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Big Brother 15 – PoV Meeting Results


Here is the moment we’ve been waiting for since we first heard that Andy won the PoV.  The time for him to strike and blindside one of his allies, either McCrae, Amanda or Helen.  He takes this prime chance to evict who he wants to and finally take a side between the two.  It’s moments like this why we watch Big Brother to begin with….

Except it didn’t happen.  To play safe, Andy did NOT use his veto today which likely means that Jessie will be the one to go home on Thursday night.   Not exactly the week I’ve been hoping for considering how slow the season has been. It makes it really hard to push live feeds when there is nothing really interesting to watch at this moment.  Don’t get me wrong, if you want to sign up to the live feeds, be my guest, but you’ll mostly only find interesting conversations and controversial moments.

Anyway, I’m going to be updating this here and there since I’m bored today. Keep checking back throughout the day

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  1. Comments (609)

    Hey CBS/BB, how about speeding things up & doing another double eviction next week, & maybe even every week from now on? Anything to get to the end so we can end this boring & pathetic season.

  2. Comments (143)

    How about CBS bring back the shit disturbers. Bring back howard, Jeremy and Candice, hell throw in Judd too, now you have an entertaining season again. This cast BLOWS. No more cast member under 30 for next season, I am young and they are a disgrace. Old people are suppose to be racist and bigotted because that is how people were back in the day, but I don’t remember Kent from BB2 ssaying half the racist, bigotted, disgusting stuff coming out of these young peoples mouth.

    • Comments (622)

      What about Spencer saying he’s going to rub one out over Jessie? What the hell is that all about? He’s a creepy perv….

      • Comments (622)

        I meant to add that was TMI.

      • Comments (1162)

        Have you read about or did you watch Jessie’s uproar last night?

        It appears that the first of many volleys of “Did you say THAT ABOUT ME?” is
        about to take over the House.

        While many or most of the HGS will never admit to ANYTHING, Jessie
        has upped the Anxiety Level for Everyone.

        Today might be the day, Andy breaks out with hives. lol

      • Comments (1288)

        Jessie made the only move she could but just like her previous weeks attempts she jumped the gun. When you stir things up like this on Monday there is enough time for damage repair.

        It also makes sense the explosion was towards Helen and Elissa. She thought they were her closest allies and that makes them her biggest betrayers. This puts Helen and Elissa firmly in everyone’s sights for next week and one of them had best win HoH.

        If she had done this on Wednesday it could have maybe swayed her fate. But now it will be an uncomfortable Tuesday followed by a healing Wednesday and goodbye Jessie on Thursday with a 6-0 vote. Then the knives might well come out.

        Of course Pandora’s Box showing up on uncomfortable Tuesday would be fun to watch. Time for me to pull a Helen. I’m done, I’m done.
        [leaves the room]

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree.
        Jessie is impatient and way too emotional to
        play the game with finesse.
        Even if she had waited until Wednesday to explode,
        I doubt she could have saved herself from eviction but
        she would have caused greater damage to individuals
        and their alliance(s).
        How great is the damage she caused?
        We’ll have to wait and see …….but probably not
        until “next week!”

      • Comments (90)

        Jessie is beyond being impatient. That girl is just downright pissed off right now. Can you blame her for the way she’s been treated?

      • Comments (58)

        I did, but did you notice MM that Helen was rather losing it last night, like control was slipping from her. Which it was 🙂

      • Comments (1162)

        Big Time!!!!!

      • Comments (622)

        Not yet, I fell asleep during BBAD last night.

      • Comments (1162)

        Same here.
        I didn’t watch it but read about it early this morning.
        The ONE night I wouldn’t have been bored watching BBAD and
        I missed it.

  3. Comments (3)

    How can we let cbs know that we are not happy with this season???

    Besides sending individual emails?

    How can we all come together and in numbers show that this season was a flop?

  4. Comments (118)

    Andy’s hiding in the kitty litter box with his hives

  5. Comments (1)

    This has been the worst big brother of history. I don’t even look forward to watching it anymore.

  6. Comments (1288)

    Oh my, Helen getting p0wned by Jessie and overheard by McCranda, oopsies.

      • Comments (3)

        Helen is a very bad player, really all she did was gather the floaters at the begining of the season, won a easy but crucial hoh, used elissa mvp to vote out all the strong players
        Since the. Shes sitting is this power chair that all the cowards put her on especially aryan
        And elissa
        Gosh ppl are so blind
        Go mccrae u the ONLY one who knows this game and deserve to win
        Im pulling for a final 2 arryan and mccrae…… The rest are all bad very bad players

      • Comments (77)

        James, if we go by who had played the game, McCrae should not be in the grouping for F2. He is only in the game because Amanda has deemed him her boyfriend so her little minions have had to protect him along with her. If it is game-play it would have to be Amanda, Helen and Aaryn (Aaryn only because she actually has won multiple HOH’s and POV which she gave to Amanda and Helen).

        I will say I would have liked to see how some of the houseguest would have played if Amanda had gone home early in the game.

        As much as I do not like Aaryn, I will have to say as far as gameplay she should win. It would break my heart but she has played as a competitor better than any of them in the house.

      • Comments (764)

        Thanks for posting that! Very interesting. Helen started out trying to placate Jessie in hopes of getting her jury vote, then when Jessie pressed her with the truth she went into scramble mode and tried the old bullshit baffles brains tactic. When that didn’t work she had to leave the conversation. Too bad Jessie waited until after the Veto ceremony to do that.

  7. Comments (79)


  8. Comments (4)

    I think this season of Big Brother has “jumped the shark” for me. It went from house guests saying things that really made it difficult for me to watch, to a predictable and boring game. Andy had a chance to really shake things up and give a whirl for the prize money, but he’s okay with the status quo which will not win this game. The only thing I’m interested in now is what life is like for Aaryn, Gina Marie, Amanda and Spencer when they leave the house. However, we probably won’t get to enjoy that drama. Oh well, maybe next summer will be better.

    • Comments (80)

      One can only hope for a better season next summer. Or maybe, producers or whoever will go on strike again, and CBS will do another impromptu season to fill space in the time slots.

  9. Comments (96)

    Jessie owned Helen in their fight last night. I love to see Helen freaking out.

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