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Big Brother 15 – Nomination Results

bb15-mccrae-gmIt’s Friday, and you know what that means…. Nomination Day!  With only 5 people remaining in the house, this was a very key moment to see who will make the final 4, and who will head to the beautiful vacation house with only about a week to enjoy it.  It was a tight one and I had no clue who would be nominated today….

Just kidding, I think I’m trying to fool myself into believing there is still some excitement left…..

McCrae went up with GinaMarie.  

Considering Spencer basically volunteered to be a pawn last week, it’s GM’s turn this week.  Don’t worry, for all 10 of you GM fans, she’s safe this week.  They’re going to ‘exterminate’ McCrae and then be forced to turn on each other.  That part may be slightly interesting, but from the reaction I’ve been seeing, I don’t think many people really care at this point.  Judd is the clear fan favorite at this point, then McCrae (who will be gone), then GinaMarie.  The most surprising part of my earlier poll is more people want Spencer to win than Andy.  I guess backstabbing fan favorites like Helen and Elissa will lose you favor with the fans.

I apologize for the ‘blah’ tone, but as a blogger, this is probably the worst case scenario for a final 4.  We like excitement, drama, strategy, and crazy situations… instead we’ll have a bunch of people sitting around for the next week and a half. I think Andy will probably win it all because he seems like the only person who is thinking more than a day in advance (even though his moves are questionable at best).

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  1. Comments (622)

    BBAD doesn’t even interest me anymore. Listen to GM blab about who knows what. Andy with Elissa bashing. Spencer with his perv comments and how he like his girls “young”. Shameless….

  2. Comments (166)

    I don’t know how BB will have enough footage for the next few shows, these HG have no pulse..they just lay there..sit on the couch & beds & just stare at each one wants to hear Spencers stupid freakin weird pervy one wants to hear Andys teenage girl giggling..Judd please get a spark under your ass..GM your not the bad ass you think you are, stop thinking your representin Jersey bcz your a flippin embarrassment..McCrae not much left to say!

    Its a race to see who gets the title of being the laziest HG, its a 3 way tie..Judd/Spencer/McCrae!

    • Comments (226)

      There will be a fake-live eviction on Wednesdays show then another HOH, and eviction on Thursday so next week it’s only down to 3.

  3. Comments (13)

    Julie said a former winner of Bb would visit the house guests. Maybe it will bring some sense to these players….I wonder who it will be?

    • Comments (357)

      I am NOT a fan of Rachel’s, but I hope she comes in there and raise all kinds of crazy. Problem is…..GM and her trash mouth would win. I watch Amazing Race and was shocked at how easy the women got to her. But this could be different because they are messing with FAM and that trumps all1

      • Comments (1162)

        My bet – Rachel will be the one visiting the BBH.
        She is the Host of BB15’s Finale Party and CBS/BB want
        to promote the Party.
        I think it is being held in LA. and the tickets cost $50.00.
        NoRatsAllowed said he might attend. Hope he does……..and
        comes back here and tells us all about it.

    • Comments (609)

      With all the Elissa trash talking, I hope it’s Rachel and she gives ’em all what for, especially Spencer. And wouldn’t it be great if she were there for a few days?!!!

  4. Comments (1)

    You don’t understand that most of them don’t act like this is real life. They are secluded in a house away from everything. I’m not a racist at all and I respect everyone. Just the way I was raised. But I think in this environment I would say or laugh at these things. If not you have no entertainment at all and would go crazy. I liked spencer from the beginning. I’m still cheering for him to win it all. I hated Amanda and wanted her out early. She was the most naive person I’ve ever seen. She couldn’t understand why they wanted her out. It just didn’t fit with her plan? Really. They are trying to win also and evict you. How do you not see that? Elissa and Helen were annoying. I think in real life that Amanda Helen and Elissa are more like there personalities that we saw in tv then anyone else.

  5. Comments (2)

    Prefer to just look at the spoiler report than waste my time watching the real show. Agree with all of you that CBS should have ousted the racist, immature bullies at the beginning of the show. On the other hand Aaryn and GM hve lost alot in their lives in the real world and that is a good statement and punishment for them. Who knows how the real world will respond to Amanda. When all the racist stuff started I seriously thought I was the only one that considered it inappropriate and rude. Good to know others in this country are feeling the same. Yes, I hope CBS does a better job next season. But lets all face the truth it’s all about money. These type of players keep people tuning in.But when you have to place a notice at the beginning of the show that CBS is not responsible for language and personal opinions expressed that tells you right there CBS does not care – don’t want to be responsible- but money talks

  6. Comments (6)

    First, let me say thank you to the gentleman who puts so much effort into keeping up such a good BB update site – And to the folks who comment and add their insight to the house guests’ behavior. I stopped watching BB during Amanda’s lunacy, but still had a favorite in the game, so being able to come to this site kept in touch with how they were doing was great.

    I’ve been a BB fan since season 1. Considering I’m not a T.V. person and only watch three shows that’s quite a compliment. Having a background in psychology and sociology, I’ve always enjoyed watching the interactions and mental game play strategies of the house guest.

    However, this season has left me totally disappointed and disgusted. I’m no prude and I do understand some aggressive game play (I loved Evel Dick), but for me, some of the behaviors and comments of these contestants are offensive and totally unacceptable under any circumstances.

    Yes, I know it’s a game (which I have thoroughly enjoyed until this season) and maybe I’m showing my age here, but honestly, some of these folks seem like sick individuals. What woman in her right mind makes comments like this?:

    BB15 Sept. 7. 10:16 PM Cam 3/4 GM wants to rape Elissa with a dildo.
    09/06/13 10:23 PM

    Read more:

    Whew… Thanks for allowing me this rant and I would appreciate any input y’all may have to enlighten me as to why BB cast these particular people when so many apply.

  7. Comments (6)

    Only tiny bit of excitement that could be had is McRae winning Veto and throwing Andy up on the block. He will still panic.

  8. Comments (3)

    Thank you for this blog it was great,keep up good work for bb 16. Hope your family is well. Now I agree. With all the above bloggers. CBS should had done SOMETHING to stop all the the raunchy behavior. Stop all raceist comments.destruction of others property. Filth being spread. I think a petition to cbs and julie chen is necessary. This really makes me think more than once that another network should get my viewership. See you next year MAYBE.

    • Comments (82)

      There are tv shows all over the networks and cable channels that show violence, hate, racism, language, judgmental views and on and on….and those are scripted thought out programming. This is a reality show, where CBS cannot predict nor know ahead of time what may or may not happen in that house. If you don’t like it…don’t watch it. You don’t watch a regular TV show that offends you, do you? So grab your remote, change the channel and be happy. CBS nor Julie Chen owe you anything….its like suing McDonalds for making you fat…..come on….

  9. Comments (82)

    The house will definitely be boring this week, and the following few weeks. We have seen VERY little of the jury house. But with the evictions of villain aka best player in the game aka Amanda, and fan favorite Elissa I almost guarantee we will now see much more of the jury house. It is where all the fans favorite players are, and where all the personalities and controversy is. The best ever expect the unexpected would be the JURY HOUSE becoming the game, and the players in the game find out they are on the outside looking in. bahahaha. Won’t happen, but I can name at least what…4 people in jury that deserve to win over anyone in the house…Aaryn, Helen, Amanda and even Elissa.

  10. Comments (453)

    Well we have ten or eleven more days of the mean girl club house guests talking crap about everyone who is in the jury house and the one’s not in the room with them. Spencer is for sure a sick minded voyeur and needs to be right in line behind Amanda for mental health treatment. McCrae did not say a word about Amanda telling him she made it up when the Howard thing went down when they were discussing it last night, what a spineless bastard. My nine year old grand daughter is more mature than these losers.

  11. Comments (23)

    I still have a hard time believing that there were so many despicable people in the house in one season. I’ve been watching BB since season 1 and I’ve never found myself wishing that no one would win until now. So disappointing.

    • Comments (5)

      You took the words right out of my mouth! Big Brother…..I think it going to take a while for you to recover from this mess of a season.

  12. Comments (30)

    Go to CBS site, make your voices be heard. Enough with this trash. This kind of trash talk from them isnt game play. Racist,sexist,and bashing kids.

  13. Comments (4)

    Did anyone hear them talking about Elissas son and his paintings and how a kid his age shouldn’t be painting? These people are terrible. What does her son have to do with them?! Elissa is ALL they talk about! I’m so sick of them! Andy especially makes my skin crawl! Him and Spencer Need to be flushed down the toilet!

  14. Comments (1)

    From day one BB came on I never missed it,this yr Im disgusted,at this point I dont care who wins,would love to know the reason why?,Julie didnt call Amanda out.oh well its WHO DAT NATION time,Go Saints,any roasted falcon anyone??

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