. In their contracts it does state that any “physical” violence will not be tolerated, nor will descruction of property.
        I don’t think they have anything in the contrats about racism and the types of things going on. It sucks, but I’m not sure they can pull them from the show due to words.

  17. Comments (96)

    What’s Pandora’s box?

    • Comments (15)

      On past shows they have given the HOH a box to open with a choice of opening it or not. There are always consequences for opening it, but they don’t know all of them until it is opened. I think I’m right on that.

  18. Comments (166)

    Here’s an idea for BB, how about whenever someone wins HOH they have to go straight into the diary room & give their nominations by themselves instead of them running all around like the BB house just had a fire drill & no one knows where the exits are!!! At least they couldn’t have time to plead their cases to the new HOH & it might stir things up!!! Come on CBS it’s your show & you can try new things & make up new rules, I mean its the same ole thing!!

  19. Comments (7)

    I would like to see a BB with JUST African-Americans!! This way there would be NO racism & nasty remarks!! I am not black, but it really made me SICK to see Candice treated the way she was, & CBS did nothing!! They could have called Aaryn into the diary room & told her to knock it off with the racism….it is NOT part of the game, & is very hurtful, & I don’t think Candice deserved it! I don’t like racism, & I do not like to see people being picked on or bullied, & that is exactly what Aaryn & GM & Amanda are BULLIES!! I think they are just jealous, because Candice is prettier & more intelligent & classier then all 3 of them! Next OUT is SPENCER!!

    • Comments (150)

      How about all gay men? Do you think it would turn into the back room of “The Anvil” or “The Eagles Nest”. (70’s NY humor)

    • Comments (2)

      I think a turnaround, redemptive move for can to do would be a follow up BB for 2 weeks where Aaryn, Gina and Amanda would be cast with 12 people of color and truly see what being in a minority feels like. Play for some set of cash. I dare say that any negative, racial comments would be minimal as anyone who has been talked to in a discriminatory way has some level of empathy and would be silent with some respect. But just for them to have the experience of being coupled up with people they have spoken so evil about would be cathartic and hopefully mind opening for them.

  20. Comments (68)

    Up watching. BBAD. AND they are at it again. Amanda talking about someone being raped. GM making fun of the black guy in the movie SAW. Spenser laughin at a person because he is too dark( referring to the person GM was speaking of). It was so bad Elissa felt uncomfortable and left the room to go to the HOH room where Andy was. She told him she doesnt understand how they can do that. They =Aaryn, McCrae, Amanda, GM, Jessie(dont think she said anything). Helen was in DR at the time. They are so ignorant!

  21. Comments (1162)

    Hopefully the link works – if not go to Joker’s Updates.
    TV Interview with Elissa’s husband in Saskatchewan.


  22. Comments (68)

    CHECK THIS OUT! THIS IS HILARIOUS!—> http://youtu.be/g7bk0FP99JA

  23. Comments (79)

    Effing pussies. I can’t wait until they are FORCED to prey on each other after they get the people like Jessie and Spencer out.

  24. Comments (150)

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow everyone! My Husband is taking the boys sailing and I have a whole day alone with my baby. Well, she’s almost five, but she will always be my baby. Maybe I’ll take her for a mani-pedi. She sits there like a little young lady and it is so adorable.

  25. Comments (1162)

    Just before bed, McCrae told Amanda that they should leave the weakest HG for last – Elissa!

    Hang in there Elissa, you may be able to thank them for your BB15 Win!!!!!
    : D

    Top that with a Candice Win for America’s Favorite and watch the HGs faint – LIVE ON CBS!

  26. Comments (7)

    Yea I agree with most of these comments but this season is way beyond repair and CBS has to just sit there and just watch its inevitable demise. But on the other hand Helen i must say is really good at what she does even though i hate her guts but as a political consultant to be able to to mass manipulate all these hgs is pretty good,or these hgs just cant think for them selves. But if you didn’t pick up on it before Helen like to use “this is what the house wants” u just switch out “the house” and put in my country and my people then you have the words of communist leaders and monarchy leaders and even dictators too just putting that out there.

  27. BB Superfan without the BS
    Comments (56)

    Am I the only one getting tired of watching the fish in a bowl? Damn near fell asleep on that ish! Entertain me CBS! Mr./Mrs. most watched network. I only watch this train-wreck in waiting just to see what happens with the 3 twits and also Helen. The finale should be quite interesting. Forgive me for feeling some sense of joy to see what happens to the evil 3 and their Queen bonehead! Why are they still there and Howard, Candice and Judd are gone? I think the bigger Jury was a sorry they did this prize for Candice. Just another way for BB to smooth things over. Without smoothing things over. Worst season ever!

  28. Comments (407)

    Well I know I need to get a life and quit dwelling on these imbeciles on this years BB, but here is my latest find on the internet…and you all know we have to believe it because it’s on the internet!! (joke) Anyway, I was reading about Amanda and someone said if you have live feeds (I don’t) and check on Aug. 1st at 1:29 AM cam 2, Amanda said “Allison told me…” and it cut away to the fish. We have seen these fish so many times this year I feel like we should have a funeral if one dies!

  29. Comments (20)

    Lots of people on this site are bashing the players for saying bad things , while they are doing the same thing…..look in the mirror.

  30. Comments (150)

    Thumbs down for being against child abuse? I am sensing a lot of jealousy out there. Yes, I have a charmed life. But my husband and I worked hard for what we have. Neither one of us was born rich. We don’t mind paying taxes and we are both active in progressive Democratic politics. If you find me rude, I am sorry for that. I am not emotionally invested in reality stars lives. It means nothing to me who wins this show. I enjoy watching from purely a psychological standpoint.

  31. Comments (68)

    I think after this season of BB, CBS needs to revamp their rules which should include no racism, glorifying violent acts,child abuse and bullying etc. Let’s see if they will or will they just let it ride.

  32. Comments (339)

    THIS just proves how Helen was a dope as a gameplayer. Two easy chances to axe Amanda…she doesn’t do it. Now, Helen is going to be axed by Amanda. In my opinion, Helen is one of the worst gameplayers EVER. reminds me of how nobody would break up Boston Rob and Amber in Survivor yet it was SO apparent they were an inseparable team.

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