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Big Brother 15 – PoV Results; Sunday Updates

Back on the block again
Back on the block again

The PoV ceremony came and went without much noise today.  Like expected, McCrae took himself off the block and Spencer was the replacement nominee.  This all but guarantees Amanda’s trip to the jury house and Spencer’s title of the biggest pawn ever.  Before I get to the updates (hint: It’s dead in the house right now), does anyone have the flashback time with Elissa being nasty to Amanda?  I listened in on the conversation last night from around 10p until 11:30p but got real tired and had to sleep (it was a very good conversation, btw. It started getting decent around 10:45pm or so).  A lot of secrets were revealed, and a lot of interesting little drops before cut to fish.  Keep listening…


I want to thank everyone who has donated this year.   I know other sites have a running list of people who donate, but I forgot to start it and now doing a blanket thank you.  I had a request to give a specific fan a shoutout, so thank you to Skyler for being both a huge Big Brother fan, and also a fan of the site.  If anyone else wants a specific shoutout, I’ll try to get you in future posts.

Note: I’ll probably update the donate page with a list of first names soon.  It’s the least I can do…


1:40pm – Andy is off to bed, Judd is back up but heading to bed again, and Elissa is the only one awake.  Apparently being woken up any time before noon makes the house take naps for the rest of the day.

2:55pm – Everyone but Elissa still sleeping

3:20pm – Some are up and about.. Elissa Judd and Andy all chatting together about nothing

4:00pm – Most of the house is up now.  The biggest talk is that Andy says he will nominate Elissa and Judd together if it ever comes to that point (it probably won’t).

5:20pm – McCrae and Amanda in bed, the Exterminators are outside.  GM said she can’t believe that Amanda is still campaigning

5:50pm – Breaking news: Amanda and McCrae have left their bed!

8:20pm – Back from a break since the feeds are so dull, and came back to hear McCrae and Amanda giving Andy some advice for when she leaves the house.

8:30pm – McCrae is nervously talking to Elissa out back while Amanda is inside reading the bible while wearing her bra.

8:50pm – Elissa is telling McCrae that nobody in the jury house would vote for her except Helen.  Apparently she forgot Candice and Judd?

9:15pm – If you can ignore McCrae and Elissa’s speech fillers (‘I don’t know’ and ‘oh my goddd’), the two actually had a pretty good conversation.  At the end, McCrae apologized for the stupid stuff, and Elissa actually returned the apology.  She said she was pretty hurt that they chose Aaryn over her.

Elissa also said something completely accurate… Amanda going to jury may actually work in McCrae’s favor because she can try to smooth things over (if he went on a winning streak and made f2).  It kind of reminds me of BB:All-Stars when I felt Will going to jury (even for a week or whatever) gave enough time for him to smooth over the bitter jury members.   I thought Will dominated that season and Boogie tagged along for the ride, but he did deserve to win in that specific F2 and Will didn’t allow the jury to be bitter sore losers like we’ve seen in recent past (*cough* BB14.. Dan should have won)

With that, I’m heading to bed

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  1. Comments (651)

    3:14 AM GM says Elissa’s son looked like a Puerto Rican, dirt something. Judd says not to talk about her kid. Andy says he’s cute.

    Every time I think GM has grown she goes and opens her mouth and says something foul.

    • Comments (1345)

      GutterMouth is crazy. Just a few hours ago on BBAD, she was sitting outside telling RatBoy, DiSpencer and Dudd that Scumanda was disgusting for going after Elissa’s husband and son. Said she was despicable and she had no respect for her after she did that. Forget about a day, what a difference a minute makes in that house.

  2. Comments (1162)

    WAKE UP!!!

    12:40 AM BBT

    Elissa told Amanda she would vote to keep her as long as she & McCrae brought her to F3!!!!
    Andy is to be part of their F4.
    Andy comes in and Elissa tells him about F4.
    He’s shocked but says he is on board and promises to not tell anyone.

    GM comes downstairs and asks Elissa if anything is going on?
    Elissa says no.

    Elissa head off to bed.
    Andy heads off to the BY to tell Spencer & Judd – “The Secret.”

    Those 3 decide to still vote out Amanda BUT
    after the results are in, Andy will pretend he didn’t vote out Amanda.
    He will act shocked at the Final Vote Count & Andy will then blame
    Elissa for voting out Amanda – hoping to tick off
    McCrae, who will then believe Elissa deceived him and his BB wife.
    Hope I got that right ……. Sheesh! Who needs this before coffee?

    Andy, Spencer, Judd and GM spent a long time dissing Elissa, who is
    sound asleep.

    WTH is going on?
    Why would Elissa drop this BB BOMB and then just head off to bed
    like any other “normal” BB night?
    What has Production been up to?
    It was immediately after Elissa’s DR that she cornered Amanda and
    told her about her Flip Flop.
    Production might want to shake up this boring season, but none of this makes
    any sense at this point.

    • Comments (1288)

      Andy is putting himself into an enviable position. I am still hoping for a PB, something good for GM but will totally F-up her game. Spencer and Judd deserve some hurdles.

      • Comments (1162)

        Don’t you find Elissa’s timing to go to bed to be very strange?
        Did she really think Andy would keep “The Secret,” a secret?

  3. Comments (1288)

    Quoting from the good folks over at Joker ““The little people got together and fought against the Beast the Beast gets Destroyed’ GM”. Given the scatological and family-bashing discussion that went on it is clear The Exterminators are in love with themselves and slathering over the choice of McCrae or Elissa as the next notch in their belt.

    GM spent a fair amount of time running down Elissa over her age, the age of her son, the ethnicity of her son, etc so it doesn’t look like she is very serious about doing anything with Elissa unless she is HoH. In a like note McCrae has no friends if he doesn’t win HoH. Both have done so much more than Spencer or Judd and yet they will go out before them. Sad.

  4. Comments (1162)

    Steve – A Suggestion

    Please put up a new page before you go to bed & whenever you need to leave home
    for several hours.

    Once your site reaches a certain number of comments –
    the Comment Queue goes to hell.

    All heck broke loose in the BBH last night and at this time “talking”
    about it with the good folks here is an impossibility.


    • Comments (1162)

      It appears all or most of the Comment Line is now back in order.
      Thanks, Steve.

    • Comments (357)

      WOW… on MM! I was just about to ask Steve for a new thread! It gets confusing and weird. People are agreeing with the wrong comments. Arguing with the person they actually agree with. It’s madness! You can bearly follow some because they are scrambled. AND “All heck broke loose in the BBH last night and at this time “talking” about it with the good folks here is an impossibility”. SIGH!

      • Comments (357)

        Oops! I meant barely for the Spelling Bee Police!

      • Comments (1162)

        What do you make of Elissa joining forces with Amanda & McCrae?
        Great Game Move and/or A Bogus One?

        Of course even if Elissa is serious about doing this, Andy has put an end to her plan.

      • Comments (302)

        It would be great if Elissa’s plan was just to out Andy as a rat. If she really wanted to call him out she should just declare to the house now that she’s with Amanda & McCrae and say if Amanda gets voted out it’s on Andy.
        Question about GM … She claims to hate rats … yet is well aware that Andy is as big a rat as anyone in the house. GM calls Amanda disgusting for talking about Elissa’s husband and children but now that Elissa is teaming up with Amanda GM starts going off using Elissa’s husband and children in her Elissa Bashing … way to stay consistent Gina Marie.

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree.
        Call a House Meeting and put everything on the table
        with Rat Andy being the “Centerpiece.”
        He’d totally freak out.

        GM’s comments – She is a great actress or a mean-spirited bitch.
        Time will tell.

      • Comments (357)

        I don’t like it! Amanda is a snake and she will bite again! Actually, last nights BBAD theme was who and how many people A$$ could i kiss? that was from all the HGs except Spencer and Judd. I shudder to think those 2 in the F2! Shout out to BB for minimizing the time I have to watch Spencer fix himself and dig for gold…much appreciated!!!!! I refuse to discuss Andy…not worth my energy!

      • Comments (42)

        Ok, so this is what I’m hoping happens. Elissa has created this plan to out Andy as a rat AND still get Amanda out. She tells Amanda and McCrae that she’s on their side to keep Amanda in. Come time to vote, everyone votes Amanda out (even Elissa because joining forces with them is just a trick) except for McCrae. Obviously they’re not going to be that shocked that Elissa went back on her word, but then they will also realize that Andy voted her out too. That will expose him to Amanda (who’s going to JH) and to McCrae who will now look for another alliance.

  5. Comments (316)

    If some people on this board consider joking about child pornography to be entertainment they are sick!!!

    I am here to talk about something else now anyway. I want to discuss Gina Maries game play. I think she is making big moves. The question is will this be enough to get her to the final 2?

    • Comments (1162)

      Right now I’m having a difficult time understanding Elissa’s late
      night flip flop.
      GM is aware of Elissa’s betrayal and is eager to evict Elissa and McCrae.
      Are we seeing everything there is to see?

      IF the Game ends up with GM, Rat Andy, Spencer and Judd in the F4,
      I will be very disappointed.
      I want to see Elissa in the F2.
      While she may not win the Game, she will represent
      IMO, the only good to come out of BB15 and after coming in second place
      will hopefully then win Fan Favorite as well.

      Judd is a MAJOR disappointment. Weak, Weak, Weak!
      Rat Andy is a DISGUSTING person.
      GM is a GREAT ACTRESS and/or a MEAN-SPIRITED BITCH. One or the other ……….the jury is still out.
      Spencer is too RUDE and CRUDE for National Television.

      • Comments (45)

        Actually, this works in Elissa’s favor in two ways.

        First, it will force Andy to pick the Judd/GM/Spencer alliance (Exterminators) or the McCrae/Amanda/Elissa alliance. Either way Andy chooses he is exposed and he will no longer be able to play both sides.

        Second, Judd/Spence/GM/Andy were going to target Elissa. She had no one, but if she aligns with Andy/McCrae/Amanda/ there is safety in numbers.

        Also, if Elissa aligns with McCrae/Amanda/Andy then Spencer goes and Elissa has already eliminated one the people who was targeting her most. She quashes Spencer’s game and protects herself.

        So, as unpalatable as this may appear to be it is a smart game move for Elissa and actually a stroke of genius on Elissa’s part. She would be outsmarting them all.

      • Comments (226)

        Do you think possibly this is manipulation by the producers to get Elissa, Amanda and McCrae in the f3 because the battle between Elissa and Amanda will bring in ratings, etc.?

        That’s the only reason I can see this being something Elissa would consider, I mean earlier in the afternoon she was talking about how she was surprised she made it this far, etc. I don’t know that she really came on the show to win-but I could be wrong.

        And as much as many people want Amanda out, keeping her in will keep people watching (if not for the hate-watching).

        Thoughts anyone?

      • Comments (293)

        I cannot imagine anyone wanting to see Amanda AND McCrae in the final three or the final two.

      • Comments (226)

        no, but the producers think we will want to see the “epic” battle between good and evil…ugh

      • Comments (7)

        I agree with whoever said they should set up cameras in the JH if Amanda is sent packing. That would be worth watching!

      • Comments (45)

        Anything is possible.

  6. Comments (484)

    Spencer is the gift that keeps on giving. On the overnights he admitted that he’s been stealing cable for the past 5 years, he just started paying for cable. Does this idiot thinks he’s untouchable? It’s a good thing he won that money in the luxury comp, he’s going to need to keep his a$$ out of jail

    • Comments (407)

      Julia, I read that his brother is a policeman and his dad a judge. Maybe his brother will arrest him and he will go before his dad in court for the admission of stealing cable. I doubt that will happen, but it would be funny.

  7. Comments (293)

    Elissa told Amanda she does not want to vote Amanda out. Elissa wants an alliance with Amanda, Andy, and McCrae because Elissa thinks Judd, Spencer, and Gina Marie will vote Elissa out next. Elissa talked to Andy about this change and Amanda talked to McCrae about it.

    • Comments (293)

      I’m sorry Midwest Middie, I wrote this before I read all the postings.

      • Comments (1162)

        Stop! No apology is necessary.

        I want to know what you think about all of this?

      • Comments (293)

        Thank you. At first, I thought Elissa was playing Amanda, but Elissa started with all the swearing on her life, etc., and it doesn’t seem in her character to do that unless she meant it.

        Because Elissa asked Andy and Amanda not to tell anyone, but both did, so Elissa can back out of the deal.

        The best that can happen is Elissa, Andy, and McCrae keep Amanda and Spencer goes home. In the next immediate eviction, Amanda and McCrae go up and Amanda goes home. McCrae, Judd, GM and Elissa are the final four.

        The worst that can happen is that Amanda stays and Elissa gets voted out right after Spencer. Amanda, McCrae, Gina Marie, and Judd would be the final four.

      • Comments (407)

        It’s just making me nervous thinking Amanda may get to stay in the BB house any longer. We won’t know until Thursday how this will all play out and who will be the 2nd person evicted, but McCrae and Amanda always seem to win a competition when most of us don’t want them to. I just hate the thought that one of them might win this whole thing, and I again am beginning to think production may have this “game” rigged for Amanda. Sorry Steve, just my opinion.

      • Comments (226)

        I have a feeling Elissa won’t go out next if the DR had any influence on her keeping Amanda. She’ll win HOH and put up Andy (which would be great and actually maybe worth keeping Amanda for).

      • Comments (293)

        I forgot to mention Andy, any either scenario, he would be voted off: McCrae, Judd, GM, and Elissa vote off Andy OR Amanda, McCrae, GM, and Judd vote off Andy. I can “take” any scenario except McCrae and Amanda being the final 2. I can only hope Amanda goes home and this new deal falls flat.

  8. Comments (27)

    I have a feelings Ellisa is setting up Andy so she show everyone Andy is a flip-flopping floater that just makes deals with everyone to stay. There is no way she keeps Amanda and is just using her to go final 4 with GM-JUDD-Spencer.

    • Comments (1162)

      You and NoRatsAllowed are on the same page.

      It would be a great BB Game Move.
      Finger are crossed ……….

    • Comments (226)

      That would be the best, to blindside Andy!

    • Comments (60)

      I’m with you Dan. I hope someone puts Andy on blast…and everyone sees him for the rat he is

    • Comments (317)

      I haven’t read all comments above but somewhere someone questioned why Elissa would do that and then go to bed. Well, so Andy could just go ahead and expose himself. And wouldn’t this be the final blow to Amanda, to give her hope?

    • Comments (7)

      I don’t think Elissa has that much strategy in her…but I hope I’m wrong.

  9. Comments (60)

    It was funny watching BB after dark. Amanda just laying in bed…spouting some foolishness how no one talks to her *maybe if she got that big a$$ outa the bed and stopped looking at everyone like shes going to go postal….they would talk to her. She was also spouting some gibberish about how…she’s in the house…but feels like she’s gone.*she kept saying something like that to McCrae. I gave up trying to figure out her train of thought…due to the fact that trying to put myself in her head..I found myself sitting with my legs open..taking hits off a cigarette …and looking around at my cats like I’m crazy 🙂
    McCrae was actually being social while Amanda just lay in bed….feeling sorry for herself. There MAYBE hope for him yet. Now. If he would just work on his vocabulary. 🙂

  10. Comments (14)

    The Aryan Aaryn PR machine has begun…

    Here’s the link,0,7881318,full.story

    I totally believe in forgiveness but I also believe that most things said in the dark, in the cloak of secrecy or as a herded mentality is also part of one’s truth…that HG’s conveniently forget that they are being recorded 24/7 is hard to conceive…

    SteveBeans, much respect to you and the rest of the BBJunkies, I noticed you haven’t updated from the POV subject but decided to share here anyway…

    • Comments (160)

      I can’t blame her mother. I think all mothers are like her in some regard. I don’t condone her mother’s BS, but I understand that she loves her daughter and tries to protect her.

      I can’t believe they’re using the “it was taken out of context,” excuse AGAIN. Sorry but America still thinks your daughter is a bigot. Just because your daughter went out with a Cuban American and African American doesn’t prove anything. Racists can still interact with other races whilst also hating them. Using someone’s race to alienate them is a form of racism. How do you think the south was 50-60 odd years ago? How about just admit the fact she’s racist and that you will help her do something to change it.

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